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Mr_Beanths (242 points)

Our mods really are Gods!!


joyinliberty (109 points)

And be transparent about where all the money goes.

AtariArtist (171 points)

As long as the site works - they can use it on hookers and cocaine for all I care.

IronMaiden (86 points)

Would definitely keep this place high energy, thats for sure!

WenzelDashington (56 points)


SwampSwan (15 points)

HIGH! Now, with ENERGY!

Fortified with 45 Vitamins and Nutrients that Patriots NEED!

Get yours now and tell all your friends! Tell 'em to order a double batch, kids, so they'll all have the wherewithal to FIGHT THE COMMIES & GLOBALISTS.

HIGH ENERGY! IT DOES A BODY GOOD! and also any country a body happens to be defending in the event it is being taken over from the inside by Commie pieces of shit.

The More You Knoooooow!

TacticalSandwich (3 points)

High, energy

teneriffa (11 points)

Take my imaginary gold!

hotCovfefeMod (35 points)

Hunter Biden is a Ukrainian energy industry expert AND an app developer?

CovfefeAndDoughnuts (14 points)


Texcellent (2 points)

Hunter Biden is the definition of C O O M E R

SwampSwan (4 points)

Well duh...he's an ex VP's kid! ~ not to mention his extensive experience and education as a drug addict! What else is there to know??


y0u'Re rAcIsT y0u B1g0T aNd I'M TELLIN'!

Babycakes (1 point)


RealRedneck (14 points)

Cocaine? Who invited Mitch?

DinsdalePiranha (9 points) *

Don't forget blackjack!

Shadowman3001 (8 points)

Well in that case...

MAGAngelo (6 points)

Respect. Priorities

Donatom3 (6 points)

See this is the perfect example of a comment I can now give a gold to, and do the double duty of agreeing with you and giving the mods the money that they could use on hookers and blow.

Kek_Johnson (2 points)

As well as mutton and mead for the round table.

shadypollster (4 points)

What? No blackjack?! I'm out!

thegreatwhitehope (3 points)

Haha totally. Use it as a Christmas bonus for all I care!!!

orcus (3 points)


skategoat (3 points)

You betcha!

CharlesDemar72 (2 points)

No don’t take the Hunter Biden route. The only way you can afford all the alimony and child support is to take bribes for Dad.

Kiras (2 points)

It's the American way.

gusgus777 (2 points)


Thank you Patriots! Keep it high energy and KAG

callaway86 (2 points)

So Hunter Biden runs this sub, interesting.

SpiceMustFlow (1 point)

Eh, you say that but then the CIA gets "Russians" to donate and then suddenly its a "collusion" issue.

New Democrat strategy is just to gatekeep conservatism through the media lens.

Trump support and conservatism are illegal now but Democrats who do the same shit are heroes as long as Rachel Maddow says so.

Babycakes (1 point)


And booze and gambling?

IHateNaziPuns (28 points)

Also FWIW set up to receive donations from the Brave browser.

Alpinix (14 points)

I would absolutely utilize such a function!

Would they take Ukrainian hryvnia??? 😂

RussianBotBlyat (9 points)

What do you mean our rubles haven't been getting wired to our puppet party?

magakagger (9 points)


matpitchu (10 points)

We need at least a better UI support to add the home page to smartphone homescreen. I'm seeing apple and Google will remove the app from their stores

Buttfart88 (2 points) *

Add the home page to home screen works as good as an app if you have a good mobile UI. Banned.Video does it (Alex jones’ site) and it looks extremely crisp.!

BasicCable (6 points)

what I was thinking in my head just now

TriniForTrump (6 points)

The app stores will never allow a mobile for us.

AlphaPepe (4 points)

You can distribute Android apps as apk files.

kkshka (4 points)

Ideally, I'd love to see a general purpose discussion website like Reddit, not only T_D. Other subreddits suffer from censorship, too.

WalkHumbly (3 points)

I second this.

rossiFan (3 points)

I already give the the President's foundation, and I'll give to support this site. And I'll click on any and all ads in the sidebar.

