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Sen Graham wraps up...


and me over on theconservativetreehouse, 20 April 2018, before I got banned...


TDU_Weight says:
April 20, 2018 at 9:29 am

Brennan’s strategy was scorched earth. Destroy Trump. His tactic was to drop as many sparks in as many places as he could (and get away with it) and get other members of the small group (those who were witting [Strzok] and those who were unwitting [Farkas]) to fan the flames using the resources of their respective law enforcement, diplomatic and intelligence agencies, starting a prairie wildfire of scandal that would consume the Trump campaign and then later the presidency.

It began as an offensive operation to destroy Trump and then morphed into a defensive operation to save the arsonists when Clinton lost the election.

The methodology was a disinformation campaign to create a scandal that would drive voters away from Trump and to Clinton, and later, feed the impeachment effort.

In Comey’s case, Comey was not fanning the flames with enough vigor to get a wildfire going. So, Brennan used Harry (WHAT, ME WORRY?) Reid to, oddly enough, light a fire under Comey. I think what we are going to discover is that Comey was being manipulated in ways both known and unknown to him. Comey was aware of some of the machinations, but did nothing to effect them one way or the other, in other cases he was not as dumb as he is now pretending to be in public.

Example: Acquiescing to be the sole (as if only Comey could answer all the questions, substantive or technical, that might come up in regard to this matter) in camera briefer to inform Trump of the hookers and golden showers allegations (limiting the scope of the Steele dossier information to be passed to be only the most inflammatory derogatory information), not revealing the source (“not my goal” what the hell does that mean?) of the allegations (Clinton campaign), that the MSM revelation of the allegations was imminent, that there was nothing that could be done to investigate the claims without the danger of the investigation being perceived (Comey speak for leaked) as an attempt to validate the claims, not disprove them, etc. etc.. Comey poured gasoline on Trump and lit a match. As Q often comments, “Boom!” With only one person in the room, there were no witnesses and Comey’s version of events, being the Last Boy Scout On Planet Earth, would have more weight if and when push came to shove (the just released Comey memos).

The ironic part is, the disinformation campaign worked well and it was all over Washington. And anything that is all over Washington is not something that is missed by the Russians. After picking up on the rumors, and reading the tea leaves (Boris, did you do this? No Fearless Leader, it wasn’t me. Natasha, did you do this? No Fearless leader, it wasn’t me.) the Russians started chumming the already salted waters of the “small group” disinformation operation to encourage the feeding frenzy, or what Comey referred to as tossing bread crumbs to the sea gulls (or something like that).

So, the small group created a phony Russian disinformation operation in order to destroy Trump’s campaign, the Russians sussed it and punked U.S. Intel with disinformation outside the control of the small group.

Bravo Zulu boys. Bravo Zulu.