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How much vote manipulation are those jerks on Reddit doing? Imagine when we get the full user base on here?

Can we count that high?

How much vote manipulation are those jerks on Reddit doing? Imagine when we get the full user base on here? Can we count that high?
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ScoobyKnows (581 points)

Because China is asshoe?

KajensAngel (263 points)

Because China Reddit is asshoe. Oh wait! They’re the same thing.

deleted (64 points)
Farmerbob1 (58 points)

No. Reddit is China's asshole!

WxwXwxWxwXwxW (10 points)

Porque no los dos?

Farmerbob1 (8 points)

Hehe. Reddit is the asshole of an asshole? A toroidal asshole? An Escher asshole? A Fractal asshole?

I see amusing possibilities here, but mostly too weird to be memed.

Salt-N-Pepe (1 point) *

A Droste effect Asshoe would satisfy us all if we couldn’t make a Pepe that way

answermyanswer (8 points)

Comments like this are why I wish there was such a thing as a super upvote.

Fenianlad (2 points)

So superupvotes allow you to subvert the will of the people casting their single votes to lift Bernie San... erm a post to the top?

muslimporn (4 points) *

That's what reddit does. It has algorithms where some people's votes are worth 0.1 and others 10. They hide it with the fuzzing. It can also change based on the votes cast already. It becomes hidden almost as a rounding error with a bias.

Fenianlad (5 points)

Was tongue in cheek joke referencing Hillary Clinton and the superdelegates

K-Harbour (0 points)

I’ll downvote your comment.....

LegalEagle (93 points)

List of things they influence: NBA Feinstein Nike Hilldawg

QanonHairSalon (39 points)


QanonHairSalon (30 points)

Organ harvesting

SwampMidget (18 points)

Hunter Biden's bastard child.

edxzxz (15 points)

I do hope someone, somewhere, is sending Grandpa Joe a cute little Winnie the Pooh infant onesie for the new baby!

RU_joe_king (12 points)

Hong Kong suppression

redwhiteblue (7 points)

Disney, MSM, Google, Facebook, Twitter

Imransgarage (5 points)

Apparently we paid them to sequence all our genomes as well. : (

July_1776 (82 points)


victory (54 points)


deleted (36 points)
King (22 points)

obamas racewar?

obama was a failure

shadypollster (23 points)

Yup the divider in chief.

Kane (21 points)

I don't think that's funny Dude.

shadypollster (17 points)

Well I can't win them all.

deleted (4 points)

Speaking of which, where are all the old patriot bots like the wall?

roflcopter (48 points) *

Because we are all Russian Ukrainian bots.

1683commenceagain (13 points)

Weren't we Romanian bots for a while as well?

Dex- (18 points)

My wife is Romanian and likes Trump...suppose that counts

BurnedExperiment (5 points) *


Suppose that counts

I see what you did there

deleted (2 points)
Chilopodes (4 points)

Macedonian, I think? But only for a few minutes. Side o beef said that in a kuru-haze and quickly went back on-script.

turdcorn3 (2 points)

Aren't we back to being Russian bots? It's hard to keep up with the ramblings of the mental left.

DeathspellOmega (20 points)

Bilderburg, Counsel on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral as well as the Rothschild's and the folks who control their money and the folks who are under those folks for layers and layers all are asshoe too.

LugNuts (11 points)

The people who took/take money from China are the Asshoe (Spez)

Nikiasx (9 points)

Reddit isn't bad because they're basically owned by the Chinese.

Reddit is bad because it's run by a bunch of leftists and liberals who hate the President and the country.

SupremeSpez (7 points)

and because they're owned by the Chinese

Salt-N-Pepe (4 points)

Red Chinese to be exact

Lunadam (2 points)

Upvote because true.

Fdsa (202 points)

Wait till they add a subscriber count

TotallyYuge (125 points)

When we add a subscriber count it will either be low because most people from TD are yet to move over, so our opponents will say "Trumps base is deserting him" (they'll probably say this anyway if/when we finally all abandon Reddit).

Or our subscriber count here will be so high that our opponents accuse it of being a fake number.

That's how they play the game.

Paradyme (57 points)

Their political game has been figured out by, I’d say, about 1/3rd of America. The rest will wise up to it and I truly believe the only way these losers win another election is by stealing it. They always make you believe or try to believe that their causes are more popular than they actually are.

OGpsywar (51 points) *

The Left's Political Algorithm:

  1. Cause, or Look At, what's going on.

  2. Lie About It.

  3. If Possible, Also Steal Money and Fvck Children.

deleted (15 points)
Texcellent (4 points)

It's mostly 3, though.

yurimodin (5 points)

that's what "polling" is for.....they want to bake in plausible deniability for when they steal elections (51%-49% every election my ass).

BudGrillz (29 points)

We already all know this .win is popping. Everyone knows it, sub counter would be nice sure but, who needs it.

regularsean (15 points)

That game is gay.

Saneromeo (14 points)

This guy politics^

silvershibe (2 points)

If it ligitimately gets too high, but can be proven, they'll just cry to the hosting company until they shut this down.

AerialRush (1 point)

Of course they will, the only tools they have are lie, shame, deflect, insult ad infinitum.

