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The design reminds me of the old version of reddit which I really liked. Most importantly reddit can't censor shit.

May I ask what stack is this running on? I might be able to help if it's open source. I usually do backend/fullstack/mobile stuff.

I was planning to do similiar website myself, but not a reddit clone since thedonald.win already aced it. Maybe conservative friendly version of twitter.

Anyway, great job with the website!

Edit: I want to correct my mistake. I only mentioned Shadowman3001, but we should really be thanking the whole team for their incredible effort. Once again the project manager got all the credit :D

The design reminds me of the old version of reddit which I really liked. Most importantly reddit can't censor shit. May I ask what stack is this running on? I might be able to help if it's open source. I usually do backend/fullstack/mobile stuff. I was planning to do similiar website myself, but not a reddit clone since thedonald.win already aced it. Maybe conservative friendly version of twitter. Anyway, great job with the website! Edit: I want to correct my mistake. I only mentioned Shadowman3001, but we should really be thanking the whole team for their incredible effort. Once again the project manager got all the credit :D
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Medtex1 (376 points)

Holy shit, this is what freedom looks like....don't like that shit, make your own shit.....then tell the shitty shit makers...GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

EPic (240 points)

The site is even faster because we don't have to subsidize all the cucks.

PewPew_ThaDuK (128 points)

Also all the shady code that shadow bans and filters everyone

Chief (38 points)

Can we please have R/SUBDONALDs I want to create sub communities for swamp news

Chilopodes (35 points)

That would be pretty dope; not just for news though. If we get all the centipedes to come here, we'll have more than enough people to sustain hobby communities, like the niche subs on reddit. Not directly Trump/politics related. Just wholesome fun.

It could be just like reddit used to be before everyone outside T_D became mentally ill.

SirBuzzKillingtonVI (21 points)

Seriously - if they expand by adding a few other subs with adjacent interests and add an app, I think the appeal of a platform with no tyrannical censors will pull users from reddit who are sick of the BS.

MaplePede (10 points)

As long as they NEVER SELL OUT

That would be incredible. Sane people creating content on interesting shit. Not always agreeing but being generally SANE!

Reddinatored (3 points)

TD/woodworking TD/Minecraft TD/SundayGunday

JesusisKing (42 points)


RiverFenix (28 points)

no APIs connecting to China

WenzelDashington (18 points)

Obligatory FUCK CHINA

Chilopodes (21 points)


deplorable-d00d (5 points)

Which one? The dead WWE / porn star Chyna, or Blac Chyna?

Shadowman3001 (87 points)

I saw this waaaaaaay too late!

I just want to specify, I was just the asshole manager that proposed the solution and whined about features and stuff. The devs (who I welcome to make themselves known, they're other mods, but I won't out them if they don't want) are the fucking heroes.

RiverFenix (37 points)

So Humble, too..

I was a cheese maker, now I test website prototypes like thedonald.win

FredWinston2.0 (20 points)

Doing the lords work.

IronMaiden (12 points)

Thank you and the team soooooooo much!

oakley (12 points) *

Whining is appropriate when you are designing ( and even if you are a babe)... NOT when you are a woman complaining about men. Thanks for your humility

CancelTheSwamp (8 points)

This place is awesome! Thank you all!

NaCl_Miner (4 points)

Can we donate somewhere to help with hosting costs, etc...?

Texcellent (2 points)

Thank goodness your name isn't ominous in any way!

kingsargonii (1 point)

Don't worry CNN will do that for us.

JimmyNelson (43 points)


MrYoyo99 (27 points)

Put this on a T-shirt NOW

thisguy883 (17 points)

God bless the United States of America!

phocas (13 points)


Ella101 (12 points)


endthefed (4 points)

Until cloudfare stops hosting it

magabirdlady (2 points)

Thank you so much...Feels good feels right.

ApuLivesMatterToo (125 points)

Can't agree more! If you ever need donations to help pay the server fees, let us know!

MAGAliths45 (86 points)

Also wouldnt mind adds if its by wholesome companies. Id donate some spare spending money for this too though

LugNuts (66 points)

My Pillow!

nmipede (64 points)

Black Rifle Coffee!

The_Almighty_Kek (16 points)

I drink Black Rifle and sleep on MyPillows! Both excellent products.

MemesofOurFathers (16 points)

Yeah! Anything really!! :)

deleted (26 points)
Thracka951 (22 points)

And get set up with Brave Rewards so we can donate all of the adults revenue generated anywhere else

RADON (10 points)

This ^

Molten_Plastic (15 points)

I second this. I have absolutely no issues with ads from non-cucked companies to help pay for everything here.

AvalancheUnited (9 points)


fuzzywhiterabbit (6 points) *

They'll be too chicken to support the site with ad revenue. They're starting to blister their knees from all the bending. Let's hope they don't become calloused. Chick-fil-A needs to grow a spine.

PremiumPatriotPepe (46 points)

I second this. We need to keep this site running STRONG.

Thirded. Sincere thank-you to everyone that worked hard to make this possible.


I want to donate so fucking bad, our only sub was SCREAMING for a legitimate back-up. They made this one perfectly too

dev_c0t0d0s0 (44 points)

We should also be allowed to buy bricks for good comments.

Bucktooth34 (19 points)

Gold bricks for really good comments.

minted (7 points)

That’s a fantastic idea!

Larka (5 points)

And coats! All patriots need a coat.

