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redis_help (299 points)

If you want to be horrified, go to reddit, open your webbrowsers developers tools, start monitoring network requests, and then watch as every 10 seconds reddit forces you to send full OS/browser fingerprints.

I can't believe no one talks about it, but every 10 seconds, they send a heartbeat of your fingerprint to their servers.

realFrogLips01 [S] (106 points)

They're always denied.

TrumpTrain (93 points)

Browser fingerprints, believe it or not, are actually unique enough per device that it can be used to track you. You can’t do anything about it either, except for turning off JavaScript, which will break almost every website:


nimblenav (102 points)

we're all on some deep state list that they use to get their revenge for 2016, aren't we?

thesynod (77 points)

The Left are fascistic. They believe in censorship, they believe that language is violence and violence is speech, they believe that the individual has no personal responsibility. They love collectivism and want their favorite enterprises to prosper.

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Sureranger (3 points)

Great comment. Succinct and valid.as all things should be

Redwallow2020 (26 points)

Fuck em. When we March there is Liberty.

KingMob (4 points)

Fuck reddit.

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fiercemodern (8 points)

There's no doubt that FEMA has considered how to deal with emergencies requiring martial law. And that's a good thing. After all, if the leftists were to start en masse committing domestic terrorism (like Antifa sporadically does), then you would want martial law in response.

What's not clear is whether you and I are personally on a hit list. Who currently runs FEMA? Is that person a patriot? Would that patriot allow such a hit list to persist? It's not definitively yes. So the best plan would not be for leftists to rely on FEMA to maintain a hit list.

Instead, I think it more plausible that certain leftists have a hit list that they would implement if they ever get a chance. And different leftists will have different hit lists. So I don't think it's reasonable to think of this as a situation where FEMA maintains a hit list. I think the situation will be more fluid than that.

Fluid, and hard to prepare for. After all, if the leftists ever were to take over the government again and use it to trigger a martial law, then their worst enemies would find themselves facing elements of the US Military. And no matter how much you and I love 2A, there's no chance that we can stand up to the Military.

Hence, our only chance is to ensure that the military never turns against the nation. We do that by being the best possible people we can be, by sharing the message of love for this nation throughout our society, by inspiring our military to remain true to their nation regardless of what party controls its government, and by praying for the well-being and success of the members of our military and of the patriots (including our president) who lead the government.

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fiercemodern (8 points)

Dick Cheney ugh. One of my least favorite people in the whole world.

we were then informed that we were no longer allowed to discuss it, at work or otherwise Leftists aren't the only fascists. The deep state is real.

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deleted (0 points)
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Was there ever any doubt?

And it's not just the deep state that's been identifying us. Which is going to make the upcoming campaign of forceful disarmaments in Virginia particularly terrible. Communists love their pogroms, and the state will sit back and say, "Oh, well, we didn't mean for the conservative families that we swatted and disarmed to get terrorized and slaughtered by roving bands of communist thugs that we just didn't get around to disarming, LOL"

Razeontherock (3 points)

Details on upcoming horrors in VA?

madlad2020 (4 points) *

Google is building facial regonition technology and amazon are capturing audio through alexa in your home. It is a logical conclusion that it is only a matter of time until leftists make a kill list and program it into drones armed with leathal lasers. You see the effort they go through to dehumanize us and even assult us at events for exercising our freedom of speech. 2020 forward needs to be the year of the anon.

SpaceForce (2 points)

They need to track us, so they know who to send to the Re-Education Camps when a Deep State Democrat regains control of power.

DomBoner (2 points)

Good, I'll gladly be a distraction for someone else that also supports the cause.

rednecktash2 (2 points)

God is real

TheStableGenius (1 point) *

Pray they don’t get their way. It will end in literal executions and genocide.

Edit: Eh, maybe not for Americans, since you can defend yourself. Euros on the other hand...

Txponi (2 points)

I take heart. When it was brought to his attention that a policy would hurt Canadian farmers and then where would he get his groceries Trudeau responded with at the grocery store. "They" can't even feed themselves without our (people who work for a living) help. Do not forget that they survive by the grace of others.

