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Rotted2TheCommonCore 604 points ago +605 / -1

“I found out he was on the board, After he was on the board.” Keep talking sleepy Joe.

weltbild 245 points ago +245 / -0

The appearance of impropriety is enough to cause corruption in the system.

Joes "I trust my son" standard is not enough for the promotion he wants from the american people.

As shaky as the camera.

trump212121 116 points ago +116 / -0

I can't wait for the debate.

Modus_Pwninz 111 points ago +113 / -2

They won't happen. I'd bet my life savings. Been saying it for months.

HistoryInvestigator 86 points ago +86 / -0

It will happen, Joe knows he will lose if it doesn't - average voter will think he wimped out. It's a lose-lose situation but worse if he bails.

WU_HAN_FRU 36 points ago +37 / -1

Worse if he goes through with it.

This man has advanced, profound dementia. He will be humiliated.

They're not trying to win it by persuasion. They would not have nominated this pants-shitting potato if they were. They're trying to make the election an unmanageable mess and take it by fraud, bullying, and sheer bravado.

DocOne 27 points ago +27 / -0

That plan went out the window with RBG

anikom15 15 points ago +16 / -1

I don’t think Ginsburg’s death was planned like many say. It just doesn’t add up to a net win for the Democrats on any measure. Either she’s been dead or essentially dead for some time and something has prevented them from hiding, or she did die recently.

Death comes for all of us.

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