Pelosis_xanax (4 points)

Oh hell yes! I’ve never spent one thin dime on reddit gold but I’ll run my credit card to buy bricks and coats for patriots.

Shadowman3001 (42 points)

Ideally it'll never come to that. Our guys are pretty wicked smaht when it comes to this shit, and we're expecting to be able to handle everything out of pocket. For example, magaimg is mod-created and mod-funded, has been for years, and you wouldn't believe the traffic and data it gets.

When I originally proposed this idea to the mod team I hesitantly suggested that we reach out to friendly conservative companies to do ads because I figured running the place would be waaaaaaaay more than it actually would. The devs called me an idiot and we decided on a strict no monetization plan.

Defender110 (26 points)

Hey Shadowman3001. I work in systems infrastructure and have built hosting infrastructure for a top-50 website. If you guys need any help or have any problems that you're trying to solve, I would love to help out however I can. My area of expertise is Linux, Kubernetes, and AWS. I write software, mostly in Go. My day job is at a big San Francisco Bay Area tech company (the basement of Hell) and it would be incredibly fulfilling to help out here. Whatever needs doing. Please PM if I can help in any way.

Dutch_Trump (5 points)

We got the best system infrastructure workers, folks

Pelosis_xanax (4 points)

I work in IT security for a Silicon Valley company. I wish there was a way we could connect - like a conservative IT slack group or something. But I’m horribly paranoid about having my identity revealed and my employer finding out I’m on the Trump train.

pamba (2 points)

Also a closet non-liberal working in SF in tech. Would love to do a big FU to Reddit, and Google with some SSID protesting. :P

Pelosis_xanax (1 point)

I often set up my portable WiFi with things like #Trump2020 or #Trump is your president when I’m traveling in San Francisco

Defender110 (1 point)

I haven't been approved for Discord yet, but once I am, I want to make a technipedes channel or something similar. I will try to comment here or send you a PM if I ever get approved and if I can send messages.

I totally understand what you're going through. I was "outed" at a previous company and everything changed for me overnight. Went from friendly to pariah more or less instantly.

I can tell you that you're not alone. We're outnumbered, yeah, but we are there. Let's make this channel happen.

I-am-but-an-egg (19 points) *

I like the idea of a Merch store. I want to see pedes at Trump rallies wearing a shirt that points people to this website. You can’t tell me that the users here wouldn’t come up with the best ideas! All the money could be devoted to trumps campaign or other charities that Chick-fil-A won’t support anymore.

senseiturtle (14 points)

Would love a merch store.


I'd really like some subtle shit, like shirts with nothing but red T_D letters on it. And maybe a small flag on the shirt somewhere

redtaboo (10 points) *

I disagree on no monetization.

Do hats, shirts, mugs. Allow donations. I have other ideas but I won't speak of them publicly.

Avoid ads.

(and smoke meth like the real redtaboo)

31P10 (4 points)

Someone needs to pick up where the Hot Shots calendar left off, but with hot MAGA Pedes.

Magafactured (4 points)

was shadowman saying no monetization? Or just no ads?

On mobile, can’t tell right now, but yeah, merch👍

in_the_end_08 (9 points)

One suggestion I'd like to see, a subdom for news to separate things out.

Chilopodes (8 points)



hydradarr (3 points)

oh thats good. miniwins.

ApuLivesMatterToo (9 points)

That's great to know then! Just note, we're here if y'all ever need anything 🇺🇸

donaldtrumpwinning (7 points)

Systems, Large Scale Game Engine, Automation Engineer and pure red pill fuckery programmer at your service if you require.

ol-rapin-billie (5 points)

It's amazing how efficient and inneficient these platforms can be when you have actual smart hardworking people building them instead of sjw's and 20 layers of beaurocracy.

LibsOnSuicideWatch (4 points)

Please allow donations. Use Flattr or something. I would contribute a small amount every month to ensure this website stays up!!!

NARCISSUS (4 points)

That's amazing news! Thanks for all you've done so far. This is incredible work. Is it safe to say that all precautions have been taken in choosing a host and everything else to prevent bullshit like Gab dealt with (having to go with Epik, who supported the cause)?

rustyrockers (29 points)

Yep! I want to do a monthly contribution! Even if I gotta make a crypto account to keep this sites dev team's privacy secure. Never can be too careful. I love this site.

JohnSpartanSAPD (24 points)

I can't code, but I am willing to chip in some cash!

wethepepe (16 points)

Code, cash or memes

Magafactured (13 points)

Nobody MAGAs for free

I-am-but-an-egg (12 points) *

Code, cash or Memes

nobody MAGAs for free!

I need this T-shirt now!

Chilopodes (3 points)

They should totally do a merch store. The mods, (now admins) do so much for us and they do it out of pocket. Their pride is the only thing holding them back from making fistfulls of money.

deleted (2 points)
kurukkuku (5 points)


WhoElse (11 points) *

Thanks for mentioning. Would be happy to give "gold" or bricks on this site !~

Cymfg (65 points)

Developer here, I would be down to contribute to a git repo to help with bugs and such.

rustyrockers (19 points)

What is the backend running do you think? Node?

Cymfg (18 points)

No idea! Lol it’s probably something like that. I hope so anyways, it would suck if it’s not something that can be containerized and spun up simply if hosting providers stop playing along and the site needs to move.

rustyrockers (23 points)

Yup. Given that services like Cloudflare are apparently a bunch of faggots, (wouldn't host magaimg.net) it's worth building it right from the ground up, so migrating to a new host is painless if needed. I wish they had a sticky or something for feature requests, bug reports, etc.

