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TrumpsterFire2020 (70 points)

Anwser : ALL OF THEM!

HPLCultist (17 points)

This is the only real answer. Brought a tear to my eye.

WinstonSmith1984 (7 points)

Came to say it:)

ThatdarnSam (4 points)

This should be terms of service

I thank God every day that we were blessed with our stable genius founding fathers. Truly some of the greatest men to have ever lived.

Skyfire (10 points)

Ain't that the truth. The Constitution is a marvel of Freedom. Unfathomable to imagine a world without "We the people"

loveandchill (8 points) *

I feel you man, but I can fathom it, and it would be hell.

I love that thing. The US Constitution is the greatest thing that's ever happened to humanity, imo.

mynewspiritclothes (6 points)

I'm no zealot, but Christianity is up there - it is the basis for our constitution. The integration of a higher power - GOD, and Christ - into our behavioral scheme is probably the greatest thing to happen to humanity...

But it didn't "happen" as much as it was ingrained in us from the onset. The articulation of the concepts is truly something to behold.

I like how Christianity actually takes a stance. I have a strong affinity for Hinduism, but it is more of a science, more of an explication of the energy systems at play, and pretty much leaves each individual to their devices to interpret how the systems should be utilized. Christianity is brave enough to plant a flag - "You do THIS, THIS and THIS, your life will be better. You do this, this and this, your life will be worse... PERIOD."

I compare it to Nietzsche and Jung. Nietzsche was a little too smart for his own good and didn't know what to make of what he could discern of reality, was too afraid to plant his flag, because how could we mere mortals decide what is good and evil... Jung took a damn stance, planted his flag.

As did Christianity. And by God, it rings true.

loveandchill (2 points)

Thank you for writing this! I really appreciate the thought process, and concur with it.

I grew up Christian, started to question it in my early 20's, went through some years "agnostic", and lately I've been swinging back to the realization that regardless if there is a God or not, it really is the best way to live. And I've been seeing too many "coincidental" threads playing out just right to leave it to pure chance. I'd say I'm now a "believer" again.

Thank you for helping formalize some of my thoughts.

Same here. Was raised Christian, went full-on atheist in my adolescence, but one day I decided that if God truly does exist, and I'm going leave that out of my life, that's a big freaking thing to leave out of your life, so you better make damn sure you're right about this! Once I decided that, I never looked back. I fully believe in God. Am I a full-blown Christian? No. Do I think the Bible is a history lesson? Absolutely not - and that's where a lot of atheists get lost. It's an allegory, based on some events that I do believe actually happened, but were "embellished" through story. So if you read it like you would read Moby Dick... it's actually pretty jaw-dropping in its wisdom and poetry.

PursuitOfTruth (3 points)

These guys were absolutely brilliant in their understanding of human nature.

ItsmySchiffinabox (2 points)

They would’ve been called traitors and executed had the British won. Always remember that. The history books would have slandered them and forgotten their names. THE WINNERS WRITE the history books!

culverit (20 points)

Can you mail this to the Australian PM, yours is better than ours.

Jeff (12 points)


Just tell them it’s a gun ban, maybe they’ll sign it without reading it.

Necrovoter (16 points) *

We, the Pepe,
We, the Pedes,
We, the Patriots,
We the People
Will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism, the fake news of MSM, or the fictitious utopia of socialism.

Fenianlad (3 points)

Preamble to the Trumpstitution

serialkvetcher (1 point)

Thats Emperor Trump to you, pleb!

pl1ght (10 points)

rookie upvote numbers guys, get on it!

bh506407 (9 points)

muh LIvINg dOcuMeNt

Chilopodes (4 points)

God I hate that argument.

Gunmolester (8 points)

I regret that I have only 1 upvote to give

US45 (3 points)

I too regret the limitations on upvotes to give.

Diddler (8 points)

Everything but amendment 16

Chilopodes (8 points)

And the part of the 14th that's been corrupted to give us anchor babies, and the 17th, and the 23rd, and the 26th, and the 27th.

The 19th amendment itself is fine, but unfinished. The draft is the price of universal male suffrage, and there should be some duty associated with universal female suffrage.