MrAnderson (43 points) *

You can use a cavnas blocker/faker that rotates periodically, which constantly changes your fingerprints to bogus info.

Not a perfect solution, but helps. Especially when used w/ other stuff like an AdBlocker, NoScript/uMatrix, Decentraleyes, VPN, Linux, ect ect...

Ugh, just typing this out makes me realize how retarded it is the hoops we have to go through to 'try' and protect some semblance of privacy.

lf11 (21 points)

So the problem here is that very few people go to these extents, and use of privacy tools constitutes its own fingerprint.

For dragnet surveillance, this means if you practice anonymity, you get additional resources utilized to try to identify you, and yes it is still possible.

MrAnderson (28 points) *

Yeah, there's no perfect solution sadly. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

But personally I'm not worried about state level attempts to identify me, because really, there's nothing you can do against that realistically. But sites like Reddit, yeah.. they can go fuck themselves. Anything I can do to take some advertising/info selling money away from sites like them, I'll make an effort.

FreedomDeliveries (4 points)

It prevents the random journalistic hyper vigilantism doxing as well

Txponi (4 points)

Without electicity they are just a pile of wires. And who will round up the dissidents said the little red hen? There are 165 Mil of us who will not go gently into that good night. "They" fear us. THAT is good.

Deep_Lore_A_Bull (14 points)

Do these constitute a felony in the same way that clearing your browser history does?

D4rkd3str0yer (20 points)

And despite this, people want to elect Democrats and have an even bigger government. If clearing your fucking browser history is a felony, imagine what misgendering someone online will be.

Razeontherock (3 points)

I'll see your misgendering, and raise you an outright caustically offensive joke delivered with exquisite timing -

plus three microaggressions ;)

And here, have my updoot

nwainil (1 point)

Think my Weight Watcher App is safe? Sorry, I am in a giddy mood. So happy we have this site. Senior pede here.

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FreedomDeliveries (5 points)

Why tf wasn't hillary charged under that alone?!

Razeontherock (2 points)

After "super predators?"

At this point, what difference does it make?

DrinkLikeAGilmore (4 points)

Yeah but can any of those programs be trusted either? Most of them are are all in it all together these days in the end, arent they?

denach644 (4 points)

Awesome. Thank you.

unspecified_user (11 points)

There’s no way to set it up to return garbage in response to the requests?

MrAnderson (12 points)

There is somewhat, using a Cavas Blocker on Firefox, which sends back junk/fake data and rotates it every now and then, so it looks like every normal fingerprint but not actually yours. Using Linux helps as well.

Sureranger (3 points)

Thank you for this. I checked this site with various browser. Brave is amazing compared to my goto Safari ios.

I tried switching to brave a few months back but old habits die hard. This glimpse into the difference will be enough to make me switch full time.

TrumpTrain (1 point)

There are different browsers that serve different purposes and markets, but that’s actually separate than the browser fingerprint issue I mentioned.
JavaScript is built into all browsers and used by basically every website. It allows simple things like changing an icon when you hover over it, things like validating text boxes are filled out correctly and fully, as well as much more advanced stuff.
Using JavaScript and the HTTP headers (but mainly JavaScript), the website can request all the available information that the browser is capable of sending, which is actually quite a lot. All of this information combined is enough to uniquely fingerprint most systems. Take a look at the site referenced to see some of the information in the fingerprint profile. Things like resolution, time zone, plugins, plugin versions, browser version, and much much more. It might not sound like it, but it’s a lot of information and it’s enough to uniquely identify you.

I don’t think many sites, if any, are collecting this information and uniquely identifying devices and associating them with user accounts, but they could.

gamexa (1 point)

Lol, using "Do not track" makes me easier to track.

TrumpTrain (1 point)

Not exactly. Using tracking cookies it’s much easier to track you. The method I described is harder and not common. It is possible though. The thing about it is that it can uniquely identify your device. So if major sites started tracking this information, they could uniquely identify you without cookies. If sites shared the data or used a central database, they can get very personal histories of you based on your device

krzyzowiec (1 point)

Another option is use uBlock Origin in Advanced Mode. I block scripts by domain and selectively enable what I think are safe domains. Basically sites are broken but I get them working by enabling the parts that are not ad trackers or other nefarious domains.

