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fablong -12 points ago +4 / -16

Ah, so now you're changing the story... now the entire company is involved in this nefarious scheme. My God! How deep into the world of discount furniture does this conspiracy go?!

I'll never look at my ottoman the same way again.

Awesome 4 points ago +7 / -3

Ok now you are being a shill or just an asshole. I am posting information to share as I find them, this is all breaking news.

Calling everything a conspiracy theory is exactly what suppressed a lot of crime until they are revealed many years later. I am not saying all wild things are true, but each case should be looked at carefully and separately with an open mind, because this is our world at stake.

fablong -9 points ago +2 / -11

None of this is breaking news. And, yes, our world is at stake.

Right now, communists are trying to destroy our country by hacking away at our Constitutional liberties, inciting race riots in every major city, devising a massive mail-in voter fraud scheme, and leading a coup against the President.

And you retards choose instead to focus on an imaginary crusade against a furniture company.

It would be hilarious if it weren't so sad and pathetic.

Awesome 4 points ago +5 / -1

Stop shilling with a strawman argument. Who said the focus is exclusive? Why can't multiple things be looked into at the same time if there is a possible chance of this being a pedophile ring? Can you conclusively say that is not the case? Where did you get your magical investigatory powers from?

fablong -8 points ago +2 / -10

What you idiots are doing is called forum sliding. It's shifting focus and attention away from important issues to an idiotic wild-goose chase based, literally, on nothing more than a website selling a few items for the wrong price.

If you can't see for yourself how that is a MASSIVE distraction and utter waste of time, I can't help you.