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basedblatriot 6 points ago +6 / -0

I had an old housemate of mine over who wears his mask all the time. I tried to gently redpill him and explain how masks don't do shit, especially how people wear them incorrectly anyway. He kept responding "well I read the headline of this article that said blah blah blah..". And he didn't even try to seem like he understood anything. He really just went with whatever the headlines of MSM told him to do.

fucking sad

thisisanacho 5 points ago +5 / -0

The most effective thing I've found with normies has been to use this argument I've seen many times on here - "If I can catch this virus literally just from being within six feet of someone and them accidently getting a bit of a droplet on me, why would the tester for it need to be shoved so far up my brain it tickles my nose?"

It doesn't directly address the mask thing but it makes them stop and doubt for a bit because it really doesn't make any sense. I've found that this doubt tends to lead to further doubt and questioning.

Try and report back on how it goes!

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unless you are wearing a pair of your wife's panties and a Trump 2020 hat.

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Let's all fight in the streets!

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Funny thing is i read the article and it said 2/3 of americans wear a mask but then i read the comments and i did not find one comment that supported the article.

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Funnier thing, if you actually dig into that one piece of info, you are led to an article at some bullshit blog that says nothing about that at all. And that article links to a study...

It was more an internet poll than a study so they literally had to deal with bots, half of the participants identified as liberal, and almost 90% of them lived in places that had shelter-in-place legislation in friggin' May, so we're talking the leftest of the left...

And it still doesn't say what they want: the study was actually looking at gender differences in mask compliance intentions, as in no one is talking about what they've done but what they would do.

... I literally have zero idea where they got those numbers. And I fucking looked.

DingoDantheTrumpman 5 points ago +5 / -0

Yeah i figured that 2/3 of americans wear mask number was bullshit.... thanks for checking into that cause honestly i would rather hear from a fellow pede than to keep reading that bullshit article and any links provided by them.

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Hey Yahoo, what about those people who don't wear the mask due to medical reasons? Are you openly supporting yelling at the ill and infirm? Pretty bold take.

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I got yelled at this morning at the grocery store. I calmly responded "state law does not permit me to wear any face covering while carrying a concealed weapon, which I am, legally." That shut them up real quick.