Shadowman3001 (12 points)

Check out the Discord. That's where we're currently maintaining that. May have something off-Discord soon though.

redtaboo (5 points)

dude get off discord the ADL and SPLC work with the furry devs.

itreturns (1 point)

Why did you guys use GoDaddy for the domain? They're known to suspend "hateful" domains.

OrganicVandal (5 points)

The site IS behind Cloudflare.

porncop (4 points) *

IDK what happened with magaimg but it got back on Cloudflare, and this website is also on Cloudflare.
If the cuckazoids try to take us down, Cloudflare might cave if given enough pressure.

rustyrockers (13 points)

It would be cool in a scifi way to have this site be decentralized/peer to peer, instead of needing hosting. One can dream haha

wethepepe (9 points)

checkout mastodon (https://joinmastodon.org/)

i think they're doing it with RSS feeds or something (cant remember for sure)

BarrBQ (10 points)

While I like the idea... a quick browse through the community categories gave me cancer. Journalism, Activism, Alphabet Groups, Furries. That's gonna be a no from me.

wethepepe (15 points)

Oh lol no no no

Don't use it for the community

I was talking about the tech

Congee (2 points)

Gab is also federated like Mastodon. An alternative that supports free speech more is pleroma, if you want to keep looking for instances

King (1 point)

city dwelling alphabet people!

itreturns (1 point)

They use the activitypub protocol.

iiii (6 points)

Same, I'd be happy to help.

202700000000 (5 points)

Same, would contribute.

Buttlet (3 points)


Defender110 (2 points)

+1 - I write mostly backend stuff in Go but happy to help anywhere. If there are any backend issues, I would love the opportunity to help out. This is my github: https://island.nu/gh

GeneticsGuy (2 points)

Same here! Hell, I'd be willing to write a free app for this I am so happy it exists. I just need to reach out to find out what is already in the works so I don't step on anyone's toes.

Vegans4Trump (1 point)

Web Developer here too. Totes willing to spend free time adding features or fixing bugs

Heywoodjblome (41 points)

I'm a backend dev. Specializing in query optimization. Depending on what's being used I'd love to donate my time and expertise. If not I would absolutely donate money to help this cause.

God bless all responsible for this site.

TrumpTrain (12 points)

If I were you, I would get on the Discord server to ask about this. That seems to be where they wanted to keep this type of talk at

ncmarc (41 points)

I own a data center and have racks of servers. If there's a problem with hosting, let me know. Also, CloudFlare are nazis. We should switch to BellugaCDN which is cheap and not regulated by the US.

deleted (3 points)
Clabber (38 points)

Yes, put together very well, thank you Shadowman3001 from the bottom of my heart.

f3m1n15m15c4nc3r (37 points)

Now THIS is a lot better. No bans for suggesting Obama committed treason. No deletions for mentioning ERIC CIARAMELLA.

one3five (9 points)


i can't even

literally shaking

420blazeitkony (35 points)

Can we please have child comments collapse when a parent comment is collapsed? Other than that, looking great!

Shadowman3001 (31 points)

We were still in beta testing when the Ciarmella shit went down, and decided to go ahead and open early because it seems like the ban is imminent. Dark mode, comment collapse, and a number of other issues and suggestions are actively in the works!

deleted (5 points)
sereno (3 points)

Please, we need a simple layout... something inconspicuous for browsing at work.

Thank you for all that you do.

shokafalori (1 point)

Mods = gods

rustyrockers (11 points)


sketchyuyser (10 points)

Seems to already have been fixed.

It's a known bug. I'm pretty sure that it is being worked on.

Rookie_2 (7 points)

Working for me now. 6 beautiful children with this comment

TrumpTrain (6 points)

Mods asked that you report this type of stuff in Discord, not here

undercovermaga (4 points) *

if we had a product owner, they'd record feature requests like this.

then users could vote on the priority of feature requests.

TychoDurandal (2 points)

This is a minimum viable product. Only gonna get better and better from the looks of it

The_Boogens (28 points)

You made this? I like this. This is a good thing. This.

Rookie_2 (8 points) *

He did not build this

t. lazy-ass bumbling 0dumbo

Shadowman3001 (11 points)

To be fair, I didn't!

Rookie_2 (9 points)

Lel the man himself. Excellent job anyway! The other place was getting too hot for comfort.

Kane (5 points) *

True! I've been baned at the other site for almost a year for "inciting violence". When (imho) appropriate, I would post "firing squads are in order". Somebody over there could t stand the truth. Thanks to all for letting freedom ring over here.

MrPotatoHeadBooker (26 points)

Is there any chance the fucklords at reddit will see this and cry like bitches?

f3m1n15m15c4nc3r (23 points)

Sincerely hope so.

TrumpTrain (16 points)

Their spies are here now, no doubt

real_mcnugget (14 points)

Oh for sure, they'll be flooding in here shortly. It's going to be amazing watching them get BTFO'ed.

DrCowboyPresident (2 points)

Omae wa mou shinderu

I wonder if the developers are considering implementing IP banning, especially automatic ones handed out to those who give out too many consecutive downvotes (which should be relatively easy to check for now!). It won't stop them all, but it'll shut down a large fraction who are too lazy/too retarded to figure out how to change it.

nmipede (10 points)

Honestly, I don't care. Cry or no cry, it matters not. Their feelings don't affect me.

