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Next time a leftist drums up faux hysteria about the climate gremlin remind them of how their side treated Nick Sandmann. I find it to be an instant trigger

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THE LYING CRACKHEAD INDIAN WHO WENT ON NATIONAL TV TO LIE AB NICK RAN AWAY FROM QUESTIONS THE OTHER DAY LMAO WATCH IT HERE HE’S BITCH MADE!!!!!: https://thedonald.win/p/GbarmWsK/kaitlin-bennett-remember-nathan-/c/ Kaitlin Bennett: Remember Nathan Phillips? I asked him why he LIED about the Covington Catholic boys and HE RAN AWAY LIKE A GIRL, then came back to blow in my cameraman's ear. This is the guy the media fell in love with to destroy the lives of innocent teenagers because they wore MAGA hats

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I thought the native american was actually trying to be cool and get between the covington boys and the black israelites, and it's the media that said it was a confrontation?

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He approached them to harass them and lied up and down. What he said doesn’t match the video. Guy is a known agitator loser. Lied about being a Vietnam combat vet was actually a refrigerator mechanic in Alaska and got kicked out for drinking on duty etc, all around scumbag.

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Watch the footage. Philips confronted the Covington kids.

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He claimed it was like "getting between a dangerous predator and its prey," IIRC, referring to Sandman as the "dangerous predator."

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Well Sandman was wearing a MAGA hat, so by default he's the aggressor, obviously. Because wanting to make America great, is obviously evil. /s

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“Weaponized smirking!!” Reeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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‘Drums up’ lol

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Big difference is that the Climate Gremlin, chose to put her self in the public spotlight. She spoke at the EU / UN for f* sake. Nick Sandmann was on school trip with his class mates. He was doing nothing wrong. Yet got vilified nation-wide by CNN, because he was white and wore a MAGA hat, and it would make a good anti-Trump story.

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Couldn't agree more

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He should dump a whole shopping cart full of Goya beans and Red Bull down his throat then let the resulting rocket fart fumigate the entire CNN headquarters.

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Yes! His reputation got destroyed nation-wide at the age of 16. The kid will forever have to live with this. He didn't ask to be in the spotlight. CNN put him there, in the most disgraceful way.

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Unfortunately the idiots have not learned their lesson from this and Fake News is as rampant as ever.

We need massive class action suits to put these propagandists out of business.

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That was about number 8 on the 27 or so blatant planet-sized media hoaxes that should have awakened the normies, and that doesn't count the 500 or so planetoid-sized ones that have been orbiting around day in and day out.

And this point, if "haircuts will cause a Rwanda-sized genocide but protesting BLM doesn't count" didn't get the last of the more reasonable ones, nothing will.

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Unfortunately they will play every card they can and the sheep will back them. Too many fucking idiots in this world. It's not a crime to hope they die (yet).

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This is a specific crime in the state of KY. I personally know people who got charged with this crime. Terroristic threatening in the second degree. https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/law/statutes/statute.aspx?id=49805

That's why everyone doesn't give a shit; they committed a serious crime and no one got charged for it.

Fuck a class action suit. These people are criminals.

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Was the hair really necessary??????? kek

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It's a screenshot from an old South Park episode, and the guy pushing the wheelbarrow is a father who's well past the age where you care about trimming your junk.

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Randy microwaved his balls so he could get RX weed lol. One of the best episodes. Bouncy bouncy bouncy.

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And they banned KFC in South Park.

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Cartman snorting KFC chicken skin is one of my favorite scenes from South Park.

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I have never cared about trimming my junk. Don't see the point.

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It depends on people's personal preferences. From what I can tell, it's mostly the kinds of people you used to see on the Jersey Shore TV show that care enough and/or are vain enough to do it regularly.

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If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

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They aren’t sterile and I like the taste.

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So do you, big mike

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And 18 year kid has more balls than most of the GOP in Congress.

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(Nervously sweating) "Haha I am not racist, if I promise to introduce a bill to remove such and such racist statue, do you proooomise not to call me racist anymore? I will do anything to prove to you I am not racist, ANYTHING!! Please!!"

