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MW23232 2 points ago +2 / -0

Hard to believe, but I read from a leak who I trust, that HRC and Bill too, I guess, had some involvement or interest in black magic/occult. I felt it was separate from the Moloch stuff, IDK. I wish I could remember more, or that more specifics had been mentioned, but whatever I was reading, it was specifically related to Haiti and the earthquake, missing money and kids, and the Clintons all over that tragedy and the "re-building" that was supposed to have happened with the money that was donated, and disappeared. (Not related at that time, but HRC's brother was heavily involved in Haiti back then, and look how he died suddenly.) It was alluding to perhaps why they already had an interest in that area before the e-quake, and I believe had visited for some occasion(s) prior to the e-quake.