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How many are we?

Everyone upvote this thread when you register so we can count # of upvotes and get a feel of how many we are here, until we get a members number in the sidebar.

How many are we? Everyone upvote this thread when you register so we can count # of upvotes and get a feel of how many we are here, until we get a members number in the sidebar.
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Skyfire (531 points) *

Can't wait for the sub count! Will display reddit assholery for all to see

spez: a word

silenthi11s (161 points)

It needs to be properly displayed on reddit to get as many eyes on it as possible. Also you shouldn't need a log in to see content. That's how you get the average Joe hooked

Hope (173 points)

I was educated & red pilled on the donald/reddit and never had an account.
This site is very easy to sign up on - love that no email or phone # is demanded.

Mirko (113 points)

So many of us lurkers coming out of the woodwork.

OhLollyLollyPop (51 points)

Glad to see this. Hopefully there will be many more.

Bigsweaties (42 points)

6 Gazillion

CaliforniaPeding (26 points)

More, actually. ;)

Quaranteened_cucks (21 points)

I'm more interested in the banned comment count! Gonna be yuge

... continue reading thread?
DanIsSwell (14 points)

Now, thatโ€™s some bigly thinking ๐Ÿ‘

ToxicVi (6 points)

Bigly bigly brain move

... continue reading thread?

If we were at 7 million when they made that "oops" on the reddit ads page then we have to be over 10 million by now

binningwiggly (7 points)

I'm doing my part!

ootini95 (47 points)

Ashamed but liberated lurker here... glad to have a safe haven to express myself without fear of reprisal. Much respect for the heroes who have gone before me to make this a possibility.

roflfalafel (19 points)

Add one more liberated lurker to the mix.

XxBushwackedxX (14 points)

Don't be ashamed you are not alone.

Silverblade5 (12 points)

Take a coat! #WalkAway!

abqtod (8 points)

echo my situation exactly. The real black swan occurring before our eyes is the degree of censorship occurring in our blessed USA. Four years ago no one would have predicted that one of the two major parties would do everything in its power to ban, censor, imprison and criminalize the other of the two major parties. But it's happening full out and in plain view.

I love all of you here.

RussianAsset (22 points)

I no longer plan on lurking.

HelpImSurrounded (6 points)

Same, I feel so freeeeeee!!!

NDForTrump (4 points)

Same, finally free

Imadude (13 points)


ChernobylWitness (1 point)

I lurked after we lost the House anf thought McCarthy was surely a passing of Paul Ryan's torch and all i had left was my inner concern troll. I am still fighting my inner concern troll, but the new digs help.

Constitution1787 (2 points)

Yep. The Silent Majority. Not being so silent anymore, because we can't be silenced.

djtgoat (3 points)

damn straight,better late than never.what a week of winning

philosopede (3 points)

One more lurker doing my part

Redditisdnc (4 points)

I am one.

freemale101 (21 points)

What's wrong with an anon email?...that means if the site gets yanked the mods can mass email the members.

redwhiteblue (18 points)

They can tweet the new URL if cloudflare pulls the plug and they are forced to move. https://twitter.com/thedonaldreddit

radiumsoup (8 points)

Cloudflare has a long history of not pulling plugs on perfectly legal commentary sites...and some not-so-legal ones, too. Probably just fine for the foreseeable future

BidenSmellsKids (1 point) *

cloudflare isn't going to pull the plug on a donald trump fan site, its much different when you're trying to run a "free speech" website full of nazi memorabilia...we're not like that

nanowerx (14 points)

You can still provide an email, just aren't forced to

shayneyn (14 points)

Fo Sho - that is simply for account/password recovery if you want that in your life :p

BSBGone777 (7 points)

I did and give 2 shits, or rather zero fucks.

towtrucklightbar (12 points)

I have an account on Reddit, but have been dissuaded from posting on TD due to the backlash I've seen other folks go through. Frankly, it's quite scary...glad to have a place I can comment with no worries!

IFOTBGTFO2 (9 points)

Yeah the fact you dont have to verify anything is great.

What's cool is, unlike reddit, this is our site and we can constantly improve it and implement new features which will be amazing.

k0fiAnon (1 point)

I would really like to see a type of โ€œfloorโ€ where we can vote live on changes

Marshall (2 points)

or invitation...

snoopfrog (3 points)

Large lurker here. Never posted on TD. Going to change now that I have a home sweet home.

Bluemoonsugar (1 point)

Reddit requires that now? I guess I signed up to reddit before that, like 7 years ago

Logan051361 (55 points)

exactly. We must allow Lurkers

BaronTrump (23 points)

But that means we have to also mildly censor. Can't have an open forum of this level of shit posting.

RiMjObZ4dAyZ (31 points)

Censor? Do I look like a cuck to you, Sir? /s

deleted (14 points)
NavyGuy (11 points)


CQVFEFE (9 points)

[UI/UX suggestion to admin: Clicking the reply button should not only bring up the box saying "type comment," it should also place the cursor there without needing another click, so you can begin typing.]

Agreed, Baron, ironically we need to self censor if there's going to be no restriction on freedom of speech. Because with no e-mail requirement, leftwits and commies will flood this site and try to sow discord, false-flag attacks involving racial prejudice or violence, and hate. In a sense it forces all of us to become censors of a sort.

Which is how free speech is supposed to work. People get to say stupid, obnoxious, or hateful shit. And then other people get to ridicule, object, criticize, and correct it, and deport the mofo if necessary.

Silverblade5 (6 points)

If we simply enforce the same rules we had on The_Donald we should be fine.

FactsOverFeelings (41 points)

So true. I never was a member of REDdit but lurked on forum for about 2 yrs. I didn't trust REDdit with my info.


MachoMan45 (4 points)

My account info got stolen on reddit and someone hacked my email and used one of my debit cards to buy shit online. It happened shortly after i started posting on The_Donald. I know it was someone from reddit because the email used for my reddit account was tied to my debit card and google alerted that the accounts email was hacked. I assume it was a reddit Admin that did it. Since i used the card once a long time ago to buy reddit gold.

CQVFEFE (2 points)

I hope you didn't pay for that shit just because it was a debit card. You didn't have to.

MachoMan45 (3 points)

The bank refunded me and cleared the debt. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. It was just a hassle to deal with.

45Trump2020 (27 points)

My name is Joe, i am also average and I approve this message.

Elseebee (17 points)

Yeah, a stickie on T_D with the current .win subscriber# would be a huge bomb to drop!

Bring this BS out into the light!

mikeroolz (14 points)

Yup, was thinking that too. We absolutely need to get rid of the login requirement. You still should be able to view without being logged in.

CQVFEFE (5 points)

You still should be able to view without being logged in.

I viewed the site this morning just fine without logging in. When I wanted to reply to someone, that was when I realized I wasn't logged in.

ItsTooMuchWinning (3 points)

So true.

I'm not creating an account somewhere until they have first demonstrated their value.

Fame (3 points)

I agree with this more than I can put into words!

Desertwhale (3 points)

This. I actually realized this site existed because believe it or not Google recommended a news article talking about it.

Skyfire (1 point)

Crucial and less than 24h later here we go. We have the best devs. You know it, I know it..

FishStickIsles (9 points)

It's going to be a ton more than reddit displays. Especially if they do ban TD.

Ella101 (1 point)


Butthurt (1 point)

Like going home from a free speech steakhouse

snoozeflu (2 points)

Being here feels like un-doing a belt that was too tight around your waist.

I can actually breathe!

Magafactured (1 point)

True! I just commented to someone that it felt like getting out of the car and stretching after a 15hr drive.

OxBlood (1 point)

I was wondering where the sub/online count was...

scerden (1 point)

I hope they are planning on having a sub count. The honest truth will be embarrassing for some.

I think it would take a few weeks or months to get to the real numbers that T_D has but I'm pretty excited myself to see the real numbers .

UpTrump (3 points)

The UpTrump count here is already more than most T_D posts.

Fuck reddit censorship

We need to pump these numbers up BIGLY!

JoshHawley2024 (1 point)

I get what your saying .. but it took us 4.5 years to reach 777,777 subs .... +/- 6,000,000. I'd be happy with 250,000 by the election.

who is this spez? This is TheDonald.win...no spez here.

MrAwesome (1 point)

And reset names. Impossible to get MrAwesome.

deleted (1 point)


CQVFEFE (4 points)

(With no way to message mods, hijacking top reply to ask about communication, sorry)

Q: Is anyone else, in their inbox of replies to their comments, getting no reply button next to each one?

I have a slew of replies in there but only the latest one has a Reply button...and when I wrote thank you to the person, it didn't send but said "an error occurred." ???

KajensAngel (1 point)

Yes. It was highlighted yesterday. That you had a reply option on the last one suggests mods are working on it. Iโ€™m thinking they have their hands full after yesterday. It will come. :-)

candid_canid (1 point)

The site did have to launch early, so I'd be shocked if there weren't yet some bugs that needed to be worked out.

Throwing this kind of traffic into an unfinished site is undoubtedly going to cause a few fires to break out, but I have faith that our GODMODS can keep everything in order.

