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Centiskorch (171 points)

We got this! Love this new site!

Seahawks2020 (62 points)

Nice work.

Hope this doesn't get Gab'ed. Where is this site hosted?

trumpsleftball (45 points)

cloudflare, apparently.

Seahawks2020 (36 points)

Dang it

combatmonk (33 points)

I can setup something they can’t turn off.

MrFarmerMan (16 points)

Then do it and show us

/pol (9 points)

Spit it out so lad

ol-rapin-billie (4 points)

samezies buddy. DM me

LetThatSinkIn (19 points)

That's unfortunate. What would be other possibilities?

Crimson_Identity (7 points)

I read a comment yesterday that they are working on moving away from Cloudflare, not sure how valid it was tho.

ArrestAllDems1776 (24 points) *

If so, then its dead before it even gets started. As soon as any sort of traction is noted, FaggotFare will shut it down. Did the mods not think this through??? This is obvious to anyone paying attention.

Lmaohaha (10 points)


Umilmi81 (6 points)

Uh oh 😒

techied (6 points)

Cloudflare doesn't do hosting, only DNS. If Cloudflare removes td.win from their host it is relatively simple to change DNS providers or even start your own authoritative DNS server.

ZippyTheChicken (3 points)

they are probably just using Cloudflare for caching

techied (4 points)

Likely for DDOS protection as well. Their proxy masks the host(s) IP.

online_researcher (3 points)

What happened to Gab? I am new here.

PawelKozak (3 points)


PawelKozak (3 points)

their hosting provider, dns-provider and all other providers needed to operate a large website turned their backs on gab...

John1 (34 points)

Looks like the highest post so far is already 1769. How long until we start surpassed the 5k ish mark that we seem to be suppressed at reddit? I give it a week.

TrumpFortyFive [S] (39 points) *

I stuck around and kept refreshing the page to see it switch to 1776 :)

Edit: Heh heh. It only took 24 hours and we’re cracking 6K on posts. I love this timeline!

the_spezinator (23 points)

Let's make it 177,600!

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Lunatic_Fringe_PhD (3 points) *

I will have no reason to Reddit if they do.

Edit: typo

Casualize (21 points) *

What's funny is the energy here is "lower" than reddit due to how many still haven't arrived, but the upvotes are per post around the same already.

LOVESFREEDOM (10 points)

It will pick up. Just gave the link to 9 people in the breakroom. You should see these twenty something spew their disdain for the democrats and praise the hell out of Prez Trump.

SpiritOf76 (8 points)

Already happening. Over 5k for the who'd vote for Trump post.

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Jakester5112 (3 points)

This is awesome

answermyanswer (2 points)

So far this site has made it obvious that reddit was suppressing vote counts. I mean, we knew that but the counts here pretty much put the nail in the coffin on that one. I'm curious to see what else becomes obvious as time goes on.

I'm expecting to find frequent posters that were shadowbanned on reddit. Just my guess but i'm expecting it.

KeepItCopacetic83 (55 points)

I'm doing my part.gif

MemesofOurFathers (17 points)

Love it!!


TradMadLad (48 points)

I never want to go back to that commie shithole known as Reddit.

deleted (18 points)
answermyanswer (3 points)

Yeah. I know a lot of us suspect reddit will finally close and ban it right before the election but we need to let that happen if it does. With it's large Chinese investment happening right before an election year, that would suggest an attempt at foreign interference in our elections.

It's entirely their choice but if they choose to do that then we need to allow it to happen. This is also why we need to follow their rules over there. Don't give them an excuse to shut it down. If they choose to shut it down, it need to be obvious that it was purely to influence an election.

real_mcnugget (40 points)

I remember when the days we flooded /r/all and Reddit broke because it wasn't used to so many upvotes. Then, suddenly...perhaps even overnight, other default subs began showing 35-40-50k upvote numbers. Weird!

MemesofOurFathers (14 points)

So weird, right?????

grenades_and_ham (7 points)

Greta: "I'm from Sveden, isn't the veird?"

