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Leftist when they see your property:

(Insert squinty eyed Bugs Bunny with his hand out superimposed with an opaque Soviet flag over him)


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It's just like it's both of ours, we just keep it down at my house.

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Communism in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/NltkUhVdMwE

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They can also share our lovely bullets, we have the best bullets in the world dont we folks.

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Free samples handed out liberally!

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Comrade, high precision ball bearings and nylon rubber tires are for party members only.

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"our bike"? Nonono, comrade you misunderstand...that's your bike, as in it's the one bike given to the filthy plebs at the bottom...to share.

Party members get the rest of the bikes we took off you.

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One thing you can rely on: commies suck at making anything except a mess.

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Nyet! Very good at mass starvation and death. Is major product of all kinds Marxism

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My rifle = still my property.

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That's why they say you stole it, and them stealing it is not thefth.
"It WaS MiNe BeCauSE I SaId I WanTeD It"

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Orwell wrote a book on this. Ignorance is strength, War is peace, Freedom is slavery. Translate that into Marxist NewSpeak and you get Facts are racism, Riots are peaceful, and Blacks are oppressed.

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Excellent observation

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Destroying the Language is EXACTLY HOW THE LEFT ADVANCES...

'depends on what the definition of is, is....?'

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Undocumented immigrant

Excuse me, did you...really...just call that gentleman a 'wop'?

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Shot and Killed mean the same thing in both worlds.

IntersectionalXhe 8 points ago +10 / -2

To be fair, blacks are oppressed. By the Democrats themselves.

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Disagree. They are "oppressing" themselves. The Dems are incentivizing them to do so, but they aren't being forced to sell/do drugs, drop out of school, get knocked up by 5 different men by the age of 20. These are all choices the individuals in the communities are collectively making. The few who don't make these choices, don't end up oppressed.

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Like being in knee-deep water screaming that you're drowning when all you have to do is stand up.

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This. To say it's all the work of Democrats is to remove self-accountability from the equation. People who say that shit are doing the same thing the Left is doing.

Spirit_of_Resistance 2 points ago +3 / -1

What's "acting white" and who enforces it?

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So oppressed that they receive special care like babies who cant tie their own shoes

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Taxation: social contract

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Wasting tax dollars: investment

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Person who conceives, arranges financing, builds production facility, employees workers, pays for marketing: Exploiter

Guy who puts product into box: Creator of Wealth

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But but muh value added labor reeee

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the bad guys never say "were the bad guys" they always have a fucked up way of framing themselves as being the good guys. This has never been more evident than right now

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Exactly, they aren’t even lying about some of it. There is systemic racism that keeps black people down. It’s based in Democratic policy which treats Black people like they are children who can’t care for themselves and encourages them not to. They are oppressed by the very policies that purport to help them and the Marxists in the streets want to subject them to further indignities. End Systemic Racism, destroy the Democratic Party.

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They keep on saying "ItS JuST PrOPerTy". Well then why are you stealing other's property you dumb pieces of shit.

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Taxes are just property, I guess that means they won't mind if we stop paying?

IntersectionalXhe 4 points ago +5 / -1

Property is the third piece of the equation to the foundation of America itself. Life, Liberty, and Property, Locke’s three pieces were used as the underpinning of the Philosophy of America itself. If you can’t own property, you aren’t free. Marxism seeks to grant you state enforced equality at the expense of property, liberty, and life if it comes to it. We are at war, it started before we wanted to acknowledge it and we were lazy. We didn’t want to believe our neighbors wanted us dead, they do. They’ll try it by the vote this November and they’ll probably cheat. If it works, be prepared for the slow grab of your liberties. If it doesn’t work, be ready for the mob of hate. Regardless, stay armed, stay ready, but don’t go out looking for trouble. We can’t afford to give idle Hollywood Pedophiles footage to spin against us for their propaganda machine. Don’t go out causing trouble, but be ready for the resist movement to turn into a revolt. They want blood, we may be forced to given them the civil war they so desperately desire.

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It's all post modernism. When an individual can say that they can define their own truth, any nonsense lie can be justified.

jjdub7 6 points ago +6 / -0

This "my truth" horseshit may be the thing I hate the most about modern leftism and all its perverted toolboxes.

10MeV 8 points ago +8 / -0

Missed one more:

Socialism: not theft

jive-ass-turkey 8 points ago +8 / -0

Also, anything I want is a "human right".

I don't know who said it, maybe it was here, but they said,

Nothing that is subject to scarcity can possibly be a human right.

Thought that was a really well put and succinct refutation of such a ridiculously inane claim.

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Make sure to also consider the race of the two conducting the transaction or the owner of the property to determine whether it's theft or not

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They are trying to kill us with Stupid!!

