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sustainable_saltmine 7 points ago

CO2 poisoning

LarryLambskin 6 points ago

My body, my choice

LetTheCuckWatch247 6 points ago

I’m not sheep .. so fuck off !!

basicevent 6 points ago

Don’t want to, doesn’t work, can’t breeve, looks stupid

Libertas1776 5 points ago

Well, for one, we’re is the real evidence it stops spread? Also, say you touch a surface, and took your mask off even to eat, and you get COVID, what did the mask prevent? Plus, all it takes is someone taking the mask off, even for like one second, and breathing out, and BAM covid.

Berndalgo [S] 1 point ago

Thanks, people definetly seem to touch their masks all the time or readjust it.

Bzgotaz 4 points ago

I have no argument. I'm just not gonna wear a f***ing mask. Ever.

MarcusOrbelious 3 points ago

If you can smell an odor, water vapor can get through, viruses are almost as small and adhere to water vapor.


You can not see facial cues, and it really throws your mood off.

Your mask will itch, and the moisture is uncomfortable.

In extreme cases it will impede breathing because CO2 adheres to hemoglobin far more readily. (extreme case scenario).

grenades_and_ham 2 points ago

O2 deprivation.

The real reason? Because I don't want to.

4cdarth 2 points ago

Cloth masks do not filter, so it does not prevent covid 19 from spreading. N95 masks only filter on the inhales, not exhales. Surgical masks are meant for sterile environments, not day to day environments.

daveMac 2 points ago

oxygen deprivation. for one. try working with one on. your breathing rate go's up and gets labored. (etc.etc.etc)

0kBoomer 2 points ago

Look at the level 4 lab wear. 2 layers of cloth dont stop a fart. Virus so small like mosquito and chain link fence I dont follow fashion trends- that's for the mindless. Read up on OSHA 95 series masks. If you smell perfume or other scents it ain't working.

canadianhere 1 point ago

People who wear masks, and people who require you to wear masks, aren't looking for counter-arguments. The onus is on them to defend it. "What good will a mask do? Not only does the mask say it doesn't prevent coronavirus, you do know that coronavirus can enter through your eyes, right?"

Berndalgo [S] 1 point ago

Wow, that's the first time I've heard someone mention that it can enter through your eyes. That's very nice to know