Banana (23 points)

I just registered and I wanted to say I love the site already, the only thing missing is the online count (and butthurt shills). You guys did a great job capturing the original design of the subreddit! It really makes it easy to switch over from reddit. MAGA!!!

Binosarus (22 points)

Man it's like a breath of fresh air. This is freedom

Burchoid (15 points)


WassermanSchultz (21 points)

This is my first post here. Love it. Reminds me of before the quarantine.

PS Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower

AtariArtist (18 points) *

If you need new weekly / special event side banners I gotchu fren Shadow

Shadowman3001 (3 points)

Shoot me a message with some of your work!

JimmyNelson (18 points)

I am here. Donald J Trump is my President.

Cirruspede (15 points)

Looks great!

shadypollster (15 points)

Definitely run ads if you want to. This is such a gift. Thank you.

I can see this place being a good beachhead for metasizing through reddit. They will have to do a lot of moderating to stop the signal (they can't stop the signal).

deplorable-d00d (2 points) *

Good point.. I disabled my adblocker on thedonald.win, but we should make sure everyone keeps blocking ads on le reddit, so spez can't cash in on us.

1777 (14 points) *

🇺🇸The legendary Shadowman3001🇺🇸

SavedintheUSA (13 points)

Thank you so much for this site!!! I was starting to get an anxiety attack yesterday, wondering how I was going to get through the loss of the_donald. I had been there since early 2016. I never really could figure how to post. So I have a lot to say. Get ready. Thank you for all your posts and for keeping us informed. Bless all of you beautiful pedes. TRUMP 2020

OrangeMan (12 points)

I can't wait to see how it will look in a few weeks when most of the bugs are hammered out.

AmericaFirst (11 points)

First impression is that it definitely looks great. Reddit admins took a lot of the fun out of T_D with all the censorship nonsense. Looking forward to some unabashed celebration of our country and President.

MAGAPEPE2024 (10 points)

You have my thanks as well, it looks beautiful!

Magafactured (4 points)

...and my axe!

(First visit here – had to do it :-)

Rookie_2 (10 points)

This design was still available using old.reddit. But it got butchered by the quarantine as it did not show the whole layout. Glad to see this uncluttered interface, I'm convinced the new interfaces every sites are moving to are designed to encourage certain behaviour. My brain is fighting them so much like they are some pink haired pierced mouth gaping prog.

one3five (2 points)

pink haired pierced mouth gaping prog

kek, and shudder

Free-Ninety-Nine (1 point)

It's so good to have it back. I used to click on it to refresh, but after the quarantine it took you back to the front page.

I never went anywhere else on reddit anyway, so I don't need it.

SnipedYou (9 points)

Is there a donate box somewhere? The Hijack of Reddit by the far left has ruined my 12+ years on the site and I no longer want to go back. Thank you very much for creating the site.


TDAF (8 points)

Zelensky loves your ass! We love your ass!

Iron_Balls (8 points)

It literally took 10 seconds!!!

I’m shaking right now!!

Gene04 (8 points)

I am actually sorta afraid Reddit will talk to commie china to try and get it removed or some shit. Who knows what those fucks would do.

LugNuts (11 points)

They will put pressure on the host to drop it (a la Gab), they will send assholes to fake post illegal stuff, they will flood the threads with garbage and fake news, and they will doxx. Same as Red-dut.

Meisterstenz (8 points)

It's like OG reddit. I fucking love it. And I love all you Maga pedes. Fuck real reddit.

PurplePunch36 (8 points) *

Just created my account. This is fucking amazing. Reddit is just going to shut TD down before elections. Can’t wait to leave that shit hoe.

Choppermagic (7 points)

Please sell merch because i would buy it! ha ha

If you're thinking about a twitter clone, you can fork Gab Social and run your own instance of it

hint (6 points)

I am pretty sure they forked the old, open-source version of reddit.

horsefacestorm (6 points)

Awesome, let's see this puppy grow!

Deplorable_Meme (6 points)

I love you all! I feel safe 😊

mcdrilly (6 points)

This site looks a lot nicer than reddit. Love the banner too!

Meisterstenz (6 points)

When reddit does shut us down, I'm brigading every shill sub I can before I get epsteined.

TrophyWife (6 points)

I'm so happy to be here. Thank you!

Nemesis (6 points)

Fuck Spez!

Workinggirl (6 points)

Yes! Great job. And when I press the upvote button on the main post the count increments up by one. Ah-mazing!!!

YuugeNews (5 points)


springz (5 points)

It's impressive! mad props to team .win

Dinohunter (5 points)

I love all of you! Glad we’re still together fighting the good fight! MAGA 👍🇺🇸

Somedeafguy (5 points)

Make moderating easy again lol

Trump_2024 (5 points)

Thank you! We have our freedom to shitpost without worry!

deleted (5 points)
2020magavision (5 points)

Just throwing my thanks in the ring! It's very good - simple, quick, familiar, lean - it is actually "new AND improved" which is a rare thing indeed!

gabwinone (5 points)

Amen, Bro! Emancipation Proclamation!

UndeadRevolver (2 points)

I don't listen to hiphop!

tesseractum (5 points)

Amazing job mods and all involved. Lets MAGA and then lets KAG!

oilybohunkofshit (5 points)

Really incredible job. He encapsulated the feel of 2016 without the jank, and most importantly, without the cuckoldry

higgisp (5 points)

I'm a frontend engineer if you want someone that can help with performance

trumancarol (5 points)

This is awesome! I want help out with some MAGA cash.