VetforTrump (1 point)

Happened to me. I backed out, logged back in and reply button showed up.

Magafactured (1 point)

I could be wrong about this, but maybe it will be helpful (I am on mobile, but the same page elements should be there for you even if youโ€™re not):

  1. Message mods: sidebar (access from exclamation mark button on top right). Bottom of sidebar, links to message all mods.

  2. Reply to messages: for me, I have to follow the permalink link (I have no โ€œreplyโ€œ link), that takes me to the message itself, where I can vote or go to the fourth read, or see the cmt in itโ€™s own relative thread.

  3. donโ€™t know about your specific errors, but I experienced no errors until today (For me, minor navigation errors with the left hamburger menu on mobile). We could be getting record high traffic as word spreadsโ€ฆ

NostalgicFuturist (3 points)

Let's break out the champagne when we reach the first million

ChicagoforTrump (5 points)

I agree. I remember the_don reaching 10k. That was exciting. Kind of sad that I never got to see it hit 10 Million because spez sandbagged our count.

Oh well. Let freedom ring here and let the counter soar!

yukondave (3 points)

I did not know this site was up. Is this staying stealth and hidden in the comments?

dblink (1 point)

1 million patriots strong!

Vir4030 (1 point)

This post is our sub count. Itโ€™s at the top of top.

Over 10k upvotes on this post. It's very clear there was fuckery about.

But damn Reddit, really? You sank so low, you had to obfuscate the numbers on a single subreddit because it hurt your feelings... What else are they doing?

FrozenTime (1 point)

Over 10 thousand upvotes already. Man it feels good finally having solid confirmation that Reddit really was fucking with out numbers.

deleted (1 point)
MAGAlikeLINCOLN (2 points)

A lot of downvotes probably. If it is at 14k there has to at least be a good 20k pedes plus a ton probably signed up that didn't upvote.

The more active pedes also are more likely to have signed up so already I can see this will be a powerful meme nursery

Nellie_the_Beaut (1 point)

Upvote for the word โ€œassholeryโ€ - accurately describes reddit business model.

Rrde (-1 points)

What is that count but a number sitting on a computer that we control?

good form pede, but we don't need no stinkin' spez here.

damn it's good to be free of that reddit cuckfest.

deleted (-2 points)
AtariArtist (0 points) *

Is there a reason for no 'official' counter (perhaps there is)?

In the 1990s you could slip in a javascript line and a server script in 2 seconds.

Counters were everywhere (and most looked like shit and were cheesy).

Why not here? I wouldn't even mind a gif of a creepy poorly dancing low-cgi baby.

deleted (1 point)
TaterNubbz (1 point)

It's funny this already has 16k upvotes, and posts on Reddit are suppressed..

DougDolos (243 points)

Hi Iโ€™m Doug,

Itโ€™s a glorious day and Iโ€™m glad to see you all here.



RiMjObZ4dAyZ (27 points)

Fuckin A, Doug!

FreshCovfefe (18 points)

Glad to see you here, Doug!!!

DrunkHillary (13 points)

Itโ€™s like a family reunion

OhLollyLollyPop (12 points)

Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Cameron (12 points)

Hi Doug
Iโ€™m Cameron


Due_Freedom (1 point)

thanks Doug

AngryDrafter (1 point)

Read this in Korg's voice for some reason.

SpacemanSpiff93 (1 point)

Hey Doug, Iโ€™m Matt. Glad youโ€™re here too!

MAGA 2020

The_Trump (2 points)

Great to have you here Doug!

rcianpandacian (1 point)

its a honor to be with you gentleman here

Butthurt (2 points)

Thanks doug

OneFatDog (2 points)

Hi Doug. Looking forward to working with you. MAGA!

ChewiesCopilot (2 points)

Welcome aboard, pede! Help the nation to KAGA!!!

Feelsgoodman (1 point)

Hey Doug! Glad you made it over ๐Ÿ˜

tall_bacon (1 point)

Another day, another Doug

nmipede (2 points)

Nobody said "Hi" to Doug.


Hi, Doug!

Shadowman3001 (1 point)

You made it, Doug!

basednorwegian (3 points)

Thanks Doug!

Wish we had someone like Trump in Europe.

You don't know how lucky you are. Hope the Trump train never stops or gets derailed by insane leftists.

jakethewhale007 (197 points)

This needs to be permanently stickied on the reddit T_D.

1in1024th (12 points)

the only sticky on the Donald subreddit should be a link to a read-only version of this site

MaleficientMath (2 points)

The cucks will simply downvote it to zero.

HammerSickleBoot (1 point)

Yeah, and be a douche canoe and make 20 accounts.

MAGA_Ann (2 points)

Yes please!

yes, and the cool thing is, Reddit canโ€™t do a thing about it!

MorbidRabbit (145 points)

I just signed up. Glad to be here with all of you fine pedes. Here's to making The_Donald Great Again!

Me as well....this site is incredibly well done. Couldn't be better...#KAG2020!!!

SwampSwan (6 points) *

I am really proud of the Patriots who set this up. It must have taken a lot of work, time, and thought.

Wish I could thank them more concretely - at least buy 'em a beer or a cuppa Joe - but all I can do is offer my heartfelt thanks and respect for a job well done. It's really quite touching! I hope GEOTUS stops by to thank them for their dedication

: )

AtlasHug (2 points)

Another lurker here, reporting for duty

Mixxy (132 points)

I can't believe you crazy bastards actually did it! Glad to be here!

Ella101 (0 points)

and it's beautiful

so glad we're not on discord and on our own glorious server.

let the shit posts commence!

TexanPede (130 points)

7 year reddit user. Fuck reddit! It feels great to be home!

BaldyGull (1 point)

Plus a second chance at a clever username. We need RES though. I miss my dark mode and neverending pages.

Guac_Emperor (3 points)

Reddit is China asshoe

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

7 years old?

TexanPede (1 point)

Haha no. User of 7 years

Funny how we all wake up on our on timeline. I left reddit almost 7 years ago.

ObamasPinkSock (1 point)

This is exactly how I felt.

This feels like home.

I have no reason to bother with the toxic shithole that is Reddit.

BakeRatDotWin (2 points)

at first i thought you meant you were 7

Hypercorrector (118 points)

Not even American but here I am.

Saneromeo (10 points)

All patriots are welcome Pede!

Razeontherock (8 points)


SwampSwan (6 points) *

Thank you for supporting America and her Lifeblood ~ the Constitution of the United States of America.

You have shown more respect to Her than many of Her own people have done.

KnobGoblin (1 point)

Welcome! Wherever youโ€™re from I hope you make it great!

FREEDOM1st (1 point)

I am, and glad to have you here. If only we had an exchange program to trade our America hating leftists for based freedom loving pedes from abroad.

CQVFEFE (3 points)

Tell us what country you're in?

Textualintercourse (2 points)

Where We Go One We Go All!

Seems to be a phrase I'm hearing now and again.

DukeDicky (110 points)

Longtime The_Donald lurker. Never trusted Commies with my info. Bad enough I had to give Reddit traffic. I've been an out and proud Trump supporter from the very start and I gave Donald Trump my first Presidential vote of my life. I converted from atheism to Christianity thanks to my eyes being opened to the evil we faced in 2016. I recently baptized my oldest daughter, and the wife and I recently had another beautiful baby girl. I couldn't be more blessed. God is good. Trump 2020.

MarySmith (2 points)

You recognized the dangers early on in this. Your Saviour called you in fast, let's Praise God! A battle for life that is truly a battle for souls. This is the only land with its Constitution delineating God-Given rights. We cannot lose it, our country is the hope of a whacked out world.

clownpenisdotfart (2 points)

I love this

Guccifer2 (2 points)


TrumpFortyFive (2 points)

God bless you and your family, sir. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ as well. Reddit was always hostile to my faith, except for The_Donald and actual Christian subreddits.

It's nice to be around friends and supporters who believe in Freedom and Liberty.

TheViking (2 points)

This is beautiful. God is good.

excusemewhileiMAGA (3 points)

Congrats Duke!!

1776forever1776 (2 points)

Good on you, the Spiritual War is now.

memechallenger33 (1 point)

Beautiful story, Pede! Congrats on your MAGA-baby!

MAGA_Ann (2 points)

Welcome here! I just joined too!

Latinafortrump (1 point)


YourWifesBoyfriend (75 points)

I have arrived.

Sherbz (1 point)

This isnโ€™t Reddit, we wonโ€™t slink away just because you show up. Interesting username, btw

BenStark (74 points)

Down voted for imaginary point harvesting.

TrumpTrain (53 points)

Why do we even have a downvote button here? Iโ€™ll probably never use it!

PatriotsandBacon (41 points)

Commies, shills, and globalists. But I agree with the sentiment. Fuck I'm so excited to be here

OK_Zoomer (23 points) *

They should change the downvote button to a second upvote button ๐Ÿ˜‚

Spez - corrected autocorrect

YourWifesBoyfriend (23 points)

There should be a +1 button and a +0 button, and you should be able to see the amount of +0 clicks.

