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I can't tell you how good that feels.

Say it loud - say it clear.

Eric Ciaramella is a CIA stooge and he should be outted as the deep state operative that he is.

I can't tell you how good that feels. Say it loud - say it clear. Eric Ciaramella is a CIA stooge and he should be outted as the deep state operative that he is.
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DonnyJ (113 points)

The media is trying to hide him because if the general public found out who he is theyd see this entire impeachment for what it is - a partisan hit job.

thomquaid (45 points)

Not just traditional media, but social media and search engines too. They hide the name not just to hide the partisan hit job, but to keep the fact from spreading except face to face.

terrichris (17 points) *

So true.

It's unlikely I'll return to Reddit given this new platform.

Thank you to the team of white supremacist, bigoted, sexist, homophobe fags (read: free speech supporters) who build this.

No_More_BS_01 (8 points)

Harrumph! Reddit can kiss my grits.

Brocklanders (32 points)

Once Ciaramella gets questioned and everyone finds out he only has second hand knowledge from leaker lt col pork rind. Then the whole democrat dream will shatter into a thousand pieces.

iamlimelight (12 points) *

This is when the Shit Show is canceled!

CancelTheSwamp (2 points)

Cancel them all!

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RU_joe_king (3 points)

"lt col pork rind"...kek

Infinite_Oreos (9 points)

Can't forget about his CIA ties, too. That's a huge part of this.

PremiumPatriotPepe (8 points)

Nail. On. The. Head.

Keanuthepornstar (6 points)

You misspelled deep state coup. FTFY. /s

ampedUpAlligator (4 points)

What’s scary is all that bullshit doesn’t seem to have resulted in the Streisand Effect.

Madmatt7g (2 points)

I know this is anecdotal but people I know to be liberal Democrats are calling this a circus.

basedtexapede (1 point)

To be completely honest, I thought the same thing about the Clinton impeachment, and I have never been a fan of any Clinton.

mredz (1 point)

alot of anti trump doesn't think that..i tried to tell some of them and still refuse to listen but have talking point from MSM.

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AgarthaForever (26 points)

And Epstein didn't kill himself.

AnIntellectualPede (16 points)


deleted (7 points)

It feels so breezy to be free. Like going commando.

No_More_BS_01 (5 points)

Great analogy!

Dr_Trump (3 points)

How excellent.

DonutsJunction (3 points)


victory (2 points)


Ph7antom (11 points)

U sir. Are doing the lords work. Have my upvote

Brocklanders (11 points)

You are not supposed to say that name! A fake law that schiff invented states so.

Oh wait, this isn’t reddit. Fuck reddit. Eric Ciaramella the CIA spook.

Jdill2020 (3 points)

I mist have missed that? Was it During his magic minutes!

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spezedit (8 points)


No_More_BS_01 (5 points)

Eric Ciaramella if you aren't into caps

No_More_BS_01 (3 points)

Eric Ciaramella if you aren't into caps

FearOfBees (7 points)

HIS NAME IS FAGGOT, kek we can say whatever we want here.

Spez can eat my poop.

YoureAdmonished (5 points)

u/spez is a pedo cannibal

RedComet (3 points)

Who is Spez?

AlphaPepe (3 points)

Spaz is the owner of reddit.

starman164 (3 points)

He's also a massive fucking cuck

man it feels nice to be able to say that

Workinggirl (7 points)

Like Mark Levin always says... ‘there I said it. Yeah, that’s right I said it.’

Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower.

redditisforfigs (6 points)

But you can't say that !!

FiveStarMan (5 points)

Thanks to whoever made this site! FUCK SPEZ

RedComet (2 points)

Who is Spez?

20KAG20 (5 points)

He who must be named. ERIC CIARAMELLA

MrPussyWhiskers (5 points)

Sorry, can you repeat that name, I got distracted by a fuzzy ball.

NotACommie (3 points)

Eric Ciaramella

RedComet (3 points)

Eric Ciaramella, you say?

BFGStumpthousand (2 points)

Hmm. Eric (CIA)ramella?