On the plus side, I only have to do it once per site, and I can just save the config and load it in the addon so I don't need to do it again.

river (1 point)

Canvas blocker.

Pihole and/or pfsense's pfblockerng with DNSbl will block an enormous amount of tracking.

MAGALIFER (7 points)

How can we make sure they are denied? Is there a way to look for that?

Tacsol5 (42 points) *

I was arguing with a shill earlier and he knew I used a search to look up a racial slur I had never heard before. He called me a coolie and I had never heard that term before. So before I answered him I duck ducked the urban dictionary to see what it was. I returned and told him damn that's pretty racist for a Democrat. His next response was Ha! You had to Google it! Which was true. How the fuck would he know that. It was really weird. I wanted to ask him how the fuck he knew I searched the term but I didn't want to let him know I was weirded out that he knew. I just played it off like yep I did cause I've never heard that slur before. I wouldn't doubt if it was some shareblue faggot with access to reddit tracking info.

Edit: so I just noticed a similar thing happen to someone else on a thread I was reading. One dude says "mumbo jumbo" a few times. Another fella responded with "what does minecraft have to do with this?" The guy then responds with "did you really just Google mumbo jumbo?" Hmmmm. Very odd if you ask me. Here's a link to that thread. I commented on it to see what he'll say about how he knew the guy googled it.


koyima (32 points)

maybe your response was just a bit more delayed than the rest of your back n forth, so what is a coolie?

Belleoffreedom (26 points)

Coolie means low-class Chinese. Coolies are people who haul rickshaws, one-or two-person carts.

Robyna7 (48 points)

Literal chinese shills using their homelands insults

Tacsol5 (28 points)

Oh fuck I didn't even consider that!

Razeontherock (1 point)

Make fun of lickshaw is asshoe!

Tacsol5 (12 points)

I considered the time thing but I had taken longer for other responses to him. And the response to that particular post was actually quicker than some of the previous ones. I dunno man. I was at work so it wasn't like it was quick banter. I also gave zero indication that I had to look it up. I wrote "I'm actually a little surprised a Democrat is so racist! But okay pedo". That doesn't scream I had to look it up does it!? His immediate response was "You had to google it lmaooooo fuckin coolie’s man, maybe if you went to schooly and paid more attention ". What the fuck about what I typed would lead anyone to believe or even consider that I searched that term. Maybe he got lucky but I'm doubting it.

TiredCampaigner (9 points)

The highest likelihood is that he guessed correctly because he knew it was an obscure slur for Americans.

lf11 (9 points)

The funny thing is that I know what a coolie is, but I still would have looked it up to see if the meaning had changed. That slur is quite archaic.

Chilopodes (5 points)

As far as I know, it's most common current use is "coolie hat", the SE Asian conical hat.

deleted (6 points)
PensivePatriot (3 points)

MAC address?

FluffiPuff (3 points) *

Glad to see someone had this same experience. 4chan is def stalking now - I got IP Banned for calling out ShareBlue on /ptg/ one night.

Tacsol5 (8 points)

He meant it as basically "low class blue collar worker". At least that's how he tried to defend it.

lf11 (11 points)

I mean, that's not any better. The racism, elitism, and xenophobia of modern woke culture is absolutely stunning

Wraithx (10 points)

I’m in NZ and that term was used commonly by older generations but, in my experience, it was not ever used as a slur - it is no more a slur than “taxi driver” is. A coolie is simply a rickshaw driver. The slur term for a chinaman was “chink” - that was used in the US too I believe.

deleted (12 points)
Oskar (5 points)

Please don't call me Mexican

Thep1mp (3 points)

Mexican isn’t offensive.....

Digital_Boy (6 points)

I dare you to call a Puerto Rican a Mexican.

Chilopodes (3 points)

Ha, I've done that. I have a Puerto Rican friend and sometimes do that to piss him off. He's based though so it's all in good fun. It's a little funny how much different Hispanic groups hate each other, though.