MAGA-Fauna (3 points)

With a dark theme, too please. My wife is already nagging me about how bright my screen is as I lay in bed.

davidmode (2 points)

i would happily donate

tb2186 (2 points)

We have the best mods

never_forget_seth (69 points)

I will be so happy to see reddit lose traffic. It's turned into a real shitty site filled with all the world's worst snowflake self-entitled losers

kesquare2 (35 points)

If they ban T_D on reddit, the traffic loss will be more noticeable than they realize.

deleted (32 points) *
ATLpunk86 (24 points)

Myself, I'm going to stay on Reddit till the end. I think it's important that we don't go quietly into that goodnight.

deleted (13 points)
DingDongDitch (9 points)

We must send search parties back to the barrens to find the survivors and bring them here to safety

randomusename (5 points)

Can we actually say r/politics here? Is it ok to screenshot threads there with out blacking out 1/2 of it?

Barbs (7 points)

We could say it before, just most of us were so used to referring to it as redacted that the name stuck. It was a fitting name anyway.

weltbild (8 points) *

You underestimate how invisible t_d already is. They removed it from searches and the frontpage the qurantine thing is just totally shutting it out of any reach on that site.

So the loss is probably less than you might anticipate.

OhLollyLollyPop (3 points)

Do you think Google, etc will do it to this site, too?

Does the pope shit in the woods?

citycookie (2 points)

You’re totally right - I tried looking for it through the search option and it does not show up. Fuck Reddit.

alfredbester (7 points)

I don't think it's going to be long. People will quickly tire of posting both places and checking both sites. I hope they are ready for a lot of traffic and the inevitable chicanery from the left.

Nanaki (3 points)

Oh yea. I'm going to shitpost on politics so much I may get actual cancer from all the salt.

Politiskep (2 points)


Nanaki (2 points)

Oh yea. I'm going to shitpost on politics so much I may get actual cancer from all the salt.

Babycakes (1 point)


Thrasymachus (2 points)

Do we know if .win is going to mirror T_D for a while, or are we just flying our own way here from day one?

I'm a little hesitant to leave behind the conceptual knowledge that, if it weren't for severe admin manipulation, T_D would be plastered all over the front page all the time as a function of our organic humor, energy, and facts. We KNOW it is one of the only places on Reddit that hasn't become poisoned with mass-astroturfed leftism, Frankfurt degeneracy & Asshoe Chinese manipulation, and they know. It's a little bit sad to just pack our bags and fuck off.

There's no manipulation here, but there's no normies to pill, either.

redpills are fickle things, sometimes magically appearing in the most unsuspecting places. it's okay that the Donald has to direct access to Reddit, because so long as the redpills are lovingly cultivated and openly given to the world the normies will often find them, and over time, some will accept them.

there is also the alternative redpilling method. for instance, I didn't join Don's team from your guys' direct efforts but by slowly acknowledging Obama's stacking failures. Ironically, the dems were the ones to set me straight, and I know I'm only one of many.

Rest assured that so long as our community remains and the memes still flow, our message will be sent the world over.

grayghost13 (1 point)

Does anyone know what CMS/Framework they used, or is it custom code? I'm sure there's custom code in it, just wondering if they started off with a notable framework for creating this glorious place!

KingCrow27 (11 points)

Given how insane the leftist snowflakes have become, we we are all gone, they will destroy themselves. Every little subgroup wont have big, bad TD users to gang up on and will ultimately have to fight with each other.

Mirko (8 points)

Maybe they do realize and that's the only reason T_D wasn't shut down ages ago. I'm sure they love the numbers when selling to advertisers.

MetroTrumper (2 points)

Seems like they're constantly destroying anything that isn't completely insane. I started to spend less time on Reddit when they locked down ImGoingToHellForThis, and T_D was the only big sub that was kind of sane and fun to spend time on.

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

All of the best shitposters filtered out in the last few months, though, and while it was maybe more civil, it wasn't as much fun. I think some are back here!

lightlysaltednut (1 point)

They realize, they just pretend it isn't happening.

is THEDONALD reddit still "quarantined?" I refuse to go back there & even look

Babycakes (1 point)


Frodoftw7 (1 point)

Haha, yeah.... maybe I should just uninstall it. There's a couple other subs I look at, tho

Mirko (59 points)

I would never sign up for Reddit. Supported Trump since he announced and lurked on T_D. I'm sure there's more out there like me.

