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This needs to go to the top.

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What’s happening in our country now is almost exactly what happened in the 1960’s. I would encourage everyone to watch this video that explains what was happening then and you will be surprised at the similarities.


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What if I told you that they taught this in school up through the mid 70's.

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To the top!

llatlantall 9 points ago +11 / -2

When did Communism start? Who started it? Any specific belief system? Why was the first revolution in Russia? Any common denominators between the movements across Europe? A particular group of people pushing it? Why would they want to destroy Europe and the West? Any millennium old hatred?

Look these questions up and you'll know why this is so spot on .. we've been fighting this in the streets since the the beginning of the 20th century. It's in print in literally thousands of books .. however they are hard to find, because the people with a proclivity for communism control Print ... and other things.

HazelHen 6 points ago +7 / -1

Bingo. Has been going on for millennia. At least since the First Roman-Jewish wars when these dogs wiped out the entire Greek population of Cyrene and almost depopulated Libya and Cyprus in their slaughter of civilians.

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Shocking how accurate it really is, especially 3:25 or so

Keln 5 points ago +5 / -0

While I haven't seen this particular video before that I know of, it was a pretty common discussion starting in the 50s, when it was widely believed that communists had heavily infiltrated both unions (which already have socialist beginnings as it is) and academia, and were attempting to bring about a slow revolution in all Western countries, not just the US.

I think the problem is that, because it was so slow and methodical, there was never enough obvious proof that it was going on, while at the same time those voices, in-league or ignorant, saying the idea that commies were behind these things was "crazy" or "right wing" and the like, only got louder.

To the point that now it seems like a new revelation, what most Americans thought 60 or so years ago. It's like telling someone the grass is growing while they sit there and watch it. It is growing, but it's impossible to see it, until much later when it's obvious that it has grown. That is where we are now.

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Surreal. He's describing exactly what's going on right now. I guess it's been going on all this time and so many have been duped to believe it's all well and good.

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China is behind BLM, make no mistakes about it. Most of the pawns don't realize it but there are powerful forces manipulating them.

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Hell yea there are!!!! Maga2020

Marchosias 1 point ago +2 / -1

Who's propping up China? Who is behind the whole fucking thing???? Guesses anyone?

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It's scary how accurate all these older videos about communism are. Spot-fucking-on every time.

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Save it, they will nuke this so quick

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Posting so I can come back and watch this

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Should be stickey'd

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And to think of how badly people like this were treated.

Think of all the "Cool" Celebrities that come out of the woodwork to protect and lift Socialism/Communism.

Well, those animals were active back in the Day. What did they do?

They made it so that no one could point out a Red without being treated like they had a delusional complex.....seriously the "Red Scare Scare" was real.

Read the works of Diane West: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character.

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Holy shit dude, Thank You, I found this video back in 2016 and spread it all over the place. YouTube deleted it so they’re gonna do it again, download it

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I posted the whole lecture here months ago.. here's the whole thing again


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Wow thats frightening.