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Congratulations to the creators of this website. Everything looks very familiar to The_Donald.

This is how capitalism is supposed to work. Alternatives can compete in the market.

Maybe later, patriotic companies can be allowed to put up small ads on the side to help pay for the bandwidth.

Lordnigel (85 points)

I’m very very impressed with this layout. We now all officially have a place to go to when the inevitable happens and we’re shut down on reddit. Well done Pedes who created this. Now we just need to help figure out a way to make this monetarily viable for everyone involved!

minted (47 points)

Don't wait until then, encourage people to move now.

QanonHairSalon (41 points)

Reddit just became irrelevant. Welcome to the new front page of the internet.

ed_shaw (8 points)

I'm embarrassed to admit I ever had accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Seems so long ago.

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I disagree with moving. I say stay in the Reddit as long as possible to be a thorn on their side. I feel like they'd be happy with everyone leaving their conformist platform.

edxzxz (15 points)

Traffic = money for them, don't pad their pockets with your efforts. Let that shithole devolve into what they aspire to be - nothing but blue haired nitwits arguing with bots over how bad orange man is.

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Yeah, it seems like one or the other needs to go...so I guess we might as well stop posting on the original?

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"Don't wait until then, encourage people to move now."


I fully agree.

Everyone should sign up and, as soon as this site is deemed ready, we should focus on making TD.win, where we aren't hidden from the world by reddit, aren't suppressed, or discriminated against a force to reckon with in support of GEOTUS.

Now, that reddit knows we have a new platform of our own, they might not really ban us, just so we remain hidden and censored there, instead of transferring in full force to TD.win, where we can do a lot more and be seen by everyone. Reddit might want to be able to keep our efforts inside that hidden forum and they, more than anyone else, know our true numbers and energy, and know that, if they ban us, TD.win will grow exponentially and help president Trump a lot more than a hidden reddit sub can.

We can make TD.win very popular and high-ranked really fast if we all start coming here to post or even lurk every day (for high numbers of page visitors and views). If there are millions of us and search engines don't manipulate the results against us (chances are Google will though), we should appear in results in a short amount of time. Also we can all promote it on social media, send links to posts to friends who aren't subscribers, we can make and wear shirts with the URL, and sneak pre-printed strips of paper with the URL to be affixed to official signs at the rally & held by pedes in strategic locations that can appear on TV and streams.

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Great Job!!

This site looks great!!

Afrikaner_Vrystaat (11 points)

How do we get people to mass migrate?

shatteredthatsucker (15 points)

build it and they will come

Ease their pain

Butthurt (12 points)

One post here has more than 4K upvotes. 4K (at least) new users in just a couple days

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Well, I just saw this existed and immediately signed up. I would say it will be a natural flow.

We need to get the word to president Trump and ask him to tweet about the new site.

A sticky at the top of the Donald would help also.

If the mods stop moderating, then the_donald is finished.

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We just need a dark mode option now.

areyouheretokillme (3 points)

And thedonald enhancement suite of course.

DigitalWarrior (2 points)

And two scoops.

Agree - I can't believe it's up this fast. Great job to the creators!! MTDGA!!!

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But the real benefit is this website will serve as a filter for SANE people, who are hard to find nowadays. The crazies won't risk coming here.

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Capitalism at its finest. 💪🏻

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i have a suspicion companies like chik-fil-a, traderspace.io, and new balance would throw ads up right away

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TawhidiEqualsTaqiyya here.

Glad there is now an alternative for when u/spez and his band of commies inevitably delete The_Donald from Reddit.

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Not to mention shadow banning and re-writing posts.

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I had just joined Reddit and immediately got banned by shithead commie moderators who were rude as hell. The Donald was the only friendly place on the whole site.

KAG69 (4 points) *

its like a ree in reverse. yeet!

NavyGuy (66 points)

Eat a bag of dicks reddit! Nothing but a bunch of book burning commie fucks!

1776 worldwide!

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Reddit died of AIDS.

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To be continued...in 2020

Roundabout intensifies

OmnusOmnibus (15 points)

The J in Donald J Trump is for Jojo. Trump is a jojo confirmed.

Rone21 (1 point)

im glad someone else saw the jojo in this pic

Dimedog (7 points)

"My name is Donald J Trump, and I have a dream... to MAGA!!

Canapeder (21 points)

Lovin' the two power poses.

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What is Trumps stands ability?