FuneralGuy (27 points)

Same here! I was worried yesterday when I saw the requirements for the Discord but no worries now this site is perfect.

2020 here we come!

OGpede (26 points)

Same here, lurker since the beginning. Never officially got a coat or brick! We need to make a lurker megathread for all the people like us that never made a reddit account. Be pretty interesting to see how many there actually are.

Mirko (22 points)

Definitely way more lurkers than posters. Time for a census.

Mudbone (9 points)

I am here. ;)

Joe4liberty (6 points)

Daily reader of the_Donald on reddit, but refused to make an account. Thank you to the Patriots who set up this site!

JimDandy (2 points)

Is this the New MeToo?

Fame (6 points)

Are you me?

Politiskep (4 points) *


OGpede (1 point)

Ayyyyye, thanks man!

Akat0405 (2 points)

Ditto on the lurker status!

SilentFreedom (2 points)

Always lurked because Reddit was too toxic a place with the left leaning harassment and the threat of doxing.

Catman (1 point)

Same mostly read logged out on ps4

GrandDukeofLuzon (1 point)

So, you haven't been coated or bricked?

Nanaki (1 point)


We are 65.14% of our goal to coat the 277,349 great people of Lincoln, Nebraska. Lets make sure everyone gets a coat in the United States! For every Centipede a coat for every coat a Centipede!

This is actually not a bot but copy/pasted from the bot by devious1087. Feedback always welcome.

ElectricChad (11 points)

I'm sure there are many like us. THIS place feels like home, get fucked Spez.

burpisma (2 points)

Same same, but different, but still the same

DingDongDitch (2 points)

Lurked for four years Rarely logged in and regret not getting more involved and conversational By by Reddit

dakrare (46 points)

Look at the upvote counts. Lot of us here!

melodicroad (12 points)

High Energy!!!!!

Cyer6 (11 points)

This has been up a day or two and we're getting upvotes that we only see at high use times of the day on the_donald. Shows there's a lot of fuckery going on with our reddit sub.

dakrare (5 points)


memeveno (24 points)

Independence Day!

jdog (15 points)

11/21/2019 will go down in history.

jdog (5 points)

11/21/2019 will go down in history.

Fuck Reddit.

KAGobserver (17 points) *

So is there any chance of a mobile app? I spend most of my time looking at TD on my phone.

kesquare2 (26 points)

Im on my phone right now.

The site looks and acts better than reddit on mobile without an app.

JoePCool14 (15 points)

They could make one, but I can almost guarantee Apple and Google would censor and ban it from their app stores a la Gab. Sure, on Android you could load it manually, but I'd rather see them just build a site that works well on mobile browsers. Which come to think of it, all websites should have by default in 2019...

Just use brave browser

DingDongDitch (3 points)

Looks great in my duck duck go browser on mobile

SpezIsAsshoe (5 points)

I'd donate to the devs that put it together.

deleted (2 points)
basedmachineshop_WP (14 points)

We the People of thedonald, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this bastion of free speech and winning, thedonald.win

Duderino (12 points)

Fuck u/spez and reddit

MaxineWaters4Prez (6 points)

OK who took that username?

alexisohanlan (12 points)

Good grief. Reddit is so toxic I literally can't make a single comment without someone blowing up in my face.

Let me be clear here. I'm not a regular T_D user. I used alts with no political post history at all. Zero. Yet people are so quick to jump down my throat for being "just like alt-right morons". Direct quote.

They are turning against each other on there. Getting twitchy. Getting spooked by their own shadows.

Barbs (3 points)

We should use that to our advantage, build up lefty-sounding profiles that just happen to be super paranoid about “alt-right infiltrators” pretending to be lefties. Lol.

alexisohanlan (1 point)

They're doing fine all on their own. I've grown tired of farming up alts just to pass their account karma/age filter only to get shadow banned by a mod for straying outside the narrow window of dialog.

