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mikeroolz [S] (140 points) *

Fuck Reddit.

Looks like this place is missing a few features, but all the important stuff is here already.

Can we add built in image hosting where we can just upload it with the post? Maybe I can help add it.

Oblivionrecurs (63 points)

Its at least more high energy like the ye olden times

mikeroolz [S] (48 points)

Reddit T_D energy levels feel low compared to 2016/2017, as if the admins chopped our balls off.

Oblivionrecurs (33 points)

Reddit implementing suppression, combined with disinterest in campaigning without Trump

I expect 2020 to pick up

pete7201 (22 points)

*China implementing suppression, except they fucked it up and the entire front page was T_D one day

WenzelDashington (18 points)

Obligatory, FUCK CHINA

Adler (1 point)


Eljefe (1 point)

This was a glorious day!

Kek_Johnson (21 points)

I ' membah when Milo was a mod

dakrare (9 points)

Ciswhitemaelstrom rip

rustyrockers (3 points)

Membah? Billy-Red-Tits-Burr fan by any chance? If so....I'm just checking in on ya!! :)

holytrpbatman (13 points)

Lots of fresh new converts bringing low energy with them. Like when libtards move to a new community, and ruin it by bringing all their god damn stupid with them.

_glazmain_ (8 points)

It's cuz of all the new rules and stuff, it's so stupid. Can't wait to see the AHS Antifa fuckers posting about this site, guarantee it'll happen

MorbidRabbit (6 points)

I guarantee it won't just be Antifa. We're gonna be bitched at by the fake msm once again. Who knows, we may even get the attention of a few dem congress people. Just more places to live rent free!

Alpha-falfa (3 points) *

Every time someone bitches, bans, complains, loses their shit, or TDS the fuck out...we grow. Let them lose their shit. So many people have no idea this sanctuary exist. We could use the advertisement.

The_Almighty_Kek (6 points)

I agree. It's time to get our spice back in time for 2020!

Slater (6 points)

fucking right it is but our memes must be spread beyond this dare i say safe space fuck i hate myself for typing that it feels like 2016 in here we need the rest of the internet to feel the same now

holytrpbatman (7 points)

Carpet bombing of r/politics from this location, with 200 megaton memes

WenzelDashington (5 points)

Ahhh yes, let the shitposting in r/politics begin.

bouki (5 points)

Yes it does feel like 2016. Fucking love it here!!!

AtariArtist (3 points)

Its not safe when posts show up in search results.

Quarantined Reddits didn't appear.

We do now.

(we need browsing withou being logged in tho)

bouki (5 points)

Exactly my thoughts. Feels like the_donald in late 2015!

faxmatter (2 points)

It’s exciting!

Centipe76 (22 points)

I think we need to foster the migration. Send the word far and wide. Then, attack reddit and speak our minds. Shit all over r/politics, etc... They ban us, we just create new accounts. With this new site their only leverage over us is gone.

mikeroolz [S] (20 points)

I agree completely 💯

This will be our new bunker in the 2020 meme war. We are totally unrestrained here.

LS_DJ (6 points)

I don't know a lot about the law of web design, but could the cucks at reddit try to shut this down too because it essentially copies the design of old reddit? Reddit themselves are moving away from that design anyway

sethreddit89 (10 points)

This particular css is open source! https://github.com/reddit/

joebauers (2 points)

Open source doesn't always mean that you can use it however you like, it depends on which license they use. Do you know which github project the css is located in? The page you linked to has 65 different projects.

publ1us (8 points)

It does look like Reddit, but at first glance I don't see anything that is remotely "unique" to Reddit that could constitute any sort of case like that. Most of what it has also exists on countless other platforms.

mikeroolz [S] (7 points)

I don't think there's anything to worry about. Reddit used to make their source code open. I wonder if this is running on and old version of it? If so, we DEFINITELY don't have anything to worry about. They gave the public the means to copy their site.

Im sure we dont need to worry about it because the mod team and the devs who worked along with them would have taken all that into consideration since its a high priority issue.

_glazmain_ (3 points)

Can't wait for them to post about us on AHS only to not be able to do shit about it

Swedistan (3 points)


blumenkraft (3 points)

AgainstHateSubreddits... themselves being very much a hate group, perhaps the principle hate group on all of Reddit.