Chilopodes (4 points)

That's the joke.

Thep1mp (3 points) *

I know. I delivered Oscars punchline....... I’m fully aware of the joke, but maybe you aren’t?

Chilopodes (2 points)

Oh my b. It's a specific reference?

Not knowing that, it looked like you had comically missed the point.

Have a nice day.

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Wraithx (2 points)

When you binge-watch the office, you can see episode by episode as political correctness was slipped into the script. Just like trans and weird gender stuff is today in other shows.

SaintAugustine777 (6 points)

What a pos!

deleted (5 points)
Tacsol5 (1 point)

I've heard people use "Google it" as a generic term for any search engine in the past. I had been back and forth with this person over a period of several hours with breaks longer than others in between responses. It didn't take me any longer than any other response I gave. If anything it was quicker than some.

D3vst8r (4 points)

Hipster racist lol

HiddenDekuScrub (2 points)

Maybe it's just that obscure?

TrumpTrain (1 point)

I read your comment. That’s probably not what happened at all. That is more than extremely unlikely.

He probably just said that to insult your slang skills

Razeontherock (1 point)

Coonie and Hoolie I've heard, but what is Coolie? Someone who doesn't like the Fonz?

President_Trump (31 points)

Fuck Reddit. Shady shit. Boycott them and watch them shrivel up and die.

deleted (4 points)

They'll just fake the data.

deleted (2 points) *
stable_genius69 (13 points)

Use Brave browser. It's basically Chrome but with integrated adblock/tracker blocking. I love the shit out of it.

redis_help (13 points) *

I use it. Love it. If this site becomes a brave publisher I'll donate my monthly BAT tokens here.

It doesn't stop reddit tracking scripts though, as they're from the reddit domain. They're seen as "legitimate" requests.

treeskier82 (6 points)

I guess in retrospect I was smart to use that as my "Reddit browser".

itreturns (0 points)

There aren't many extensions on brave. I prefer firefox.

UseBraveBrowser (2 points)

Brave can run all of the Chrome extensions. You literally go to the Chrome web store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions) and turn any of them on.

itreturns (0 points)

TIL. Thanks for that.

Kek_Johnson (11 points)

Yup. If you don't know what's up they track where you came from and where you go. They know your pr0n.

Razeontherock (2 points)

Does the app do all that too?

itreturns (0 points)

Apps have even more control bro. They can check all your network activity from the app and do track you even more. Having an app is also addictive, that's why Reddit is pushing their app so hard.

Jadae (10 points)

Ta-dahhhh. Trackers galore.


ChickNorris (6 points)

yeah, I was aghast the first time I opened up ghostery on reddit and saw that. Like, holy shit. Even with adblock turned on there's still a ton of trackers.

Sunset_knight17 (8 points)

It is quite disgusting. Aaron Swartz would have turned over in his grave if he knew his website will be such a monstrosity.

75ta (7 points)

Just closed Reddit in my browser forever.

dogtown2020 (5 points)

Use old.reddit.com or np.reddit.com instead. It helps a little. Even better with umatrix and ublock origin on firefox.

Jesus (5 points)

Unfortunately that is very standard

Chilopodes (5 points)

Nice name! Perks of being an early adopter. Is it "Jee-zus" or "Hay-soos"?

Jesus (2 points)

Jee-zus my child 👏

Shayhawk (3 points)

Two words: ublock origin

truthhammer (3 points)

everyone does that. it's the spy thing they do. nasty fuckers

keithkman (3 points)

I run uBlock. Does that block the request from Reddit?

Human_Scum (2 points)

It’s what literally every major social media outlet does. They grab your personal information and sell it to advertisers to target you.

flyover_deplorable (2 points)

What am I looking for? I see "Dev tools failed to parse sourcemap" Using Brave browser BTW.

NateProtactinium (2 points)

Chairman Xi would like to stay up to date.

Razeontherock (1 point)

He has seances with chairman Mao. And the Clintons!

ryenski (1 point)

That is why I run Reddit in a Firefox container.