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

Once upon a time, people like that resided in Bedlam. Now, bedlam is all over.

stable_genius69 (9 points) *

America 1776

Texas 1835

The_Donald 2019

Criss_P_Bacon (9 points)

Do we get our own Independence Day?

rmonster1 (8 points)

Just popped in to say that I’m glad this place exists.

nanowerx (2 points)

We are glad you are here, fren!

xzibit_b (7 points)

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of this domreddit; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Memery. The history of the present Administration of Reddit is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute echo chamber over this domreddit.

MAGADITTOS (7 points)

So this is totally independent from Reddit just looks like it and we’re all coming over slowly? Speed it up!

Aambrick (2 points)

It will probably be a couple of weeks at the least to a couple of months at the most if Reddit does not ban T_D. When they DO ban it though that trickle will flood.

New_User_4 (6 points)

It's about God dammed time we have this.

tall_bacon (6 points)

Slow nod indeed

metal_slime (6 points)

Glad that we have a back up. Just signed up.

BlackJack (6 points)


SizzleinGreen18 (5 points)

Looks like I have a new homepage

Is that Eric Ciaramella?

Do_u_ev3n_lift (5 points)

This community is awesome. Reddit can get fucked.

My first post- Fuck Reddit! I’m on the shitter btw

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (4 points)

Nice! 🧻

ayychase (5 points)

This really could become the flagship independent right-wing forum on the internet. I have high hopes! God bless you guys for going above and beyond

TwoScoopTom (5 points)

Fuck yeah, and fuck Reddit.

b9k9 (5 points)

You guys should include a members counter to publicize the number of users.

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

They are working hard on the detailish things. Getting up and going was a gift to us... they have no idea how much it's appreciated!

edaw009 (4 points)

I'm so proud of you SOB's!

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

Luv ya back, pede!

Chick-Fil-A (4 points)

This is what colonial America was like! Free!

Dust_Pan (4 points)

Thank you all for releasing us from that cesspool which is reddit

Sal77 (4 points)

Amazing accomplishment. My motto in life “if you don’t like something , make your own”

DadliestWarrior (4 points)

The URL is high energy

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (4 points)

Whoa now that's a full inbox!😲

FUCK THOSE REDDIT CUCKS. There's no one I'd rather shitpost with than you folks!🍻

Can we reinstate the Trump Train bot?

Crapuccino (4 points)

I was a lurker for 3 years.

This is my first ever post. God bless you all my brothers.


CanadianMeathead (4 points)

Is it possible to create an r/politics here to post real political news that isn't Trump related? It has always pissed me off that they post little but Trump hatred.

As a Canadian, I need a trusting news source. I trust you guys.

Earnhardt (3 points)

We have a home.

Geeqs (3 points)

Minnesota pede checking in, well done!!

mishaclara (3 points)

Bless you whoever created this

Vinyl_Hunter (3 points)

Glad to be here mates! Reddit is dead!


GEOTUS would be proud!

hale_bopp_cult (3 points)


perfect pic is perfect.

Tiller9 (3 points)

I just joined 30 seconds ago... How long has this been around?

OhLollyLollyPop (1 point)

Operational a few days max.

SteelyDan4MAGA (3 points)

Glad to be here! When Spez gets that Chinese hand up his rectum to tell him what to do, we'll be safe and comfy!

SilentFreedom (3 points)

You crazy sons of bitches did it! I love it. We need more competitive platforms to those that have decided to dive into one sided politics. Forget Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google and any other large tech company activists for the left. One by one they will be replaced.

FreedomFromIgnorance (2 points) *

So glad this place exists. Fuck Reddit, fuck commies, and fuck the Democratic traitors.

8675309 (2 points)

So are we sure this wasn't some dirty trick by reddit?

Magatek (2 points)

Amazing job!

Thedonaldnator (2 points)

Let’s meme boys!

SirTalksAlot (2 points)

Have been thinking about an idea like this for so long, thank you to the creators. I’m happy we have a place to declare our independence from Reddit. When was the site launched? We should make it a holiday.

rossiFan (2 points)

So serious question: how can I give you money to support this site?

NonyaDB (2 points) *

Damn, it's almost a complete carbon-copy clone of the old Reddit pre-quarantine.
I feel that the "edit" option should still say "spez" just for old times' sake.