KekForceTex (5 points)

Thank you for the escape pod Shadowman3001!

KAG 2020

undercovermaga (5 points)

I'm wondering the same question myself. Also a full stack developer.

Steelflite (5 points)

Ayyyyyyyyy, I’m in and this place looks lovely. Even though I’ve had a drink, that’s not it talking...

QPlus2020 (5 points)

Great job on the site. Here's to freedom of speech and capitalism! BTW get a donation page up so we can help support the effort.

Happy to donate

SheikFromMozambake (5 points)

Shadowman3001 is a legitimate hero! This site is awesome.

7even4our (5 points)

Big thanks, I can almost feel the patriotism leaking through my screen...

Largest of kudos to you, and all the other wonderful pedes out there!

IT professional pede here, offering my help along with the others who have offered their assistance.

one3five (3 points)

patriotism leaking through my screen

collect it in a spray bottle and spritz it on leftists, like holy water

Murph (5 points)

I almost never commented on reddit, and never in the donald even though I found that magnificent place in 2016 before the election. I went from a Trump hater to lover. I remember watching him crush all of the other republican candidates and I remember thinking screw this I want to win too. Seeing this place feels like we may finally be back to our roots. I am so excited and fuck spez that massive cuck along with the other reddit admins who continue to censor the conservative voice. My only concern is the lack of reach we will have here but honestly if we all share our posts from here it should work out just as good as reddit.

Char (2 points)

Your thoughts echo my own. I never posted on the Donald because crazy reddit people use your reddit history to attack you and as such I'm left just upvoting. We need to focus on improving the reach of this website.

Murph (2 points)

Exactly! I feel free on here, don’t have to worry about the cucks tracking down all your posts to try and ruin your life for supporting the greatest president of all time.

Ostrichesarecool (4 points)

This is wonderful. I have been so tense awaiting the inevitable ban.

DuplexFields (4 points)

Since I always use old.reddit anyway, this feels like home.

xRussianbishop (4 points)

Hellz Yeah

Glock-n-spiel (4 points)

Reddit? What’s a Reddit?

FiveStarMan (4 points)

Thank you!!!

Chick-Fil-A (4 points)

After Mr_Trump got banned, this is the best option folks. Screw reddit, screw spez. MAGA

ncc6206 (4 points)

A true patriot among patriots.

Eyedaed (4 points)

So far so good!

Move over joebiden.info! This is my new favorite website.

titsandwich (4 points)

I’m just so happy to be able to comment. Reddit flagged my account as suspicious and I had no way to verify since I originally signed up without email. I made a new account and a mod banned me for no reason and no one has ever read my requests to be reinstated. You guys changed my life over the last 4 years and I’m so happy to be able to participate in this community again!!

Capn_Guill (4 points)

I'm new to front end development and would love to help any way I can. I'm positive I could find a way to be helpful would love the experience.

783hz (4 points)

Thank you! You will go down in history. Ready to donate bitcoin monthly to keep the site safe and running.

Examiner707 (4 points)

Am I crazy or does this actually work faster and better than Reddit? I'm really impressed!

JimmyReese (4 points)

yeah man thank you. I am happy to be here!

ilutrump (4 points)

this. is. awesome! thank you so much!

novaks47 (4 points) *

I love it! Looks just like the Donald should! I missed the glorious banner and side bar! Hot damn this site is gonna trigger the cucks on reddit, kek!


alienjesus (4 points)

It looks good, works smoothly! Thanks!

Verrerogo (3 points) *

Shadowman3001, should there be a MAGA Marriage site? For babies. The US birthrate is at a 40 year low. Family minded people have a hard time finding each other.

Additionally, maybe recruit some of your elders for a matchmaking service, to background screen people, interview them in person perhaps. Might even turn into a business.

Elvis (3 points) *

Hope you guys have a good DDOS protection and solid hosting.

Currently seems like godaddy/cloudflare so expect to go down any moment :(

I think Gab found a solid hosting solution so the sysop should consult with them about futureproofing this site. I want this to last the next 5 years at least :-)

BoricuaPede (3 points)

Feels good, man. Like the good old days before the hordes of China bought out our Reddit.

deleted (3 points)
MrBabySpam (3 points)

As an alternative to TD this site absolutely nails it, great job!

truthhammer (3 points)

thank you so much!!! YUUUUGE THANK YOU!!!

DarkPurpleSilk88 (3 points)

Yes! Thank You! I will not stay quiet anymore damn it!

Examiner717 (3 points)

Is there any hope of getting an app made of this as well??

Shadowman3001 (2 points)

Patience, Padawan

grognar_the_ape (2 points)

No reason to return to Reddit. I've been there since the great Digg exodus, and have watched its unfortunate decline. What this does is now pushes me to move away from aggregation sites back to the way things used to be: exploration of the web and communication via many sites, forums, etc.

Stukov (2 points)

Does anyone know how to enable a dark mode or night mode for here? Or get RES to work with this site to use its dark mode?

ErmaMaggard (2 points)

My first post here is to say THANK YOU! Thank you to you and everyone else who made this happen!!!

jaeger (2 points)

Great job shadowman3001 and thank you. KAG 2020

blunt_person (2 points) *

Make your own platform, shitlord.

So he did.