GEOTUS_2020 (5 points)

I remember mentioning this to a colleague of mine when it happened. The upvotes reached 20k and more on many posts basically over night

Passion (35 points)

Feels Like Home

deleted (12 points) *
Buttfart88 (28 points)

Everyone spread this website far and wide.

Many people probably don't know this, but it was wise for us to not market our last website due to it being banned if it started growing too much.

Not anymore! Shout about this website from the rooftops!

Kn0thing (8 points)

What does your middle para refer to pede?

UnrealDonaldTrump (11 points)

he prob means the donald on voat, which was overtaken by nutters

grenades_and_ham (2 points)

Last I checked Voat, I barely avoided cancer.

truthhammer (25 points)

where's the live feed of users online? i can't see it

undercovermaga (18 points)

that takes a lot of work to program. there's bigger fish to fry

LikeAWombatScorned (12 points)

Is the site open source and accepting pull requests?

undercovermaga (12 points) *

I'm not a contributor. Just, as an engineer myself, I can tell you there's a lot of work involved to have a "number of users online" widget/counter. Expending a similar amount of work could gain many other, more needed features/improvements. Something like a # of people online counter should come later once the project has matured.

LikeAWombatScorned (29 points)

I'm a full stack developer and make my living writing stuff like that. If they accepted pull requests people like me could contribute and get the site in good shape.

MemesofOurFathers (13 points)

Sounds good to me!!

catatonic_frog (8 points)

theres a (small) link to message the mods on the right, in case you want to ask them directly.

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Lunatic_Fringe_PhD (2 points)

That's fantastic but curious, how do they keep it from being malicious help like pantifa might offer? Is it a GitHub type system?

LikeAWombatScorned (4 points)

Typically projects don't allow you to commit changes directly to the code repository. You fork a copy of the repository, make your changes, and submit a pull/merge request. The owner of the project reviews the changes before merging them into the repo. It is a tried and true method that has worked for many open source projects that would be tempting targets for malicious actors.

2themoon (14 points)

im an engineer to and that's an easy thing to add

Fabius (10 points)

We'll get there.

SheepleMaster (4 points)

The feature may not be difficult to add, but we should want to prevent bloat slowing the site down too. If it was made incorrectly it'll be calculating too often, every minute or something, instead of constantly.

Iridiue (11 points)

It would be nice to know the # of users just to compare the number of upvotes T_D on Reddit gets... see just how much voter manipulation there is.

The__Michael (24 points)

Fuck Reddit Eric Ciaramella

MAGA 18X!!!!!!!

Penny_is_Thicc (20 points)

Been hitting upvotes since I registered. Just doing my part for KAG.

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PaigeAshley (18 points) *

sips covfefe, puts on Convoy by CW McCall

Let's put the hammer down Pedes and MAGA!

RMR57 (13 points)

Gonna crash the gate at 98 haha

PaigeAshley (10 points)

Let them truckers roll, 10 4.

Neonentity (5 points)

You know, old CW worked with Chip Davis, who is Mannheim Steamroller/Fresh Aire.

Almost time for Christmas music.

PaigeAshley (2 points)

Wow, I don't know that! I love their music! Thanks for mentioning it.

Have you ever seen Mannheim Steamroller's rehearsal space? It's amazing.

Aambrick (0 points) *

Found some metal versions of the Christmas songs.


4moreyears (17 points) *

I like how this site has ~a few thousand users, and every post has roughly the same if not more comments than most of the posts on t_d, which has hundreds of thousands (millions) of users. They are slowly nuking that sub by only leaving the worst comments to make us look bad/kill discussion and energy. This site is a welcome progression!

The__Michael (13 points)

Many bricks and hollow curved fangs!

Magafactured (10 points)

Yeah - Somebody’s got to set up annoying brick bot so I feel at home 😀


Aambrick (5 points)

Don't forget the MOAB bot, Can't stop the Trump Train bot, and Coat bot.

