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Someone else made the 3D Pepe head, the rest I did in MS paint using some photos of a real medal.

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Skyfire (17 points)

Upvoted. Need these for meme war veterans

ProfessorOak (8 points)

We can recreate the Pepe stocks bot but in real life. BUY PEPE!

Casualize (14 points)

I couldn't even tell it was done in paint at first.

westrock2000 (13 points)

MS Paint?!?! Damn man, that looks 100% real! I would have had no idea had you not said anything. It even has the real life white outline around Pepe.

Shocked...shocked I tell you!


Plutossextape1 (9 points)

I need to find the .stl file of this to print.

MelaniaMan (7 points)

the rest I did in MS paint

You're like a green beret of meme wars

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Im gonna leach off the fact you are top to ask my question to the glorious mods. This poster mentioned donations to keep this site going and I too want to know how we can help since I noticed no adds and it can't be easy to keep this place going.

Best4Business (15 points)

It would make a beautiful Christmas ornament

TodaysSJW (31 points)

This is gold

shadypollster (24 points)

If they implement a gold system this should be the symbol!

RU_joe_king (27 points)

there was talk of awarding orange, not gold

We should award Trump Towers. Some of his towers are entirely gold, and if not, the name is.

FrontholePetriDish (10 points)

Orange? Like Hillary's jumpsuit? (someday hopefully)

worksofozymandias (6 points)

Be sure to wipe it with a cloth!!

nmipede (11 points) *

This has served me well for gold awarding purposes in our former home: https://imgur.com/yc8tLH6

publ1us (5 points)

, Jerry gold!

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The amount of work that was put in here is amazing - I'm a simple meme maker and upvoter so glad to be a part of it

kenshin_onek (13 points)

Love it!

Benjamin (12 points)

That medal is boss!

pray_for_kekistan (11 points) *

GEOTUS gladly takes the slings and arrows for us all. We do it all for him and this movement.


Unsilent_Socalipede (10 points)

Long live OhSnapYouGotServed! Fallen but never forgotten!

Saneromeo (10 points)

Thats awesome

jdog (8 points)

Seriously though, I wanted to thank all of you.

IronMaiden (8 points)

This site's amazing, thank you! Nice to have a solid backup for the inevitable communist ban hammer.

k0fiAnon (7 points)

I would like to give a shoutout to my favorite mod pray_for_kekistan That is all, thank you.

Spartacus (7 points)

We have the best Pepe Hearts don’t we?

ChinaGTFO (7 points)

iS thIs a d0cTorEd iMaGe

ViduusMAGA (3 points)

No this was a closeup from Trump receiving an award from a dog. Can’t remember the exact date.

GiveMeFreedom (7 points)

THis place is beautiful. Thank you for creating it.

xyon1282 (7 points)

They deserve it. This place looks really well done :D

Elseebee (6 points)

OMG, I love it!

And I love our new home!

Looks like the last home, but feels so much better.

Tekr (6 points)

Add me on the waiting list if it is ever produced.

Swedistan (6 points)

To the admins.. please. This forum needs state of the art security. I have already seen pushes in leftist hacker circles to take this site down and compromise user data

lalicat (6 points)

Thank you Patriot.

treetrunks (6 points)

I'd buy 2

TrumpOrTreason (5 points)

Ahhh.. .yeaaa... we need a DONATE BUTTON!

We need a MEME War 1 victory medal, a good shitposting medal, an orange star,etc

DudeNoOne (5 points)

The highest honor possible for a fallen pede

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In the great Reddit raids to come, we will avenge your brothers

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I see we have one of our favorites back. Ivaginaryfriend. Welcome back, we missed you.

Antiluminati (5 points)

Oh my god I love this more than I can explain. Lmao

ShiffsDeadHooker (5 points)

Wow, the site looks great!

hugehart (5 points)

It really is beautiful.