Fdsa (27 points)

Where we're going, we dont need no stinking reddit cuck-ministrators

Jesus (9 points)

It'll be a registration count.

freundwich (4 points)

Wait till Reddit bans our sub there, THEN, watch the subscriber count. I think a lot of people aren't jumping over till they need to.

ReligionOfPoop (144 points)

Spread this site far and wide.

Watch the upvote ticks.

However...I was always wondering when leftists would invade.

You know it's coming.

iiii (78 points)

The fact that it's a separate site means that DDoS attempts are more likely, since we can be targeted now without impacting Reddit.

This site is behind Cloudflare, which provides some protections for DDoS but has also been anti-free-speech in the past.

SniffedByBiden (46 points)

They fucking dropped magaimg.net just a week ago!

AtariArtist (28 points)

VOAT is on cloudflare and we're not VOAT. I'm not worrying about that for-shit.

HillarysOrphanedShoe (10 points) *

From what I've seen, VOAT is what they (reddit commies) claim the_donald is. I don't want that garbage here.

Famousinternetgirls (60 points)

Yeah they're coming and I'm sure they will ddos the site

sethreddit89 (45 points)

And threaten cloudflare.

Oskar (40 points)

Who will quickly deplatform us the way they did 8ch.net

/pol (32 points) *

Ah lads its not all doom and gloom 😂

Famousinternetgirls (15 points)

It has been lately

IronMaiden (30 points)

Just remember you take the most flak when you're over the target. It'll get worse before it gets better.

TiffanyTrump (12 points)

I think it'll be good marketing actually

Tactical_Viking_pepe (2 points) *

I like to imagine its actually Tiffany posting this.

Salt-N-Pepe (2 points)

I’d rather imagine Tiffany posting her tits.

... continue reading thread?
AerialRush (2 points) *

I’m still pissed. How can a supposed public utility be allowed to deplatform websites based on their political beliefs? Was this not settled by courts long ago already with the likes of telecommunication companies?

Sunset_knight45 (8 points)

Do we have a plan B if Cloudflare unplug us?

kesquare2 (8 points)

Did you really come to the backup if they ban T_D on reddit in order to concern troll about whether they will end this site too?

Increase your energy mate. The people that made this site are quite aware (more than you or me) of the risks.

silvershibe (9 points)

So now that we have a little more security, we start infighting among ourselves? This is what leftists do.

kesquare2 (1 point)

Infighting? Saying "lets enjoy this place and dont immediately start talking shutdown" is infighting?

Interesting. I hope the mods are thicker skinned.

Killer (27 points)

their true numbers are showing, or they are scared to post somewhere that has free speech

snullebo (7 points)

Let's not pretend TD has free speech. You can say anything pro-trump there unlike in some other subs but if you criticize Trump at all or question anything you get the banhammer and fast. I'm a hard supporter but got banned for saying that I think him saying "I'm gonna ban all muslims" during the campaign was stupid thing to do.

HillarysOrphanedShoe (7 points) *

Politically stupid or stupid in general?

Politically it worked so must not have been stupid.

Generally I can't say I disagree with banning all future Muslims. I'm not for deporting any legal ones here already though, which Trump has never implied either as far as I know. If they followed the law to get here, it's not their fault and their rights should be respected though I'd rather not share a country with them as they tend to make poor decisions.

deleted (3 points)
Chilopodes (1 point)

I dunno how far you can go in that direction on this site either. But since the new rule 3 has a carve-out for the truth, you can probably make such posts/comments as long as you're factual and not frothing at the mouth.

lalicat (2 points)

Edgy shit like that doesn't help anyone. It only alienates potential supporters.

Save that shit for /pol ... there really is no need for you to post shit like that on .win

If you can't help yourself then you will be banned, plain and simple.

Chilopodes (3 points)

I don't see anything edgy about my comment. If that's how it'll be though, can you change rule 3 back to reddit's version?

I'll be lurking, and I'll be back to man the meme cannons in 2020. I respect you and your mission. Right now though, i'm overcome with disappointment. Goodbye.

d909 (2 points)

The internet is overflowing with places you can post criticism of Trump. I'd prefer the mods keep that garbage off of here.

JesusMaga (24 points)

I can’t wait for google to delist this site forcing everyone coming from reddit to use DDG to get here

AtariArtist (29 points) *

Bing works fine too. Problem was - until today - all posts weren't searchable after the quarantine.

Now. All of our posts, memes and images are FREE and OPEN and DISCOVERABLE.

So nice.

Laffs (3 points)

The only search that brings up this site on Google seems to be directly searching the url "thedonald.win" other than that I tried "The Donald" and "The Donald Win" and couldn't find it even through page 4.

So we need some SEO somehow.

MeSewCorny (2 points)

It's too soon. It will happen though. I studied SEO for years.

DanIsSwell (13 points)

Yeah they’ll be here. Once we’re all off Reddit, they’ll be out of a job. They’ll have to follow us to keep discrediting us, and pushing their agenda. Half will pretend to be us, and insert obviously racist comments, just so they can take screenshots and say “this comment was found on The Donald win”

terrichris (12 points)

I suspect they'll post racist, sexist pornography, and other things, to get theronald.win on hate lists for media targeting.

