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OGpsywar 3 points ago (edited)

Everyone could wear red clown noses and fuzzy orange wigs, too ... since those would also do Exactly Nothing to prevent the spread of a virus. 🤡🌎

The difference? -- Clown noses and clown hair don't violate all possible OSHA restrictions for High CO2 and Low O2 levels to increase fatigue, headaches, and (via more acidic blood pH) increasing susceptibility to All forms of illness, including hypoxic unconsciousness, brain damage, and even cancer .. while performing as a fvcking Petri Dish 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ of concentrated bacterial muck parked across everyone's breathing holes.

So ....

Masks: completely useless, except for being really dangerous.

Clown outift: looks Almost as fvcking stupid, but doesn't harm your brain and body.

'We're from the (Global) government, we're here to help you.'