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crusadetiem 3 points ago

I mean this without any sarcasm at all- I think it’s awesome that people still grow to the age where they can own guns without ever feeling like they should own a gun. I also worry that time is past.

ScottyGunn 4 points ago

I've carried for over 35 years now, almost daily (work restricts it now). I have never felt the need more than now...

MiltonSnowflakes2020 1 point ago

What state? Mine currently doesn't allow carry. I always just left the range.

zipodk 1 point ago

I advocate following the law and work on changing the law

MiltonSnowflakes2020 1 point ago

And how would you suggest doing that? You should run for office and help us all with your vast knowledge.

zipodk 2 points ago

You need advice on how to follow the law? I'm an attorney so I get paid to do that, I don't do it for free. As for running for office you can contact your local municipality to find out options for you.

MiltonSnowflakes2020 0 points ago

Lawyer....follow the law? Hahahahahah. Rules for thee, but not for me. Thanks for the suggestions but I'll do what I have to in these crazy times. Who knows maybe you'll profit from my misfortune, like most bloodsucking leeches do.

Throwaway_Test 1 point ago

He seems quite intense!