By now I believe even black Trump supporters are comfortable being called white supremacists.

Chilopodes (3 points)

I strongly suspect it's easier for a black person to get over being called a white supremacist than a white person.

SR91Aurora (11 points)

You'll know the disinfo agents have arrived as soon as the threads get bogged down in faux arguments about Jewish conspiracies and severely racist stereotypes.

Belleoffreedom (4 points)

and the puerile sexism.

Chilopodes (3 points)

The reason that works is because there's a kernel of truth in Jewish conspiracies. Discourse can break down over "it's Jews" vs "it's THE Jews". It's not hard to see that Jews are overwhelmingly over-represented amongst the enemies of civilization. But I still believe that the average Jewish person you see on the street is basically a Christian with a funny little hat.

HuggableBear (2 points)

That's what the deport button is for. Use it liberally. The true patriots will understand a temp ban if they start to concern troll without realizing what they're doing, and the cucks either won't come back or will be very obvious and get banned again if they do.

Although I suspect there will be plenty of sock puppet accounts since there is currently no protection against making them.

Chilopodes (1 point)

Hopefully, once the exodus is complete, the mods will shut down the border. Then we just root out the illegals already here.

I got down-voted for saying such things yesterday though, so it's either an unpopular opinion (it was compared to red flag laws) or we're already full of cucks/glowies.

Fleeltord_Atvar (1 point)

supposedly Don Jr stopped by ...

AIRHORN4TRUMP (74 points)

I'm convinced theres an algorithm that cuts the votes down in half. I remember when they changed some code and fucked up and we were all over r/all with like 12-15k upvotes.

10FT_Higher (55 points)

To hell with that suppression. In T_D early days we hit the front page constantly before the nerf...it was validating to see it break that one time, if only temporarily!

NavyGuy (33 points)

I remember that. Watched it live. They showed their ass that day!

artifex_mundi_x (3 points)

Yeah I remember it too, that's what would happen naturally without the intentional suppression.

Femprep (30 points)

I remember recently we had something like 60-70k users online but the sub count was still it’s low manipulated number.

The_Litehaus_Abides (28 points)

4th of July, I saw it as high as 300,000 winners online.

This was during President Trump's Independence Day tribute to America .

It went as high as 411,000 that I saw. Absolute insanity.


BTFO (2 points)

Leftists are losers... they have to resort to censorship/deceit/cheating.

isaac (4 points)

A post's score has never* been a true 1:1 upvote ratio. A better word is score, but we say upvotes because it's better. When reddit changed their sitewide algorithm a couple years ago, there were some posts that had ~10k upvotes that were adjusted and became over 100k. There is probably a logarithm or square root somewhere in their algorithm.

That being said, given our activity rate, upvote rate, and subscriber rate. /r/the_donald should have much higher scores. They change the rules and add new 'features' to their backend just for us, as shown when they tested it out and it was wrong and many trump faces were on /r/all with zero points.

Also bots. It's trivially easy to make a reddit bot. Heck, I made one as my very first python project. Here somebody would need at least some experience to make a bot.

Knowbody (1 point)

They definitely have some kind of "AI" that fucks with upvotes and downvotes.

On more than one occasion, I've given someone an upvote or downvote, refreshed the page immediately, and saw that reddit didn't count it.

trout007 (61 points)

No downvote bots. I’ve had pretty decent posts that would go up 5 then down 3 for an hour.

BudGrillz (24 points)

Only upvote bots here friend.

priorthought (27 points)

Only upvote friends here, bot.

BudGrillz (16 points)

Pikachu Face

Larka (10 points)

Only bot friends here, upvote.

kaluahmon (3 points)

Only bot upvote friends.

Knowbody (1 point) *

Only bots upvote here, friend.

Earthenwhere (48 points) *

Remember the Y2k bug?

In the year 2000, all the clocks were going to roll over and destroy our computer systems. Only swift remediation saved us from disaster.

The next bug is the 2020 bug.

As 2020 rolls around, our subscriber base will tick over 2 billion and the resulting error will crash the internet worldwide.

deleted (4 points)
Knowbody (1 point)

Once it ticks over 2,147,483,647


This website has full support of Moscow.

We are working overtime creating bots for 2020.

NotSpyRussian (25 points)

I cannot confirm this because I am not involved in any way.

Saneromeo (12 points) *

Howdy boss! When do we get our potato vodka and rubles?

PM_ME_UR_VIVIAN (11 points)

Seriously, I've been promised vodka rations since 2015. I only signed up because apparently we're all Russian bots, and Russia pays in vodka.

Comrade, you must submit report to the CykaBlyat Central Command to get vodka. You pick it up in middle of babushka's potato field.


We will allow you to build another Orthodox Christian church and give you a potato field to feed the children for spreading truth.

Chilopodes (3 points)


HI FRIEND VLADIMIR. Please tell me how you made Trump a Russian spy?

Based_Trumpster (28 points)

Because Spez is not only a pedophile but also a fraud!

mikeroolz (21 points) *

Hey that's cool, we can say that freely here.


thedonald dot win

Belleoffreedom (5 points)

Spez is a jerk, and he destroyed Reddit's credibility by altering posts. He's thin-skinned, too. He takes the childish "fuck u/spez" comments too seriously. But do you have any basis to say he's a pedophile? Has he said or done anything to indicate that slur might be true?

