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knightofday 74 points ago +75 / -1

Looks like a bitch made faggot with that empty shell of a plate carrier

Flipbarryfromreddit [S] 33 points ago +35 / -2 (edited)

Let’s send PETA on his ass!!!!!!!! Edit: HE PLANS TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!! HE SAID HE’S PLANNING ON DOING SIMILAR “PROTESTS” IN THE FUTURE! A literal domestic terrorist! HERE’S PHOTOS AND VIDEO OF THE INCIDENT: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/id-do-it-again-dreadhead-cowboy-plans-more-protests-similar-to-dan-ryan-horse-ride/2344189/

THIS POS LITERALLY POSTED ON FACEBOOK “I’m riding my horse to death for social injustice” YET IS DENYING ALL HIS CRIMES, SAYS HE LOVES HIS HORSES & IS INSTEAD TRYING TO BRING ATTENTION TO SOMETHING ELSE I WON’T EVEN MENTION. He also said that he “DID NOTHING WRONG AND (HE) WOULD DO THIS AGAIN!” Execute him immediately Mr. President! Is that possible? Bc I want him fucking dead. This bastard child needs to fucking pay for his crimes.

Can Mr. Trump have this bastard killed for being an enemy of the state?????? I know Trump can for “crimes against humanity”- maybe we can claim so bc he’s caused mental anguish & torture to humanity!