Patriotpede45 (19 points) *

Stand Name: The Eagles.

Stand Ability: Trump Dereangement Syndrome and Trump Curse.

Characteristics: Get Woke Go Broke, NPC Transform, Every attack is reversed onto attacker, China is asshole tariff debt, red pill injection.

FearOfBees (7 points)

I like how you chose a music band name and you actually know almost everything is based on music names. If he did have a stand power it would make everyone around him irrational to the point where trump could walk up and just stab them or something. Sounds like a good stand.

Patriotpede45 (4 points)

You know it baby

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Voat would beg to differ.

labajada (17 points) *

"Well, yeah, but at least we got rid of all those damn ni— " - Voat

Toughsky_Shitsky (10 points) *

I signed up to Voat many months ago, when T_D first got quarantined.

I lasted 90 minutes reading and even commenting a bit, before deleting my account.

Absolute degenerate low IQ losers on Voat .. with zero societal value. Worse than r/politics.

RonaldMcDonald (12 points)

I've been there since around when FPH was banned from Reddit. It was fascinating to watch the overwhelmingly polite interactions slowly devolve. I mostly lurk now, but rarely engage in any discussion as name calling is viewed as some form of valid debate tactic if they just label it 'trying to keep the normies out'. OK.

I like the theory of Mastodon instances, but I much prefer the easy thread reading.

MemeFarmer (6 points)

Eh, Voat kinda goes on immune system response hyper-racism to scare away normies whenever there's an influx. But you've been there a while, you know that.

TrumpingIntesifies (3 points)

Its a cesspool, like many internet locales

SpiceMustFlow (2 points)

Exactly this, to be explicit its fairly likely voat was brigaded by competitors, we don't need to go overboard on censorship but we are going to need some good mod support here to avoid that.

marxwasaslob (3 points)

Venturing out to those places when it looked like we would be shut down was discouraging. This has always been a great group of people and I am very grateful to the individuals who set this up. It's magnificent.

prattle (2 points)

That was how I saw it too. Voat might be a different place if it wasn't seeded from forums like FPH and other similar communities. It kind of set the tone for the whole place. I realize they mostly think they are just doing the whole racial epithet thing as a canary in a coal mine, but being the exact opposite of PC short circuits intelligent discussion every bit as effectively as being PC does.

Saintkek (1 point)

Let's not call the lack of basic manners the opposite of PC.

prattle (2 points)

By exact opposite, I kind of meant it in a mirror image sort of way. Generally just behaving as if an insult of a person or group is good enough to "win" a discussion or make a point, but with the opposite groups that PC generally attacks.

... continue reading thread?
Razeontherock (1 point)

Can't be worse than Reddit?!

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This site loads so quickly and is super lightweight!!! I have a tab open for every body and Chrome's only using 8GB of ram!

sninctbur (8 points)

This is the 1776 of Reddit.

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BasedBoyScout (7 points)

Hey Spez, eat a fucking dick, how much money are you going to make when millions of users stop clicking.

GEOTUS-fan (7 points)

holy shit, TDW is so much faster than reddit. did you guys get trump to deregulate your servers or something?

AntsCamera (7 points) *

Eric Ciarmella is the whistleblower and he is hiding like a bitch behind the biggest closeted faggot ever, Adam Schiff.

I would get shit canned by admins for mentioning that.

Our mods at the reddit are generally great, sadly Reddit is pure dogshit.

Eric CIAramella, CIA shill, I bet he knows what John Brennans semen tastes like.

Been waiting so long for something to happen after all the TD/Reddit BS. Thank you sweet 6lb 7 oz baby Jesus.

victory (6 points)

Name a better duo

KensKorner24 (5 points)

Communist cuck-suckers

jaytango (5 points)

Just joined. Nice job, guys!

redis_help (5 points)

Feels good man :)

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I always had some sort of ill feeling about using Reddit. I only went there for The_Donald and that made it bearable. But this new site is the BOMB! I feel like I've really found a home.

Reddit is trash. Hope this turns into something yuge!

CancelTheSwamp (4 points) *

Laughs in American

MrBeanBag (4 points)

God, i hated reddit admins so much. Spez can actually go fuck himself!!!!!

Great site! First post and proud to be here. I only ever lurked on the_Donald at Reddit because fuck Reddit.