RiMjObZ4dAyZ (15 points)


SwampSwan (9 points)


The motion is passed! (or whatever it is they say before the grocer bangs the gavel in our Community Town Hall meetings...)

EDDIT_IS_CUCKED (10 points)

This is a fantastic idea, pede!

RushLimbaugh (10 points)

I love this place already

Pede (6 points)

No it wasn't mine, but good idea

TerraHertz (6 points)

The Zerohedge way: having separate up and down vote counts, is great. It really shows up when shills are downvoting a previously popular post.

Of course the ideal way, would be to keep detailed stats of all up and down votes, and make them available for display on request. Usernames, timestamps, etc. Graphs of up and down click frequencies over time. Would make life very unpleasant for paid shills and downvote bots.

Scorpinox89 (0 points)

Fuckin eh,let's do it.


Saneromeo (10 points)

2 scoops 2 terms 2 upbumps

jubale (4 points)

Yo, Spez has no power here!

nanowerx (16 points)

Those assholes are what the 'deport' button is for

Itwasjustapoem (1 point)

Not excited as much as relieved!

Mirko (16 points)

In keeping with Dale Carnegie method of only positive reinforcement.

CQVFEFE (16 points) *

Why do we even have a downvote button?

I'll wear that downvote button out on worrywarts, concern trolls, and anyone else spreading fear and doubt and insane fake mantras:

Trump will never punish any of the traitors

Everyone will get off

Nobody is going to jail because the elite never do

Laws don't apply to democrats or top govt people

We've been hearing about imminent arrests for three years now

Quit crying wolf and accept that nothing will ever happen


Trump will never be able to prosecute

He's not going to keep his word, the other side is too powerful

...or any such similar horseshit.

Negative Nancy's have been warned.

ianpatrick1966 (2 points)

For BTFO'ing commies before you deport them!

Scorpinox89 (0 points)

He's been shackled by the impeachment faggotry,it won't be long now before he can just tell the dirty dems to fuck off and do what he wants.Nancy Pelosi won't be supporting them after they fail to impeach.Also,Project Veritas will do many things that Trump won't have to waste his time with.

BudGrillz (12 points)

Never ever.

Says in Trump voice Downvote, YOU'RE FIRED!

I upvote that!

Bodiazrising (1 point)

down voted for actual point harvesting

silverantrax (1 point)

As this site doesn't have a counter it's worth it.

Jerp_Jorkins (70 points)

Long-time reddit lurker (never wanted to sign up for that cuck site). But Iโ€™m here now fellow pedes!

SwampSwan (4 points)

I had a year old acct on RED(dit) CHINA's site, and deleted it out of disgust.

Signed back up within a week or so, with a new handle, so I could comment on the sham 'impeachment hearing that isn't really an impeachment hearing because it hasn't been called to a vote.'

Glad to be here. THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY! (looks around..."Hey! Where'd all the pos COMMIES go?? Ah, they're still on REDdit... NOICE!")

Latinafortrump (1 point)

Same here. Been through Reddit since Q... That was banned now I know T_D is on its way out too.

Smithsonian (63 points)

Never made an account on reddit. I was on their daily only for T_D and r/videos. I hope this site builds and becomes bigger than on reddit.

We should make a coalition of subreddits that were banned by reddit. Decentralised, of course, and without admins or sitewide rules. Show those cucks just how little power they have

ScreechMarks (60 points)

Just signed in. I'd like to thank you all for giving this German Pede hope (and spicy memes). It is depressing to read the news over here. With the constant smear against anything and anyone remotly conservative or sceptic of mainstream talking points (climate bs for instance or, God forbid, immigration) it feels like full-blown 1984 comes creeping closer every day. So, thank you for being the "flower of light in a field of darkness", to quote the great late Glen Sherley and "giving me the strength to carry on".

Razeontherock (6 points)

Great first post!

SwampSwan (4 points)


Stay strong, ScreechMarks. It ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings!

MarySmith (1 point)

Y'all can come be undocumented aliens and hang with us, we'll show how it is done. All the freedom will be scarier than the undocumented administrative things. We trust you won't drag your third world problems with you.

RobinZingC (1 point)

I keep hearing about how bad it is over there.. those NWO azzholes are everywhere, but itโ€™s been great watching RandyAndy in GB going down in flames. Hopefully you guys will straighten out your beautiful country and bring it back from the brink. Keep fighting the good fight, weโ€™re all in this together.

Feelsgoodman (1 point)


MAGA_Ann (1 point)

When will Germany jump on the Nationalist Train? Praying for you!

Bombshellacking (59 points)

Holy crap thank you so much for creating this. The winning is palpable.

anon1011101 (1 point)


You can palp it.

rustyrockers (1 point)

Every day here is a party. I actually just put this as my home page when I open Firefox. :D

JackSabbath (56 points)

I just joined. So happy this is up and running!


bothloveocean (52 points)

Iโ€™m new. Hello everybody!

And fuck Reddit and Spez too.

Razeontherock (6 points)

Is spez a Reddit fucker?

SwampSwan (4 points)

...or a bottom?

welcome aboard pede. fuck spez and xir's bad hair cut.

Captain_MAGA (49 points)

10,000 upvotes, now there is a number I haven't seen in a long long time, and we have a fraction of the members here that we do on T_D. Clear case of fuckery going on over on fascist Reddit.

spamshampoo (1 point)

14k now, a day later

TheViking (2 points)

14k and climbing!

SoCaliPede (47 points)

Pede from Southern California reporting for duty!

ChelseaHubbell (1 point)

SoCal represent!

MAGA_Ann (2 points)

Would be great to have a Southern Calif subforum here!!
I used to live there and pray for SoCa!!

RiverFenix (39 points)

Just click on the 'Top' button and see the # of individual updoots for any given post. Has to be at least that number.

I'll give you an updoot just because you're trying.

IcyHue (1 point)

Yeah, try it, it'll get you right back here anyway :)

Spezsuckscucks (36 points) *

Finally I can say what I want to say!!

Brett kavanaugh is a national fucking hero! Uranium one is real and Obama sold us out hard! Fuck the Fed! ABC and NBC are going to cause the real demise of America and should both be investigated for anti American propaganda.

Razeontherock (5 points)

Nice start

SwampSwan (2 points)

Tell us how you really feel...!

travelkarl (3 points)

I think we should be posting news from 150 years ago. It's a great, but almost unknown subreddit, Month by month black and white Republicans were being lynched for trying to register freed slaves to vote. And the terrorism goes into high gear with the upcoming 1870 election.

TruBlaze (1 point)

You forgot something

MAGA_Ann (1 point)

MSM should be hacked by someone who can really screw up their wires.

recyclabletauntaun (34 points)

I've been lurking t_d for about 3 years, guess I can finally start posting with my fellow pedes...

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

So happy you decided to join us in our better place

Olderbutwiser (1 point)

I'm did lurk and will also start posting here!

Feelsgoodman (1 point)

Love how many lurkers have opened accounts here!๐Ÿ‘Œ

HillarySuicideSquad (33 points)

This is what we should have done a year ago

Magafactured (1 point)

I think they said they were working on the site for about a year or so - โ€œUnder our very noses.โ€

Flexbrah (31 points)

Already at 3k upvotes. You pedes are amazing

Pede (5 points)

All my pede spawn has surpassed me

MAGAgurl95 (2 points)

Over 8k now!!!

RiverFenix (1 point)

nearly 15000 updoots now!

salvecitizen (28 points)

Hi frens! This looks just like the old clubhouse, without the Chicom stank.

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

Read the sticky about what the SPEZ bomber at reddit did to our t_d space. Shame on them!

Sum9 (27 points)


bm_57 (26 points)

Just signed up. Cannot wait to MAGA with you beautiful pedes!!!

Pedes (3 points)

Thanks, you too!

McAryan (23 points) *

Never spent much time on reddit, but wandered upon The Donald around half a year ago by chance. Spent a lot of time lurking there since, and found myself agreeing with most if not all of what I read.

I was pissed off by that BS quarantine fucking up my favorite sub, but I'm so happy to see this site put up as an alternative.

I'm proud to say that I voted for Trump in 2016, and you can be damn sure that I will again in 2020, and attempt to convince some family members to as well.

Fuck the demoncrats. Fuck the fake news, mainstream media that lies out their ass and bears false witness to us all. Fuck Obama. Fuck Hillary Clinton. Fuck George Soros. Fuck the globalists. Fuck the UN. Fuck the fake ass, rino repuplicans. Fuck everyone who slanders Donald Trump's good name. Fuck everyone who opposes the border wall and enforcing our immigration laws. And fuck everyone that wants to destroy America!


Armaliterifle (22 points)

Happy to be home. My own state sub, which is one of the reddest in the country, was eaten up with leftists brigading fags.

patriot_games (1 point)

Same here - 100 downvotes, called a Russian bot, and then shadowbanned. This was just for posting opinions on why a certain leftist candidate was not qualified for governor for a state that they are trying desperately to flip blue. Thankfully we kept it red. 10 reasons Hollywood now hates us - number 7 will shock you.

silenthi11s (22 points)

Shouldn't this be stickied then?