DoesItWorkAlready (8 points) *

Replace the 19th amendment with a skin in the game amendment. A person who wishes to vote must have fulfilled 3/5 of these items before being permitted to vote. These items prove a voter has skin in the game:

  1. 4 years in the military, honorable discharge
  2. 4 years consecutive paying net taxes vs. benefits
  3. 3+ children provably theirs and still married to same partner
  4. Own at least 1/4 acre free and clear
  5. 6+ grandchildren
MaxineWaters4Prez (5 points)

I don't agree with that because I wouldn't be able to vote. Yet I'm 43, have been full time employed since 16, have a bachelor's degree, have owned a home (mortgage) since 22, have 4 children, and am married to the woman who gave me those wonderful kids.

I have a TON of skin in the game since I've been a net contributor for 25 years and homeowner for 21 of them.

Magafactured (4 points)

Shit, you should get two votes. 👍👌

and while I love and respect my grandparents, and the perspective their position provides, I’ve seen their voting record, so...

DoesItWorkAlready (2 points)

The list is just a start.

Maybe "or two and 15 years", since I presume you have (2) and (3)

rednecktash2 (1 point)

if you're fringe skin in the game, can't you trust other skin in the games to vote for your interests?

ProudAmerican (3 points)

I’d rather see more of a disqualification type scenario to weed out those without skin in the game. Answering yes to any of these questions would prevent you from voting.

  1. Do you receive welfare of any kind?
  2. Do you have a tax exempt status?
  3. Do you have less than 3 years at any full time job?
  4. Are you an illegal immigrant?
  5. Are you in debt due to student loans which equals more than 4 years of the average salary in your field?
  6. Do you have credit card debt exceeding the level of your yearly income?

There are many more disqualifications and they all have to do with an inability to pay the taxes that support our government. However: One year in the military, at any age, would give a person the right to vote. Owning land or a home with a positive value to debt ratio would also suffice.

It’s not perfect obviously, but I think you get the gist.

DoesItWorkAlready (2 points)

via negativa. Taleb would like it

Exit64E (2 points)

I'm thinking of maybe taking the same test that nationalized citizens take? The test is not that hard and can easily be memorized but, at least they will have some knowledge of America and the ceremony hopefully make them realized the weigh of being an American citizen and having the ability to vote.

DoesItWorkAlready (2 points)

that tests for academic skill.

If a pipe fitter has 3 kids, owns property, and pays net taxes, yet can't pass the test, should they be allowed to vote?

I say yes.

Exit64E (1 point)

If you think that test requires some academia level knowledge then you're sadly mistaken. A 2nd grader can pass that test... but I guess you do have a point, our public education is riddled with liberal bias and bs that a full grown adult born and raised in America can't pass a test that many with a 2nd grade level English as a second language can.

Chilopodes (2 points)

That's pretty much perfect. Point 2 disqualifies most welfare leeches, but point 5 allows old people on the legacy programs to keep voting provided they've produced a sizeable family.

A couple questions:

Would active-service count for point 1 before the 4-year mark?

How would having lots more women in the military work? Coed units on the front line are asking for trouble; men will protect women to the detriment of the mission and no training is going to change that.

Would active-service count for point 1 before the 4-year mark?

It's a negotiation. 1 year and disability retirement due to severe injuries would obviously count.

pjabrony (1 point)

And 17.

Epsteinwuzkilled23 (7 points)

Take my upvotes, you beautiful document! You know, this is the oldest written Constitution in the world for a reason.

OrangeManRad (7 points)

(This image has been blocked in the State of California)

Strike_Eagle784 (6 points)

Let's see if we can get 1776 upvotes, or even better, 1789!

Bombshellacking (5 points)

You mean "that little book you carry?"


JimNorCal (5 points)

Return CA to "Territory" status until we prove ourselves able to self govern and play well with others!

tylerbillions (4 points)

I am a New Zealand citizen and I got my copy of the constitution a few weeks ago! You guys are so lucky and I cannot wait to become U.S. Citizen eventually!

Loremaster (4 points)

Upvote from (sadly) a Swede. Greatest document ever written. 1st and 2A <3

zx9john (4 points)

An Australian ==Jealousy Intensifies==

DoesItWorkAlready (4 points)

A constitution isn't very useful if you have 60M+ people who can't read it.

mikeroolz (4 points)

"We the people can do whatever the fuck we want" -Thomas Jefferson

0regonPatriot (3 points)

Often imitated, never duplicated. It belongs to all Americans.