Timevampire76 (12 points)

Man. It feels weird that we're openly talking of brigading. Legit my first immediate thought was Oh Oh your gonna get bann--oh yeah... we're free here. No fear of reprisals. We can do what we want without reddit admins breathing down our necks.

Also a lot of subreddits will immediately delete your comment if your account is too young or if you don't have enough karma points. Something to take note.

mikeroolz [S] (6 points)

We the people can do whatever the fuck we want.

WenzelDashington (5 points)

I just hope we have a way to block out gas lighting faggots trying to join the site.

dakrare (3 points)

I had the same feeling haha.

DinsdalePiranha (2 points)

Invasion of the NPCs Part II: Orange Man Boogaloo.

deleted (-2 points)
Katfish29 [M] (15 points)

Hey mike! For now, use magaimg.net. Eventually we plan on adding this functionality, but we have quite a bit to do to improve on what we have now. If you have any other suggestions, or improvements, for the time being create a text post with the new functionality. We are trying to catch everything but this took off quickly lol

mikeroolz [S] (13 points) *

Will do, thanks for your hard work!

I still am offering coding help if wanted. I'm not really a web dev per se, but I do code both as a hobby and for a living... and code is code so I'm sure I can do something. I also have working knowledge of SQL, and a lot of general networking knowledge.

If not, I could also help mod if you need it. I've been on T_D since summer 2016, so I know what's up with this place.

I just want to give back somehow lol.

dakrare (4 points)

Thank you admin/mods!

ATR2400 (14 points)

And it has a familiar style, so it’s a seamless transition!

BakeRatDotWin (15 points)

all of my this.

my biggest fear of the inevitable shutdown of T_D has been what the next alternative would be like, because i am a broken old 'pede what can barely reddit

i don't even use the new reddit, i legit stay on https://old.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/

so thanks Shad & the Gang for keeping this so accessible for someone like me

LS_DJ (10 points)

New reddit sucks, I alway use old.reddit.com

There are some good reddit mobile apps though. I use Apollo for iOS and its excellent. The official reddit app blows donkey dick

FluffiPuff (7 points)

old reddit is best reddit

Aaron Swartz Didn't Kill Himself

NavyGuy (10 points)

Never forget.

The following are complete coincidences and should not be looked into at all.

  • Deborah Jeane Palfrey (D.C. Madam)

  • Beranton Whisenant

  • Jen Moore (Taskforce)

  • Natacha Jaitt

  • Brian A. Terry (Border Patrol Agent)

  • Gary Webb

  • John Ashe

  • Seth Rich

  • Andrew Breitbart

  • Tracy Twyman

  • Beranton Whisenant

  • John McCarthy Roll

  • Max Spiers

  • Linda Collins-Smith

  • Victor Thorne

  • Shawn Lucas

  • Monica Peterson

  • Joseph Rago

  • Kurt Smolek

  • Michael Hastings

  • Paul Horner

  • Vince Foster

  • Beverly Eckert

  • Aaron Swartz

  • Peter Smith

  • Herb Sandler

  • Jaime Zapata

  • Donald Young

  • Andrew Breitbart

  • Michael Cormier

  • Matt Simmons

  • Kam Kuwata

  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones

  • Madelyn Payne Dunham

  • Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.

  • Christopher Kelly

  • John Wheeler

  • Larry Bland and Nate Spencer

  • Beverly Eckert

  • Michael Scott

  • Seal Team 6 from Operation Neptune Spear

  • Bill Gwatney

  • Robin Copeland

  • Steve Bridges

  • Jeffrey Epstein

Note... not everybody on the list of convenient deaths is a good guy.

mikeroolz [S] (3 points)

New Reddit is total shit, but the modern version of their old layout is pretty solid.

RoofKorean (2 points)

Same. I even still use the old Alien Blue mobile app.

Dandelion (1 point)

Hey, I was staying in your vintage neighborhood!

deleted (3 points)
mikeroolz [S] (5 points) *

Yeah, this is amazing! I might have sounded like I was bitching, but I really am impressed and need to give a huge THANK YOU to the patriots behind this site.

I just wanted to offer some help to them where I can to bring a few missing features in. Small stuff. Maybe like reply straight from inbox, thumbnails of submitted image on userpage etc.