Pray_for_Trump (1 point)

Mine reports fake values and I see the fingerprint alert all the time on Reddit. Let's dump that shit! #SHREDDIT

lateralus (1 point)

It's polling the server for updates, and whenever you make an http request, that info is in the http headers. Nonetheless, fuck Reddit.

redis_help (1 point) *

No dude, it's sent in an xmlrpc request with the body of the message being your full browser/OS information.

It's not a header. Just go look yourself.

lateralus (1 point)

I just checked... i found an object in the request with the term heartbeat in a JSON object... i assume that is what you are talking about. There was nothing about the browser or the OS in the body of the request. But it is literally and totally irrelevant. Every http request to every website you make contains the user agent which includes your browser and OS. Just check the http requests you are making to this site... they include your browser and OS. Of all the shit things shit websites do to track you around the web, using anti-patterns and dark-patterns to manipulate users, selling your information, building advertising profiles on you... sending the user agent info to the server has to be the most benign and it is nothing to be alarmed by.

redis_help (2 points) *

The heartbeat is sent here: https://www.reddit.com/api/register.json

Look at the JSON object path:


That's your browser fingerprint data.

[0].payload.fingerprint and [0].payload.fingerprint_created_timestamp.

lateralus (1 point)

Okay, I found it... and yes, that user-agent data is the exact same thing sent in the http headers. Look at the headers that were passed just above the body. The user-agent data is there too along with every other http request you make. They probably just included it in the body of the request so they don't need to separately parse the headers on the server. This is not uncommon at all. Gathering that type of data is how they know what devices are being used to display content and at what resolutions. If it bothers you, there are extensions where you can fake the user agent data (usually used by developers).

But still... fuck reddit, glad we're here instead.

Babycakes (1 point)


Babycakes (1 point)


itreturns (0 points)

Absolutely disgusting

Mukato (69 points)

The most user friendly, secure, and fastest site on the internet!

President_Trump (31 points)

Never going on Reddit again. Had no idea they had so many trackers on us.

realFrogLips01 [S] (28 points)

They all do, and they try and build a profile with your name address, d.o.b., how many children, political affiliation, height ,weight, age, eye colour..the list is endless!

Bannedfromtwitter (16 points)

That's why I have never put my real info on any online form.

TravisRSCX (16 points) *

They probably already have it. They have their fingers everywhere. Facebook logins and Google logins. If you own a site Google sends bots to save everything. It's like cancer

Sunset_knight17 (7 points)

It is like those cyberpunk dystopias, except even worse since we do not have any of the cool things to go along with it like all of the lights, amazing cars, and outfits to match.

Pepega (2 points)

better yet, put out tons of different info

TravisRSCX (9 points)

Hell if you dig deep enough on Facebook you can find their profile on you. While I have an account on Facebook i don't post anything anymore.

nanowerx (5 points)

Yeah Facebook shit is pretty unnerving and they don't even try to hide it, it's right there in the settings. They list your political leanings, age range, location area, where you have traveled, interests, etc.

Gene04 (51 points)

Yep, checked all the source and CSS myself. nothing but a nice, pure website.


ootini95 (42 points)

Just us pedes trackin the winz.

CerebralPimp (40 points)

From one web dev to another, thank you.

hugehart (32 points)

I am sooo happy, we are here. I member the old days.

CantStumpIWin (18 points) *

No trackers, no spez, no censorship?

Thank you to whoever made this. It’s fucking beautiful.


(PS Eric Ciaramella is schiffs “whistle blower” and jeffrey epstein didn’t kill himself)

fdagasfd (4 points)

"whistle blower"


shadypollster (14 points)

But "muh data concerns"

Destineed369 (9 points)

I never did use reddit because of stuff like that. Abd the fact no email is necessary here makes it even more awesome. 👍👍👍

Pedeville (9 points)

I cant for the life of me find out how to make a post, can anyone tell me? Im on mobile on web browser

trinadin (12 points)

There's an exclamation mark on the right side of the header. Click that, and the sidebar opens. Inside there is "Submit a Link" or "Submit a Text Post."

InterloperKO (8 points)

Yet you posted an imgur hosted pic. 13 trackers

realFrogLips01 [S] (5 points)

14, But they're never going to find out who I am. I may not use them again anyway.