  • All Republicans besides Trump
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Balls balls balls of Steeeeeele

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and I'm all out of gum

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Quarter billion is enough to pay to have a few assholes reamed. Plus a little fuck you money left over.

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Ah, the ventrilo harrassment classics.

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Makes me smile to think that the money he took from them is coming right out of a journalist's pay check.

Every million dollars translates to a few new coders. Beautiful.

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MAGA Millionaire, further proof that standing your ground against the scum is the right move.

I wonder if Sandman suddenly has an opinion about the capital gains tax? :Futurama Future Stock (s3,e21)

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Media plays stupid games Media wins stupid prizes

Also, with great money comes great responsibility. I hope he uses the money to set up a free-speech platform and allow free journalism.

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Now that he has a quarter billion in his wallet(probably less due to settlement) he can go full steam ahead against @Jack and twitter.

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I wouldn't mind a full buyout of CNN.

"Say it Stelter, say the line."

Stelter (through his tears): "Surely Drumpf will be inpeached any day now."

Everyone: "Hurrary!"

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"So... how did you make your fortune?"

"I had a nice smile."

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I hope he makes 100b and buys CNN. Becomes Conservative News Network

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I’d love to watch the daily debate with don lemon and Alex Jones.

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Think its safe to go ahead and deploy the i'm gonna fuckin do it again memes.

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Buffalo soldier! In the heart of America!

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Good for him.

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yeah no shit , congrats lol lucky bastard, you gonna buy us all a shot? You need to spend it all before the commies make is worthless. What better way to spend millions, than on your best friends. lol

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Visited Reddit and couldn't find anything about this. Instead I see more and more subs overran with leftist bullshit. Sort by controversial to find the remaining good guys if you go to Reddit.

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Thank you.

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Subtle was not on the list LOL!!

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I hope he made at least 50 Million dollars

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Did Sandman win his case?

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Settled, not won, necessarily. But considering he got as much $$$ as Bezos paid to acquire the entire paper in 2013, I'll fucking take it.

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Meet with some investors and buy controlling interest in CNN. Hire Alex Jones and Alyssa Milano to co host a show together. Profit!$$$

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The entire runtime can have in the background a picture of Alyssa in blackface.

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Go get em Nick! Get that money

Vote Trump 2020!


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This meme has big PP..

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Extra spicy!

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And there’s more where that came from. That was just print. On to the networks. They’ll settle too to avoid us reading their emails and texts. The best is yet to come.

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I keep my cash balled up

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Sandmann stated: You're next Jack Dorsey (twitter ceo)

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My Army buddies said the troops at Ft. Myer commented all the time at the size of my big brass balls.

I famously told an incompetent light Colonel to go to hell if she didn't like my take on her treatment methods. When her lap dog Captain standing next to her, said she should call the MP's I told him, fuck you.

When young men and women are screaming down the halls from her operatory, in pain because of her bullshit "medicine", you stand up and be counted.

She would shriek back at them that if they complained again she would get them arrested and dishonorably discharged after their prison time was up.

The other Captains agreed with me... she was the "George Burns" of Dentistry.

The boys of the Old Guard and the men and women of the Marine Corps Band needed "fire support" and I would do it again in... an instant.

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A native American can beat a Drum all day long in my face for that much money. Shoot I'll make it a whole week .

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how could we start more law suits? I am really surprised not more pepes doing that.

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Invest wisely now my friend :)

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When this happened..

His fellow students: Damn, good thing it was not me on the news.


His fellow students: Damn, it should have been me!

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Ladies LOVE EM

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Two down six to go! Future presidential material.

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More like Nikki Rich, amiright?

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It's ABOUT FUCKING TIME some justice is dispensed towards these propagandists, even if it's a small fraction of what they deserve. Treasonists belong in gitmo.

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Hey Nick. Now that you own the place, it's time to start firing some people! Might I suggest you start at the top!