YourWifesBoyfriend (4 points)


How dare you xir!?!?!

Lunatic_Fringe_PhD (4 points)

Get this patriot a brick!!!

Dodge1992 (2 points)

And a coat

Nobodyknows8484 (12 points)

Alright alright alright!

20KAG20 (11 points)

Is there plans to see active users here? I’d love to see what the number gets up to.

HumphreyBeans (12 points)

yeah that was the first thing i checked. would love to see the numbers. i have the feeling this is gonna pick up fast.

lifeisahologram (5 points)

I imagine they'll probably post those when more people migrate over. It's probably only a small percentage now.

LikeAWombatScorned (10 points)

Hi folks. I just want to thank the maker of this site for setting it up.

Realhermit (10 points)

The main way people browse this is going to be through their phones.

We need an app ASAP!

Magafactured (3 points)


OkieFromMuskogee (0 points)

Why the fuck do people want apps, to view truncated “mobile versions” of websites, when you’ve got a god damn computer in your pocket?

Plus, you sign in on a 3rd party app and your credentials have to go through them, meaning they now have them.

I’ll never understand apps to view worse versions of a website you can view directly just fine.

Realhermit (1 point)

Better formatting, endless scrolling and a dark theme for starters.

Choctaw (10 points)

Will we see online and member numbers? I would like to know how many we get transferring here. Also thanks for the hard work!

SomeDiggity (10 points)

Gotta feed the geese to keep the blood flowing

ArrestAllDems1776 (8 points)

Isn't it interesting how this just launches and we are already getting 1000-2000 upvotes and hundreds of comments per thread with most likely only a small fraction of the actual The_Donald base? What's that tell you about the Reddit suppression? I'm a believer that we are over 8 million subs (probably more based on activity).

What's gonna happen when around 20% of the user base is here and CommieFare (CloudFare - the webhost) decided that this is too much wrong think? Hmmm....I wonder.

Barkumo (7 points)

We have to make sure we come here daily to keep pumping up those numbers. Don't wait until reddit actually kills T_D. We have to breathe life into this place so it is nice and healthy when the day finally comes where we have it as our only option.

Dgelz (7 points)

I’ve had to religion about five times. What am I doing wrong?

Dgelz (5 points)

Re-login. Oopsy

deleted (4 points)
ProudAmerican (0 points)

Took me 3 shots before I figured out the right arrow button is some sort of log off icon. Haven’t had a problem since

undercovermaga (7 points)

this site's pretty cool. from my perspective the mobile experience could use some work.

JoePCool14 (2 points)

It could be worse though. At least the site was semi-designed for mobile. It's good enough for now.

Eyedaed (7 points)


JoshD (7 points)

How to I join the donald discord

Not gonna lie...Im impressed Shadowman. Well done.

zygren (6 points)

This place is going to get going real fast. Hats off to everyone.

MrGone (6 points) *

I'm here. First post.

Freedom. Fuck going back. I'll be setting this as my default page.

Hotswaps (6 points)

Can’t wait til everyone is here and we can see the true subscriber and upvote numbers

motrhed3 (5 points)

if we get over a million members, it proves reddit was suppressing us

Cyer6 (3 points)

The upvotes and activity on a brand new site that's still working out the bugs is already staggering.

Bill_Clinton (5 points)

I’ve been telling Monica this for a looongg time. I need a damn cigar...

GeorgeBush (5 points)

I'll join you, just don't tell daddy.

grenades_and_ham (2 points)

Where's Danny?

Melthesender45 (4 points)

The reality is we need freedom to Express ourselves. I understand that is scary but if you truly represent us then you will have to. Otherwise people will leave and never come back.

illiniPede (4 points)

This is the first 2 minutes I have been on this site and I am shocked at the amount of upvotes. It is almost like that other site is deflating numbers faster than the Patriots deflate balls.

soldierofcovfefe (4 points)

reporting for duty

Beroge (4 points)

Love that someone took the initiative and made this site where we can stockpile our bricks and coats!!!