Tinfoil_Papercut (22 points)

Very clear reddit is censoring sub counts. Communards up to their old tricks.

JohnAdams (21 points)

Iโ€™m here.

Razeontherock (9 points)

Damn. John Adams is HERE

SwampSwan (3 points)

omg omg is my hair ok? (sniffs armpits) where's my got.dang.fuckin LIPSTICK? and I need a pen. A PEN!

Ij777666 (18 points)

The new Donald. Is there an app for this yet?

iiii (6 points)

It's decently responsive as-is, though the touch-targets could be a bit larger for mobile.

Vince (0 points)

Some 3rd parties made apps, but you probably shouldn't use them if you dont want your account stolen. Mods might make an app in the future.

Puppies4Lovies (1 point)

I hear they are working on it...and on dark mode.

Deplorable223 (18 points)

Woohoo!!! I love us! FTW!

SlipperyFire (18 points)


Also, fuck Reddit.

ArizonaPatriot (18 points) *

This is fucking awesome. Any plan for an iOS/Android app?

MAGA_Ann (1 point)

Id like an iOS app too!

Af22877 (17 points)

2949 was what my upvote brought it to. Just signed up 11/21 820pm.


Watercolorblue (1 point)

11.5 K a day later. This is growing exponentially! I think the President has been briefed at this point. Hello and thank you Mr President ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿป WRWY

Based_Trumpster (17 points)

I just joined! Got to keep my reddit username too. Winning!

SwampSwan (3 points)

I changed mine and really, I don't even know why. Just wanted something less personal, I suppose.

I'd already deleted my first RED dit acct out of disgust & my new one isn't well-known anyhow so it's not like I lost much.

Just glad to be here. KAG 2020!

Feelsgoodman (1 point)


PDX_Pede (17 points)

12,000 upvotes baby in less than 1 day!

The numbers donโ€™t lie

maddog_dad (16 points) *

That number PLUS the number of shills already here who have downvoted this!

kastmaster2000 (1 point)


mikeroolz (16 points) *

Can mods do a DB query and get a count of rows in the user table?

Spez_Is_A_Pedofile (15 points)

Just wanted to say I love you all and Fuck Steve Huffman

SwampSwan (3 points)

Oddly enough, I love them all too.

It's hard to not love a Patriot!

Kilowhiskey (15 points)

Please please please post this site all over reddit after they ban The_Donald; fuck it do it now even. People need to know this site exists. All you beautiful mofos are amazing!

Misteranderson03 (14 points)

Glad to be here!

HeadExam (14 points)

Howdy fellers!

SwampSwan (3 points)

How DEEEEEEE! (price tag hangin' off my faintsy daintsy hat)

blindmecolor (14 points)

This is gonna be great guys! Thanks for setting thedonald.win up! MAGA! - KAG! TRUMP 2020

redditiscucked (14 points)

Good to be here fam

TrumpCard101 (14 points)

Hello Pedes! Nice to have an alternative to The_Donald. Much needed! I am gonna spread it far and wide.

erinsanity (2 points)

Alternative to The_Donald? This IS The_Donald. Why the fuck even visit reddit anymore?

mrdeath5493 (14 points)

Man... It's seems like less than 5% of the userbase could have signed up by now and we are already seeing normal reddit upvote counts....

Salt-N-Pepe (1 point)

As soon as the upvote hits 1776 it was tamped down

jwmaga (14 points)

Good to be here with you mad lads

Thank you to whoever did this

Hnngnh (14 points)

We're nearing 3000 upvotes in 2 days.

Reddit's been lyin'.

RonnieCrypto [S] (7 points)

In 7 hours*

StarGirl (1 point)

over 15k after 4 days now

Trythisagain (14 points)

I have too say, Iโ€™m kinda happy about this! I joined today and upvoted this post too be counted, MAGA!!

Acala (14 points)

Reporting in. Honor to be here.

WestVirginiaPede (14 points)

Just joined and Iโ€™ve got to say, the air is much more crisp here now that weโ€™ve gotten rid of the Chinese Air Filters.

AmericaFirst (14 points)

Over 5 digit upvotes. I don't remember seeing that in awhile. We need to pump these numbers up.

Austin62Halo (14 points)

Can mods just keep this sticky this,

FactsOverFeelings (13 points)

I'm here. Ready for Meme War.

Christian (13 points)

Letโ€™s goooo!

weasel_ny79 (13 points)

Former lurker. Looking forward to MAGAโ€™ing with you all!

s7oc7on (13 points)

Happy to be here!

Orange_justice (13 points)

Don't know how to upvote ;) but add one more to your count

SwampSwan (2 points) *

In the top Left, right next to the title, you'll see two arrows.

Click on the top one that points upwards. If it turns orange, (or maybe red? I'm colorblind - sorry!) it's been recorded.

If you're on mobile, maybe it's different...I"m an elder pede & don't really use mobile much. My eyes think I'm old and they plot against me. Next thing ya know, the bastards will be sleeping with my wife! lol

Somebody help this Patriot. I'm useless with tech. (I knooooow! Everyone says they're surprised by that!)

Trump2032P (13 points)

What is Reddit going to do about this haha. This is great, and we don't have to worry about China controlling our site.

kastmaster2000 (1 point)


Cyrus (13 points)

11,116 upvotes... Just saying. Wont see that on Reddit!

Ailm3nt_Rx (13 points)

I may be number 10 thousand, but you're all number 1 to me

Earthenwhere (4 points)

Except one special person.....who is 45 ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Butthurt (13 points)

More than 10k we are growing stronger ....

1BadHombre (12 points)

Eat a fat one Reddit!

THOTH (12 points)

I am one but one man with one upvote to give......as it was meant to be.

SwampSwan (2 points)

And upvoter IDs ensure that's the way it actually is which is interesting considering many Blue States don't want Voter IDs.

I just can't understand why that is!


f_bastiat (12 points)

Its so weird to think we used to constantly hit 10k and we just kind of had to accept and get used to the manipulation and almost forget that 10k used to be the norm.

Spunasone (12 points)

At first, I was not going to come here until T_D got shutdown, but then I thought fuck Reddit. I only go to Reddit for T_D anyway! May as well get over here and not have to listen to all of the crap and intimidation. Also watching Reddit disrespect us by using an algorithm that automatically adjust karma. Good to be here!

SuperGroverMAGA (12 points)

75 year old MAGA lady here. Long live GEOTUS and Lord Kek!

kicklucy (6 points)

Very cool. I want to be you when I grow up. ๐Ÿ‘

Feelsgoodman (2 points)

Me too! & I love Super Grover๐Ÿ˜

MrCheeseMaker (11 points)

i just wanted to make cheese, now i have to signup for a Pro-Trump message board...I'm all in!

oshanman (11 points)

A very easy signup.

Gwavin (11 points)

Can we have a subscriber count? I'm still curious as to how many actual subs the_Donald actually had. I'd love if this took off. Reddit sucks now.

GhostTheDirewolf (11 points)

So glad this wonderful place is up! I have been worried about feeling cut off when reddit finally shuts down The_Donald. Pede at heart checking in

Robert (5 points)

Concern trolls will say we're trying to split up T_D on reddit. In truth, we simply can't risk losing the momentum this movement has built up on the internet if reddit shut us down. Our movement is more important than the whims of cucked reddit admins.

Pepe2016_ivotedfTD (11 points) *

Make the up bigger. My fingers are too huuuuuge.

MAGAgurl95 (11 points)

Can we break the all time top post vote count from the_donald? Let's see!

answermyanswer (10 points)

I honestly came here expecting to lurk. Just could not stop myself from upvoting things. Good stuff. Good people. Just good good good.

Musman (10 points)

I have been lurking on reddit.com/r/the_donald since before the election. I have been visiting multiple times a day since then. I never signed up on reddit because it's a cesspool or extreme leftist and I don't belong.

Glad to be here though, it's nice.

Florida_Man (10 points)

Just signed up!

UltraFalstaff (10 points)

I was exactly Number 11,000. I feel like I won something.

deleted (3 points) *

Well I tried to give you a wonderful ascii art cat for a prize but it didn't work out so well, must have been mangled up in the transporter. So instead here is a nice, congrats.

blumenkraft (9 points)

Total member count should be right in the header.

Caveman (9 points)

When will there be a sub count displayed?

CisLunarMale (2 points)

Probably when there is a high enough user count that Fake News can't snap a pic of the early adoption phase and scream about how it is proof T_D's numbers are all bots.

ReLeAsE_tHe_FrOg (3 points)

I think they're working on it right now.

BasedArtteacher (9 points)

Boom I was upvote 12k

Doctor_McKay (9 points)

Holy shit. 11k votes on a shitpost on a brand new site linked only from a quarantined subreddit.

There truly are millions of us, and this is only the beginning.

TwistCapsBack (9 points)

Sticky this bitch.....

Earnhardt (9 points)

10k! Suppression is real.