Because calling a person a pedophile without reason to believe it is true, is slander per se.

Slander per se is not free speech.

Troll (2 points)

While I myself wouldn't exactly call spez a pedophle, he had repeatedly punished the_donald while allowing /r/pedofriends on reddit to exist. That's concerning, and I can see why people would think the things they do.

Killer (26 points)

I don't need to tell you that we break the front page when their algorithm breaks, they really did suppress the upvotes and faked the sub count.

PremiumPatriotPepe (4 points)

If anyone still had any doubt they were supressing the subreddit, these upvotes put the nail in the coffin. No doubt.

AmericaFirst (23 points) *

Part of the reason is we're doing well here. Part of the reason is probably the Reddit fuckery you describe. Another factor is that they probably rotate their top posts more often over there so less chance people see them.

Trumperino (23 points)

This is what freedom is all about

WarOfTheFanboys (20 points)

Reddit cuckoldry?

KAGallthetime (20 points)

Hmmmmm🤔 Could it be they’ve been suppressing our true numbers?

WassermanSchultz (18 points)

It's a mystery.

Autisticus (18 points)

You see that grey arrow? You turn it orange

PensivePatriot (2 points)

I'm doing my part! Are you?!

pot-stirrer (1 point) *

Orange Arrow Bad!


MAGAMc04 (16 points)

First time posting here! It’s been a freezing walk over from reddit gents, does anyone have a coat for a fellow pede???

BudGrillz (8 points)

Sure, pede! You can have mine.

Welcome home :)

MAGAMc04 (9 points)

Thank you patriot!

Pede (2 points)

Thanks, I can always use more coats!

kaluahmon (2 points)

You can have mine, I live in the South.

7_17_24 (14 points)

I’ve followed The_Donald daily since before the election, but I refused to join Reddit, so I couldn’t upvote or comment. I’m here now, and plan to upvote/comment away! 🤩

shadowfax (14 points) *

because, like me and thousands of other third party mobile app redditors, their backend is cleverly blocked from accessing the_donald--saying "This subreddit is private." even if it's straight up favorited on your account

it's a nuisance to have to be on your desktop, and to constantly ignore the mind meltingly annoying WARNING: QUARANTINED (pay no mind to subreddits like antifa that openly praise/encourage wanton violence against police and their families) ARE YOU SURE YOU MEANT TO COME TO THIS SEARCH DELISTED HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLAINY?! nonsense to access the dom.

people like me have patiently waited for a site like thedonald.win for.. probably close to 2 years. more credit to you guys for bravely posting and sticking around on the enemy's home turf, but there are many more of us who'd rather not be self-depracatingly stuck behind ideological enemy lines, and endlessly trashed by the rest of the site/their ideological allies in the whole spectrum of digital media, just to say "yeah trump is legit, man :USA:"

i hope that all makes sense

happy to be here; thank you for coming through, pedes

tentonbudgie (1 point)

Teh D on desktop is like listening to Teh Ramones on AM radio in the 70s

corneredbeast (12 points)

Yes please explain

publ1us (11 points)

How much vote manipulation are those jerks on Reddit doing?

All of it.

BidenSmellsKids (11 points)

I'm sure reddit would be totally transparent that they silence and censor the president's community right?

Toughsky_Shitsky (8 points) *

Now imagine what communist propaganda operatives do for Trump's opponents' subs ...

Throttle T_D by 90%, while accelerating r/politics, r/news, r/worldnews, r/politicalhumor, and r/Muh_Mueller by 1000%.

Reddit is leftist cancer .. now operated entirely for its chicom owners.

Diotima (11 points)

To long have we been suppressed on Reddit.....

No fuckery here. Refreshing!

f_bastiat (11 points)

They weren't (were) suppressing our uptrumps.

Free-Ninety-Nine (6 points)
  • They weren't suppressing our uptrumps (they were).

This is my first .win post. I love freedom, so I'm so happy to be part of our declaration of independence.

DonaldTheKing (10 points)

Because SPEZ is asshoe! Pure faggotry but they we're happy to take ad revenue based on real metrics!

crazyfingers619 (9 points)

abject numeric fuckery stemming from an abject self righteous hate, stemming from misinformation from limousine liberal pieces of garbage.

The useful idiots were canceling you.

CaptainChrisPBacon (8 points)

I think we should all pick a day in the near future and everyone all at once cancel your reddit accounts.

Free-Ninety-Nine (5 points)


weltbild (4 points)

just post eric ciaramellas name to liberal and faggot subreddits of your choice

202700000000 (8 points) *

I said the same thing yesterday, this place makes the reddit censorship 1000% more obvious. We might not even have 1% of reddit on here, and yet already the same number of upvotes.

The subscriber count is going to be in the tens of millions.

Imagine the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when fake news is forced to report on our subscriber count over here.

The future:

"Why is there such a massive difference in subscriber counts between thedonald.win and r/the_donald?"


KSC10165 (7 points)

I love you guys/girls. I feel like I'm home now.

