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Centiskorch 174 points ago

We got this! Love this new site!

Jakester5112 3 points ago

This is awesome

answermyanswer 2 points ago

So far this site has made it obvious that reddit was suppressing vote counts. I mean, we knew that but the counts here pretty much put the nail in the coffin on that one. I'm curious to see what else becomes obvious as time goes on.

I'm expecting to find frequent posters that were shadowbanned on reddit. Just my guess but i'm expecting it.

Seahawks2020 62 points ago

Nice work.

Hope this doesn't get Gab'ed. Where is this site hosted?

online_researcher 3 points ago

What happened to Gab? I am new here.

PawelKozak 3 points ago


PawelKozak 3 points ago

their hosting provider, dns-provider and all other providers needed to operate a large website turned their backs on gab...

trumpsleftball 45 points ago

cloudflare, apparently.

Umilmi81 6 points ago

Uh oh ?

techied 6 points ago

Cloudflare doesn't do hosting, only DNS. If Cloudflare removes td.win from their host it is relatively simple to change DNS providers or even start your own authoritative DNS server.

ZippyTheChicken 3 points ago

they are probably just using Cloudflare for caching

techied 4 points ago

Likely for DDOS protection as well. Their proxy masks the host(s) IP.

Seahawks2020 36 points ago

Dang it

Crimson_Identity 7 points ago

I read a comment yesterday that they are working on moving away from Cloudflare, not sure how valid it was tho.

LetThatSinkIn 19 points ago

That's unfortunate. What would be other possibilities?

combatmonk 33 points ago

I can setup something they can’t turn off.

MrFarmerMan 16 points ago

Then do it and show us

/pol 9 points ago

Spit it out so lad

ol-rapin-billie 4 points ago

samezies buddy. DM me

ArrestAllDems1776 24 points ago *

If so, then its dead before it even gets started. As soon as any sort of traction is noted, FaggotFare will shut it down. Did the mods not think this through??? This is obvious to anyone paying attention.

Lmaohaha 10 points ago


John1 34 points ago

Looks like the highest post so far is already 1769. How long until we start surpassed the 5k ish mark that we seem to be suppressed at reddit? I give it a week.

SpiritOf76 8 points ago

Already happening. Over 5k for the who'd vote for Trump post.

deleted 1 point ago
TrumpFortyFive [S] 39 points ago *

I stuck around and kept refreshing the page to see it switch to 1776 :)

Edit: Heh heh. It only took 24 hours and we’re cracking 6K on posts. I love this timeline!

grenades_and_ham 5 points ago


the_spezinator 23 points ago

Let's make it 177,600!

deleted 15 points ago *
Lunatic_Fringe_PhD 3 points ago *

I will have no reason to Reddit if they do.

Edit: typo

Casualize 21 points ago *

What's funny is the energy here is "lower" than reddit due to how many still haven't arrived, but the upvotes are per post around the same already.

LOVESFREEDOM 10 points ago

It will pick up. Just gave the link to 9 people in the breakroom. You should see these twenty something spew their disdain for the democrats and praise the hell out of Prez Trump.