Meta_Mike (9 points)

I was a big fan of The_Donald during 2016-17, but at some point it started going downhill. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure it had something to do with Reddit.

I'm hoping this place turns out better.

God bless all you patriots!

MinneMAGA (9 points)

When was the last time you saw a post with over 10,000 upvotes on T_D?

But hey, those voting algorithms are just conspiracy theories, guise, nothing to see here.

Merty (9 points)

i've been a lurker for a long time in the_donald but never commented for the usual "HE POSTS IN THE DONALD" bs that i don't wanna deal with.

I'm not from US but i just fucking hate the massive censorship on reddit, stay strong and MAGA

Feelsgoodman (1 point)


rickroshi (9 points)

Top post this month on T_D over at reddit is 14.2k, there is no way the numbers aren't rigged

menardo3 (2 points)

Itโ€™s all clear to me now

KeepAmericaAmerica (9 points)

15,000, and that's with barely any advertising. Fuck you, spez!

MadMaxUSMC (9 points)

Wow 15000 already! Another leak springs in dam that is big tech!

FreeSpeechMaster (9 points)

This needs to be stickied!

L16ENL (4 points)

Eh.... It's already staying at the top

DarthJoshiahis (9 points) *

Hi. Iโ€™m Darth Joshiahis

My nouns are sir and Dank Lord of the Sith

I love America

Now send me a discord invite... donโ€™t make me destroy you

MotherGoose (9 points)

Southern California gal here!

Shadowman3001 (9 points)

1000th comment woo

Mobilemech92 (9 points)

The leftist shills are most likely mass downvoting this post so there appears to be less MAGA supporters here

Crimson_Identity (8 points)

This is true. I have been here since the first day, and this post was flying faster than I've seen any post on T_D or here, but about a day ago it practically stopped, and has only climbed a few hundred since then. They are definitely here... It's so sad.

Kolgrimr (9 points)

Thank you for making this website. Epstein didn't kill himself.

MAGA_baby (9 points)

Save a little MAGA for me!!!

masedit (9 points)

16,000 high energy patriots reporting for duty.

Chaz3664 (9 points)

Is it just me, or does it seem these numbers have slowed down significantly?

Feelsgoodman (7 points)

I don't think everyone is clicking here like they were at the beginning. Pretty sure we were all so excited, we were hitting top, hot, rising, & new

T-Rekts (8 points)

Brilliant counterpunch. Like the man himself.

ExistingZebra (8 points)

I'm doing my part

Jack_Dupp (8 points)

"Ding, ding."

frauncestavern (8 points)

number 2757!

Recoil36 (8 points)

Up voted

Donut_blame_cops (8 points)

I'm here ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

Sluggypogo (8 points)

Up trump #2020.

For two thousand and twenty

NavyGuy (8 points)


BasedRedPillZeus (8 points)

Iโ€™m in ladies and gentleman!

Epstein didnโ€™t kill himself Bill Clinton is a rapist And Alex Jones was right

MAGA 2020 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Txroosterpants (8 points)

Lurked on T_D since 2016. Glad to finally be posting.

TEGRIDY (8 points)

11,000! NO BRAKES!!!

socal_maga (8 points)

Wow, that number! This timeline!

MAGAyote (8 points)

+10000 already in how many days? Obvious fuckery on reddit screw that site.

VetforTrump (8 points) *

10146 was my check in number

DeathClause (8 points)

Just wanted to say: I really love it here. It seems way more great posts are making it here than on Reddit. Not to mention, this site is very quick/0 Lag for me at all. Thank You!

silent_majority_LA (8 points)


Free speech, feels good man.

nanowerx (2 points)

Muhammad was a child rapist!

Feelsgoodman (3 points)


Texas_is_hot (8 points)

This is awesome. I just found this haven. Whatโ€™s going on winners?

RiverFenix (8 points)

I've NEVER, in the past 3 years, seen a post at T_D hit 14465 updoots!!


xxxMAGA420xxx (8 points)

Long time lurker of TD, thank you for making this forum!

ChewiesCopilot (8 points)

I'm 86 and my granddaughter got me onto TD back in 2016. I know all my memes and I'm primed and ready to go!

deleted (1 point)
Littleirishmaid (2 points)

Youโ€™re awesome!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Austin62Halo (8 points)

We must have been the most active sub reddit on reddit. From what Iโ€™m hearing from people. Shouldnโ€™t be to long and that number would be 20k upvotes. Mods should just do a permanent sticky here and on the dom Reddit

JTownGammaDelta12 (8 points)

Canadian pede here too...Saskatchewan...originally from Pennsylvania! Just ditched reddit for thedonald.win!

RuralTrooper16 (8 points)

Reddit refugee here, turned to Voat.co then found thedonald.win

amalekisright (8 points)

Not from Reddit, Goats (VOAT) are coming over in droves since the announcement. Glad to have you all on the Trump Team. We have some pretty good people over there as well, although I am sure the shills will follow too. (Just look for overly offensive language, that will probably be a goat.) DBAN-JD911

Feelsgoodman (0 points)

Fuck. You're probably right! ๐Ÿ˜

BrokenLeftEar (8 points)

I wonder what the total upvote count is on this? Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s more than 16k if you take out the trollsโ€™ downvotes.

bmbBiker (8 points)

Was a lurker on the dom for years. Seeing you guys build a big beautiful site inspired me to join. NO BREAKS, QUAD BRICKS, AND I'VE GOT MY COAT!

SaltySailor98 (8 points)

Just signed up today. Thanks yโ€™all!

CliveCook1 (8 points)

I have nothing to say but I am so excited to be here I am posting anyway. Trump2020!

RonnieCrypto [S] (7 points)

There's no stopping this train now...

MAGAlikethis (1 point) *


CURRENT SPEED: 531,179,385,117,000 MPH!

At that rate, it would take approximately 12.781 years to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy (2.5 million light-years)!

JohnDee (7 points)

No Matter The Count

They'll Be More Than You Think

And That Doesn't Include The ShareBlue Lurker C*nts

AIDS_Skrillex (7 points)

Joined the original domreddit at 3000 subs. Happy to see this place up and running well before 2020.

Skyrison (7 points)

bring it reddit. you stupid fucks

DarkstarFIN (7 points)

Lets go!

Supporting from Finland!

Kekistani1337 (7 points)

EUcuck here. Trump 20XX, keep the memes flowing you magnificent bastards

MrFrogBottom (7 points)

Lurker pede checking in.

Never could bring myself to make a reddit account because the site is full of pseudo-intellectual imbeciles, but I lurked T_D since the republican primaries for the 2016 election. Glad I can just make an account here now instead.

theliquidfan (7 points)

Can't wait for the moment that upvote count passes the official Reddit T_D member count.

frequencymethod (7 points)

Almost at 13K....that's quite impressive

LetMeBeFrank (8 points)

Be quiet bigot, it's barely close to 1.3K.

  • Reddit
Josiah (7 points)

This needs to be at 5 million.

RonnieCrypto [S] (7 points)


Criss_P_Bacon (7 points)

Over 12K upvotes. You would NEVER see this many upvotes on T_D.

YoureAdmonished (3 points)

Not today. But there once was a time...

JustDeplorable (7 points)

Hella happy to be here with my fellow Patriots/pedes...let's roll out the MAGA carpet!

ythehorses (7 points)

I am so excited to be here. This looks like the happening place to be!!

MondayCoupleIsDead (7 points)

To say i'm happy this place exists is an understatement.

JennaDenver (7 points)

Woah! 14k?!? I've never even seen a post on td with that much! I have always know the suppression was real- but this just solidifies it so much!

Cuck-WTF (7 points)

The vote count...

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

ShadowBan (5 points)

Wha...what, they were hiding their true power!! This cant be.....

KAGarot (4 points)

WHAT? 9000?!?!?!?

Barth0lomeo (7 points)


CPTRVB (7 points)

1776 flaired.

about to hit 15k!

Yucky (7 points)

Ok, look at that upvote count. It's showing 15,021 at this time. Now assuming that nobody is using upvote bots, and mods are keeping things honest, that just proves the massive vote count manipulation that Reddit was doing. Our upvotes would get nowhere near that.

Long time lurker from r/T_D here. Build the wall! Drain the swamp! MAGA!

Feelsgoodman (4 points)

Great user name!๐Ÿ˜Ž

Deplorableas (7 points)

I love the fact that we took their open source code and made it our own. Fuck you reddit commie douche bags!

MAGAfreedom (7 points)

Just signed up. Go glad to see that we're no longer on reddit.

Buy ammo, speak your mind, keep this country free and strong.

WhatWouldTrumpDo (7 points)


Feelsgoodman (3 points)


KAGarot (3 points)

What?? 9000??!?!? That canโ€™t be right

mister-meat-bag (7 points)

Can't wait to see the sub-count numbers.

Xenovista (7 points)

Feels so good to be around sane people.

Feelsgoodman (2 points)


StarGirl (7 points)

over 15k upvotes. WE ARE FREEEEEEEEEE!!!

truthhammer (7 points)

Where's the live counter?

crexl (7 points)

I never had a Reddit account, but I spent a great deal of time lurking on The_Donald enjoying the company of real patriots.

