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LadyOfLorien 121 points ago +121 / -0

I approve this meme.

deleted -11 points ago +3 / -14
iPertinax 21 points ago +21 / -0 (edited)

Alright, I wanted to give you people the benefit of the doubt and not have to dig into this myself, but you've forced my hand.

The very post you link to is a round table of contributing opinions, many of which bash her or the republicans/Trump for nominating her. Those who are positive are subtitled 'legal analyst' which means they above all should be able to remove their bias and admit she's a good judge if it's true.

You explicitly quoted one header as your first quote. Here are some you must have 'accidentally' forgotten to include from your very same link:

Trump is sending a clear message: Make America White again

A judicial selection process that sets Lady Justice's blindfold on fire

This nomination sounds a death knell for abortion rights

Oh, were those inconvenient to your narrative? One cannot possibly reach the conclusion that 'CNN is praising her' if you read what is in your links and have > two brain cells to rub together.

Like I said, I wanted to let discourse play out and I usually don't even downvote posts, but this is a deport.

Anaconda 23 points ago +29 / -6

prepare for a massive alt-right backlash against ACB because they believe all SCOTUS justices must be white men and they are really triggered that she has 2 black children and a special needs child that she refused to abort (she discovered his condition while she was pregnant).

the triggered alt-righters who always REEE about 'da jooooz' are just as cancerous as the left