Cutter (3 points)

I've never upvoted before, but I'm happy to say I made it 32 FORTY FIVE.

shitposter9000 (3 points)

I wish I was the 1776th vote on this

pjabrony (1 point)


BannedFromReddit (3 points)

I'll upvote, but we need more amendments.

  • term limits on House and Senate: 10 and 12 years
  • balance budget
  • democrats must wear yellow 'L's on their clothes
  • only US citizens/corps can donate to campaigns; no foreigners. caps at $25k

Things like this

PEPE_MEMES_MATTER (3 points) *

Can I say the year this was signed or will I be Banned?

GreatAwakening (3 points)

Every day we are closer to the vision our founding fathers had for this country. God bless America.

Elhermito (3 points)

And FYI the oldest valid and still functional Constitution in the world.

The_D00d (3 points)

That's not true, a quick Google search shows that the oldest constitution still in use today, governing a country is San Marino.

BeefSupreme (3 points)

So refreshing to think this is getting posted somewhere where people aren't downvoting it!

Hillarys_Diaper (3 points)

I love this

deleted (3 points)
Magafactured (3 points) *

Okay, OP – now you’re just showboatin’.

(But if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s hit that up arrow 😄)

TEGRIDY (3 points)

Leftfags are angered because their charter school never taught them cursive.

spez_is_a_cuck (2 points)

the constitution is a bunch of bs, and now the you know whos use it as toilet paper.

eviantears (2 points) *


Maybe we can have some hourly upvote contests? You know ... so we CAN SEE HOW MANY PEDES ARE HERE TO MAGA?!?!?!???

Sorry I’ll stop shouting

MAGAnic316 (2 points)

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Got a little Constitution booklet this year for Constitution Day. Has the Declaration of Independence as well. Love carrying it around!

TrumpFortyFive (2 points)

I would glady give up all 10,000 of my Karma points to vote this up higher.

Chuggatrumptrain (2 points)

I'm proud to be an American

drherpmaderp (2 points)

And I quote: shall not be infringed.

Read it and weep Commies.

littlestown (2 points)

17 hours? 4865? I think we can get those numbers up!

Aven (2 points)

Take all my upvotes.

SassyDaddy (2 points)

not enough baybee

ShempAllah (2 points)

How come on the old not to be mentioned site I would have to click an upvote 2 or 3 times before it would take it, and often would expand the post before i could up or down vote? This site, one easy click and boom.

DrinkLikeAGilmore (2 points)

The TRUE Constitution and not that BS District of Columbia Act of 1871 one.

tftx22 (1 point)

Muh ninja

readysetgo (2 points)

I moved to the USA because of the constitution. I'm sad every time I see it tarnished or diminished. I'm sad for the anticonsitutional laws that are accepted.

It's the single most important social contract we've come up with as humans yet. I'm not born here but I'd die to defend it.

HowDoILogIn (2 points)

Right-wingers talk big about how they love the Constitution but there isn't a single Republican in office who would dare attack the Family Courts. You know, the courts that literally ignore the Constitution and take men's rights away based on feelings?

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KhakiRock (1 point)

Greatest political document written in the history of man kind.

BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

with flailing hand movements Leftist: omg like, this is so, liiiike, racist and stuff!!¡¡¡

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ilovemyprez (1 point)

Let's see a million upvotes!!!!!

RoosterHeadBad (1 point)

Point to Ponder: Is the main reason US public schools don't teach cursive writing anymore is to create a society that is unable to read The Constitution?

Not only is Google changing definitions of words (Compare "fascist" on Google VS. any dictionary.) , but it is only a matter of time that they slowly change the wording of our Constitution.

PianoPede (1 point)

WAAAY past 1776 votes

jgardner (1 point)

I would prefer a lifetime president, like the Supreme Court. It was in the original Virginia Plan.

Also, repeal the 17th!

JVIP1 (1 point)


sana (1 point)

Except for the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments.

The single most Important document in history.

Kinestron (1 point)

There will always be an upvote for the Constitution from me. I never really appreciated it in my early years nor the Founding Fathers but it is interesting that in our current political climate, I can now "feel" the appreciation in addition to the intellectual admiration for them and the Constitution.

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FactCheckEvan (2 points)

Yeah me too. That’s why the democrats are grasping onto that word. They believe if they keep saying it enough maybe their stupid ass, brainwashed followers will actually believe it happened.