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LittleRedRidingPills 27 points ago

I'm honestly surprised more of these shitbags aren't 6 feet under at this point. Everyone is showing an awful lot of restraint, and I wonder how long it will last. I could see it getting very ugly indeed when a mob like that fucks around and finds out.

swimjim 3 points ago

Look at their body language. The second the guns came out they adopted a very submissive stance/attitude. They knew they were fucked, they were complying, no need to shoot.

LittleRedRidingPills 2 points ago

And what I find particularly interesting is that none of these people show the same submissiveness to cops, because they know cops have to play by the rules (and they do). They claim to live in fear of cops, but any episode of Live PD will contradict that (which is partly why it was canceled).

But an armed citizen? They suddenly realize that this is an attack dog that's not chained to a tree, and they become very, very afraid.

swimjim 2 points ago

Exactly. They have no idea what an "untrained" citizen might do.

LittleRedRidingPills 2 points ago

Yep. And well, this untrained citizen can reliably hit center mass at 15 yards. lol

swimjim 2 points ago

Yeah, hence the quote marks. Most concealed carry guys probably train almost as much, if not more than some cops.

TEXinLA 21 points ago

This is Bellevue. Happened some weeks ago and no, the Cowboy's place didn't get robbed or looted.

RocR 21 points ago

These are terrorists

Womp_womp 11 points ago

Why is it NOT legal to just shoot them one at a time as they exit?

2Scoops12Cokes 10 points ago


EpsteinDidntKillHS 8 points ago

He should have let bodies pile up at the door as they tried to flee. Tired of these fucking looters its been going on for weeks and they are not learning from their mistakes.

MikePorter42 5 points ago


Battle-Born-Patriot 5 points ago

This is the best thing I've seen all day. It's my new happy place.

BillionsAndBillions 5 points ago

Wait, what did he want them to do?

Dereliction 14 points ago

He wanted them to leave with the knowledge that they could've been blasted away instead of receiving the grace he offered.

BillionsAndBillions 7 points ago

Oh, I just thought maybe he wanted them to move.

TehAgent 2 points ago

He probably wanted them to

Move bitch get out the way

Nah, that would be ludicrous

commodore_1571 4 points ago

Should have shot them dead.

mygovisacommie 1 point ago

Why let them leave? Hold them there at gunpoint until police arrive. These shit bags don't deserve freedom.

SludgeWarehouse 2 points ago

In the world we live in today, the police would probably arrest the cowboy and let everyone else off free.