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thisguy883 14 points ago

Thats hilarious.

Phancy 6 points ago

I’m pretty sure I see an Adam’s Apple on that lady.

jive-ass-turkey 2 points ago

That "lady's" Adam's Apple is as big as her balls.

thepilotofmoya 1 point ago

One of the worst things that trannies have done is take the femininity away from ugly women and the masculinity from scrawny men.

PITPatriot 1 point ago

And it's deleted.

womp_squared 0 points ago

Thank you for the actual link. Supplying the source is a lost art form

Ninki333 5 points ago

LOL the man who survive CORONA the first time.

Crusade 38 points ago

Just make up signs as she goes, deaf people would understand once they look at biden

msean3231 20 points ago

It's been done before. https://youtu.be/2hCdtUxnOG8

wompwomp 9 points ago

So sad the comments were turned off. I'm sure they were gold!

thisguy883 6 points ago


holy shit thats gold

physsijim 5 points ago

That is hilarious.

Deaf_MAGA_Pede 4 points ago

Already understood what's going on with him during the Obama years. Definitely not convinced he will lead America at all.

My deaf liberal friends on the other hand, are rooting for him to "trump" Trump. Yeah sure... I'll wait.

namechangearoo 2 points ago

He’d have to win to lead America. There is no chance of that happening. However, vote like our democracy depends on this election, because it does.

Deaf_MAGA_Pede 2 points ago

Yeah I guess I wasn't clear in my first post. I meant he's not CAPABLE of leading America at all, even when he was VP during Obama years.

But yes, America need to vote and hopefully the right person in Trump!!!

namechangearoo 2 points ago

I love you fellow patriot! We are in control for November 3rd.

StuckInSeattle253 23 points ago

WHAT?!?! They hired a able bodied, white, CISGENDER woman?!?! Where is the trans disable BIPOC womxn Biden promised would be calling the shots?!?? Expecting riots

MissoulaWes1776 16 points ago

jokes on you, magatard, thats a double tranny woman/man/woman again so back off


ClownTamer 5 points ago

They made it all the way around the gender spectrum, only to end up right where they started, and just as confused as anyone else listening to Joe Biden running for United States Senate.

xxnamexx530 9 points ago

Nah, watch the actual video, nice clear adams apple there

BonerDonor 0 points ago

That's what very thin, tall women look like.

msean3231 15 points ago

"Sh-t, they said he wouldn't go off script."

clottin_eye_joe 12 points ago

She should just grab a lock of her hair and sniff real hard in to it.

daty_dato 11 points ago

Hard to sign Corn Pop and hairy legs without feeling squeamish I guess.

Emperorvoid 8 points ago

Literally busted out laughing loudly upon reading this!

GoldenEarz 7 points ago

Is that a dude? Or a chick with an unusually large Adam's Apple?

full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCbd5WKFCJ4

faucipolice 5 points ago

I was gonna say... They look more like a man than a woman. Knowing Biden & Obama probably every "woman" is actually a man.

Jack_NC 0 points ago

well, Biden is not sniffing, so it must be a guy.

dreadster 6 points ago

I can't understand half the stuff Biden says at any given time. At what point is it no longer considered English???

ClownTamer 3 points ago

Maybe he’s shooting for ‘ebonics’ but fell short and landed in ‘retard’.

wompwomp 6 points ago

OMG! This, this right here is the reason I come to TheDonald.win. You guys are freaking hilarious and bring joy to so many during these crazy days!

twowomps 6 points ago

Dance interpreter

Jack_NC 5 points ago

"jazz hands"

LostInTheMix 4 points ago

Probably should learn sign language. Would probably finally understand him. Or have a good laugh. Both are good.

ColoRobo 4 points ago

I tried to push play.



Fox_Archipelago2020 4 points ago

Every appointee in his campaign and administration will be a Black woman from here on out. Totally not racist or sexist.

ClownTamer 1 point ago

Thanks to BLM, everyone’s going to look at that with creepy suspicious, even if he did manage to find competent black democrats. If his cabinet and admin ends up looking like a BLM rally, it’s not going to win over people in swing states, and will likely drop his support in record numbers across many demographics.

Picador20 4 points ago

Instead of an interpreter, they should have a kaleidoscope making brightly colored abstract patterns as an eye-catching accompaniment to the word salad tumbling out of befuddled Joe's mouth.

beev_bove_biv 3 points ago

She looks afraid. When Biden loses the election she'll be blamed for accurately translating what he says.

HamRum2 3 points ago

BuT TrUMp jUsT RaNTs HoW caN YOU InterRpreT ThAT? - liberals

Uh sure, he speaks off the cuff durring rallies, which requires a great deal of effort. Biden literally has a fucking tele prompter to read from and he can't form the words to say. When Trump has a tele prompter he sounds like a man capable of being president would; calm, collected, and strong.

Biden on the other hand sounds confused, nervous, and stupid.

Our president has more to say off script than Biden can say on script. Can't wait for the debates!

breakingwheel 3 points ago

I'm getting the feeling like this place is finally becoming what the_donald was but.....even more awesome than ever.

ShambolicPaul 3 points ago

I can understand having the sign language lady for when there are deaf people in the live audience. But when it's on TV it's just stupid. Put on subtitles. Then I don't have to try and keep up with the massively talented and fast signing sign language lady and I can read at my leisure.

Gyrfalcon 2 points ago

Have you tried to read subtitles for a live event? Just a simple talk show? I suspect the transcribers are chosen for their total lack of understanding of the general subject. A restaurant we go to always has the closed captioning turned on and ESPN playing. You wouldn't believe how wrong some of the stuff is. Not that I could do better! 😊

ShambolicPaul 2 points ago

That's cos shitty computers are trying to do it in real time.

Gyrfalcon 1 point ago

Oh #$%& I forgot how bad text to speech was. I never used it, too many problems. Almost as bad as my handwriting to text 😁

6079SmithW 2 points ago

The sign she should be using is pointing her right index finger at the side of her head moving it in a circular motion.

Deaf_MAGA_Pede 2 points ago

Joe Biden might as well hire this one.

SR-71A_Blackbird 2 points ago

That's a "sign language lady" like Michelle Obama is the "first lady".

Idgaf47 1 point ago

She looks like she has nice smelling hair.