John1 (8 points)

Anybody know what app or site is used in the screenshot?

sushicomped (17 points)

brave browser

realFrogLips01 [S] (9 points) *

Imgur.com and they'll track you like Jed and Duke hunting possum for Granny!

shadypollster (5 points)

Looks like ADB ad blocker iirc?

Buildthefuture (7 points)

Hey look- a place where I can comment not feel like my personal safety and job are at risk.

Penny_is_Thicc (5 points)

nice, isn't it?

Madmaks (6 points)

Sweet bye bye reddit

coyotex86 (5 points)

This is why you use the Brave browser

Read about it here: https://creators.brave.com/

alanlovestea (5 points)

FYI, the recaptcha in the registration page is made by google and may be used to track people's identity.

POLYSICS (5 points)

Why use Imgur and not magaimg?

fdagasfd (1 point) *

I've made this mistake once in the past few days, I think with them being deplatformed a few days ago a lot of people don't know they're up. Maybe we can put a link on the sidebar or sticky or something.

EDIT: I think that was a payment processor who deplatformed them so maybe they were never down? my bad!

flashersenpai (5 points)

I see you using Brave! Best browser GG

Wexit-Delecto (5 points)

And you can tell! It loads SO fast!!

The way the web should be!

bobbybadass (4 points)

I use Ghostery & Disconnect. Both find 0 external requests while browsing thedonald.win. Excellent!

pamba (4 points)

Thank you sooo much for this.

RedPillCafe (4 points)

Shields up, baby! Be Brave


golden430 (4 points)

brave browser also shows 0 (zero)

Jojomrjojo (4 points)

Does this site have an app? I'm currently navigating here using duck duck go.

OGcentipede (4 points)

I totally support sidebar display advertising on this site. just nothing targeted and creepy, please.

Giorgione (4 points)

I just subbed, didn't know this place existed until a r/T_D meme... And it is fkin heaven!!!!

Revival_mode81 (3 points)

Nice site guys...uk pede checking in

IfElseWhileFor (3 points) *

Here are some helpful tools to block trackers and ads across the across the web with Firefox, including on youtube and others. Thought I personally wouldn't suggest Chrome, I'll leave options for it. Opera should also work with the Chrome links but you may have to check the actual Opera extensions page.

uBlock Origin - Ad Blocker, very lightweight and safe

Chrome | Firefox (Desktop or Mobile)

HTTPS Everywhere - Make sure your browser always tries the HTTPS/encrypted version of a website

Chrome | Firefox

Disconnect - Block trackers across the internet from Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc

Chrome | Firefox

YouTube Download Button - Archive YouTube videos. It adds a Download arrow next to the Thumbs Up button. I'm not currently sure of the best choice for Chrome.


MAGA! <3

Twotomatoes (3 points)

think we could really prove how corrupt reddit is by coordinating plans on TDW and ONLY going on T_D to upvote.

tl3c0 (3 points)

Thank you for this, one place I can view without being stalked by the ads.

SaintAugustine777 (3 points)

After Seeing How Much Data Reddit Was taking from me, I deleted my account submitted moments ago by SaintAugustine777

35 trackers, no real privacy policy, and a cookie reader that tried to get my passwords and personal information stored in my browser.

I trust conde nest and China./s

Razeontherock (1 point)

Reddit can grab all your passwords?

Why is this not illegal?

AmericaFirst (3 points) *

Unless Google decides they want to, but we all trust that Google would never do something like that especially to a popular Trump supporting website. These pages pull files from their CDN so IP tracking is theoretically possible for them:



redgear (1 point)

..and their captcha for the signup

Trump4a3rdTerm (3 points)

America for the win!

rothbard_anarchist (3 points)

The one thing I'm looking for from this new site....

When I upvote, I want the article to disappear. That way I can get through more articles, and hand out more upvotes. No one got time to scroll through stuff they've already read!

Warrior (3 points)

I use Brave browser even tho it’s chromium, it has tracker blockers. From here in the SF Bay area, I can tell you it’s invaluable.