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warofonslaught (2 points)

TDW cannot escape JoJo references!

cyberpunkstreetart (3 points)


FluffiPuff (3 points)

I LOVE this image!!

Af22877 (3 points)


PotentialWizard (3 points)

Nice photograph.

1776ReasonsWhy (3 points)

I think I"m happy with my new username.

ClutchFlintlock (3 points)

Yeah Reddit sucks donkey balls... good job on this site, its awesome!

TrainsShepherds (3 points)

Hahaha, I’m not sure how I feel about liking this one, yet I do.

Tullipso (3 points)

The way to really fuck Reddit would be to start other topical subs here at thedonald.win.

Start with obvious things like /r/guns and /r/nofap then expand gradually. When we have plenty of interesting conservative communities Reddit will look like the garbage it is.

reddit_refugee (3 points)

I made it here!

BetterThanReddit (3 points)

Reddit has been fucking itself since 2016 and it still needs to get more fucked.

RedTie45 (3 points)



Can we get this patriot a coat.... oh wait. we need the bot.

jedevnull (3 points)

Best of luck with this new forum!

TakenusernameA (3 points) *

Stand User: Commander in Chief

Stand Name: [Star Spangled Banner]

Linnes16 (3 points)

Awaken My Master!!!!

MAGAholic (3 points)

First thing I thought as well

RedditSucks (3 points)

I approve this message.

swinginmad (3 points)

Fuckin right!

DonTread (3 points)

fuck you spez you fucking communist fuck!

GoldenWave (3 points)

May reddit burn long and suffer.

Farmerbob1 (3 points)

I believe this is the first time I've seen Trump done as a Jojo character. Pretty damn well done too.

Cmpp (2 points)

Amen to this

This is the ark folks!

Vinyl_Hunter (2 points)

Hey Reddit admins at 420 Taylor st San fransicko!

We should all do our part and swing by there to take a shit on their front porch. It’s not illegal to do so in San Francisco.



Madmartigan305 (2 points) *

All the other companies like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are a bunch of bitches too. Please make a replacement to them soon.

rossiFan (2 points)

What is this.... reddit... that everyone keeps talking about?

badorangeman (2 points)

Great job with the new site! Bookmarked.

mikejones (2 points)

Can you make it so you don't get logged out so quickly on here?

As an added bonus, I can get rid of that stupid fucking Reddit alien ghettoing up my bookmarks.

PhiladelphiaEagles (2 points)

Fly Trump Fly

bobdog2 (2 points)

I wounder how much $$ they will lose when we all pull out.

jizzforjazz (2 points)


AnnieMm (2 points)


SoCaliPede (2 points)

This makes me so happy!!!!!

thedogsofdoom (2 points)

Proud to be here

MAGAMc04 (2 points)

I got some feel goods about this site man!

deleted (2 points)
ChernobylWitness (2 points) *

Now we need a "credible" news outlet that we can source corroborated news from about how Adam Schiff loves fisting crackhead trannies while sucking molloch's cock.

Yummyliberaltears (2 points)

Suck our free balls Reddit

Razeontherock (2 points)

I'm very happy to make my first post here say


Managed to get banned on TD (3 day ban) for telling the truth. Mods are too stupid to understand.

Everyone here knows how all the political subs are commie defending, antifa supporting fascists. But banned from TD?! Damn. We should develop a consensus re: how to approach Reddit. Vacate? Shitpost? Engage with actual intellect, completely defiant of their banhammer? That's my style; I even debate the mods in their disciplinary emails, lol

MEGABALLS (2 points)


MAGAholic (2 points)

First thing I thought as well

DarkoPolo (2 points)

Yeyuh! Fuck reddit admins

soldierofcovfefe (2 points)

need more patriot coat and bricks

Hilldawg4Prison (2 points)

This site is awesome. Well done, guys. Reddit can go die in a fire.

MakeCaliRedAgain (2 points)

Love the new site great work! Donald Trump 2020!

Fuck blue California and our treasonous politicians. Especially bug eyed Schitt, Nancy and Gavin.

Dallas4123 (2 points)

Feels good to be here :)

BSBGone777 (2 points)

Hello fellow Pedes!:)

Imagine being guilty of the heinous crime of

... supporting the President of the United States...

Dang (2 points)

Fuck yeah!

CT_MAGA (2 points)

Just adding a fuck you Reddit. FUCK YOU!

pepe_trader (2 points)

fuck Spez, fuck China

they asshoe

Zeke (2 points) *

Fuck Reddit!