Phill82245 (7 points)

Because we are strong, we are united, we are... TheDonald.win

NavyGuy (6 points)

So much winning. Anybody tired yet? Kek!

DarthFuckinVader (7 points)

Spez is cockhoe!

shayneyn (6 points)

I am really looking forward to this!!! It is more wise to be proactive than it is to be reactive. Glad this is something that has a chance to really take off!! MAGA (PS I am from Canada but share the exact same views as the majority of you

JohnnyBitcoinCash (6 points)

I was about to post the same question!! Clear evidence of Reddit manipulation.

TheOutlawPepeWales (2 points) *

I've caught them in the act numerous times. Direct evidence is better than hearsay, so here's an ironic r/politics post being botted to the top: magaimg.net/img/78e2.png - No organic voting pattern is that smoothly consistent, but the reports were quickly squashed. So much for whistleblower protection, eh? And that's just one of their shifty algorithmic shenanigans. Y'all saw the way those impeachment hearings were run. That's exactly what The_Donald has been going through every single day for the last three years. Such is life under socialism.

Fistfulofgreyhair (6 points)

I’m confident we had posts with 100K+ upvotes if Spez wasn’t such a child molesting, communist cock sucking, faggot.

FearOfBees (6 points)

There can't be more than 50k here, like not even 30k I bet. Most people have no reason to come here yet we're already topping 5k posts?

b3team (6 points)

I don’t think there is anything close to 30k here yet. When we get there in a few weeks, this place is going to be freaking awesome tho. Cloudfare is the problem tho- it doesn’t take a genius to see that being a problem

mistahate (2 points)

Well its already dead then, we really need protections rather than running to another hole to hide in.

Rainman (6 points)

I think we know why. The Chireddit conglomerate are asshoe

zettapede (5 points)

Gee. I wonder.

PhiladelphiaEagles (5 points)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

redis_help (5 points)

It's literally not. It's clearly gamed.

Dave_PH (5 points)

We aren't being distracted by r/aww

MemeChallenge (5 points)

You already know.

space (4 points)

Thedonald.win gets 10x bigger per day

Saltminer (4 points)

Because if Reddit didn't hide the numbers on T_D liberal heads will explode.

Reporting in. Now all we need is a GunDeals section and I'll never have to visit Digg 2.0 again.

sushicomped (4 points)

If we could get the entire subreddit over here and your total members is multiple times larger than Reddit ohmen

BudGrillz (4 points)

I think their is so much traffic, some of these posts have errors when posting lol.

shooty_poops (4 points)

China is asshoe

jackwerntz (4 points)

No vote fractionalizing votes happening here. No shadowbanning. I can feel the energy again, undiluted and uncloaked!

WiscDeplo (4 points)

Dont know, But what I do know is fuck REDDIT and SPEZ!!!!

cause our vote counts were reduced by what looked like a factor of 10 on reddit. 10 pedes (or so) have to vote for one upvote to register.

bubadmt (3 points)

Fuck Reddit.

Capitalism (3 points)


Freeeeeeeeedom (3 points)

I love this!!! I haven't been on Reddit all day!!! The Donald was my home😁 Question, how do I post?

Dave5777 (3 points)

Admins, can you please share some stats?

TakenusernameA (3 points)

Nanomemes son. Nanomemes.

RadDudeski (3 points)

On mobile, this is pretty tight. I like how similar it is to Reddit but not as fucked.

Vindicated2020 (3 points)

Reddit sucks


Madmatt7g (3 points)

God bless all of you pedes! So good to be here! KAGA 2020!

TheDon_nell (3 points)

🍻 to all founding day 1 members! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

BonerDonor (3 points)

You're surprised a website run by liberals has problems with vote integrity?

Twitter (3 points) *


Vangeliss (3 points)

When the bells of freedom ring Patriots respond to the call! Trump2020!! God Bless America!!!

Toughsky_Shitsky (3 points)

Freedom Energy.

This place has it in spades!

MAGA_Centurion (3 points)

You know, I know, they know, everyone else knows.

BidenSmellsKids (3 points)

Can ya'll just always have the "this post is locked" tab up so I can just look at it and laugh then keep commenting

jbulls93 (3 points)

Because .win

Troll (3 points)

When I ran coontown I wondered if they were doing the same to us, and more specifically, I wondered if either reddit/SRS or groups such as the ADL/SPLC were trying to change the narrative.

Say what you will about my work, it's what taught everyone what reddit was really about.

Free-Ninety-Nine (3 points)

We seem to have a lot more evenly distributed comments too.

MI_MAGA (3 points) *


No skewed numbers here, no downvote bots, no shitlibs interferring. This is /r/the_donald unconstrained.

Aeronomer (3 points)

Because Spez is a cuck?

LugNuts (3 points)

I'll also add, I am sure I am not alone - Reddit kicked/banned so many people from T_D it's not funny. T_D also had fake mods (meaning not with the cause) that banned a bunch too.

I suspect they are here too.

OkieFromMuskogee (3 points)

Woot! Just got signed up! Thank god! And fuck reddit!

Do we have a subscriber count here too so we can finally prove the numbers to be manipulated?!

