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2parties1cup 227 points ago +230 / -3

The media has made them think that we are all literal nazis about to kill them.

Crockett 30 points ago +30 / -0

When we say that they can't handle dissenting opinions, it's even more profound than it sounds.

When I talk with a BLM supporter, I know that they in their mind they're doing something to advance the cause of protecting black people. Even when I think that they're being influenced by some racist ideas (like thinking of black people as a monolith), I understand that they don't actually think there's a problem.

But when people like this see Trump support, they literally don't even imagine that Trump supporters might possibly not believe the same narrative. "I think that Trump is fascist, therefore anyone I see who supports Trump must be consciously supporting fascism." In their world, everyone agrees on the same interpretation of facts, therefore anyone who disagrees with their conclusions must have sinister priorities.

It's a failure to understand that people actually disagree. Which is actually terrifying when you think about what it means for discourse and compromise.

MustBeTrump 3 points ago +3 / -0

Actually really good point here, this is how I consciously think about my interactions with these people but I've never described it as well as you've done here.

Another part of it is that they also have interpreted the facts and come to the same outcome as us, however they lie to themselves and others to cover up those facts, which is why they see black people as poor and pathetic, and when you call then out they think you're not supposed to do that. It's why they embrace the white privilege and guilt narrative, because they're 100% guilty and when they see us reject it, they think it's because we've come to the same conclusion but decided that we don't care.