Chilopodes (3 points)

What did the comment above yours say? Does this site seriously delete comments?

mikeroolz [S] (3 points)

Basically someone calling us racists and they can't wait for Reddit to ban T_D etc.

They will ban trolls and non Trump supporters yeah.

deleted (2 points)

Why would you do that? Force the liberals to pay for hosting and bandwidth.

Nerevarine (1 point)


Matthew419 (51 points)

I lurked TD on reddit for 3 years. Never made an account. Registered here and looking to MAGA with all you pedes

mikeroolz [S] (24 points)

Welcome home, friend. Here is your coat, and here is your brick.

Are the bots here? Also, can we get a BobbyB bot just for fun? Outside of T_D, r/FreeFolk has the best best bots, trust me.

LS_DJ (7 points)


RoshamboKing (2 points)

I got your train ticket for ya, hop on

Nanaki (1 point) *


We are 65.14% of our goal to coat the 277,348 great people of Lincoln, Nebraska. Lets make sure everyone gets a coat in the United States! For every Centipede a coat for every coat a Centipede!

This is actually not a bot but copy/pasted from the bot by devious1087. Feedback always welcome.

Mirko (17 points)

I'm in the same boat. Lurking less lately as the energy has dipped but it looks like we're back to 11 over here.

mikeroolz [S] (15 points) *

What I hate is that even though it is high energy over here, the Democrat censorship machine will still have won if they ban T_D from Reddit. We are in our own bubble here, and people only see the content if they browse directly to the site. I'll still be using both sites until they ban T_D.

This is still great, it's our best option, and we can still strategically propagate memes from here to other subs on Reddit and other sites. Something needs to be done at the legislative level about big tech censorship.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT BEING SILENCED! We the people can do whatever the fuck we want.

OGpede (8 points)

I get what you are saying, though it is extremely helpful for us to have an official backup plan for when the day T_D goes offline.

I was always worried reddit would just one day pull the plug on T_D without warning and the community would be permanently fragmented.

The information for this site should be stickied at the very top of the subreddit permanently IMO.

RoofKorean (2 points)

I don’t think they can legally do that since the POTUS did an AMA there.

Chilopodes (1 point)

I think they probably can delete the sub but preserve the AMA. Not saying I like that, but they'd get away with that argument because the left gets the kid gloves in court.

Mirko (6 points)

Agree 100% and no one knows the best solutions so best thing to do is test everything. This is a great experiment. Reddit losing people on the right could shrink Reddit and devalue it as a platform. Could inspire other platforms. Could create a useless bubble. People go where the energy is. We'll see.

If Trump wins 2020 Dems won't be happy either way.

I think it already inspired a new platform.

rider (4 points) *

It is regrettable And at first, I was hesitant. But reddit made this necessary

They have not won. They lost. This fine effort says, you lose, we don't need you. A beautiful free market solution. We choose, they lose. Every one of us that walks away from reddit is their loss

In the same way we no longer use, or trust Google search. They destroy themselves, destroy their own credibility. Google is no longer a reliable tool. Think about that? They destroyed the credibility of their own brand.

I initially planned to go back to Reddit. Think I already changed my mind. Screw reddit.

Great job by you folks, thanks Feels just like home. Great work!

baconandolives (5 points)

I've just been lurking since reddit suspended the account I used for T_D for "suspicious activity". Fuck 'em. I just figured I'd wait until it migrated. Glad to be here.

OGpede (11 points)

Bro same, I've been lurking since he made his campaign announcement in 2015. So glad we got a place outside of reddit. I'm a bit concerned for the security of this site though - hopefully the mods are on top of it.

mikeroolz [S] (9 points) *

As long as they make off-site BACKUPS, BACKUPS, BACKUPS and then make MORE BACKUPS every single day of the database and code then we can always come back from the dead.

SCSA (9 points)

Same pede, since around August 2016. Never posted on T_D until now, and it might be my first and last post since I'm so used to lurking lol. Either way, boy does it feel liberating being off of that garbage website I don't care to name, and I hope the exodus continues.

Here's to freedom!

Toughsky_Shitsky (5 points)

Just got goosebumps from your username.

Welcome brother!

