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Gmama2 8 points ago

The left wants less police because it will be easier to loot and kill during riots with less police.

brsmith77 2 points ago

They haven't realised it will also make it easier for gun owning patriots to kill them.

Hmm... a bunch of soy addled faggots who barely know which end of a gun goes 'Bang' versus guys n gals who have grown up handling and shooting serious firearms on a daily basis. Will be the shortest civil war in history.

Seriously most of these clowns can't differentiate between a bullet, a shell and a cartridge. Imagine them trying to get their tiny brains around all the different calibres... "Why don't these .223 bullets fit in my Glock G44? it's .22!"

King 2 points ago

trump is going to win so hard

DickTick 2 points ago


tommichael522 [S] 1 point ago

They keep saying they've "corrected the polls" from 2016. I don't buy it. Vast majority are still using Registered Voters and Adults....Only real polls worth considering are Likely Voters. I think they're WAY over inflating Biden's polls just to fundraise, I'm convinced that's the main purpose.

deleted -1 points ago