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Flipbarryfromreddit [S] 3 points ago +4 / -1

Same here, I briefly watched the video on twitter of him bragging ab this while riding the horse, I got so upset I scrolled away from the vid immediately after a few seconds. Tbh it ruined my night tonight and last night too. Can’t stop fucking thinking about this. My mom’s side of the family LOVES horses, owns a couple and had the best awarded show horse in the country for a couple years. My mom’s best friend loves Horses too and owns a couple as well. This shit cuts deep man. I really do hope this bastard gets what’s coming to him- I hope he gets killed and suffers an excruciating death!!!!!! He said he’d “Do it again too” and that “he did nothing wrong” even tho he literally posted he was murdering his horse for racial injustice...... I hope the horse makes it! 🐎 🐴