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how does this sound to you? ACB wrote an opinion that states NON-VIOLENT FELONS HAVE 2A RIGHTS. she would be one huge positive vote to hear 2A cases everytime in our favor because the SCOTUS has been half-assing on taking big 2A cases for the whole 200+ years of our country other than heller and mcdonald.

That silence has left key aspects of the Second Amendment’s scope unsettled, and gave Barrett an open field in which to work. So what does that tell us about her? Barrett praised Antonin Scalia, for whom she once clerked at the Supreme Court, at the White House on Saturday, telling the audience, “His judicial philosophy is mine too.” Her writings in Kanter proves how much her approach to constitutional law resembles his. Barrett’s dissent is a dense, historical review of how the founding generation viewed felony offenses and gun ownership. It mirrors Scalia’s own majority opinion in Heller, which laboriously reviewed the history of gun ownership in Anglo-American law.