Forte (2 points)

Good to be here! I see a lot of the same content between reddit and here, does this site pull from reddit or is everything just getting posted in both places?

Caulder1776 (2 points)

Fantastic work!

Caribbean_Smurf (2 points)

Nice site! I feel right at home here.

DrMAGA (2 points)

I've been a quiet sub to T_D since 2015, but because I use reddit for lots of other communities I've never really posted or commented. This is glorious and thank you for letting us be free

Parzivil (2 points)

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. OUTSTANDING work you magnificent bastards.

Ultima (2 points)

Definitely set up a donation button.

hitches_chest_hair (2 points)

Canadian pede checking in. I don't love politicians, I seek the kingdom of God first, but I do love freedom. Glad to be here.

Luvmyhub75 (2 points)

Thank you for this!

Kamalasuckedmeoff (2 points)

It sure is nice being free and independent

hotdogsforsale (2 points)

This is Robert Redford, in case anyone didn't know.


prawnexodus (2 points)

I love this gif so much

FluffiPuff (2 points)

<3 Nods back <3

gRissola (2 points)

Feels good man

publ1us (2 points)

I was really hoping someone was on top of this. Praise kek!

dogtown2020 (2 points)

Good stuff. Glad to be here.

Kokothegorilla (2 points)

Hell yes. Get bent reddit!

Recoil36 (2 points)

I just joined!!

themaga (2 points)


rethek (2 points)

fuck reddit. love this site. my friends and I were just talking about this. Turns out you guys did it already for us. Much love.

jackwerntz (2 points)

Looks like it really worked, too... 'pedes coming here in droves.

Lockherup2020 (2 points)

well the only reason to go on reddit is now gone.

CryBullyNPC (2 points)


Toka73 (2 points)

"They may take our lives but they'll never take, OUR FREEEEEDOM!"

SteelDriver (2 points)

This isn’t reddit? You guys did a hell of a job! 😀

Dogfacedgod (2 points) *

I am proud to be here too! Good job, love the old look is back. FUCK reddit's commie ass

LegalEagle (2 points)

As a long time TD lurker I'm personally thrilled to be off that platform. High energy, no Communism here.

Seag (2 points)

I can now talk to people without being banned from other subreddits, this is amazing

DinsdalePiranha (2 points)

Some people are complaining we won't reach the blue-pilled people on Reddit if we stay here. My first reaction was, "Yeah, so?"

They're welcome to visit our community. We don't have to be beholden to theirs and beg for existence.

Sucrapi88 (2 points)

I’ve never posted on the father sub because of work reasons but I finally feel free! SoCal pede checking in.

Reddit can suck it

YourWifesBoyfriend (2 points) *

We have risen from the ashes of the shitshow that is reddit.

It'll be interesting so see the amount of brigading happening here.

jenk (2 points)

This must be what it was like when the pilgrims made it to America. Fleeing oppressive estalishment tyranny for a better way and chance at freedom. Perfect time for the migration and the new coat fits perfectly. Worried about leaving reddit? Don't. They hate you and everything you represent.

Stonesolo (2 points)

A new home...NICE!

Pinellaspepe (2 points)

This site rules! My 1st post here. Great job boys

DrudgeTheMoat (2 points)

Well i'll be damned.. that's just like Biden saying Fire that prosecutor

Ockoson (2 points)

An open community free in its thought and communication allows the best ideas to raise to the top.

Jerobifromatcq (2 points) *

So happy to be a part of this. I had to leave that shit hole reddit after being threatened on mechmarket and people seeing my post history.

Love to you all.

thenwat (2 points)

Long time lurker on T_D checking in - I saw that the site was open for registration while I was at work. As soon as I got home tonight I signed up as fast as I could. I love it so far. This place just feels like freedom.

A BIG thank you to the patriots that worked so hard to get all of this up and running!

Sum9 (2 points)

Second post on this very beautiful site. Yuge support. GOOD!

Troll (2 points)

I've been trying to get people to get their shit together ever since coontown and FPH were banned. Nobody was interested in helping me code anything. The contenders that did code something were not professionals.

The site is fairly snippy and is a good replacement, so far. Obviously we will want to expand our scope a bit.

