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SikoraP13 12 points ago

I dunno man, those biceps look like the enemy of my free time.


Time to go down to the home gym again...

HuggableBear 2 points ago

Still blows my mind that Ronnie Coleman is a cop

Alars 5 points ago

Police are awesome people.

tangerinemanbad 5 points ago

I'll support cops right up until they "just follow orders" and infringe on my rights, then I simply cant. I realize their job is multifaceted and they need to do what their told, amd enforce the law but the rights of the citizens In this country are far too precious.

_bryan -5 points ago

Which means you support them doing that to other people. As long as you don’t find out about it.

HuggableBear 1 point ago

Jesus, you're a cliche.

You didn't specify that along with caring about <X> you also care about everything else that ever existed, therefore you must hate everything else. Checkmate, Drumpftard

Seriously, did you think that argument was clever when you typed it?

_bryan 0 points ago

I never said that Cathy Newman.

HuggableBear 0 points ago

And apparently you're also too stupid to understand metaphor or hyperbole.

Go back to Facebook, Karen

_bryan 1 point ago

Many tells.

HTTP_404 4 points ago

I'm with them!!!

theClutchologist 3 points ago

dude legit chopped off The Rock's arm and sticthed it on lmao

jiujiujiu 2 points ago

Impressive guns

kidfromtheplayground 2 points ago

Dam I wish those guys were my cops.

FullAutoFlintlock 1 point ago

city cops? probably voted Democrat. So yeah, the enemy.

NewUser1758 1 point ago

We stand with them while they are upholding the constitution, once they're forcing us into lockdown and trying to seize our guns, they become enemies of the Republic

_bryan -3 points ago

Yeah they are. Until the anti self defense laws are off the fucking books cops can fuck right off.

Who do think will be breaking down your door after you legally defended yourself under the fucking constitution? Fucking LE that’s who.