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Anaconda 8 points ago +9 / -1

'bostock' was fucking terrible though. i support the ruling halfway on the gays and lesbians because that still means that they interpret sex/gender to only be TWO GENDERS if gays/lesbians were the only ones ruled to have workplace discrimination protections. but when gorsuch also wrote that all trannies/76 genders now have the fucking same protections as gays and lesbians was when he went a step too far.

i like gorsuch on pretty much all rulings but the tranny half of the 'bostock' ruling. kavanaugh OTOH i have been very impressed with overall. in 2020 he finally fully detached from the whole 'vote with the majority on everything so i don't have to write an opinion' thing that most rookie justices do in their first year on the court so they don't rock the boat and this year he has been rock solid on every case.