Matthew419 (4 points)

Thank you!

pete7201 (4 points) *

^ now some libtard won’t automatically check your post history as they follow their NPC programming and complain when they see you post in td

ElectricChad (4 points)

Same with me. I never wanted to join that cesspool but I am overjoying to be a part of this great place. Welcome!

draintheswamp (2 points)

Same. Refused to sign up for Reddit because I knew they were a trash company. Lurked daily.

July_1776 (30 points)

lmao I love the constitution in this pic.

BakeRatDotWin (5 points)

came here to say this

deleted (-5 points)
mikeroolz [S] (18 points)

Stickied! I'm definitely home again.

I'm not crying, YOU are!!!

sivkon (8 points)

Please, get the umbrella.

Timevampire76 (3 points)

Real men don't cry...we just water our beards.

BudGrillz (13 points)

Fuck reddit. Communist Bastards.

Can’t stop us now!

OliverWillis (13 points)


Former_RM2 (13 points) *

Any chance of getting a subscriber count? You know, now that they can't fuck with it.

edit Wow, my first post and boy did it post fast, I mean milliseconds after hitting the submit button. This thing must be turbocharged.

megamaga123 (4 points) *

780,674 readers

9,182 users here now......we will crush the red flag numbers Red Communists of Reddit posted

Former_RM2 (2 points)

I must be blind. Where do you see that?

Damean1 (2 points)

I can't find it either, so you're not the only blind bastard here

Bax101 (9 points)

Just signed up with the same user name. I will get my mother here as well since she wanted reddit for only using the Donald and getting news about GEOTUS.

GabrielR (2 points)

I thought about that, but went with a variant of it instead.

Wexit-Delecto (8 points)

And it loads so fast!!

Sigma (5 points)

That’s because there’s no soy.

Logos_Rising (7 points)

Spirit of '16 rises in our hearts

HungLo (6 points)

This site is actually faster and more responsive than Reddit's faggotry.

BudGrillz (4 points)

It’s because there is no brakes on THIS TRUMP TRAIN

Damean1 (6 points)

Ladies and pedes...I'm finally home. Feels so fucking good!

Pedes (1 point)

Me and the ladies welcome you home!

HolosexualLobby (6 points)

Hello frens.

Fuck reddit.

USAnmbr1 (5 points)

It's good to have more frens, welcome fren

Timevampire76 (4 points)

Get ready to bop the nonfrens come election day.

Man, it feels so great to say that without the voice in the back of head saying: spez will misconstrued your comment in the worst possible light.

USAnmbr1 (2 points)

Welcome to the cuck free fren zone my dude

deleted (5 points)
mikeroolz [S] (4 points)

Submit a link button on the right worked for me, but I'm on desktop.

HerrGank (5 points)

Willkommen Freund!

mikeroolz [S] (3 points)

"Literal Nazis confirmed" -leftists

name (5 points)

So glad there is finally a backup plan that feels legitimate.

tall_bacon (5 points)

No more Chicoms shitting down our necks every goddamn day

blubberdong (5 points)

Feels good, man.

PaigeAshley (5 points)

Hello Winning my old Friend, I've come to Win with you again!

CanaPede45 (5 points)

It's looking good, boys and girls! So far I am pretty impressed, and thanks to all the hard working Pedes who have been building this, making it work, while we fight and meme the hell out of T_D and battle the Reddit gestapo.

Freedom! 👌🐸👍🇺🇸

PraiseBeToKek (5 points)

To the folks who set this up: you are Patriots.

Looking forward to seeing actual, un-edited traffic numbers!

TheUnwantedRR (4 points)

Feels good being able to post without worrying about getting banned elsewhere. Glad to be here!

rattlehead (4 points)

Dark Mode PLEASE :)

FluffiPuff (1 point)

Dank Mode

Thelastdudeguy (4 points) *

Well said and fuck Reddit!

mugatucrazypills (4 points)

What's the preferred image server for posts here?

avgdude420 (4 points)

wow love this site!

two_womps (4 points)


eatonfools (4 points)


All_kinds (4 points)

Not bad!

Jack_Dupp (4 points)

Eagle Pepe is the BEST Pepe.

megamaga123 (4 points)


Damean1 (4 points)

Is there going to be a member counter? It'll be nice to see the real number.

