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superwookee 2 points ago +2 / -0

It's Critical Gender Theory also called 4th wave feminism.

The idea is that because some group has historically been "oppressed" they now get advantages to speed up "equality." Known racially as Affirmative Action.

Yes the "logic" is that creating intentional inequality will lead to equality.

Also the focus changing from equality of opportunity to equality of outcome has led to the absolute illogical mayhem that we have seen unfold with BLM.

Illogical "moral" principles that contradict the actual logically defensible moral foundations of the US can do nothing but harm and represent a "religion" that is far more intolerant that the "Religious Right" of the Regan years even dreamed of.

It's no mistake that logic hasn't been taught in public schools for decades. People who do not know how to think are far more easily swayed by their emotions.

And yes they would argue that replacing a man with large amounts of melanin in his skin with someone with less would be a removal of power from an historically oppressed group and therefore racist.