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djtverystablegenius 113 points ago +113 / -0

I barely survived the Net Neutrality repeal and now this?!?

Goozmania 3 points ago +7 / -4

Unpopular opinion here, but the net neutrality thing opens up the possibility of ISP's controlling what you view and controlling your bandwidth.

Companies have mostly chosen not to use this newfound power, because of things like cancel culture... But just because they haven't acted on it, doesn't mean it was a good thing. I place this act right alongside the Citizens United case which gave corporations rights as if they were actual people, which is ludicrous, to me... That is establishment republican stuff, not MAGA stuff.

MAGAlikeLINCOLN 1 point ago +2 / -1

How exactly can ISPs control what you view unless encryption is banned. And how exactly will society not collapse due to hackers if encryption is banned. You would no longer be able to do online banking, many online payments, all email and other communications would be hackable by man in the middle attacks.

If instead only traffic was allowed between certain accepted sites then overnight I think a mesh network would pop up where people would actually share and publish real content. Kind of like how a parallel economy is forming with sites like bitchute and gap and this very site we are using.

It isn't going to happen. Your opinion is completely based out of ignorance. I'm open to being corrected but you got to back up that opinion of yours.