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americaeffyeah 40 points ago

good!! And I'm in florida.

dadoctor 15 points ago

Finally a Republican with balls! Good for him for standing up to the mob.

mnewcomb 33 points ago

Finally a governor with balls!

ClownWorldIsHere 29 points ago

Great job to Desantis!

Texas Gov. Abbott needs to follow suit...

NPC1234567 18 points ago

FL still closed bars like Texas and has mask-mandated counties. Cucks on the coast gonna cuck.

Cyer6 7 points ago

Right now, Texas is going insane at the local levels. Smaller cities and towns are making face diapers mandatory. Abbott did order the closing of bars, river tube rafting (Yeah), and gatherings of more than a 100 people (because the virus doesn't attack if it's only 99).

Abbott now has a 10 million dollar lawsuit filed against him by the bar owners association. These owners are also suing the shit out of the local cities and counties. I hope they win.

mylittleredpill 4 points ago

We got an alert over the phone stating that masks SHOULD be worn in crowded settings, but not mandated for anything, but people took that as mandated and now almost all businesses require them.

SW FL is cucked in that regard. I wont wear one. If it cant stop a fart, what makes anyone think it will stop a virus?

ClownWorldIsHere 1 point ago

Same in Texas currently. Cucked Mayors and Judges loving their taste of power. SHUT THEM DOWN

BathouseBarry 17 points ago (edited)


If you live in TX, call his office and leave a message!


Drop your name and number. Urge Abbot to follow in Desantis's leadership and open Texas back up! The CDC itself shows deaths at all time lows and admits its own testing creates false positives from sicknesses like the common cold.

The swine flu was worse, And we need leaders willing to stand up against the media and the left who are trying to destroy our economy and this great republic.

A call takes 15 seconds.

DemElectionFraud2020 3 points ago

I appreciate posters like you that show real initiative.

KAG4EVRodysseus11 19 points ago

the problem is the same with DeSantis and Abott.

they are trying to resist these wingnuts attempts for lockdown #2, which is their only shot at beating Trump in Nov (by putting the final nail in the Trump economy coffin)

but the leftist cities and counties are being pressured HARD by panicked citizens who get panicked by grassroots online shills - Im watching it in real time on NextDoor and Facebook local groups.

So the governors are hard pressed to hold fast as the leftist cities and counties cave. too many of them do this, and the governor ends up looking like an island of unreasonableness, and that is a political nightmare for them.

they have to have the BALLS OF STEEL that Trump has.

DeSantis already caved the first time around, and somehow the Food/Beverage people were able to institute a de-facto shutdown of bars ( I dont know how), so he is clearly beset on all sides (just like Trump).

The left just cant have the leftist governors lock down alone, they will look like mini hitlers (they are) and the effect will backfire in November. If they can coerce the red states to do it too, they have cover.

This is a HUGE issue,maybe the biggest.

ButteryFumes 7 points ago

Well said 🇺🇸🤠

Langtath 5 points ago

It's an information war. The commies use fear to push their agenda and patriots need to get in their own message to try and convince normies.

crusty_curmudgeon 3 points ago

That’s why it’s so important that we contact them and tell them not to give in to panic; show them the large number of sane people in their states

dataonly 17 points ago


CatLivesMatter 11 points ago


ElectricChad 9 points ago

I'm glad he's not completely cucking out however the county mask mandates and bar closures have got to go.

VoteTrump2024 9 points ago

That’s my governor!

DarkMemeDuck 8 points ago

Good. There's a reason Rush has said DeSantis is the only person to ever get a "degree" from the EIB.

PKpwnage 7 points ago

Good. Businesses can and should decide for themselves how to deal with the virus and its hysteria. To have government come in and force shutdowns is ridiculous.

Maga_Gator 7 points ago

to think we were so close to getting the guy found Naked high on meth with a dead male hooker, as gov

Dodged that bullet

keithkman 7 points ago

Someone call up cuck Ducey in AZ. Biggest cuck in all the land.

Shitlordstarklefevre 7 points ago

Hell yeah

fazzman23 5 points ago

fraud virus

horseface_aint_black 4 points ago

Fuck yeah, motherfucker.

Mexicola1976 4 points ago

That's great and all but the local faggot mayors and judges have figured away around that- atleast in Texas they have.

HTTP_404 4 points ago

Good for him. Governor Abbott could learn something here

TrumpicanKAG2020 3 points ago

So much for bitch made Gov. Abbott. Fucking neocon Bush Bitch.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 2 points ago

Novel less deadly than the flu virus.

Gr4ck3L 2 points ago

Thank you Jesus

magadreaming 2 points ago

Herd immunity. Full Sweden mode!

driveshack 1 point ago

The money is GONE, they CANT reinstate things or the USA will default If the USA defaults, most countries on the planet will also default. The USA will NEVER get another loan dollar from IMF.......wait a minute.....

Friar_Pede 1 point ago

Close until nobody gets sick ever again muh

Smubbs 1 point ago

Fuck yes I’m glad I’m moving out of Orlando. Demings is useless

ThisisDog 1 point ago

YAY! Thank you Gov DeSantis!

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