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guess who they blame for all their problems. TRUMP! 😔😔😔

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These people aren’t communists in the vein of Che Guevara or Stalin. They would probably laugh at these faggots before sending them to a gulag.

These people are pure lumpenproletariat. Criminals, degenerates and scum. Even Marx didn’t want them.

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Even Marx didn’t want them.

They don't want these degens anywhere near them either.

The American Communists would get shot just as quick, were they ever to get what they are demanding.

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We made this

Bullet3250 4 points ago +4 / -0

Leftist Progressives made this.

FreeJack2020 4 points ago +4 / -0

the same could be said about violence: White silence:violence White person says something; violence Black person commits actual violence (especially against a white person): not violence.

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"burning down businesses is necessary, and they have insurance anyways...." - Leftist who owns nothing due to bad choices and laziness, and is naive enough to believe insurance companies are on your side and you instantly get full value of your business or home.

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This is communism.

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Words are violence and actual violence is peaceful protests.

Consensual transactions are theft, and actual theft is reparations.

Being born white is racist, and actual racism is "not racism because the people don't have systemic power".

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Taxation: not theft

8yearmaga 3 points ago +3 / -0

New rental code in my city P. Qualified Tenant. Any tenant who satisfies any of the following criteria on the date of service of the written notice of termination described in California Civil Code Section 1946: has attained age 62; is handicapped as defined in Section 50072 of the California Health and Safety Code; is disabled as defined in Title 42 United States Code § 423; or is a person residing with and on whom is legally dependent (as determined for federal income tax purposes) one or more minor children.

Required payment of relocation fee. A. A Landlord seeking to recover possession under Subsections G, H, I, or J of Section 9-5-6 shall provide a Relocation Fee to affected Tenant households. As a result, Relocation Assistance shall initially be set at the amounts pursuant to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance as follows: 1. $16,950 to Qualified Tenants and $8,050 to all other Tenants who have lived in their Rental Unit for fewer than three years; $20,050 to Qualified Tenants and $10,550 to all other Tenants who have lived in their Rental Unit for three years or longer; or $20,050 to Qualified Tenants and $10,550 to all other Tenants whose household income is 80% or below Area Median Income (AMI), as adjusted for household size, as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, regardless of length of tenancy.

Obamas_Prolapse 4 points ago +4 / -0

So if I rent to a 62 year old couple they can just not pay rent until I decide to cough up $30,000 to evict them. Nice. I won't be renting to seniors or people with disabilities. Great work, Los Angeles. You can always use an extra tens of thousands of homeless.

8yearmaga 4 points ago +4 / -0

The party for equality is incentivizing discrimination. Good plan.

SoYuge 3 points ago +3 / -0

It's true. They try to defend any actual criminals and make everything consenting people do as criminal.

The basis of this is no discrimination. Not even common sense discrimination. All that is right and good, is bad. And all that is bad and wrong, is good and justified.

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I so want to share, but....consensual.

pyre2001 3 points ago +3 / -0

Remember when hollywood said downloading music or movies was theft. But looting stores is fine.

TrumpBringsLight 3 points ago +3 / -0

They should give up their skateboards for poor kids that can't afford them.

learntocode 3 points ago +3 / -0

The same people that developed this meta level conceptual/verbal contradiction also waged a war on "terrorism" against countries and people not engaged in political acts of violence against the U.S.

They also colluded to support the consolidationof media company ownership across mediums to allow for "more choice".

This same pack mandated how American cities are designed and built and financed - designing out of our lives community, church, and municipal fiscal viability.

Additionally, they tore down legal walls between commercial lending and consumer lending; and, allowed outright fraud by the richest, yet most unproductive 1%, to go unprosecuted.

The rules are made up, the points to them dont matter - so long as they keep winning.

They assume their maids and security guards will never cut their throats as they decamp to their doomsteads.

Clown World is what happens when human excellence is ignored and suppressed while avarice and fear find deep wells of material and psychological support.

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REEEE it's not theft, it's redistribution

Obamas_Prolapse 3 points ago +3 / -0

REEEE it's not theft, it's redistribution

fREEEE it's not theft, it's redistribution


tragician 3 points ago +3 / -0

That's because it's not about logic or morality. It's about power. It's a power struggle people don't seem to understand that. They are desperate for power so they are acting out in desperation.

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These are the same leftists who believe the good majority of Americans are being exploited at work by not being paid fairly, working long hours, etc.

People have the choice to choose where they work.

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The same people who think someone profiting off your labor scoff when I mention getting a trade and going into business for yourself. Pick one, losers!

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I am so fucking sick of the left !!!

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you forgot Reparations

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Search for job online, find one that sounds decent, send in an application

Go to interview, chat with management, get told more information about the job and both parties gage whether the fit will be right

Get offered a job, get offered pay, and agree to take the job with no forceful obligation and are free to quit at any time

Show up for work, get money in exchange for your labor


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