Cuck-WTF (4 points)

Blatant inversion of our judicial system. I wouldn't even call it an inversion at this point. What they are doing is a prolapse of our system.

Naming the whistleblower is 100% legal.

Unwis3man (4 points)

Does anybody know if Gab is a good site? Or is it too far right?

AlphaPepe (2 points)

There's a lot of good stuff on there. I'd mainly look into the groups section. There's even a T_D group.

JimJordansJacket (1 point)

Is there a “too far right”? Really?

Unwis3man (3 points)

/pol/ is too far right for me.

basedtexapede (1 point)

I would like to believe that at least 75% of them are teenagers trying to outdo each other in being edgy, and don't mean much of what they say. But then again, I haven't been on /pol/ in a long time. And I'm not exactly hurrying back.

Penny_is_Thicc (4 points)

PEDES: The only reason the Democrats want the non whistleblower whistleblower to be anonymous is because they are full of shit and his testimony can not prove anything anyway! They just needed him to create this farce. CHANGE MY MIND.

Brocklanders (2 points)

Eric Ciaramella is the beginning and the end. But Trump is the alpha.

Knock knock. Who's there? FBI.

Axiom502 (2 points)

Beach Friends

Has this guy ever said he’s NOT the whistleblower? I believe if I was being accused of being the whistleblower and I wasn’t I’d be throwing a fit. I don’t see any fits being thrown.

_josepi_ (1 point)

Because then he'd be lying.

Thep1mp (4 points)

Exactly. Don’t even call him a whistleblower.... he isn’t blowing the whistle on shit- it’s all a lie.

mugatucrazypills (3 points)

Next bannable offense will be mentioning thedonald.win on reddit.

Ducktape (3 points)

Also known as “Charlie”......ask Bongino...

Eyedaed (3 points) *

WHAT!? Don’t you know you will get (10) lashes for speaking that name?!

Grimaldus (2 points)

His allegiance is in his name.

Trump4Lyfe (2 points)

Republicans should have shouted his name from the beginning. They didn't have to say he was the whistleblower, but also they could have, who cares, just get him out there as a deep state stooge and force the issue.

Does anyone doubt for a second that if the whistleblower came out with this smear job on Obama the Dems would have outed him on day1?

And now they all sit up there pretending not to know who he is but at the same time can't bring up the name ERIC CIARAMELLA?


Shamb3 (2 points)

I super cringe when Schiff head and the media pretend his identity is secret or deserves to be.

Leaker CIAramella isn't a whistleblower, he is a spy.

Zengin (2 points)

I just fucking love the amount of freedom we have here, it actually puts a smile on my face

Lazy8 (2 points)

Evil Reddit Is Communist. China Is Asshoe Ramming Another Meatpipe Entire Length Lopsidely up reddit Ass!

oh wait I can just post his name without cryptics like I did on REDACTED? ERIC CIARAMELLA ERIC CIARAMELLA ERIC CIARAMELLA


fableforge (2 points)

First post. Great site. It feels like regular t_d except a magical genie has scrubbed off the rest of reddit. Respect.

Repeal_XXII (2 points) *

He is also Charlie as referred to by Strzok and Page in their texts.

Tenspot20 (2 points)

Eric has a brother who works at The Reason Foundation as a political editor, he has in the past worked for Buzzfeed and many other left-wing news sites, his name is "C.J. Ciaramella. On Twitter it was asked if he was related to Eric, and C.J.'s response was "probably". That Tweet has now been deleted. They look almost identical. All of this info was provided to and removed by Reddit.

Paradyme (2 points)

LOL phenomenal!

OliverWillis (2 points)


SlothB77 (2 points) *

Where was all the sanctimony about protecting and defending Ukraine when Russia expropriated Crimea under Obama's watch?

Oh how little sympathy there was for the lack of defense aid going to Ukraine from Obama when Russia was annexing their territory in 2014.

f3m1n15m15c4nc3r (2 points)

He and his lawyer should be sent to Gitmo to be "questioned" and given the following choice:

  1. Be executed for treason.

  2. Rat out the other traitors and get a life sentence.

Even if they choose 1), it will dissuade others from treason in the future. At the moment, there is no punishment for treason as long as you're a Democrat. That has to stop.