Hillary4Prison (4 points)

I can't wait to see an actual representation of the number of The_Donald subscribers.

Centipe76 (4 points)

We need the upvote and downvote counters back.

CancelTheSwamp (4 points)

This place is awesome! Thank you to all involved in its creation! MAGA!!!!

DarkestMatt (4 points)

Fuck reddit and every commie who ever posted there! Long live freedom!

Cuckit sucks.

JesusisKing (3 points)


default_abs (3 points)

This is awesome!! TY :)

USAnmbr1 (3 points)

Feels Good Man

coyote_777 (3 points)

Dear Communist China owned Reddit:


GabrielR (3 points)


Good to see an escape from RedCommieDit

Andrynor (3 points)

This is going to be the greatest site ever. Fuck reddit.

luanros (3 points)

I like this!

Gb9xZA77 (3 points)

Is this all new content or x-posted from Reddit? Are the upvotes and such all legit? The post upvotes are almost the same numbers we get on reddit.

magafren (3 points)


NavyGuy (3 points)

Ahhh.... finally home. Fuck reddit.

JDSquare13 (3 points)

It's... it's beautiful! 🐸🇺🇸😊☺🐸🇺🇸

Magakekdon33 (3 points)

It appears we are about to win so much we will get tired of winning!!


Fuck yeah lets rage

senate11 (3 points)

This site is great!

Clintonbodycount (3 points)

I’m finally home!

VinceVonVroom (3 points)

Wow! This place looks great!

Well done, and a huge thank you to everyone who put it together!

_TheConsumer_ (3 points)

If Reddit wanted to push us into something where we could speak freely, without monitoring or censorship well...THEY SUCCEEDED

Kais818 (3 points)

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants“. 1776. I hope all these traitors hang...end rant. Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest since the commies at reddit started fucking us.

ExiledKeKBoy (3 points)

Home sweet home!

Saintkek (3 points)

Howdy, my compatriots.

Wexit-Delecto (3 points)

"Deport" button is back! How I missed you!

Any thoughts on getting an RSS feed going for all threads that hit "Hot" or "Rising"?

Paul_Revere (3 points)

I am using my first posting on this site to agree with you 100% Thanks to all who went to the time and trouble to set up this site.

BasedOregonian (3 points)

Glorious Pepe Eagle 🦅

Autisticus (3 points)

It's nice to be here. Glad to see this site up and running

justpassingby2day (3 points)

Whoever created this, great job! And THANK YOU!

poorly_educated_13 (3 points)

Yes, thank you! Folks over on T_D are affectionately referring to this place as Fort Trump. I plan to stay mostly over there unless/until they shut it down, but will visit here from time to time.

Thanks. We really needed this. And I hope, as on T_D, that even those with other viewpoints are welcome as long as they are at least polite. Hey, I'll talk to them!

Les Deplorables!

protrudingnipples (3 points)

No shackles, just memes!

Texashockey (3 points)

It's like getting out of prison. Fuck Reddit

dwrobbs (3 points)

This place is wonderful

faria (3 points)

This does feel like the old T_D


TampaMAGA (3 points)

This really feels great, like a huge patriotic family

JohnDee (3 points)




Sunset_knight45 (3 points)

I agree. This place is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the hellhole that is reddit!

AF447 (2 points)

The fun thing will be seeing how many people end up here...since reddit says there are only 700,000 of us.

mikespimpin (2 points)

It's crazy how active this place is already. I thought I was going to have to bounce between the two but really feel like I won't miss anything if I just browse here

Ch138 (2 points)

Ive already forgotten what Reddit was.

mikeroolz [S] (2 points)


DemigoD (2 points)

it actually feels so good

i bet we end up with MORE comments on this site- i've been reading reddit the donald for 4 years or so (since before 2016 election) but stopped commenting around the time they started site-wide bans for having ever posted in the donald. I just didn't want to deal with being banned from random sites on reddit. Now that the accounts aren't linked, I feel free :P

HelloLivingJupiter (2 points)

This is great

AmendmentAll (2 points)

We need a decentralized host or at least a reliable one. I’m willing to pay a membership fee or help donate in order to keep this up and running.

mikeroolz [S] (1 point)

I think a load balanced setup with several hosts across several VPS providers would be a reasonable solution. I'd also be willing to donate.

llatlantall (2 points)

Man it really does. I deleted everything on my other profile so they wouldnt have my data - so it feels good to be able to vote and comment again

billb75814 (2 points)

This is awesome, thanks whomever is the HMFIC here.