Waicool (2 points)

Mods are gods

laneybelle (2 points)

This is amazing. I'm speechless. So happy

el-y0y0s (2 points)

hear hear !

Texashockey (2 points)

Great job guys

SSJ3NAPPA (2 points)

Get this guy a brick!!

habanero (2 points) *

I pretty much only went to reddit to peruse TD anyway, but would sometimes get sucked in by something on r/all. This site will definitely boost my productivity: there’s nothing else here other than TD. :-)

Additionally, it’ll be telling if the number of users here ends up overtaking that on T_D by an order of magnitude.

Can't stop winning!

_45_ (2 points)

Seems to work really good!

texas_forever_yall (2 points)

This is amazing! You crazy bastards, you did it!

Rush2112 (2 points)

Just found out about this 30 minutes ago. I love it! Yesterday, I unsubscribed from a bunch of what used to be entertaining reddit subs. Just couldn't take how everything somehow related to liberal nonsense. "Oh, your sister's cookie recipe is somehow related to racism?" Sigh. So happy someone posted about this site over there. Nice work on the site!

Madmartigan305 (2 points)

Jeremiah Johnson, Lonesome Dove, Tombstone, Unforgiven, and Open Range are the best Westerns ever made in my opinion. BTW I’m glad this is not Reddit.

So the Almighty Kek decreed, so it was done.

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (3 points)

Right back atcha, homie!

Tendies4Patriots (2 points)

We are free!!!!

Just deleted my Reddit account and the app!

Some important notes:

Spez is a cuck China is asshoe Eric Ciaramella The Centipede is a predator

That is all...

HighPedeEnergy (2 points)

Get this man a coat for his patriotism!

Tendies4Patriots (2 points)

HOLY SHIT - the block button is labeled “deport”

🤣 🌶

flagoffaith (2 points)

This is beautiful!

Beaker999 (2 points)

This is a good day. Really well done . I can't wait to see this community explode on the new site.

DemonratsForGitmo (2 points)

I was a lurker on the_donald from the beginning but look at me now, a fully registered MAGA man.

Zengin (2 points)

Dear mother of god, thank you patriotic people for making this site.

Big_Iron (2 points)

Damn commies at reddit can suck it.

ScoobyKnows (2 points)

Is there a place to donate to keep this site up and running?

yPree (2 points)

Doesn’t make sense giving them traffic which means more money in their pockets. If only everyone would move.

AdoviFreon (2 points)

Yes, this is appreciated

CanadianMeathead (2 points)

Where can we donate?

Twrclmbr (2 points)

I just learn about this and joined. I am quite excited.

NNEPUSMC (2 points)

DOPE! Look at all those upvotes!

GeauxFrogs (2 points)

It’s rootin tootin trump time!

Labyrinth9000 (2 points)

Happy Independence from Reddit Day!

dixie_knormous (2 points)

Crazy amazing how good it feels to be here!

SwampSwan (2 points)

omg you almost smiled...? That is so awesome!

Also, I hope you really do look like a 40 yrs young Robert Redford and if so, I'd like to apply for the position of Second Wife. Or oh I dunno - Third Wife might do.

OK OK 4th or 5th Wife, that's as low as I'll go! Or maybe 6th. But that's it man! I mean, unless you already have a 6th wife - then I'll consider 7th or (only because it's YOU) possibly 8th.

Call me maybe? 867-5309 & Ask for Gin-Gin (my real name is Faintsy but they call me Gin-Gin coz I like my gin straight, & double shots only please! duuuhhhhh!)

/s jic it's needed

Ballz_n_Wallz (2 points)

What's up you mother fucking Patriots!!!

Dcam09709 (2 points)

My thumb hurts from upvoting every damn thing!

Freedom69 (2 points)

This forum feels like a new frontier. The freedom feels excellent.

RoboGerbil (2 points)

I was suspended then subsequently shadowbanned across all of Reddit for commenting on the donald. I'm glad to have a voice once again.

faxmatter (2 points)

They cannot stop this movement. Or this President!

I lurked on T_D since the very beginnings of the 2016 primary campaign. Man, am I happy to see the iron heel of Reddit off the throat of this great community!