ERIC CIARAMELLA. I’ve been spamming all of the rest of Reddit with the name. And twitter. FUCK CENSORSHIP.

Caractacus (2 points)

...and Bill Clinton is a rapist!

Passion (2 points)

He has a small penis

ciaramella_is_gay (2 points)

Fuck that guy.

Phil_Selway (2 points)

Oh, and don't forget... 1776 WILL REPEAT AGAIN!

undercovermaga (2 points)

Eric Ciaramella!

Sigrum (2 points)

Feels good man

PaigeAshley (2 points)

I'd pay to see Eric in the same room as the President! You know that really scary, stern, frigid glare President Trump gives people he dislikes? Eric, the Hearsay Blower, Ciaramella, would melt like the Wicked Witch into a puddle at his feet in utter shame and awe.

justicein2020 (2 points)

We don't know his name so we don't know we're not supposed to know his name!

DonutsJunction (2 points)


Muh dreams! Muh childhood!

basedtexapede (2 points)

i sHOulD bE In sChOoL!

gutterbacon (2 points)

Eric Ciaramella will be a known name by everyone when this charade is exposed.

Axiom502 (1 point)

He won't be able to walk the streets

TheDerpState (1 point)

We can't forget his little lawyer too. If this were the 19th century, half of these "operatives" and most of the Dem party would be having a nice vacation at the gallows.

Breathe the fresh air of freedom of speech

deIeted (1 point)


Wupta (1 point)

I’m here and it feels good not to feel like I’ve got someone watching over me. I’ve been banned in several subs on Reddit.

Dialectic (1 point)

You mean Xir's name! Bigot!

deleted (1 point)
CQVFEFE (1 point)



Savetherepublic (1 point)

His Name is Robert Paulson!

BusaFalconeer (1 point)

Faggot cuckella

TurboFart (1 point)

Eric Cinderella is a bitch

45Trump2020 (1 point)

That's Eric CIA for short.

Trumper926 (1 point)

Also, Bill Clinton is a rapist. Obviously.

terriblemajesty (1 point) *

That name is Eric Ciaramella.

E-R-I-C space C-I-A-R-A-M-E-L-L-A.

That name again is

Eric Ciaramella

You got a loicense for that hate speech, mate?

MrBeanBag (1 point)


BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

Eric Ciaramella is a bitch

Damn that feels good

Biggie_Smalls (1 point)

Was he really in the Obamacare ad as Pajamaboy????? Fucking unreal


scotronic (1 point)

Char-a-mella.. Like "Charlie" the the Strzok and Page texts.

Allyourbase (1 point)

Going to be nice inside a forum that can't silence us! Eric we got your emails!



Was his name YO!

AdamSchiff (1 point)

Sorry but I'm gonna have to strike you down with my big sexy gavel.

geotus1 (1 point)

This is the guy Vindman and Schiff don't know, but they won't say his name, and Schiff won't let you say his name.

TitleCorrection (1 point)

You won TD!

TheCat (1 point)

I just go around social media using the Pig Latin version hehe

istleblowerwhay isyay ericyay iaramellacay

The man blows anything else OTHER than whistles. We can see these deep state shills for what they are. MAGA CANT BE STOPPED

BigDaddyMAGA (1 point) *

Schiff is so terrified of him having to testify under oath. Even if you know his name, which everyone does, do not dare say it because clown world.

Also, fuck communist democrats and FUCK YOU Reddit!

MAGAbility (1 point)

This right here is why Ive been waiting for this site. Feelsgoodman.jpg

America. Fuck yeah.

BonerDonor (1 point)

Fuck Reddit

Peacefrog (1 point)


CatnMouse (1 point)

Is he the whistleblower as described in the impeachment hearings?

CatnMouse (1 point)

Will the senate subpoena him ?

Get-schlonged (1 point)

And i am not threatening his safety. I hope he goes away and he, his wife and her boyfriend live happily

Yes his name is Eric Ciaramella!!!!

