Satisfying picture (media.thedonald.win) SPICY 🔥🔥🔥
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MAGAPEPE2024 16 points ago

Yeah no this is the Charlottesville photo im 99% sure

DrCowboyPresident 9 points ago

Which was the same thing, we just got gaslighted. He was scared shitless from the threats from the mob, and that fat bitch didn't even get hit.

ChrisTheSoberITGuy 1 point ago

Yup! There are fucking videos of his car being attacked and the obese woman that was dressed in black is NEVER seen in ANY frame.

Oh well.

Taqiyya_Mockingbird 1 point ago

Look up Professor Dwayne Dixon. He's on YouTube bragging that he brandished his weapon at Fields which led him to panic, and when he gets confronted over it he runs away to try and find campus police.

Rainman -2 points ago

I think this needs to come down, someone died, it's not appropriate to make a meme out of it IMHO.

DrCowboyPresident 0 points ago

She didn't get hit by the car. She died from being a lardass.

Rainman 1 point ago

Jennifer Nicole Bowers, an assistant chief medical examiner for the state, said she conducted an autopsy on Heyer two days after the crash. She determined that Heyer died as a result of blunt force injury to her torso.

Among other injuries, such as a broken femur and lacerations on her legs and back, Heyer’s thoracic aorta — the largest artery in the body — was severed.

Might want to check your sources. A severed aorta is deadly on it's own

DrCowboyPresident 1 point ago

Might want to avoid standing in streets with Communists then.

Nothing of value was lost. And by the way, I don't trust the examiners either. And I don't care. Because she was a subversive worthless Red.

Are you going to Sanctify that worthless hog like George Floyd?

Rainman 1 point ago

Agreed, these assholes who think it's okay to block traffic need to go to jail. It's amazing to me that LE lets that bullshit happen. People when confronted with lawlessness will be lawless and take matters into their own hands. Look what happened in Provo, it's duplicated EVERYWHERE

Doug 9 points ago

Get the fuck out of here with this Charlottesville bait post.

DrCowboyPresident 7 points ago

Were they not blocking roads and threatening people there too?

Rainman 2 points ago

I think this illustrates why laws need to be enforced. We just saw in Provo Antifa assholes shooting into a truck for trying to clear protesters in the road

Robyna7 6 points ago

I feel bad for the guy arrested. He was innocent. The whole thing is bull shit.

FertileMoor 3 points ago

always the shoes

basket_of_patriots 2 points ago

Pretty sure no one here supported that guy doing that shit. Shill?

deleted 1 point ago
trailerman168233 0 points ago

Speed bump!!! Get the fuck out of the road. I have to go to work. KAG

StrangeAnimal 0 points ago

Flying dindus