The absolute madlad.

Crannfeldinga (2 points)

This is absolutely great! Thank you, team--this is exactly what I've been saying that we need! It's also the American way in action: don't like something? Then make a better one!

janetrosemarie (2 points)

Thank you Shadowman3001 & the whole team... A "brilliant" plan, quick and decisive move to keep our mega community intact without fear of being destroyed... I now feel confident that our Trump will be reelected! I believe that we, The_Donald, were pivotal in the last election... Power in numbers!

Cyer6 (2 points)

I hope this site gets to the big guy himself, Jr and some conservative voices like the Bongino, Tuck, and even OANN. Some loud voices promoting it or at least making people aware of it would be a big plus.

m0neykills (2 points)

pizza gate info drops

Epstein drone footage and intel

project veritas videos

Q Anon updates

Sanskrit (2 points)

Just praying that Shadowman is not Shia LeBouef getting back at 4Chan, and the other shoe is falling soon ;)

But yes, thanks man, this could be the start of something YUGE!

Patriot_Abroad (2 points)

Just created an account, first post. Fuck censorship.

Already feels like early days on t_d.

Nice work to everyone who’s contributed.

CursedEarthPizza (2 points)

I bet Spez is gonna nuke TD very soon now that this site is up. He’s gonna get so bent outta shape that he’ll do it to make himself feel better and spite us. Hell I bet he browsing here already, grinding his teeth knowing that he can’t do shit to us now.

TrumpMagaNoBama (2 points)

It's a hell of a lot faster than slug Redditt. Thanks for such a great site!!

ol-rapin-billie (1 point)

wayyyyyyy faster

Pierre_Delecto (2 points)

Yes, sir! You have my sincere gratitude.

xquidproquox (2 points)

Awesome site! This is where I'll be fulltime when Reddit shuts down The_Donald like the schmucks they are.

deleted (2 points) *
Cant-Standja (2 points)

Thank you.

LaDinosaurJones (2 points)

This is really good. I mostly lurk T_D but this is much better and an excuse to stop using Reddit

hotshotjosh (2 points)

Thanks to all who were involved in getting this thing off the ground! It looks amazing 👌

SaltMiner76 (2 points)

this place is beautiful. I agree with OP. THANKS ALL WHO MADE THIS HAPPEN!

TheXthDoctor (2 points)

Now we just need the arrows with the wall animation and RES features built in as options. If y'all can get the site looking/working like this, I believe in you to get it done soon enough.

WilsonWinz (2 points)

Love the site. Great Job!

Eeffrey_Jepstein (2 points)

What a patriot, thank you!

wethepepe (2 points)

my snooping makes me think it's wrttien with asp.net could be wrong tho

im hoping for an api so pedes can build more greatness on top of this platform

SomeDiggity (2 points)

Tremendous Job shadow. Mobile looks awesome.

DildoBaggins (2 points)

Eat my butt, Reddit

Jobu567 (2 points)

Love this. Thank you so much!!!

JayG33 (2 points)

Just signed up! This is what we need! I just read about this site on Reddit. Don't know who runs the site, I will look into it, but I'll give it a shot. My advice? Don't censor, shadow ban, or block anyone based on political beliefs and you'll eventually blow up. Places like Reddit, Google, and Facebook will soon collapse. The main reason people were drawn to these sites was because of the freedom! Freedom to communicate with different people and share your views with them. Or seek information the mainstream refuses to cover. To have an open & honest discussion. Now people can't handle that bc these huge monopolies have blocked all dissenting viewpoints. Also, awesome job putting this together.. easy to operate! Here's a test Eric Ciaramella lol let's see if I get banned.

Shadowman3001 (7 points)

Nope. This is a leftist-free zone.

Slick_Willy (3 points)

The entire interwebs belong to the leftists and you want them in this sub too?

UndeadRevolver (2 points)

Meh I'm okay with banhammering all cucks here forever. Fuck their insidious infiltration everywhere. I believe in Shadowman et al. and trust their judgment, however

chim_richels (2 points)

Thank you indeed to all that worked to put this together. Great site.

I'm in if there's money to be raised to help grow and maintain the site.

Long live the fighters!

Illumination (2 points)

Much freedom, thanks many!

BlackBoxInquiry (2 points)

Yes, thank you. Sincerely.

Axiom502 (2 points)

I love this site how it mirrors the old domreddit. As a creature of habit I really appreciate this. We should all just migrate now!

Sheff (2 points)

This is impressively fast.

Shadowman3001 (4 points)

Months in the making! Loose lips sink ships, and ours is afloat!

Eric-CIA-ramella (2 points)

Agreed. I've had some beef Shadowman in the past, but here we can all breath free.

pendulumislander (2 points)

thank you so much for putting all this together...the air was getting thin back in the old homeworld....very grateful

Brocklanders (2 points)

The site feels smooth. None of the bloated shit reddit has.

pauliegualtieri (2 points)

1776 HAS COMMENCED. Free from the tyranny of Reddit.

Commiewrecker17 (2 points)

Haha, literally the only reason to go on Reddit just migrated here. Lol, watch Reddit go tits up now. FREEEDOOOOOM!!! 🇺🇸💪😎

minted (1 point)

Exactly the same here. TD was the only real reason to keep using reddit. No more now!

MemesofOurFathers (2 points)

Respect. Many thanks!

Pm_me_anything_fun (2 points)

Now just need a reader app for the phone like 'reddit is fun".