Is there somewhere we can see the number of users/readers? Being part of history is awesome!!

Horton (4 points)

Lets see this hit millions!

sethreddit89 (4 points)

Now we get to conclusively learn what upvote dampening factor reddit was using. I'm guessing it was at least 10x, maybe 100x!

Cyer6 (3 points)

Seems to me it was quite heavy. Posts on here are several K and we're just at a fraction of the viewers over in r/the_donald.

HermitKidd (4 points)

Cant figure out how to post. Anyone? Bueller?

1776 (4 points)

I was here

Leland (4 points)

Any plans for population stats?

Spez_Sucker (4 points)

The initial loading page is deceiving. It just shows the sign in requirements.

DEMOCRATS are lying hypocritical evil pedos.

b3team (3 points)

Tell me how to donate please. If you make it clear where the money is going, this community will support this site. We understand running something like this isn’t free, and we are going to be targeted by everyone eventually.

Katica (3 points)

I Tweeted a link to my followers and will RT it later on.

Wonder if we could get everyone to sign up. Then we'd have proof of the 6 mil+ numbers.

HIGHENERGY (3 points)

How do we see how many users are on the site?

ExposeCorruption (3 points)


Loudness (3 points)

Pede reporting for duty!

Centipepe (3 points)

Nice job guys!

RitaEster (3 points)

I’m helping

Calabash (2 points)

This is beautiful. Secession! Freedom! Let’s dance!

OrangeManRad (2 points)

Sub Count or RIOT

CiaramellaTheClown (2 points)

3 Stickies.

Get Fucked Reddit

Barney_Gumbel (2 points)

hey! where is the membership counter

Bo-Nessround (2 points)

This is the best timeline ever!!!

sections3v3n (2 points)

Fucking A!

Here_I_Be (2 points)


reee_reee_reee (2 points)

how do we see the current online user count?

Cutter (2 points)

Has someone told the Boss (y'know; DJT) about this site?

Earnhardt (2 points)

No Brakes!

cow_moo_moo (2 points)

Can't wait to see what unfiltered numbers look like once everyone gets here.

travisestes (2 points)

I'm shocked at the activity levels here. Wow

ZINMASTER (2 points)


Deplorable223 (2 points)

Wow! Look at the real numbers! We are only a fraction or full strength! I'm a happy boy.

Mega_MAGA (2 points)

We just need some preferences, like background options, thumbnails or panels would be nice.

REEEEE (2 points)

I wasn't really part of The Donald in its heyday, and I browsed during the censorship days. Happy to be here!

SpongeBob (2 points)

They shouldve made this a clone of reddit, not just the Donald. I would personally participate in other forums on here. Reddit has been destroyed by their libtard user base. I like the idea of us having our own reddit.

Ugbootshuffler (2 points)

ErrrrMahhhGerrrd, winning.

William_Wallace (2 points)

Thank you darling, it feels just like home.

Felipepede (2 points)


catatonic_frog (2 points)

I'll be doing my part to promote this site elsewhere. Starting with my discord groups, and occasionally reddit

RepShartsw3ll (2 points)

I made it to the party!!

USAnumbaONE (2 points)

I’m in it! Let’s go.

Hail_Milo (2 points)

I assume there are lots like me that deleted their plebbit accounts after the spez shit and just lurked t_d.

Wonder what the real number of users will be in 3 months.

ShadowBan (2 points)

The funniest part is that i always saw t_d as reddit. Now t_d is the web site. Can't stop this train!

Cali-argen (2 points)

Where do you find user count?

quarantined_beef (2 points)

We need more dragon energy!

Goodj (2 points)

I'm here to get those numbers up

TrumpOrTreason (2 points)

When you’re ready.. I have a few contacts at the fake news NYTimes. I think they would love to write this story...

First lets get all the Pedes from reddit on here. 👌

OhShnigums (2 points)

What a clean interface. Nice work

Build_the_wall (2 points)

Yes. We must keep building!

minotaurbeach (2 points)

Got the memo, I am here because I believe in Trump and never in my life did I think supporting one of the greatest presidents in American history could cause this kind of backlash.