CheesePizzaParty (5 points)

What's up guys!!!!! Glad to be here... let's MAGA

Dialectic (5 points)

These mods are heros

Earnhardt (4 points)

The upvote button is as orange as the jumpsuit Clinton’s gonna be wearing

420MAGA (4 points)

Thank you to everyone who worked to create this. It's wonderful

gobbene (4 points)

God bless them all

SAW2TH (4 points)

Me too.

socal_maga (4 points)

Well deserved. 10/10

Cdogger (4 points)

Thats nothin, Eric Swalwell got the Purple Shart

Magakekdon33 (4 points)

Beautiful. 🐸

Pepe_trump (4 points)

So beautiful. Tears in my eyes

Space_Force (4 points)

Thank you mods!!

JoshHawley2024 (4 points)

Putin's paying the bills. Invest in America. Put that money in a 401k

MAGA_MILK (4 points)


NukemBoyz (3 points)

Wheres the damn donate button! Get one and any extra left over send to Geotus!!!!

salvecitizen (3 points)

That reminds me, has good doggo come to the White House yet for his medal?

zakry59 (3 points)

Its magnificent

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vikingwarrior (3 points)

Is this for meme war veterans?

Tendies4Patriots (3 points)

Fantastic work lads!

topwaterfrog (3 points)

I need one of these!

TD needs to have these made and sell em for charity.

Doug_Nightmare (3 points)

I will buy one.

Waicool (3 points)

Gold mine baby!

BoricuaPede (3 points)

100th comment FTW.

Thanks, mods!

Joeret (2 points)

Only the best for the best.

Aeronomer (2 points)

How do we support the site?

SSJ3NAPPA (2 points)


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We salute you!

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I want one of these. How much abuse i've suffered defending us and the President on doms like r/politics and r/worldnews has left me with permanent scarring. I'm perma-banned from both now, but I still shoot pot shots in other doms.

I am so excited this community has this place now. I'm all about government staying out of business, but what reddit has done to our community is blatant censorship and should be addressed at the highest levels.

Thank you again. I love all of you.

TerraHertz (2 points)

That's pretty good, OP! A little bit rough on some edges, but hey, MS Paint.

Pede01539 (2 points)

I legit want one of these. That looks awesome!

dixie_knormous (2 points)

Wow! This is brilliant!

Bling bling shadilay, no more chemicals in the water so the frogs aren't gay.

WalkHumbly (2 points)

Someone photoshop a picture of Trump putting this medal on the dog.

JennN (2 points)

Hahaha yes

lilwhitejeep (2 points)

Wow! So impressed, this place looks great! Thank you!

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Ax3BL4d3 (2 points)

Take my money...

Rhondevu (2 points)

I seriously want an animated series based on Pepe after Trump wins again. Just to drive the nail in the Dem coffin further.

WisestGuru93 (2 points)

I am SHOCKED the censoring was this bad! look at the amount of upvotes already! I request a "how many winners online" count and a link for me to donate.

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This is pretty cool!

Pepe17 (2 points)

Pepe the great ! Pepe for the win ! 🇺🇸

magabirdlady (2 points)

Thank you mods.

Americ (2 points)

Hey mods!

stands and claps

Cue_Cumber (2 points) *

I am having the best time here! This is not only highly informative, it's great fun! I mean, TERRIFIC fun! No amount of making faux thedonald dot whatevers ("whatever". Hmmmm . . . is that still available?) sites will EVER make a dent in this. Not ever!

That being said, remember God laughs, and Satan is utterly humorless. That's why we make each other laugh, this place is hilarious, and they can't meme, smile, or crack a joke, or take one for that matter.

that1guy1981 (1 point)

I think this site will require lots of hard work, and effort to maintain. Where can I donate?

weaselkeeper (1 point)

underrated poast!

keep it up pede! great work!

not_russian_bot (1 point)

We need to know who the moderators are, not just usernames.

Svetlana (1 point)

How can we donate to help? I sure will!

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My face looks like a buttcrack