MAGAmachine2020 (2 points)

Thank you! You are doing God's work! God bless the USA!!!!

Fabius (2 points)

It's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!!

I'm done with reddit. You're a true hero.

Hunterbidenskid (2 points)

Happy to be here!

lifeisahologram (2 points)

I love this website, the people who made this are my heroes.

Basedfaggot (2 points)

Can we get a dark mode?

Paul (2 points)

Thank you!

RealRedneck (2 points)

We are the beachhead. This is where we retake social media.

ncc6206 (2 points)

A true patriot among patriots.

deleted (2 points)
NPCNN (2 points)

Some free speech finally.

We should all promote the site on Twitter and Reddit

AwakeAwareNow (2 points)

Soooo this isn't using reddit backend or something??? Looks like reddit.

Shadowman3001 (5 points)

100% ground up baby!

irony (1 point)

You built this from the ground up in like 2 days? Mind posting what you did?

Slick_Willy (1 point)

Nice work seriously

deleted (1 point)
Epic_Caramel (2 points)

Old reddit is open source so maybe this is a fork off that.

jphass (2 points)

Agreed, just found you all today. Thank you!

ThreeLetterPat (1 point)

feels like home

It's beautiful. Thank you.

cloud (1 point)


THOTH (1 point)

This is freaking awesome! Now I know where to go if they nuke T_D. I'll still come here if they don't but it's very refreshing to know this exist. Thank you.

Barkumo (1 point)

Thank you very much. Right now this is a great place to be and sometime before the 2020 election, it will be the only place we can go.

William_Wallace (1 point) *

It feels just like home, but without the SJW neighbour.

Zyonex1 (1 point)

Thanks for making this! Just came from Reddit

DealWithIt (1 point)

It would be great to get dark mode. I’m willing to help with this.

Leatherbeak (1 point)

Yes, thank you for providing safe haven.

RedBloodedFather (1 point)

A big thank you to everyone that worked to make this new site happen. Fuck reddit's attempt to quarantine freedom.

universemonitor (1 point)

Are there any reasons reddit could use to take this site down or sue? - such as similarity in design, concept of voting etc.

RestlessRedhead (1 point)

Here here!!!

patriotX (1 point)


Judgejude (1 point)

Winning bigly! Thank you for this site!

JesusisLord (1 point)

Thankkkkkk you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. A blow for individual liberty. Well done!

Bax101 (1 point)

I am really impressed by this site. It's great how we have as pedes got some many talented players willing to give us another platform to win with.

Invite Tom Fitton

Who wants to PPPAAAARRRRDDDDYYYYY? Great job Shadowman3001.

AVeryNakedMan (1 point) *

I personally like the feel of new Reddit more than old Reddit, after I tried it out for awhile.

The collapsible comment lines are my favorite feature from new Reddit.

draintheswamp (1 point) *


WenzelDashington (1 point)

Does anyone know if we can create different kind of subs?

m0neykills (1 point)


We are the_Donald!

Pedesonpatrol (1 point)


bpcpdx (1 point)

Just signed up. Tried to log in at work and it turns out our security software thinks this is a gambling site lol.

It's not gambling if you know he's gonna to win.

diver (1 point)

is there a total number of users registered? would be nice to see how it grows..

Canapeder (1 point)

Good job to the web designer and thank you to everyone else involved in this.

terriblemajesty (1 point)


MAGAngelo (1 point)

I cannot express how grateful I am and how happy this makes me.

soMuchWinning (1 point) *

Love it, thanks so much for this!

How do we know that wherever this is hosted won’t try to shut this down?

Industry4 (1 point)

Very impressed with this site. Thank you, Shadowman3001! This is fantastic.

Carolina (1 point)

This feels like the old, FREE America, again! Thank you!

Jack_Dupp (1 point)

Truly, a heartfelt thank you, a true patriot.

Rekt (1 point)

Thank you all for this site!

DontCAmyTX (1 point)

THANK YOU!!! I’m so happy to see this. Thank you all for your work on this. I am completely useless as far as tech help - but I would be happy to donate if needed. You folks that pulled this off are amazing... MAGA ON PEDES!!

Norwayhastrolls (1 point)

Any libs find us yet? Id love to have an uncensored debate with a cuck.

Norwayhastrolls (1 point)

Finally a place to hang that is worthy of Americans. Oh we gonna exercise our rights in here, yes indeed.

Is there an APP

Thank you :)

Emperorvoid (1 point)

I love you fucking Pedes!

sfasu77 (1 point)

I would like to help as well, I'm of moderate ability with Java Spring and postgres backends.

SwampView (1 point)

...already I feel late to the party. A huge thanks to the people that made this happen. You are modern pioneers.

DarkestMatt (1 point)

All hail Shadowman3001!

corneredbeast (1 point)

Yes, hats off to the team building the new site!

Pissonschiff (1 point)

Reddit = China = Schiff = Asshoe = Both Reddit and little Schiff are red Schitty Asshoe.

ol-rapin-billie (1 point)

My dudes. I'm an architect for one of the big 4. Let me know if you need anything and I'm your man. Check reddit/discord to see that I'm a patriot.

jcd_007 (1 point)

Agreed. Thank you to all who made this site happen!

Hilldawg4Prison (1 point)


jeigh44 (1 point)

Thank you, Pede. This is very smart! Especially with all the peach mints!

scott31337 (1 point)

Thank you!

mredz (1 point)

this is incredible website...The_donald always ahead of the news.

