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bh506407 260 points ago +261 / -1

Lol anyone who they don’t like is a nazi, even if it’s some random person who just wants to drive somewhere.

These morons are unintentionally redpilling thousands of people just by being the mental midgets that they are.

There’s no excuse for this shit. Telling the dude you’re going to mace him for driving through a town. I’d have fucking plowed through them too.

MustBeTrump 111 points ago +111 / -0

I think it's an absolute travesty that the guy mocking him and calling him a Nazi didn't get his head crushed.

bh506407 54 points ago +54 / -0

All we can do is pray that karma catches up with these low-lifes.

What purpose does blocking streets even serve? Other than to intimidate and bully people? Are they trying to prevent commerce?

What gets accomplished by blocking the damn street? Some guy pulls up and then they just scream obscenities at him.

All they are accomplishing is getting people to hate them more than they already did. And putting themselves at risk to get ran over.

What a genius plan...

MustBeTrump 29 points ago +29 / -0

It's exciting for them, they feel powerful and naughty. You can hear it in their voices, they can't believe they're getting away with it, they're giddy and delirious.

And then reality hits, they say "you can't just honk and run people over" and then they instantly eat their words and they realise it's not a game and they just caused their allies or friends to be hit by a car.