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mikeroolz [S] 141 points ago (edited)

Fuck Reddit.

Looks like this place is missing a few features, but all the important stuff is here already.

Can we add built in image hosting where we can just upload it with the post? Maybe I can help add it.

Oblivionrecurs 64 points ago

Its at least more high energy like the ye olden times

mikeroolz [S] 48 points ago

Reddit T_D energy levels feel low compared to 2016/2017, as if the admins chopped our balls off.

Oblivionrecurs 34 points ago

Reddit implementing suppression, combined with disinterest in campaigning without Trump

I expect 2020 to pick up

pete7201 23 points ago

*China implementing suppression, except they fucked it up and the entire front page was T_D one day

WenzelDashington 19 points ago

Obligatory, FUCK CHINA