Thank god for every one here!

President_Trump (3 points)

Fuck Reddit. We live in America. It’s a free country. We make our own forum for free speech. They can’t stop us because we make the fucking rules now.

racer8dan (2 points) *

They do the same thing in our elections as well. if we had a true honest count, we would never have another democrat as president again. half the country being democrat is an illusion the media has been propping up forever With fake polls and other tactics

EowynOfRohan (2 points)

You know how. It's called Spezzing. The joy of being free from Spez is going to my head!

mawire (2 points)

Yes, just joined.

BetterThanReddit (2 points) *

It's too hard to count the upvotes accurately when Reddit has its head up it's ass. Also, blatant manipulation.

deleted (2 points)
FrontholePetriDish (2 points)

Reddit is a rigged system, folks. A rigged system.

shiftycoyote (2 points) *

What happens when Cloudflare takes it offline? Given the quality of the site, I'm sure ya'll have a plan. Just curious

jamesvien101 (2 points)

Look at the comment engagement also

OneOfMany_MAGA (2 points)

Reddit made r/The_Donald into a gulag. Everything is stacked against the inmates.

ClutchFlintlock (2 points)

Wonder how many of us there are on this site now?

NavyGuy (2 points)

Well.. you see... the thing is..... how do I put this. CUCKS! CUCKS IN CHARGE OF ALGORITHMS!

deleted (2 points)
fluffmiceter (2 points)

Testing 123

I suspect it is elfin magic. Then again, I have been wrong before.

BrokenLeftEar (2 points)

Reddit censorship at its finest. I don’t see posts with 10k+ upvotes there, but I sure as shit see them here!

jeffsmith67589 (2 points)

Need need need to make it so that users that only downvote to suppress messages are ignored or booted

Okanogan_Sasquatch (2 points)

Only request is to be able to read without requiring an login address. This will be helpful to be able to link sources to those that may not necessarily create a message board account

TerraHertz (2 points)

How is it possible? This is a rhetorical question, right?

Now, I'm very curious to see if thedonald.win will use shadow post-hiding, like I frequently catch the Reddit censorship AI doing.

My first post here btw. Hello fellow refugees from Reddit Globalist/Leftist oppression! Hey Reddit owners, Spez, etc. Go f*ck your commie collectivist selves.

Twitter (2 points)

I've never been so proud to be a part of a community in my entire life.

deleted (2 points)
HermitKidd (2 points)

Because we frikkin hate reddit now. Used to be a cool spot

Runhiro (2 points)


CPTRVB (2 points)

I'm glad this finally happened.

LLegendary (2 points) *

can we add other subdonalds? And maybe make a donaldbook?

Tyekanik (2 points)

My guess is reddit libtards don't downvote them

Goku (2 points)

Bc their feelings are hurt and we cause them to act that way...

deleted (2 points)

It’s like we are censored and our numbers suppressed

GrandDukeofLuzon (2 points)

It's because of H I G H E N E R G Y

Because the Reddit admins are faggots that are owned by China.

Aussie (2 points)

Congrats to everyone involved in creating this website!

goodguy (2 points)

this sight will expose a lot -

deleted (1 point)
Aristocrat (2 points)

The comments are too funny!

dixie_knormous (2 points)

Because we're .winning now😁

Yater79 (2 points)

Welcome to reality

Schifty_Schiff (2 points)

My eyes will really start popping out of my head if I keep reading from this site.

GhostCamanche (2 points)

thedonald.win don’t trust Reddit, Reddit is asshoe!

Pede (2 points)

More importantly, how did nobody take this username?

Salt-N-Pepe (1 point)

We are all pedes

realFrogLips01 (2 points)

I think it's the left sandbagging and voting posts down, they probably have a Trump patrol where they all get together with a George Soros pizza coupon, eat vegan pizza and vote down posts on The_Donald..I think they get credits at Berkeley for it?

YouSmellLikeTide (2 points)

Really activates the ol' almonds

kaluahmon (0 points) *

Really jogs the ol' noggin.

CheesePizzaParty (2 points) *

Every time I come here instead of reddit i just get a big smile on my face

Jikemenkins (2 points)

Do we have BrickBot up and running? Are Coats being handed out? Is the velocity of the Trump Train still being tracked?

GeneticsGuy (2 points)

Lol probably 10% activity here and showing more activity than Reddit. this is just showing us what we already knew.

try4gain (2 points)


M1ASOCOM (2 points)

All of my Reddit accounts were shadow banned over the course of 2015-2017. Never had much karma, just added comments here or there. Eventually, I stopped going to other subreddits and stayed on r/the_donald. After I was shadow banned repeatedly, I stopped engaging and upvoting because they were just going to rig the upvotes or block my content.

I don't even recall my old Reddit usernames now. Very glad this site is here!

can we count that high?

I can only count up to two! TWO TERMS, and TWO SCOOPS

Sagan (2 points)

Flush reddit down the shit-hole, give the middle finger to the Chinese investors.

xi-jin-pimp (2 points)

With G-d, all things are possible.

MyWoWServer (2 points)

Suppressed up-votes to hide the numbers. If you claim there are only 700k or so r/the_donald members you can't have massive up-votes. This would instantly prove their fake math wrong.