SpiciestPepe1 (2 points)

Feels so good to be back. sick of Reddit

caskstrength (2 points)

Feels good man!

Mwga (2 points)

Feels like 2016 all over again.

Molten_Plastic (2 points)

I wonder what u/spez is gonna say once his traffic numbers tank fat dicks. LOL

2020magavision (2 points)

Please set up a "donate" feature - thanks and MAGA ON!!

DangerousMAGAtour (2 points)

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, 'How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity.' - GEOTUS DJT

NoBrakesBitches (2 points)

Thanks for creating this space, Patriots!

It feels good to come in from the cold. Now we just need to get more Pedes to signup and bring the high energy content we all know and love.

holytrpbatman (2 points)

This is awesome.

NavyGuy (2 points)

I REALLY like this updoot counter system. No faggotty karma... just winning!

JohnMiller2024 (2 points)

Awesome site! Hope we can handle the volume once the chicoms shut t_d down...

huntress (2 points)

I was skeptical about a new hangout spot, but WOW, it's really comfy here. Thanks for this, I have no desire to check out the site that shall not be named, hint-starts with R.

jubale (2 points)

Welcome home pedes.

TrumPatriot (2 points)

LOVE IT!!!! So glad to be home!

WenzelDashington (2 points)

I’m home bois, can’t wait to make this place great

InvoluntaryPentest (2 points)

td.win successfully fended off a few minutes of casual XSRF attempts. That's good. However it appears to rely solely on CORS policy (i.e. compliant clients) for this, so I'm going to keep digging.

covfefe99 (2 points)

Nice job feels comfy

reychal (2 points)

Feels good to be home, you guys are the best.

FreedomFromGovt (2 points)

Last night was my virgin night on this new site...it nearly brought tears to my eyes, seeing the glorious old banner and Trump's no quarter gaze!

Lucy, I'm home!

Fame (2 points)

This is just like old times again. It's been too long!

FluffiPuff (1 point) *

laughs in American


deleted (1 point)
SchiffNSchatt (1 point)

Now to battle the censors that are the search engines. Meme_war... it never changes

Kelsysanse (1 point)

Praise kek we re back

advertiserman (1 point) *

Hey mods when I try and update the sticky post it doesn't stay orange when I refresh


deleted (1 point)
HiTech_Gadgetry (1 point)

*Home like Bernie's 2nd lake house

BEST Site Ever!! :) Happy to have joined. Fck reddit lol

rustyrockers (1 point)

Welcome home!

dmgice (1 point)

We shall have freedom Pepes and more!

wideawake (1 point)

Feels like greatawakening and T_D all rolled into one. Like home. :) Thank you so much for this glorious site!! Yeah! MAGA KAG WWG1WGA

JEDKH (1 point)

One of the best feelings is not having to worry having multiple user accounts because god forbid I post on T_D

LOLFuckReddit (1 point)

It’s nice and cozy in here. Have a beer friends.

You seem like a broken human and I am gonna pray for you. May Allah have mercy on your soul and relief you of the hate you hold.

Donaldduck2020 (1 point)

Fuck reddit, I had to press the continue button 3 times to see a goddamn post.

CovfefeNegro (1 point)

Yeah, TD canned me long ago but I lurked and now this works. YeahBaby!

Reddit might censor Hong Kong but it's tougher to censor us, speech lives.

Therightside (1 point)

Let’s keep this train rolling

just_an_american (1 point) *

This is the Free Speech America I remember.

magabirdlady (1 point)

Hey it's good to be back home again. Sometimes this new site feels like a long lost friend...

deleted (1 point)
deleted (-1 points)
mikeroolz [S] (2 points) *

I see a lot of racist hateful fucks on Reddit, but they're not in T_D 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😅😹😆😸😹🤭😅🤣😂emojiemojiemoji🤭🤔

KittahMonster (-2 points)

Why am I not able to upvote?