Now that we have a new place to call home, I've created an account and ready to do my part.


Feelsgoodman (0 points)


holyshit420 (7 points)

I'm here!!

Fuck spez. MAGA

Arnold (7 points)

God bless this community.

ColoMagaMan (7 points)

I've been a T-D lurker at Reddit for a LONG time. I've got professional interests and public-personal tie ins in my historical Reddit user name, couldn't post given the reprisals.

VERY happy to be able to join up here and take help take this train across the next finish line.

MAGA all the way!

Awwyea (7 points)

Thank you for this!

ArthurDeMorte (7 points)

Thank you for the site, I was never a member of Reddit but I signed up for this cause I love this President and want to show my support. The censorship and abuse across the web is infuriating me. Thank you so much for this much needed outlet!


Feelsgoodman (5 points)

Welcome pede!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿธ

carolee (7 points)

Love my President!

SamAdams76 (7 points)

SamAdams76 - of the_Donald on Reddit and Free Republic

Chequers on Twitter

Nice to be a part of this new site.

StillWinning (7 points)

Long time lurker on TD (since summer of 2015). I was always amazed at how this group of people broke the real news days ahead of the media spin. Im so happy this site exists. No brakes. Cheers fellow nimble navigators.

eagletrump2020 (7 points)

Long time lurker over at reddit, but finally felt safe enough to sign up here....TheDonald for the Win!!!!

FreedomFromGovt (7 points)

A continuously scrolling announcement right under the banner would alert the new registrants to come here and upvote. I don't think half the newbies know to do this.

tapeworm (7 points)

Checking in. Thrilled to have a new home.

Blinduser (7 points)

Thanks for making this place...I will now call this home!!!

Boomer Sooner and MAGA Bitches!!!!

cellardoor (7 points)

Iโ€™m 16001

Star_Commander (3 points)

Welcome to the bunker, new guy! Coats are on the left, Bricks are on the right!

BSBGone777 (6 points)

I'm in the snizzle feels good.

Bigsweaties (6 points)

6 gazillion.

TexanPede (6 points)

Looks like Iโ€™m member 3541

Im_Baaaaaack_1 (6 points)

Reporting for Duty! beep bop.

Lemontree73 (6 points)

Thanks so much for this site! I was feeling pretty panicked when I saw that the Donald reddit might disappear. I'm a busy Southern California mom of 2 young kids who rarely posts, but rely on my fellow pedes to keep me in the loop!

acalltoarms1087 (6 points)

I literally only upvote threads on reddit in T_D.

Now you're telling me I'm going to be upvoting EVERY SINGLE THREAD??


ProfessorRomendev (6 points)

Oh my god I only just noticed that the Trump seal at the top winks at you when you mouse over it

DierrePelecto (6 points)

Nice to finally have a voice again!

Pamela (6 points)

Finally got here! I stopped using Reddit on my laptop because it seemed to be the culprit in almost locking it up, it was so slow at times. Haven't had any problems in a few days and no hurry to go back either.

LtPatterson (6 points)


Happy to be here, hopefully we don't actually need to migrate.

ImWhiteAndThatsOK (6 points)

This thread is almost at the same number of upvotes as the "top post" in the last month on r/The_Donald. I can't wait until all the 'pedes migrate here and we see what our true numbers are.

Reddit is communism reincarnate. Keep trying, faggots. America was born of people who had the courage to leave, to fight, and to create. It's in our blood. It's in our genes. You've tried subverting us in so many ways. In some ways you've won. But it goes to show how epically strong America was to be able to withstand such an onslaught without turning to Eurotrash.

The pendulum is swinging back in the right direction now. It's time to take back the little things the commie red shirts have ruined. Back to the basics, 'pedes. Free speech like this website over Reddit is a great way to keep the momentum of American superiority rolling!

jackfrost (6 points)

oh yeah this is what I'm talking about !

Cheesehead45 (6 points)

Could someone please explain how to post? All i ca do is comment or send a message. Is this an android problem. Thanks in advance!

Saneromeo (3 points)

In the top right hand hit the exclamation in the circle. Took me forever to figure out lol.

SwampSwan (3 points)

You're a sweetheart.

Bringbackthedon (6 points)

Updooted and hellllllooo.

Austin62Halo (6 points)

Really should keep this post at the top at all times,

Madman_Designer (6 points)

Madman_Designer checking in: I LOVE THE FOLLOWING: My Family, Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism, Guns, Steak, Whiskey, Beer, Boobs and ALL THINGS AMERICAN.

Feelsgoodman (1 point)

It's probably because of the approaching holiday, but I feel like mashed potatoes should be specified on that list ๐Ÿ˜Š

MakeLibsCryAgain (6 points)


Feelsgoodman (1 point)

๐Ÿ˜user name๐Ÿ‘Œ

Zenweaponry (6 points)

I'm here for when Reddit almost certainly shuts down the main sub near election day. Also to get a clearer picture on how many Trump supporters there are. Seems odd that on this site that not everyone knows about we get far more upvotes than the reddit community where there are allegedly 780k of us.

ORD_to_SFO (6 points)

Everything just seems brighter here. Freedom!

Feelsgoodman (1 point)


BrownI (6 points)

found this site from post of Voat.


kiwijew62 (6 points)

I'm not American big supporter of Donald trump.

Sugardik (2 points)

How's it going with the gun confiscation down there? Are people resisting? Any chance it can be reversed or are you screwed?

Feelsgoodman (1 point)

Commenting because I'm curious as well.

HF_94 (6 points)

Good morning, patriots!

Kwisatz_Trumperach (6 points)

Took me a minute to sign up but I fully support what y'all are doing here. I'll still be doing my part on the meme war front lines but will for sure be kicking it with all you beautiful patriots here!

PewdieCake (6 points)

Thanks for a forum that can't be quarantined, let get this bigger than The_Donald.

Healcannon (6 points)

Crazy how high this number keeps getting.

PoorRich (6 points)

Well, it looks like the one thing keeping me on Reddit the past few years is no longer a factor. (Except the occasional weekend gunnit. You guys should add a few select subs like that that are also in danger.)

IDK what happened to that once great site, but it's nice seeing a new one take it's place.

KingGeorgeTheNerd (6 points)

Meanwhile, in Democrat land, they're looking over at us going, "Mordor stirs, they're building an army..."

We're coming for you motherfuckers.

DCNavyRocksMI (6 points)

MI pede reporting for duty

Adrian_Martinez (6 points)

Fuck Reddit, we've got our new home!

Trump2k20 (6 points)

Way to go guys!

nomen.nescio (6 points)

Up 2000 in less than 12 hours! MAGA! KAG!!

wuvybear (6 points)

Fuck Reddit and their dirty chi-com money!

Awesome (6 points)

12K!!!!! This train has no brakes!!!!!

Whereisthebaldman (6 points)

12k in a few days!

Robin (6 points)

11,979 as of 12:15 AM EST November 23, 2019

CogDiss (6 points)

Growing fast! Fuck China. Let freedom ring!

jdeplorable311 (6 points)

You guys are my goddamned heros. Outstanding work!

rattlehead (6 points)

Can't wait for 25K

knowIdotruth (6 points)

Everyone should post at least once to The_Donald to let everyone know this place exists.

Zeitgeist (6 points)

I've been lurking on Reddit for a while now but never commented. Finally feel like I can stretch out my wings here.

MAGAman45 (6 points)

I love all of you Patriots. I cannot wait to see the world we build when the USA is drained of its swamp. ๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

jeb_is_a_mess (6 points)


Do we got coats and bricks here yet ๐Ÿคฃ

CaffinZ (6 points)

We have got to spread the word!

redditisforfigs (6 points)

I never see posts upvoted this high, they were wrecking our posts over there.

knowIdotruth (4 points)

They don't know how to win. Noone ever taught them. But we know.

AslanFan (6 points)

Why isn't this stickied?

lake-koshkonong (6 points)

This feels like my new MAGA home!

clueless_expert (6 points)

Can the upvote display 6 digits?!? Only 88.6k subs to go to find out!

Snarfbot (6 points)

11419 uptrumps, 587 comments in a day

redis_help (6 points)


Feelsgoodman (2 points)


Taritup (6 points)

Commenting to be part of history! TRUMP 2020!!

nanowerx (6 points)

The upvote count on this thread is going up by around 400 votes per hour.

This website is going to be massive, it's only been 2 days and we are reaching upvote levels close to 12,000

MAGADUDE (6 points)

My new home. After lurking over at chicom reddit for the past 3 years I'm more than happy to post here.

Go fuck yourself spez

Babycakes (2 points)


PriceOfFreedom (6 points)

Let Freedom Ring!

magamaniak (6 points)

Eff leddit. Long live patriots and The Donald!

Orwellian_Scholar (6 points)

IT'S OVER 9000!

Alafregada (6 points)

I'm relatively new in this and T_D forums. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I write a comment. So, what is "upvote" and How do you upvote?