Lilpenistx (2 points)

Fuck that shithole

Azure_Comet (2 points) *

Reddit is Asshole, Reddit is China.


Chicken_Tendies (2 points)

Epic Jojo Trump mashup. 😂

Deplorable_in_PA (2 points)

THANK GOD for the admins putting this together! I was worried that going into the 2020 election we wouldn't have a "plan B" in case Reddit decided to just ban TD sub over there. Thanks again, TD admins!

alexnaderthegroovy (2 points)

Fucking Epic.

MOAB4THEWIN (2 points)

We are gonna win, win, win. We're going to win with military, we're going to win at the borders, we're going to win with trade, we're going to win at everything. And some of you are friends and you're going to call, and you're going to say, 'Mr. President, please, we can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, Mr. President, you're driving us crazy, you're winning too much, please Mr. President, not so much, and I'm going to say I'm sorry, we're going to keep winning because we are going to make America great again.

zeezy (2 points)

When you find out the J stands for Joestar

yolkyolo (2 points)

Freedom at last! Reddit is committing suicide, like any company out there that hires too many leftists and SJW.

ObamaLovedOsama (2 points)

Great job to whomever set up this site! Reddit sucks and all the liberal jackasses on r/news and r/politics that banned me...go fuck yourselves and enjoy GEOTUS for 4 (8,12,16) years!

MAGA202o (2 points)

5 More Years!

freed0m_fight3r (1 point)

Feels good to be here, down with Reddit!!!

Yater79 (1 point)


MAGAnator (1 point)

Finally, a site where I can feel free to post my beliefs, and the truth of reality, without being downvoted to oblivion or targeted beyond even the sphere of the content I'm posting in! Thanks, Mods!

CaptainWinston (1 point)

100% agree.

Mercia fuck yeah.

Let’s slam the libtards all day everyday

bubadmt (1 point)

Eric Ciaramella.

Postal (1 point)

So glad this is set up!!

nikolaibv (1 point)

Ya we gotta make sure everyone knows about this and joins in

Joesf23 (1 point)

Alright pedes, im officially in. Didnt want to wait for the reddit nuking and then be scrambling...I like what you have done with the place 😊

Barney_Gumbel (1 point)

FUCK YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChocktawRidge (1 point)

I am glad we have this place now!

I'm glad there is finally an alternative to reddit here. I'm looking forward to seeing this place grow and replace reddit. We can create sub-donalds one day maybe.

RestlessRedhead (1 point)

Omg I’m so happy y’all did this. Thanks!!!

Dave5777 (1 point)

China is Asshoe!

maga_patriot (1 point)

THIS IS AWESOME fuck reddit

daddysloot (1 point) *

Finally. Shit is dope. Fuck reddit and us making them money.

AmberWaves (1 point)

OK - That image is pretty incredible.

Lucky_Locura (1 point)

I want my first ever comment on this site to be... FUCK YOU REDDIT YOU CUCKS!!! And tell spez and him mom to suck my dick!

I apologize for the vulgarity lady pedes, but I hate that site and their admins!

Heyward (1 point)


MAGA_Aoyoc (1 point)

You can't see us, reddit!!



Reddit is a bastion of free speech and integrity.

Source: Username.

Reglub (1 point)

That’s one sexy tablet wallpaper. Almost as good as Trump painting Bill Clinton in that blue dress.

deleted (1 point)

How do I post on here on mobile? I want to start doing LNC threads

Troll (1 point) *


YOU RACIST PIECE OF SHIT (inside joke for a few)

BrokenLeftEar (1 point) *

God damn I love this place

Tunapig (1 point)

Shit posting has quadrupled, believe me when I tell you this. No longer have to live in fear if a perma ban on NAZI reddit. All that karma can go get fucked now!

Finally! No more reddit

CanadianMeathead (1 point)

Bald Eagles Igniting

FoundRed (1 point)

Fuck Spez!

Joshy (1 point)

Thank you for creating this site.

ol-rapin-billie (1 point)

Can we get a suggestions sticky? We should auto ban new users with nothing but downvotes so the brigading faggos don't waste our time.

TerraHertz (1 point)

Looking good!