Rottingatadesk (3 points)

It's good to be home.

SNRNXS (3 points)

What extension are you using to block them?

deleted (2 points)
wewillwin (3 points)

Hey somebody, thx for the freedom! Just a heads up, pages on here are randomly crashing for me when I try to use the "back" button in my browser. Not sure it isn't on my end, but I think it's something with the site.

Razeontherock (1 point)

Yeah, don't back that thing up. It's only 3 days old. No pedos here, just pedes lol

thing with Reddit is...do people really think we're going to fuck their revenue stream if we all leave and never look back? I'd be surprised if there are users that dont use some kind of adblocker on reddit so probably the only way they're getting a revenue stream off us still is wholesale selling data from their databases on (what they think is real) fingerprint data about our accounts.

HonkHonk (3 points)

Some things I'd recommend for internet use:

  • Pi-Hole if you're willing to spend roughly $50
  • uBlock Origin (free)
  • Edit host file to block ad traffic (free)
  • For advanced users, getting dnscrypt-proxy running on your network
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King (3 points)

imgur is full of trackers

MAGAJOE (3 points)

Happy to be here

deleted (2 points)
deleted (2 points)
PianoPede (2 points)


Just joined in!

Spez1 (2 points)

I’ll be changing this policy.

Razeontherock (1 point)


pepeanddietcoke (2 points)

Can we get a subscriber count soon?

labiator (2 points)

Checking in

TimTimKabim (2 points)

Hi everyone! how many members?

deleted (2 points)
treeskier82 (3 points)

is there something like this for Windows?

Sound_ManCO (2 points)

Not that I have found. A raspberry pi is cheap and setting it up is easy.

We should make a sub for frenworld and clownworld.

Daveglen (2 points)

I m not even American! I m here to support free opinions ... and the memes lol

thepilotofmoya (3 points) *

Question for you then. Does hate speech exist? Any answer other than no is incorrect.

ak47 (1 point)

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how trackers work, but I see a message in Firefox that says, "Facebook Container has disabled this button and blocked Facebook from tracking your visit to this page."

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I just checked... i found an object in the request with the term heartbeat in a JSON object... i assume that is what you are talking about. There was nothing about the browser or the OS in the body of the request. But it is literally and totally irrelevant. Every http request to every website you make contains the user agent which includes your browser and OS. Just check the http requests you are making to this site... they include your browser and OS. Of all the shit things shit websites do to track you around the web, using anti-patterns and dark-patterns to manipulate users, selling your information, building advertising profiles on you... sending the user agent info to the server has to be the most benign and it is nothing to be alarmed by.

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First comment. I'm glad I'm here.

No more quarantine guys we did it!

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Why have google tools (like the captcha signup)??? You are reporting everyone who joins here to Google. They can put the IP from the captcha into the database with info on that IP from other sites and you have given the other side a list of enemies.

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So far, it looks like this site works even with all device recognition blocked.

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The portal im using is fully sandboxed, I have a ton of privacy oriented plugins and I bounce ips like I change my underwear. To be honest I consider it an insult to the lengths and effort I went through to create a proper shitposting battle station!

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This Place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Even my adblocker is at 0, and I have a bunch of paranoid rules in there!

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I'm pretty sure Reddit uses a framework called log rocket. If they feel like it they can literally watch a live feed of you using Reddit. Your mouse movements, all the characters you type as you type, everything...... It's almost a live video feed using HTML and J's events on the page. Look it up.

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Looks around. Props up his feet. Cracks open a beer. Feels like home.

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God bless all of you!

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On thedonald.win if you have Facebook container plugin installed you'll sometimes get a message that Facebook was blocked from tracking you. Somewhere in there is a facebook tracker.

I've reported it and seen the warning repeatedly

On my tablet that I'm using now it shows a quarter circle in the upper left of the window. If I carefully tap on that I get the following message:

"Facebook container has disabled this button and blocked Facebook from tracking your visit to this page."

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Thank you for this info/intel

So flipping glad I’m here... respect to all who built this made it possible & are contributing.

Kek doth flow where the heart shines; may the bounty of our memes grow rich from such soil.