Meritocracy is kryptonite for communists

Easter_Bunny (2 points)

My experience is that they cut user karma by half. I've noticed that I'll get on the front page and get 5k upvotes, but only about 2.5k make it to my profile.

Xekoroth (2 points)

The real question you should be asking...if they are down to the details of manipulating up/down votes on a public forum...what level of manipulation is occurring large scale on twitter/facebook etc.

BitcoinTrump (2 points)

Reddit go fuck yourself

centipede400000 (2 points) *

just proof reddit fucking suppresses the shit out of /r/The_Donald/

I wish ass cancer and super AIDS upon the reddit site administrators who do the bidding of their ChiCom overlords.

jgardner (2 points)


Plus the turds who sell their soul to China.

Same as the rejects who sold their souls to Communist Jews trying to pervert our culture.

wideawake (1 point)

It’s a mystery for the ages....

MIT_Patriot (1 point)

This feels like home, free from Reddit manipulation!

Anon17 (1 point)

We are here!

take1fortheteam (1 point)

Holy crap this is awesome

I've seen it pedes, I've watched the spez censorship work away upvotes and activity. It's Russian bots they say while they go floor(upvotes / 6)

Blacktron5000 (1 point)

I'll take "Leftist Cuckoldry" for $500, Alex.

2020magavision (1 point)

FREEDOM FROM PETTY TYRANTS! It'll be fun to see the math in about six months.

Ttastyb (1 point)

Well we’ll be able to prove they were lying in a different way. then it becomes even legally cleaner censorship.

NPCs4Trump (1 point)

Boom, I am here.

DigitalWarrior (1 point)

Spez is asshoe.

Trump-45 (1 point)

Because commie China owns Reddit

kaldaus (1 point)

Will be nice to see all the awesome memes that are going to come along with this new site, ohhhh the memes will flow!!!!

Dr_Manhattan (1 point)

My new home! Biased platform (Reddit) deserve to go bust.

Tonald_Drump (1 point) *


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BobWasNotMe (1 point)

Because unlike Reddit, we don't bot our likes and we keep it true. Wait a sec- REDDIT POLICE YOU CANNOT SPEAK AGAINST US! Bu-but I got banned from the site ): WE DON'T CARE BECAUSE WE WILL KILL YOU IF YOU SPEAK TRUE. But for real they bot their dislikes.

ratioetlogicae (1 point)

They’re not throttled, like on reddit.

whydew (1 point)

seriously, even posts that say 99% upvoted at the top still have less upvotes than here

Winterds001 (1 point)

Exactly, Reddit fucking sucks

Scumbag-reddit (1 point)

They throttled us to a 1/10th compromise. Then in addition any post has to receive an algorithmic amount of upvotes before downvotes stop auto-assigning.

Remember when Spez said he believes reddit can swing elections?


mistahate (1 point) *

Cant have a place to discuss politics because of a communist shithole that is full of cheaters and dog eaters that harvest their own citizens organs.

Fuck china why is anyone scared of them, look at communist nations through history, they have never staged an invasion that requires them to go across oceans.

russia & china have only have ever gone to war with their neighbors, and you know why, because they treat their people like shit, the only place they will take a war is where their people can only run back into their own country or they would just defect.

Communism can only spread like a cancer.

Being scared of communist nation invading is the most laughable thing ever, the most they can do is shit the bed and use nukes, then no one wins anyway.

and don't take their shitty funny money its only worth anything because they cook books and tell stupid western nations what they want to hear.

TerryToronto (1 point) *

Just signed up. I am on a iPhone 10. Had a bitch of a time finding signup link. Luckily in some post a link was there and I was able to join. Why is it so hard to find the signup ...should be dead simple. That being said great work Mods and not a moment too soon!

FajitasToday (1 point)

I remember before the quarantine I would always see T_D on the top bar. It was the second one, just to the right of AskReddit. As you know, the subs are ordered by activity. hmmmmm

When your votes are suppressed and they think they know best, you're on reddit! When you can't say hey fag, there's 2 genders only, you're on reddit!

papaMAGA (1 point)

Reddit has algorithms that do not directly count the exact number of upvotes or downvotes. I think this is pretty well known and even admitted.

I think the counters here are literal and match 1:1 with net votes.

20MrMcpickles20 (1 point)

I'll take a guess it probably has to do with not only reddit-China censorship but also the hoards of shills and trolls from other communities lurking around and down voting us?.

SuperMagat (1 point)

Because there was over 6 million of us as exposed by the self-service ads leak/fail/self-own.

TheVoiper (1 point)

How is it possible a site our mods threw together has a better user interface than reddit? Was reddit throttling me by making the text unreadable on my phone?

markbrooklyn (1 point)

there are definitely a shit ton of trolls on the_donald down voting quality memes. hopefully it will be easier to get rid of these loser stalkers on here. i know a few.

selfstarter20 (1 point) *

British Smartmatic Voting Machines are being illegally used in 16 US states and a George Soros associate is on the board of directors.

So, the answer is YES, you are being manipulated on Reddit.

mhankins (1 point)

I tried to upvote this thwrice times.