ProudAmerican1776 (2 points)

We need to make sure, we bring all the other Pedes from commie Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, GAB and Minds. Leave no fellow Pede's behind and spread the word!

The_Donaldnator (2 points)

Yeeeesss!!!!!!!! Im here for the party!

USMC0302 (1 point)

Greetings from Alaska. The whistle on the Trump Train rings loud and proud up here.

MagaMan1812 (1 point)

I'm loving the look and I know that it's just going to get better. Just like America baby! MAGA KAG TRUMP 2020!

deleted (1 point)
kesquare2 (1 point)

Trump Train has no brakes.

Just needs to change tracks sometimes.

ErmaMaggard (1 point)

NO WORRIES! More incoming!

IJustWantToMAGA (1 point)

I lurk on Reddit because I participate in a lot of trade and sales sub Reddits that are hostile if you post in the_D.

So happy I don’t have to worry about that here!

ElGuapo (1 point)

Keep spreading the word everyone! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to get away from that cesspit Reddit. MAGA!

Guess I'll say it again here, once we have a GunDeals section, no more reason to visit Reddit again

BigGh0st (1 point)

Keep spreading the word on Reddit guys! I just saw this was live and came over ASAP

MrFarmerMan (1 point)

Can we be honest here about the Jewish banking cartel and Israel owning our country?

SheepleMaster (1 point)

Let the meme war begin


Thanks to the pede who put the link on the_donald. Finally reddit was good for something.

pants4sasquatch (1 point)

Just keep sharing the website!!

Misfit1776 (1 point) *

Feels like home

MAGAMAGMA (1 point)

How do we see how many people are here? We need a counter to prove reddit lies about our numbers on reddit.

RoofKorean (1 point)

Any chance we can get that feature where you hold down on a thumbnail on mobile and the image quick loads so we don’t have to enter every thread?

BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

The numbers go up up up up up up up up up. Numbers are 10 upvotes higher (over and over again)

OllieNorth (1 point)

Feels good man.

anotherunperson (1 point)

I'm doing my part!

Mainwar (1 point)

Wahoo!! Don’t let this go from homymoon period to “no sex weekdays” in 3 weeks kids, Keep it shiny and fresh.

SwampSwan (1 point)

Got here as quick as I could!


EDKHimself (1 point)

Would be nice to see how many are on at any given time.

DonTread (1 point)


Reddit has turn into a huge circlejerk. Glad to see that I finally have an alternative

DeplorableLatino (1 point)

Came here from Reddit. Count me in!

Anyway we can get a box that shows total users. Would be freaking awesome to compare against Redditt?

kornesque (1 point)


deleted (1 point)
TriniPede (1 point)

doing my part!!!

I heard the call. I came (almost) immediately.

3vil0ne (1 point)

Needs more visibility on deddit. I posted there this morning saying get on td.win

georock (1 point)

proof that our numbers were suppressed on reddit, day 1 and already more upvotes here

st3aly0urfac3 (1 point)

where is the usercount stat?

chieffirewater (1 point)

Eddit admins: oh shit.

deleted (1 point)
TrumpFortyFive [S] (1 point)

That was yesterday :) My how time flies!

Lord_Kristopf (1 point)

First post for posterity. To demonstrate to unborn (grand)children I was on the right side of history (by the time this era of rampant, unbridled leftism will be rightly seen as the abomination it is).

ProudAmerican (1 point)

The creation of this site is why I am still a proud American. I’ve been lurking at the_donald since it’s inception and have enjoyed the insight of all of your comments. If it wasn’t for you glorious bastards I’d have felt like a very lonely soul. It’s my honor to join you here.

I_LUV_WINNING (1 point)

Its not much, but i will provide an upvote for you.

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deplorable007 (1 point) *

Are there stock options available for this website? I love it.

infoslob (0 points)

tell a friend.

deleted (-2 points)