HaverhillPede (1 point)

This is amazing! Happy to be onboard!

anachrotech (1 point)

I'll contribute. This is fantastic !

MAGA_APN (1 point)

Thank you

spooktember (1 point)

Big thanks! I feel more comfortable here already.

Kekception (1 point)

Thanks you for this. It’s very well done. We will continue to fight on two fronts!

This is the greatest website online.

Sexy (1 point)

Can't wait to see what the_donald minus the censorship will look like!

FreedomFromGovt (1 point)

Free at last! Free at last! Thank Kek Almighty, I'm free at last...from that bug-eyed, Low-T spez!!

I missed the banner above; and Trump's wonderful face; and all the wide-open prairie to be the gregarious dreamers of memes that's made us a once-in-a-millennium movement!!

Thank you, Shadowman! Bless your amazing hands!

Just legally immigrated from Reddit. Just curious how secure this site is? It's a guarantee that lefties will try to cripple it if it grows too powerful.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW (1 point)

Love the site... But do we have Brick bot?!

MakeArdernGoAway (1 point)

Serious question, how safe is this site from being shut down by salty globalist cucks?

USAnumbaONE (1 point)

This is top notch.

I’d make it so you can see everything without having to create an account. That way you keep the buzz going. Great stuff patriots.

I love Trump. I love the USA. I loathe democrats and communism.

Peacefrog (1 point)

So good! Thank you to everyone here for getting this rolling!

Imagine 7 million users coming here and leaving Reddit behind... It’s like the smell of napalm in the morning!!🤠

bh506407 (1 point)

seriously, seeing Trump and the Eagle staring at me makes me feel so much more at home already.

reddit can quarantine us all they want, but they can never take away our love for this community and the MAGA movement!


Bunny (1 point)

It's like the new Freerepublic, now don't let this go down the toilet, too.. :)

BastardSonBiden (1 point)

Well done dev pedes. Site looks great

teslaxoxo (1 point)


Can we have a section like Ask the Donald Supporters?

Inb4 cease and desist from reddit

Sunflower6873 (1 point)

You rock!!!

Hunterbidenskid (1 point)

Will our stories here make it on the major search engines? For normies to learn the truth.

LaSimpleman (1 point)

Thank you!!!

Who is the network hosting? The last possible weak link.

TampaMAGA (1 point)

Here for the gang bang!

This site is crazy fast

Kaiheitai (1 point)

Great job Shadowman. This is an example of why conservatives need to be in tech.

NimblePede45 (1 point)

Woooooo thank you oh gracious one, I like it here already!

Annedroid (1 point)

Just signed up today. Thanks for all your hard work!

Trump2080 (1 point)

Looking good

Pepega (1 point)

What do you think of GAB?

phocas (1 point)

This is so legit

Amerikev2020 (1 point)

Thank you Shadowman and team for this beachhead in the war against the Orks.

WRONG (1 point)

Put this on IPFS or Beaker DAT protocol, so the site can be TRULY ETERNAL

JediDwag (1 point)

Truly. This site is actually pretty phenomenal. I don't know what I expected, but this is most definitely a home run.

firestorm117 (1 point)

Only thing I wish is we could see how many people are on and signed up

metapop (1 point)

Wow, I'm in heaven. Thank you.

I created my original reddit account 10+ years ago, and when it became toxic I abandoned it completely. This is awesome.

Can we please ditch GoDaddy though?

jeffreyepstein (1 point)

I remember powerman 5000.

Kiras (1 point)

May their likeness be made in bronze.

sofa_king_chubby (1 point)

very nice, very much

Mmhmm (1 point)

Thank you!

pomfffff2 (1 point)

All this excitement reminds me of the early days of The_Donald. Bye Reddit! (Also, China is asshole.)

jwmaga (1 point)

Thank you.

trumpismypresident (1 point) *

TheDonald unchained!! - Thank you Shadowman3001

markpa (1 point)

Awesome!! Thanks everyone that put in work to make the site!

tinybutterfly75 (1 point)

Yes, thank you for all your hard work and for looking ahead! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Therightside (1 point)

Yes libtards, go fuck yourselves

deleteme123 (1 point)

Shadowman3001: GG. Night/dark theme? :)

4_Moar (1 point)

I can’t code for shit but thank those who created this site. Thumbs up to you coding gents and ladies.

Winter (1 point)

Great job, I love it already! Thank you for making it!

Trudeauisaturd (1 point)

I almost quit the donald due to Reddit making it tough to log in. This is amazing work

PepeLaPede (1 point)

I approve heartily.

Lavender_Blue (1 point)

It's truly sad when AMERICANS are grateful for a place where they can exercise their God-given right of FREE SPEECH! Sad and frightening, and at the age of 63, something I thought I'd never have to experience. I know what I will be bowing my head and thanking God for this Thanksgiving: POTUS Trump; the Constitution of the REPUBLIC of the United States of America; and thedonald.win!

KiltedTailor (1 point)

And this writer Agrees- thanks to all who built this. We will meet, in circa 06 years in some American Gulag

kentucky (1 point)

The site loads x1000 faster than liberal cuck redditland.

Trump2032P (0 points)

Is this the rise of conservative social media? Maybe even leading to a truly conservative media outlet...

I hope so!

Count_Dyscalculia (0 points)

Shall we give Shadowman3001 some shiny new Rubles?

deleted (-2 points)