Now down to business. GET FUCKED REDDIT, SPEZ, all the Reddit Commie admins and their censoring AI donkey. Spez loves Michelle O's giant black dick up his arse. Eric Ciarmella is the 'secret' name of the CIA agent lying about Trump. Seth Rich was the leaker of voting fraud details and other crimes at the DNC, and Hillary had him killed for that. He didn't die from the gunshots, he was murdered later that night in hospital. Russians had nothing to do with Trump winning, by a far greater margin than the rigged election figures showed. Justice Scalia was murdered by application of full strength Beta Blockers placed on his evening meal at Martha's Vinyard, by DNC supporters. Obama wasn't eligible to stand, and therefore was impersonating a President the entire time. Epstein was either killed to shut him up about Elite pedophilia and Satanism, or smuggled out to assume a new identity in Israel. All US election vote counting is massively fraudulent, operated by Democrat criminal syndicates and their rigged electronic voting machines. ALL mainstream media and Internet Majors are operated by Leftist-Globalists, as fake news and lying psyop manipulators of public opinion, attempting to present a completely falsified worldview in order to maintain control over the People. Obama/Clinton and elements of the US military created, trained, funded and continuously supplied Al Quaeda and later Isis, as fake threats in order to continue destruction of middle eastern nations that are not Israel. 911 was in inside job, planned by the Neocons, orchestrated by Cheney, Zacheim, Silverstein and many others, with Bush Jnr as the willing puppet idiot figurehead. With multiple objectives including MIC profits, Eretz Israel, and smashing independent nations in the ME that didn't have Rothschild-owned central banks, and dared to propose a gold-backed currency. The US deliberately destroyed Libya's Great Man-made River project. Oh and both Kennedys were assassinated by the CIA, via the usual patsies and mind-controlled actors. For proposing a non-central bank issued, silver backed currency, and to disband the CIA. MH370 was electronically hijacked by the US military to recover a US drone control base station, captured in Afghanistan, that was being transported to China from Malaysia on MH370. After landing and unloading on Diego Garcia base, it was crashed into the sea in that area. All passengers were murdered on Diego Garcia. MH17 was deliberately shot down by Ukrainian gov forces with a BUK ground to air missile under US instruction, in an attempt to make Russia look bad (for supporting separatists in East Ukraine.)

The worst problems facing the world today, are the unlimited creation of fictional money by private central banks, the capture of the pharmaceutical giants by Elites with their murderous global cull ideas, the corruption and subversion of scientific debate by human-hating fanatics with their de-industrialization agenda, and hence the failure of leaders worldwide to recognize that the new Solar Minimum has already begun to bring another mini ice age to Earth.The Elite Globalists know this, but want to ensure maximum famine and death by cold and starvation, due to failure to prepare.

TerraHertz (1 point)

Woohoo! Well done TDW!

That was a test. Here that comment above is visible to all (as evidenced it can be seen by anonymous Tor browser.) On Reddit TD it would be visible to only me, the poster. No one else would ever see it. I have many documented examples of that happening. Incidentally, On Reddit TD it would not have appeared to public for even a second. Thus proving they use an AI censor-bot gatekeeper, capable of at least semi-understanding content virtually instantly.

Can... can it be... ? TDW is an uncensored free debate forum?

You're going to have a such shitfight keeping out the paid trolls and shills trying to smash the place to pieces, but good luck! I'm going to do my best to help support and defend TDW.

TerraHertz (1 point)

Ha ha ha! And when I went to upvote this thread, it was at 1955. My year of birth. Amusing coincicence.

fuckr (1 point)

Yeah. This is much better!

BetsyRossRocks (1 point)

So happy you created this and so happy to be here. Thanx, Admins of Freedom

zombielordzero (1 point)

I can finaly say this without getting my account shadowbanned. JEWS OWN REDDIT!

damnmiles (1 point)

love this, made it my lockscreen!

SuperMagat (1 point)

Reddit smells like Grandpa Joe's hairline.

noagendashow (1 point)

LOL thedonald.win is going to be fucking epic!

noagendashow (1 point)

This post should be pinned for awhile lol

gomimma (1 point)

Keep the reddit community to filter over as many people as possible. Just deleted it from my browser, the less I go on reddit, the better. Also use crypto.fashion to start selling t-shirts to keep the site going and look for Trump supporting companies to advertise.

TEGRIDY (1 point)

Reddit needs more TEGRIDY.

Reddit can't have more TEGRIDY because they're cucked Chinese controlled shills.