RufusPillula (2 points)

Upvoted for the sentiment. But could we replace the Robert Cuckford gif with someone who loves our president?

wideawake (1 point)

Just registered, I’ve been on here all of 10 minutes and I fucking love it. You guys are the best! I love my glorious pede family.

MAGAbility (1 point)

Ive been saying for years we should do this to see our actual number and not miss the things getting censored to our less frequent members. We can now use this as a compare tool to reddit and see exactly what theyre trying to hide and sticky it.

The actual implementation of such things however is a lot of work, especially getting the server power to hold ALL OF THESE PATRIOTS.

EvlD (1 point)

Great job getting this site up. I had almost forgot how the old DOM used to look before the quarantine. If you programmer 'pedes are taking feature requests, how about a toggle in settings or up in the red bar area for light/dark themes? I know, I know... if you give a mouse a cookie... but I bet mobile users would like and use the option. Again, great work on this thing! I tip my MAGA hat to you.

Maddriver (1 point)

I am so excited to have found this! I know at some point MSM and MSSM will shut down all information sources that don't align with their message. KAG

xBigCoffinHunter (1 point)

I’m making all the greys orange in two places. Double the work. Double the satisfaction.

Butterflymagic (1 point)

Oh look i can post again! MAGA!

STAR (1 point)

Very impressive love the site!

Slick_Willy (1 point)

I said the same thing and BOOM done.

Nice work

Kroesauce (1 point)

I love this! FUCK YOU SPEZ

justicein2020 (1 point)

I hope this place is what... solid? secure?

Once the powers notice it they'll try doing what they did to voat and gab.

attacks, denial of service, hosting problems, payment problems, flooded with over the top racist stuff and the media will point to it.

You need funding? let us know!

Are you all going stay on reddit too or just peace out?

deleted (1 point)
OGTD1 (1 point)


The United States, much like Reddit, is ready for a two-state solution. Carve off Cali and New York

All_kinds (1 point)

Are there plans for subdonnies in the future?

TitsOutForTrump (1 point)

Hoooollllllyyyyuy balls boys.

the_meat_boss (1 point)

This is great!

Barbs (1 point)

This place is awesome. Now we just need our own mobile app.

Wexit-Delecto (1 point)

This is a better T_D replacement than we had any right to hope for.


Why on earf is it so fast??

rram2 (1 point) *

It feels good to be here

deleted (1 point)

This website is damn beautiful, and I'm proud of the mods. When Reddit bans us, we will now have a fantastic backup.

MAGAngelo (1 point)

Right now I’m raising a beer to the mod-creator!

A true American hero

GardenGirl2 (1 point)

Well done all of you!

RoofKorean (1 point) *

This is awesome. On Reddit, I never posted and only lurked because my name was associated with my business and I was too lazy to go back and forth between my account and a throwaway. Here I can post at will and I got the username I wanted. :)

Trump2052 (1 point)

Great website, looks the same as old reddit before the witch trial by u/spez!

RoofKorean (1 point)

Any chance we can get infinite load so users can keep scrolling without tapping next?

turanian_552 (1 point)

Well done, mods! And this site is smoking fast compared to Pleddit.

kaotic_red (1 point)

Couldnt be happier. Thank you everyone that was involved.

The huddled masses have finally broken free from Democrat censorship!!

Chestermtjoy (1 point)

About god damn time

Dragoneye098 (1 point)

can we draft an official declaration of independence and send it to reddit admin?

Well done Pedes!!!!

I don't get it, is this a magic show?

NotArkancidal (1 point)

Well son of a bitch!

They did it!

RagDollRat (1 point)

wasnt this an old movie about a dude who keeps getting attacked by natives? if it is anyone got the movie name?

Pigeone (1 point)

Just came in recently, was expecting greatness but found the site looked much better 👌

Suddenly the posts are getting more upvotes! Their censorship tactics won’t work here.

RJ64 (1 point)

Time to leave Twitter. Try Parler.com it’s chuck full of patriots like us

bOObs (1 point)

BAT aka: brave attention token option please

Good, fuck those pieces of shit at Reddit.

