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JoeIsAHoe 554 points ago +562 / -8 (edited)

I think that the F35 was a giant psyop to lure the Chinese in, and that its a giant pile of shit on purpose, and the Chinese just wasted billions and countless man hours, along with honey pot fake designs, to build a giant flying piece of shit (with radar), meanwhile...the US developed advanced simulators that took testing/manufacture time down 99%, and now we literally have spaceship jets that can enter orbit, travel at unheard of speeds, shoot lasers, deploy drones and make maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. But I'm just some guy who works at McDonalds, so take it with a grain of SALT.

Get fucked China

Edit: wtf a spaceship just flew over my house

Edit2: adding this so the mods at discord can vet me, chemist owns this account

Shakakka99 106 points ago +107 / -1

Jeeze, that's some fucking McDonalds.

kish-kumen 64 points ago +64 / -0

Mcdonald Douglas?