DaemonKrog (2 points)

Click that up arrow to the left of each post and/or reply. That's it. Imaginary internet points awarded.

lavendarlady (3 points)

There are two little gray arrows next to your name . Click the top arrow to upvote . It will turn orange

Babycakes (2 points)


RonnieCrypto [S] (6 points)

It's crazy how many lurkers we had following the movement. Truly the silent majority.


magopus6 (6 points)

Hello. I'm a meme refugee from reddit. I came with nothing else but the memes on my back.

Guccifer2 (1 point)


teslaxoxo (6 points)

yea, lets push for a million!

TwistCapsBack (6 points)

Am I the only one hitting refresh so I can see those numbers pumping up?

nanowerx (4 points)

Nope, I'm watching our fantastic site grow in real time and loving it. Fuck Reddit!

raygun_2005 (6 points)

As part of our continued alliance (Ameristralia) I just wanted to say next year is going to be huuggggggeeeeee.

On a side note how gay is NewZanada two of the most cucked countries in the world, they are perfect for each other..

maga8214 (6 points)

Glad I found you all! Nice to meet you. KAG!

nanowerx (6 points)

11,000 bitches!

BCannon1982 (6 points)

Happy to be here! Thank you to those that made this happen! MAGA2020!

holpal (6 points)

Upstate New York boomer here ...checked in.

def-leopard (6 points)

Russian bot reporting in

Guccifer2 (3 points)

hello comrade

retardmonkey (1 point)

Beep boop!


Bldg_2019 (6 points) *

Hello. Fuck you, Brennan. Fuck you, Clapper. Feel free to add traitors to this list.

NaCl_Miner (3 points)

Comey McCabe Susan rice Eric whistledick Strocke Lisa page Adam Shitt Rod Rosenstein Mueller Clinton (all of them) McCain Romney Sally Yates

Laikapop (6 points)

NC pede checking in

kastmaster2000 (6 points)

DONE. SO happy to register and be able to breathe again. Love all of you 'pedes!

NuclearPony (6 points)

I cant even remember the last time I saw a donald post on reddit with tenk upvotes...

Kinda want this sticky-ed as well!

4_Moar (6 points)

Add one more patriot to thedonald.WIN.

Screw reddit and their leftist bullshit.

4_Moar (2 points)

Damn, the count was slightly over 10k when I commented a few hours ago. Now the upvotes are 11.5k four hours later.

NCboomer (6 points)

I donโ€™t have a reddit account... but I for sure have a thedonald.win account! Thank you for doing this mods.

barronstimemachine (6 points)

I can't wait for this place to have millions. the reddit asshurt will reach critical levels

KAGarot (6 points)

ITS OVER 9,000

kicklucy (6 points)

Awesome job, guys! Yes, I just assumed your gender.

FreshFriggy (2 points)

And awesome job tranny fucks?

Scrybblr (6 points)

10,000 and counting... Ah, time to share this site with my 5,000 Facebook contacts. :) :) :)

Magabear (6 points)

Iโ€™ve abandoned reddit and deleted the app completely. This is my new home now.

MAGA4ever333 (6 points)

Love the new site, great work on the UI and familiarity! You guys are awesome!

Yep I love they didn't try to add new bullshit and kept it the way everyone already knew.

user04330 (6 points)

Also, f those liberal pukes that run reddit.

FreshFriggy (5 points)

you can say fuck, its safe here.

nanowerx (3 points)

They can't hurt us with censorship anymore! We're free, FREEEEEEEEE!

Who else is gearing up for MEME WAR 2020? MAGA 2020!

Bodiazrising (6 points)

14000 in 2 days. Wow

12points (6 points)

14K and climbing!

Livin_in_Dagobah (6 points)

Finally signed up! Where's my free coat?

Feelsgoodman (0 points)

You should be ok in Dagobah without a coat, but we're happy to pass out coats sans coat bot!

Rojo4mac7 (6 points)

I am signing in. Thanks Mods for this endeavor. Long live "thedonald.win".

Iโ€™ve only been here a few minutes and my freedom boner is off the charts!

I just joined up. Hope to be on here for around 30 minutes a day to support the cause. See ya around!

ChaseKilgannon (6 points)

Reeeeeeporting for duty!

Riverstyxx (6 points)

That I am not a bot Verify was long as fuck but here I am. Fuck reddit. Bunch of commie scum!

bangbus (3 points)

My guess is some algorithm has been adjusted to keep โ€œRussian Botsโ€ from congregating online.

Xalitus (6 points)

15000 upvotes. Libs BTFO

Rupe (6 points)

Left Reddit a long time ago. Glad to see this come about.

fuk it, I'm here now.

I'll be busy doing memes and eating Turkey with the fam this coming week.

Hopeintheplan (6 points)

Happy to be part of the Great Awakening!

Reporting in!


Anon-E-Moose (6 points)

Let's go boiz

Ruairc (6 points)

Canadian pede here, we might have lost the election but we sure as shit aren't submitting, legal or not. Alberta and Saskatchewan going for the federal jugular.

scronic (6 points)

Im farting with excitement!

DrumCorpsAlum (6 points)

Just adding my name to the roll call.

missfrew (6 points)

And I'm yet to farm a meme.

TheOutlawPepeWales (6 points)

Put me in the screenshot.

Vstablegenius45 (6 points)

Just signed up, sick of the fascists at reddit

MAGA_Ann (6 points)

Joined today VERY EXCITED Screw Reddit will delete my account there

bastionj4 (6 points)

This site is awesome Patriots!!

Catlady (6 points)

Catlady checking in - happy to find you all !

Feelsgoodman (5 points)

Fellow cat lady saying hi! ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜

Catlady (6 points)

Catlady checking in - happy to find you all !

Wraparound (6 points)

Just registered. Go "thedonal". MAGA!!!!

davidfarrar (6 points)

New bumper sticker for Trump/Pence 2020 Victory,


ASAVet1 (6 points)

A link to this site was just posted on FreeRepublic. Several posters there say they just signed up here. I'm one of them.. MAGA

Based_Robin_Hood (6 points)

Never Worry! Never Fear! I've come from Sherwood to fire golden arrows in support of our true and rightful president Donald J Trump! Let's MAGA gents and ladies!

Primate-USA (6 points)

Awesome! Happy to be here. Completely support the greatest president I've ever seen in my lifetime!

KnobGoblin (6 points)

Letโ€™s go get that 16k

ThisChildsLife (6 points)

Where we go one, we go all.

npcmedia (6 points)

Are there any official advertisements that we can spam for thedonald.win?

RonnieCrypto [S] (6 points)

16k closin' in!

Seer (6 points)

Add one more to the count... Here and in 2020.

Star_Commander (6 points)

We've broken 16K! Let's get the next transports from T_D loaded up!

Russianbot90210 (6 points)

Just migrated from the cesspool. Glad to be here. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Feelsgoodman (4 points)

Welcome! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿธโค๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

JoshD (6 points)

These are rookie numbers man. We need to those numbers up!

SwampSwan (6 points)

I am thedonald.win #16050 ... and counting!

YabaDabaDoo (6 points)

Just joined. Yes!

Trump2020usa (6 points)

I have stayed away from Reddit........... Now I invite everyone over here to the Donald.win!!! Stay United Fellow Patriots!!

leo-rieswijk (6 points)

Leo from the netherlands here, happy to do some help in this awakeniing...

Feelsgoodman (3 points)

Welcome, Leo! ๐Ÿธ

JesusisLord (5 points)

I got banned and all for saying Jesus saved me. But maybe my past history for only upvoting on The Donald.

Shikigami (5 points)

Itโ€™s seriously crazy how many upvotes posts are actually getting. Goes to show the manipulation by the Reddit admins...yikes.

ensignricky71 (5 points)

Just joined. Ciaramella is the whistleblower. Epstein didnt kill himself. Fuck spez

Lovesassycoffee (5 points)

Hello Pedes, I'm Kat! Super excited to move off of reddit. Can't wait to read what you all have to say, uncensored, in the months leading up to the election.


Lady Pede/patriot

Ducky (5 points)

I have no clue why I am here, but I am here to MAGA!

FuqqaSpez (5 points)

ohhh this brings me back...

MittRomney (5 points)

I am a fucking disgusting shame to the republic

Guccifer2 (1 point)

binder full of women

Peacekeeper76 (5 points)

I joined. <3

filups55 (5 points)

Glad I found this site God bless Donald Trump

ConservativeGang4L (5 points)

Consider me now signed up!

Greetings my fellow pedes!

Pedes (2 points)

Greetings to you too! Lots of my friends joining, how fun!

jerryriggs1 (5 points)

This. Sticky this!

TRUMPIRE (5 points)

God bless Donald Trump, God bless each of you, and God Bless America!

Thedonaldnator (5 points)

Hey peeps.

WILG123 (5 points)


TrumpRepublican (5 points)

Very happy to see this!

Mister-T (5 points)

Iโ€™m here.

