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LtColVindmansVagina 2 points ago +2 / -0

Agreed with most of what you've said. 👌

Honestly I don't really buy the generational blame game. It's too broad. I'm not sure if I'm a tweener between X or millennial or what but I'm probably mostly a millennial. Some of us from my age group fought in 2 wars, and bore the entire weight of that sacrifice on an incredibly small number of backs, with the press and the public aligned against us.

Gen X was the generation in control of the education system and a lot of local government during those years. They're the ones that pushed for trophies for everyone and all of this other nonsense, so it's probably more appropriate to criticize them to be honest. I guarantee you if the shit goes down there's gonna be a very, very hardcore and scary group of millenials who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq involved.

Again tho I'm not about generational blame. I'm about families that keep American values alive. There's tons of based Z'ers, X'ers, Millenials, you name it