JacobtheNurse (1 point)

The Trump train has no breaks!!! Take my upvote you glorious patriot.

noagendashow (1 point)

time to crack open a cold beer

ParrotLady4Trump (1 point)

Free at last!

Logic_usurper (1 point)

How do you still get on t_d ? I can’t find a way

magabirdlady (1 point)

Awesome we can post gifs now.

Kanly23 (1 point)

Color me impressed!!!

mosswo (1 point) *

We will never be silenced. I've been on the site 10 min and already feel reinvigorated about the future.

Lawless (1 point)

Well i might just delete reddit now

Good job guys

SR91Aurora (1 point)

10/10 meme application

Magnolia (1 point)

I had stopped going on Reddit. Thanks mods 🙌🙌

Ihcwap (1 point)

Well said!

LLegendary (1 point)

All we need now are new sub_Donalds so we don't have to ever go back.

Thefinalvendetta (1 point)

This is the coolest thing to happen, I'm so damn happy we have a place to be truly independent and show our full strength to the world!! Upvote everything!!

deleted (1 point)
Hardcore302 (1 point)

How dare you reeeeeeeeeeee!

PrinceOfNothing (1 point)

Just found out about this today. So glad we are moving away from reddit cancer

slightlycyborg (1 point)

This site is soo good.

Cdub (1 point)

Right? That happened really fast

Taquin (1 point)

And the upload speed is way better

abqtod (1 point)

Oh boy! This feels so good. I was worried and alarmed what I would do if reddit finally banned the_donald and now the mods set up this! I'm so happy. I feel safe whereas on reddit I always felt like I had to hunker to avoid incoming flak.

And yes I'll pay a modest donation to keep this site running. It's invaluable!

Kenophobia (1 point)

Please help, I can't stop upvoting. It feels so good.

We should make a Declaration of Independence

MickUsa (1 point)

Fking awesome..

HillarysDrunk (1 point)

How do I post content?

LokaKsayaKarta (1 point)

I am impressed!

deleted (1 point)
Skyrison (1 point)

yap! fuck reddit. that site has turned into something sour. even stuff on ask reddit and all that is lame as hell. it's the same questions over and over and over again. nothing is interesting there anymore.

the donald doesn't belong there. it should be it's on thing. which now it is. fuck reddit!

DT_2020 (1 point)

Done. Wiped it clean

Linda2 (1 point)

I’ve been wishing and hoping that TD would dump Reddit like the toxic garbage that it is since 2017 so this move makes me VERY happy. Thank you to all the wonderful people who got us away from that crappy site 😬

kentucky (1 point)

Have an upvote sir!

BannedToTheBone (1 point)

Suspecting this MAGA popular gif may have caused the cucked Robert Cuckford comment, where he displayed his TDS for all the world to see. Can't believe I used to watch his movies - no more!

The_Almighty_Kek [S] (1 point)

Yeah I don't even know who this guy is, but from the sounds of it, I'd like to keep it that way!

GregCharles (1 point)

Seems to have slowed soon after the start. Stuck at 15K..

deleted (1 point)

I have not been on COMMIE REDDIT since day one of THEDONALD.WIN!!

UncleKnuckles (1 point) *

So why are you using a Robert Redford gif. He's married to Meryl Streep, who absolutely hates us. Refdord, De zero and many others get no looks or likes from me. Choose a better gif.

UncleKnuckles (1 point)

Robert Redford Sux

deplorable007 (1 point)

Twitter is another we need to ban!

Babycakes (1 point)


The phrase "echo chamber" springs to mind...

washmyvania (0 points)

It will be interesting to see the total number of users here once a major chunk of the r/td base gets here. For sure larger than 700k!

Dank45 (0 points)

This is so incredibly American I shed a tear of liberty.

Reddit too oppressive? Declare independence. That's the American way.

Suck a big one, commie cucks.

I'm ready to stretch out and MAGA

OrangeManGood2020 (0 points)

Many of us cried for this site to be made and its finally here. Good on all of us for protecting ourselves from Reddit. Now who owns this site and can we depend on them to respect the pseudo anonymity we need to share our views safely?

deleted (-1 points) *
deleted (-5 points)