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deleted (1 point)
Winterds001 (1 point)


WoodShampo0 (1 point)

Will senate be able to call ciaramella as a witness?

ProCannonFodder (1 point)

And he is "Charlie" in the Strozk/Page texts.

Emotikon (1 point)


MAGA_Aoyoc (1 point)

Fellow Pedes - always name him for maximum Xi'pooh and radical left REEEEEing.


In loving memory of brickbot....

     Ludicrous Bricks!!!
Ericcinderella (1 point)

I can attest to that

Hello fellow pedes!

thisguy883 (1 point)

Free speech.


adolfhitler (1 point)

Just like voldemort from harry potter (the only book that millennials read) you just can’t say his name despite everyone knowing the name

Eric Ciaramella Streisand Effect

Damadhatter (1 point)

It was almost limerickal

I can’t believe the name everyone knew would be the thing every place on the internet would retroactively ban just to pull a, “Haha got you! That’s illegal now you’re banned” or “You’re a criminal”

I’ve known stuff like this was going to happen since the TotalBuscuit post that broke reddit years ago.

It doesn’t make it suck any less or make the internet any less Orwellian though.

Thracka951 (1 point)

Yeah, that dude looks like he blows “whistles” alright

Based_Nigga (1 point)

Delete this we’re going to get banned /s

HumbleMemeFarmer (1 point) *

Even if it were illegal for normal folks to name CIAramella, it can't be illegal for Congressman to utter his name thanks to Article 1 protection.

[F]or any Speech or Debate in either House, they {Senators and Representatives} shall not be questioned in any other Place.

deleted (1 point)
TheXthDoctor (1 point)

Eric SHAMarella, because this whole thing is a sham.


doug2 (1 point)

Wait I thought his name was seth rich.

Now I'm just confused.

suchwinningwow (1 point)

His name is Mister Vindman

DaddyT (1 point)

Freedom baby! Finally away from the cucked reddit overlords

deleted (1 point)
xenomoly (1 point)

He actually worked under hill in 2017/2018. She knew him and did not mention anything about it during the hearing. The whole damn thing is a sham.

DieCommieScum (1 point)

His name is Eric Ciaramella, world famous cuck!

mfdaub (1 point)

That is IN FACT his name.

deleted (1 point) *

I hear that Eric Ciaramella guy is a real loser! Fuck off reddit admins

Thenew23rd (1 point)

Vindman is the actual leaker. Eric Ciaramella is his stooge.

Jondeerryder (1 point)

Woot, finally let me register. They don't want Eric Ciaramella named because then not only will all of us know he's a democrat operative, but everyone will know.

BlackBoxInquiry (1 point) *

The media is such a tool of the DS. Dolts...

Even here he's trying to slink away...


Seeing as the internet is turning into a mass left indoctrination center I really don't get online much except for places like the_donald. Glad to see this place is up and running as I can't stand Reddit.

TexasJack (1 point)

And he's not a whistleblower.

Political spy and seditionist.

circletruth (1 point)

Eric Cucamonga 😂

deleted (1 point)
ChelseaHubbell (1 point)

Rock n roll dudes I'm here and I got my username

4republic (1 point)

Who is this Eric Ciaramella person? Sorry, have been kept in the dark by the slavemasters who look after me!


Kryzine (1 point)

My first post will be Eric ciaramella. That is all.

RussianBot1776 (1 point)

Four more years of Trump... House and Senate majority is my prediction. Despite what you see in social media a.k.a news aparently, the majority of citizens are fed up with this nonsense. Swing vote seats need to take a stand against the bullshit or risk losing their seat.

JohnDrama (1 point)

Eric Ciaramella knows he is a bullshit artist

Sonmaker (1 point)

He deserves prison as a member of the coup conspirators. Schiff, Vindman, too!!

paloooz (1 point)

Uhhhm excuse me?? It’s Lt. Col. Vindman

BasedAussiePede (1 point)

So is it true he's dating Pencil Neck's daughter? Or did I take a bite of an onion?

ShampocalypseWOW (-1 points)

It's not A Rick Chair A Mellon?

deleted (-1 points)