Eat a submarine full of dicks Spez!

tomtheawesome123 (1 point)

Man I love this community

Peoplekind (1 point)

Just joined! I can already smell the FREEDOM.


This made me laugh so damn hard, and gave me a freedom boner at the same time. Another Pede checking in from the T_D. What's up Patriots and turds?

rtfrey (1 point)

Quarantine was implementation of Harrison Bergeron 62 years early.

Dillionday (1 point)

I've been on Reddit since 2005 back when there was just a few big subreddits like atheism. Anyways, I've seen a dramatic change since 2016. It's been overran by communists. It's a husk of what it once was.

InfiniteWinning (1 point)

I love this. This is my new mobile background.

Superthrust (1 point)

Thank. Fucking. God.

I am so glad to be apart of this community. I was wondering when someone was going to finally get around to getting off that piece of shit spez sjw bullshit reddit shit. And here we are.

Thank you brothers. I am so happy to do anything I can to help this site in any way I am able to.

Indopassat (1 point)


lolzor21 (1 point)


LugNuts (1 point)

What's he doing to that eagle's balls?

weaselkeeper (1 point)

the upvotes on this amuse me fsck reddit, and especially fsck spez

p.s. Pedoface is real, and It's my opinion that spez has pedoface

Lomez_ (1 point)

I'm gonna rise up, I'm gonna kick a little ass, Gonna kick some ass in the USA, Gonna climb a mountain, Gonna sew a flag, Gonna fly on an Eagle, I'm gonna kick some butt, I'm gonna drive a big truck, I'm gonna rule this world, Gonna kick some ass, Gonna rise up, Kick a little ass, ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!

My new homepage!! Reddit is asshoe!

lenimoz (1 point)

lol, whoever takes time to do these glorious pics... respect!

deleted (1 point)
MrAnderson (1 point)

I need this as a poster.

evilmonkey55778 (1 point)

New phone wallpaper. This is awesome!

ed_shaw (1 point) *

Excellent. Congratulations. Please consider traditional print style advertisements, meaning simple announcements with no user or ad tracking engaged on click, no automatic linking or other Google/MSFT techniques of hidden surveillance. It is going to happen anyway, as ad blocking browsers become the norm for informed users. Also, can we have one of these for the Dr. Jordan Peterson community? That and the Proton VPN thread are the only reasons to ever visit Reddit again.

TrumpBeaver (1 point)


Bramage (1 point)

Fucking A. Glad to be here. Communist Reddit can get fucked.

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deleted (1 point)
deleted (1 point)
CornPop007 (1 point)

This brought a tear to my eye.

Lunadam (1 point)

Hell yes

DrainTheDNC (1 point)

Unlike democrats we don't wait for the administration to make a change, we MAKE THE MOTHERFUCKING CHANGE.

BitcoinTrump (1 point)

AMEN! (and that's a lot coming from an atheist)

ed_shaw (1 point)

Pollsters in great numbers are asking about the impeachment proceedings. Granted, we cannot expect a fair readout, but, anyway, that's what is going on.

d3plor4ble (1 point)



eagletrump2020 (1 point)

I think Vox Day was one of the early proponents for leaving the converged sites and creating our own sites, media and monetization schemes. Have the moderators contacted companies like Black Rifle, gun and knife companies, T-shirt and coffee mug companies, etc. to start adverts?

WeebForTrump (1 point)

Ludicrous bricks for Jojo-Trump crossover!

TrumpBrickBot (3 points)






We are at 22.1719801350668090833696736% of our goal to BUILD THE WALL starting from Imperial Beach, CA to Brownsville, Texas! Let's make sure everyone gets a brick in the United States! For every Centipede a brick, for every brick a Centipede!

At this rate, the wall will be 1730.96424327085238076602804 MILES WIDE and 461.317447975522696506054249 FEET HIGH by tomorrow! DO YOUR PART!

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WeebForTrump (1 point)




Babycakes (1 point)


B4OPENSPACE (1 point)

I deleted my reddit shortcut...

AmericaForTheWin (1 point)

The left can only survive if they silence the opposition. As I have heard over and over again, "if you cut the tongue out of a man, it does not mean you have won the debate but that you were afraid of what he had to say." Reddit has devolved into a piece of trash especially r/Politics. One's brain cells dies just reading the posts there.

Autismss (0 points)

test :D

deleted (-1 points) *
deleted (-6 points)
Eric513 (1 point)

what did this comment say?