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JoePCool14 70 points ago

Regardless of when the video was taking, it's things like this that God punishes us for. Killing babies is downright evil and satanic. God have mercy on us.

BathouseBarry 41 points ago

It's pure evil. Completely Satanic. God is merciful and patient, but when His wrath comes for all of this... watch out and may he have mercy on us.


Don’t distract us from the bigger issue of criminals resisting arrest and being killed....oh wait.

EpsteinPrisonGuard 50 points ago



What the Fuck!!!

asklepios 10 points ago

Molach demands sacrifice. Just ask the dems

4cdarth 35 points ago

video clip shows 2019 old news, but sadly the government is too focused on impeaching barr, going against trump, not wanting to go against the left and defunding police to do anything.

tokenninja [S] 21 points ago

The video clip incorporates 2019 footage as well.

But I agree with the rest of your comment - nothing will change unless we vote locally

chopz 9 points ago

It may incorporate older videos, but a refresher is a good thing. Wonder what deep state bullshit was going on giving the MSM an excuse not to say a word about this. Oh yeah a bullshit impeachment sham.

Robyna7 33 points ago

Everyone who supports abortion is a straight up demon

mister-meat-bag -29 points ago

That's hyperbole. I am pro-choice, but this is just pure barbarism.

LinconChurchill 12 points ago

Username checks out. Demons walk among us.

Cnnsaidicantreadthis 9 points ago

Yet in the womb with the same result it's not barbaric? The baby can still feel pain in the womb, but you probably already knew that. Anyone who can support doing that to a child for whatever reason-- you have to be mentally sick.

mister-meat-bag -3 points ago

After a certain period of time, yes. Don't be so reactionary, use your head.

GodzillaTrump 2 points ago

Rexamine the logic you use to justify doing it at any point

OnlythisiPad 1 point ago

I disagree with you, but this site is supposed to be better than Reddit, so I upvoted you for having your own opinion and not being afraid to say it.

RussianLimbaugh 17 points ago

🎵Keeping babies alive and selling their body parts🎵

Alex Jones has yet to be wrong.

Captnyestrday 15 points ago

Spoiler alert. They will still keep doing it. No one will stop them.

jiminycricket1940 5 points ago

This. The right is too cowardly to do what’s necessary and the left are a satanic cult that gains some sort of power from supporting it.

CalamityFox 2 points ago

You don't think God will one day say "enough is enough!", Cause he did so quite a few times in the Bible. He is just really really patient

Captnyestrday 1 point ago

I think we should do what we can with the time we have. Not crutch on God to do our work for us. Yeah it would be great and supremely satisfying to see, but you know the saying “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

We must act rather than push it off on God to do something about the evil in our own fields.

Womp_womp 14 points ago

Why are we letting statues get ripped apart instead of these clinics?

jiminycricket1940 7 points ago

Truthfully. Because we, including myself, are a bunch of larping pussies and not willing to jeopardize our lives to stick our necks out for fear they’ll get chopped off.

Womp_womp 9 points ago

It's because right wingers have jobs and families and something to lose. This is a stark contrast to an incel's basement

jiminycricket1940 3 points ago

It doesn’t negate the truth of my statement. I don’t want my life ruined and most other Rs don’t either. That’s why we won’t do what needs to be done.

Anonymous_SoFar 3 points ago

If they keep waiting around there will be nothing left for our kids. The left will never stop coming after us, they will take and take until nothing is left.

We have something to lose, but isn't that something worth fighting for?

Constitutionalist_73 11 points ago

How will future generations look upon us? Over a billion and a half babies aborted worldwide in the past 50 years. http://www.numberofabortions.com/

I remember as a child reading that the Carthaginians practiced child sacrifice and was glad that the Romans salted their earth. Those weren't even rookie numbers compared to us.

Pro-choice is pro-murder.

Frosty 10 points ago (edited)

Give a timestamp. These people need to learn how to market themselves, i'm very sympathetic to their views but holy shit i'm not sorting through all that just to see if the headline is true. They're too lost in their own sauce. They've forgotten how to pitch things to be appealing to a neutral observer.

MsQleo 6 points ago

i couldnt make it through the video i vomitted

driveshack 6 points ago

This doesnt shock me, an 8.5 month old aborted fetus can bring in close to 20k from researchers.

MrTrumpsWildRide 5 points ago

High time for a purge.

jiminycricket1940 4 points ago

I’m not calling for violence but this is the type of shit that if there is a god, we’re all fucked because we haven’t put a stop to this.

keithkman 4 points ago

I hope cancel culture comes back in 100 years and erases everyone that supported abortion.

SinisterK 3 points ago

I like to think I’m mentally tough but dammit this shit makes my heart hurt. That being said, I would completely destroy the entire bloodlines of these evil fucks if given the opportunity and not weep a single tear.

ODOnRedPill 3 points ago

Uhhmmmmmm this is so fucked up I don't have words for it. I have children. Watched them come into this world; the best thing to have happened to me.

To think another human could just go ahead and take them and do this make me want to throw up and pisses me right the fuck off.

Duderufuckinkidding 4 points ago

Well, some people worship the devil, and here we are.

All I have to say about it.

The_War_Wizard 2 points ago

A lot more people in the upper class do than most people would think. People just refuse to look into the subject. The documentary Out of Shadows is a good starting point... or just watch the video Alex Jones filmed in Bohemian Grove 20 years ago of the cremation of care ceremony. It's kind of hard to deny seeing a bunch of elites dressed in cloaks doing a mock sacrifice to a 30 foot tall stone statue of the demon god Molloch.

gaijin_ronin 3 points ago

these fuckers deserve to burn. EO planned parenthood out of existence.

Burlapin 3 points ago

Fucking monsters.

Vampiressavedmylife 3 points ago

One day abortion will be viewed the same way we view slavery and the holocaust.

rileyper 2 points ago

Can we start rioting and burning these abortion clinics down? Everybody else is.

edit: is joke

WhatTheFuckOver 2 points ago

I always ask myself why I am not storming these places.

ram1776 2 points ago

I’m aaangry! I’ve had enough of these people! They’re a bunch of Christian murdering scum, That run giant death factories, Keeping babies alive, And selling their body parts.


And remember most of these babies are black. Black lives matter....until they don’t I guess.

67Vert 2 points ago

These people are evil. People who support them are doing to devils work whether they know it or not

Mynamesprivate 1 point ago

Wasnt there a tweet an abortionist said saying the babies cant scream because she cuts the vocal cords first?

The_War_Wizard 1 point ago

Think about it, if you're a sick fuck that gets off on murdering babies what better way to do it than legally, by becoming an abortion doctor? There's an old saying "Dumb criminals go to jail, smart criminals go into politics," but this applies to more than just politics.

2honks 1 point ago

This is what the republicans need to use in advertisements. Get on the offense or you will be on the defense.

TwilightSparkle 1 point ago

Truly despicable.