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wonderfulusa 272 points ago +273 / -1

NO ! NO ! .... Say it isn't so ! My shocked face : ಠ_ಠ

IMMORTAN_TRUMP 281 points ago +282 / -1 (edited)

The left has conquered literally every single institution. The rights biggest failure has been minding our own business and thinking that the left would leave us alone / play by the rules.

The entire federal government, filled with liberals. From the DOJ to the FBI to the EPA and CDC. The entire education system from the DOE to your local school district. Every local, state and federal bureaucrat. The entire media complex, news, internet and print. The entire entertainment industry.

Even the 'Committee for Presidential Debates' which most of us probably never knew even existed before 2016.

Our fathers slept on their watch, because of that we will have to fight like never have before to save our country.