OtisDriftwood (1 point)

is there a "nite mode" on here or no? thanks

realFrogLips01 (1 point)

I'd say because of the winking Presidential seal, it's one of my favorite parts of The Donald!

thedonald2020 (1 point)

We had 7 million pedes let that sink in.

Westoftexas (1 point)

I made an account just to upvote this.

RangerSkyy (1 point)

I'm just happy to be free.

mobileposter (1 point)

Because Reddit actively censors TD to no end. They have algos specifically designed for TD to reduce upvote counts, to remove TD from All. When this continued to fail, they quarantined us as a last resort.


TheVoiper (1 point)

3/5 of a vote was generous compared to what ccp spez gives us

DrBJTester (1 point)

How ever much we think the commie asshos are leaning, stomping and fucking the numbers it's really much worse. "The Internet detects censorship identifies it is damage and routes around it"

We must preserve the Republic and support our President.

kamakura7 (1 point)

As far as T_D, possibly downvote bots and definitely brigading. You can kinda see this on a more noticeable scale on r/Conservative. Their impeachment threads got downvoted to zero and stayed there for days.

/r/TopCucks and /r/PolPot made it their life's mission to brigade right-leaning subs somewhere along the way.

Rickybobby619 (1 point)

Yeeeee buddy

Cajm92881 (1 point)

Yes we can count that high! 👍👍👍 We have good honest mods and pedes!

So happy to be here! Much love to all of you!! 🇺🇸

tiredwinner (1 point)

Reporting in

AbrahamLincoln (1 point)

Because Spez is a cuck.

TexasLawDog (1 point)

What is .win? The mods should have just made a free speech competitor to reddit.

BrockCage (1 point)

Because if reddit were actually free the donald would take it over especially the front page

StarGirl (1 point)


1776Worldwide (1 point)

Fuck reddit and their admins. So glad this community decided to move from that shithole. They've been strangling us for far too long but NO MORE!!!

4848bk (1 point)

China asshole

CincoAlPastor (1 point)

I forget that china bought reddit

trump_sucks (1 point)

Because the creator can change to whatever he wants lol. dont be a sheep

panxerox (1 point)

When you kick a hole in the bottom of a dam is it any wonder that alot of water comes out?

panxerox (1 point)

Just think if we could get AMA with DJT here!

Russian robots, can confirm am Russian bot and run on wodka!

Rottingatadesk (1 point)

No algorithms to stifle the voice of the right.

Honk_Honkler (1 point)


TrumpWin (1 point)


deleted (1 point)
freundwich (1 point)

I can count to 7 million, yeah.

DAR1783 (1 point)

Because freedom. Also, very nice to see our sidebar and header images back. It is like being home. Our new home. Also, the energy clearly transfers back and forth between T_D and our new shiny fresh beautiful platform. It's our never ending Trumpian energy they hate the most. THANK YOU MODS for building it for us!

deleted (1 point)
undercovermaga (1 point)

it could be that there's fuckeru afoot. someone could be using bots to upvote. I don't remember email verification to sign up.

WhatWouldTrumpDo (1 point)

Just keep winning.

FALKERMAN (1 point)

Because we're on their mind 24/7

Hawkeye (1 point)

Because Spez is a bitch.

Bydy (1 point)

The growth on this site is insane. 10k users pretty much instantly.

philandy (1 point)

Been waiting to say this forever: automated statistics shadowbanning. For example: 1 in 10 anything (subscribers, posts, comments, upvotes, being listed on a member list, and so on). Applied to this post would mean 39k upvotes and 2k comments, but you'd have to be convinced they're doing that here, too!

Sup_squidy (1 point)

This is insane I can only imagine this is 10% of us

muhdik (1 point)

I go to the Donald every day like 20 times a day but I deleted my Reddit account years ago lol

I really hope they notice how much traffic they lose now that this thing is poppin

KakarikoKing (1 point)

Severe lack of Spez and brigading cucks

We aren’t tired of wining yet Mr. President!

NuclearPony (1 point)

Way the hell more comments too. I think there was all kinds of fuckery going on on reddit.

stingswhenipee (1 point)

Because China says upvotes are bad.

AnnieMm (1 point)

Reddit sucks.

The left tries to enforse the SILENCE part of Silent Majority. Good luck with that leftist cucks.

Potsie_Ramirez (1 point)

We all know how

MAGApie (1 point)

It isn't controlled by communists.

BigTrue (1 point)


trauncher (1 point)

Because Cuck Spez is asshoe.

Fleeltord_Atvar (1 point)

welcome to reality

eagletrump2020 (1 point)

Question: will mods weed out obvious trolls on TheDonald.win?

Salt-N-Pepe (1 point)

A sticky upvote button is the culprit

Apathynito (1 point)

Glad this is up, I missed the_Donald on reddit. Didn't know this site existed. I'm happy again

GeorgeBonanza (0 points)

Theres something wrong with upvotes on stickies. Mine always disappear and I have to keep re-upvoting.

DONTRUMP (0 points)

DON HERE checking in....1.2....

Rescue71Ranger (0 points)

ending manipulation says a lot for the Trump supporters here at "thedonald.win"

mossomo (0 points)

Because: SPEZ

deleted (-3 points)