Slammer (5 points)

I've browsed reddit but never signed up. But I'm here, so hello! MAGA KAG

hellohello (5 points)

Let's gooooooo, 2020 is looking good my fellow pedes.

faxmatter (5 points)

Hopefully everyone will follow us over here. MAGA!

Alex02128 (5 points)

Well, Iโ€™m all in boys. Reddit is a cesspool of children devoid of life experience.

TrumpOrGTFO (5 points)

Winning. Fuck reddit nazis

jason73ug (5 points)

3746 right now and you know some gayass shills downvoted this today too

Griff4Trump (5 points)

FUCK REDDIT!!! Goddamn commie cunts

MyBrothersKeeper (5 points)

PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR. unpopularsayings is my reddit handle.

j0ssv8 (5 points)

I am here! yay!

Sub counter when?

Thanks for this site whomever is responsible!!!

Political (5 points)

Registered. Nice.

LadyGunslinger68 (5 points)

Happy to be here! MAGA! KAG!

tslajackpot (5 points)

Thank you fellow patriots!!! New here!

DrPelican (5 points)

I have signed up

Red Five standing by

Chauncey4th (5 points) *

Got perm banned from r/worldnews today, simply for saying, โ€œObamaโ€™s ๐Ÿคก๐ŸŒ.โ€

Damn sure makes me want to triple down on The Trump Train!


Free speech is dope

Fireberg (5 points)

One more

CovfefeShop (5 points)

Just here to do my part in MW2 (MemeWar2)!

jimwthatguytwelve (5 points)

Make the voting buttons a little bigger and spaced out more

AnAmericanPatriot (5 points)

Thank you so much for all of your hard work making this website!

Legion681 (5 points)

+1: me. Coming from the_Donald as well. Glad to be home!

MAGA_Aoyoc (5 points)

Reporting for duty!!

JackSteel06 (5 points)

I love the smell of freedom in the morning. Smells like.... winning.

magatrump2020 (5 points)

I'm doing my part!

deleted (5 points)
TrannyWarren (5 points)

So who created this site?

German (2 points)

Probably the mods of T_D?

EdisonHwy (5 points)

looks like a deal

Robin (5 points)

Judging by the top post currently, weโ€™re at least at 5,500 pedes on here now.

verymoist42 (5 points)

Whats poppin boys

PUGGALUV (5 points)

I am here!!! I will follow yโ€™all anywhere?

Verojoia2 (5 points)

Thank you!

OrangeMan2020FTW (5 points)

Just joined. Fuck Reddit. Fuck spez. Fuck censorship. The left and only win when they cheat. Who's Seth Rich? Bill Clinton is a rapist. Epstein didn't kill himself. Keep America Great!

SubmitToOrder_ (5 points)

Trump 2020! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

grewapair (5 points)

Reddit has basically become useless for anything but Pr0n. If you say anything that doesn't agree with the groupthink, there's always one mod in every sub who will ban you. I kind of like a debate and discussion, but the leftists just want propaganda.

Thanks for setting this up.

BadManOrange (2 points) *

Reddit has a lot of useful information spread throughout its many subs. However, for daily discussion it's a nightmare.

VerdantRaze (5 points)

I no longer have any reason to visit reddit. Nice.

Rickki6 (1 point)

Other than the Trader Joeโ€™s sub lOl

Prest87 (5 points)

Glad for the move.

donarudokun20 (5 points)

Where the bricks at?

SantaBrown (5 points)

Amazing, thank you to the team who created us a home out from under those fucking communists this place is going to be great.

Willdanceforbagels (5 points)

Guy who will dance for bagels checking in hello fellow pedes

magafi (5 points)

Almost 10k !!

12points (5 points)

10,000 by 7 pm EST!

Zhuk86 (5 points)

Glad to be here, amazing work guys!

MachoMadness (5 points)

Impressive numbers and only a day in! This really shows how unreliable Reddit's numbers are.

SuperNecessary (5 points)

I'm here. Hello everyone!

Star_Commander (5 points)

OVER 9000!

BitcoinTrump (5 points)


Culpeperlll (5 points)

Made it here!

Nameymcnameface (5 points)

Spez is a bundle of sticks, xi ping is a pooh bear looking bundle of sticks.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

FreedomFromGovt (5 points)

I already pm'd Shadowman3001 to remind him that we need a subscriber counter. We need to validate to leftist naysayers that our 7 million hits weren't made-up bullshit.

Tunapig (5 points)

Simply amazing, unfiltered, raw passion for our POTUS!

BrokenLeftEar (5 points)

Canโ€™t wait to see how high the total gets as more of us pour in. 12,768 as of right now!

StableGenius1776 (5 points)

Get these patriots coats! Glad to be home.

AmericanSusie (5 points)

Happy to be here with all of you fellow patriots!

This is huge!

Count me too!

countdemonet (5 points)

Pray for his safety, health and wisdom.

Peninsuland1 (5 points)

Welcome everyone!

Pixel (5 points)

Add me to this list pedes.

MagaMassachusetts (5 points)

Just registered!

Ohmancobrah (5 points)

When we getting a donald.win app?

GreenShieldMedia (5 points)

Independent news

Standing by

MagaMagaChooChoo (5 points)

So good to be here!!!

corneredbeast (5 points)


TriniForTrump (5 points)


July_1776 (5 points)

Just sticky this until we get a sub count maybe? It won't be accurate because of the shills but it would be something, at least.

yPree (5 points)

We could use some modifications to show how many online\signed up

lmao (5 points)

I can not upvote when I block ajax.googleapis.com so pretend the number is 1 higher.

skategoat (5 points)

Yea Buddy!

Canadian guy here. Although I can't be an American patriot I support you guys!

NoCollusion (5 points)

Thank you so much for putting in the effort to do this. Fuck Reddit

jonbonmot (5 points)

Already ditched reddit - good thing I checked in otherwise I mighta missed this new freedom forum where we are free to support the President without scrutiny from those niggling dunderheads at reddit.

Love the smell of napalmed reddit in the morning.

Smells like....I dunno....

Burnt dog turds.

knowIdotruth (5 points)

more than 1,000 per day

DuesImperator (5 points)

Signed up! I wish there was a was to see how many subscribers there are, and how many current users there are, like the old Donald.

esperhunter (5 points)

Meme Magic is real!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Talkingpoints (5 points)

Hi guys. I am here to test my freedom of speech. If I do not stop getting taxed and dictated to by sheep protected by men that I once served with I will attempt to end their ....

political careers.

This post only condones voting.

Sexyqualiathoughts (5 points)

just signed up used my reddit name

LetMeBeFrank (5 points)

Someone needs to post this on redacted once it reaches like 50k upvotes writing: "reddit supression of T_D confirmed" and watch them lose their minds while calling you a conspiracy theorist and accusing you of doctoring numbers ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

armyboy941 (5 points)

13k upvotes and not even everyone has moved over. Insane!

MAGAgurl95 (5 points)

Up to 13k!!!

lahel (5 points)

wew lad

Trumpismynigga (5 points)

God bless Trump God bless America And God bless every single one of you up voting this ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

_spacemanspiff (5 points)

Yeah, the upvote disparity is crazy. I hope this can be proven somehow.

DeplorableRepublic (5 points)

I'm glad this was done before the tech companies silence all the deplorables at the same time. This is the way to overcome the censorship. I just wish someone would do the same thing for a youtube alternative.

knx2 (5 points)

Up to 5k as of this comment and posts are matching Reddit up votes haha

NeverDrumpf (5 points)

Happy the Donald will have a new home free of Democrat censorship. Hopefully the original will not be taken over or false flagged if it is yielded to the cucks over at reddit.

Kingsidecastle (5 points)

Much appreciated for breaking free from the Stalinist Leftist censors. I had been waiting a long time for this. Looking forward to Reddit's Ad revenue crashing

HelloLivingJupiter (5 points)


m0rphy (5 points)

Reddit can go the hell!!

MAGADUDE (5 points)

12k plus so far.

grenades_and_ham (5 points)

Gotta pump those numbers up!

Sugardik (5 points)

Well I quit Reddit. Fuck those guys.

TrustNo1 (5 points)

Add a plus 1 for me, I don't upvote or downvote things.

Greetings from Australia! Great to see so many people have signed up here already. GO SCREW YOURSELF REDDIT!

LordHighPluckett (5 points)

The only reason I went to the reddit cesspool was to MAGA with my fam. No need to go back now!

Rickki6 (5 points) *

I am new ! Canโ€™t believe I didnโ€™t know about this !! So excited ๐Ÿ˜† Saw a link on VOAT. Reddit and VOAT user here. Hi patriots! WWG1WGA. KEK! Erica

impera (5 points)

Nice idea with the count, I didn't come over here immediately as soon as I knew about the place, so I dare say others will also be of the same frame of mind, and the count at the current time will reflect that. If the purple-haired freakshow cadre circling r/t_d like a turd swirling in the flush decide they will wipe or ban things, expect things here to blow up overnight very quickly.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit, MAGA.

MemeWar2020 (5 points)

hi, i'm here from T_D reserving my seat on the TrumpTrain!

ZANG_MadMan (5 points)