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TrumpTrain425 38 points ago

Anybody have the video of the Latin Kings in New York?

Crazy that gangs are the closest thing blue states have to a well regulated militia...

TuckersMate 17 points ago

This timeline.

MartyrX1776 16 points ago

They ARE a regulated militia. Not close to. The black street gangs also aren't stupid. They know what's going on.

Covidiot1984 2 points ago

well that was the whole point of them...then after the CIA infiltrated the black panthers via COINTELRO they realized hiphop music can be a really good way to brainwash a culture.

so CRIP went from "Community Revolution in Progress" to organized crime in progress, because that's what the TV told them real gangtas are all about.

CousinCleetus 26 points ago

I like how the past few weeks we’ve seen Gangs turn Neighborhood Security. And in some cases directly back up the Police.

Big_Dawg 15 points ago

This was the actual reason for the Crips being founded

MartyrX1776 9 points ago

All gangs, even the mafia were created to protect their COMMUNITIES. Profit always comes with the protection racket.

LtColVindmansVagina 9 points ago

That's just a real world manifestation of vigilante justice. It isn't the lone warrior like movies portray, it's posses of men in their own neighborhood who get fed up with the shit and decide to form up. It's more like the old west than Charles Bronson.

deleted 23 points ago
YuugeNews 6 points ago

U flowin' now! Truth!

nmipede 20 points ago

I remember seeing a chan post numerous times here about how street gangs and rednecks would become the commie enforcers if antifa were allowed to win.

Nope. Wrong again.

_bryan 5 points ago

I just commented asking for that. You read my mind.

TehAgent 4 points ago

Yeah no Rednecks don’t give a fuck and if there’s a common cause many/most give zero fucks about what color your skin is or what you listen to.

Having grown up in the projects and then moved to poor rural areas immediately afterwards, I can tell you right now that there’s a LOT of common ground between the two. It would be a hell of a partnership and I guarantee a brotherhood of mutual understanding and respect would be formed.

YUUUUGETURDS 13 points ago

That was nice.

Jabron661 7 points ago

Stopped too soon, he was just getting fired up.

ThoughtfulThrowaway 10 points ago

The one time they can prove that your "protection money" is actually going to its intended purpose.

OlDirtyBarrister 10 points ago

Dude what fucking timeline is this?

MartyrX1776 7 points ago

Our timeline. Get involved on the street level. Boots on the ground win conflicts.

Jutts 9 points ago

Long Beach?

sdl5 3 points ago

Yup. LBC is prrtty hardcore gangs these days.

the-new-style 1 point ago

"Long Beach Motherfucker!"

I believe was the refrain.

2Scoops12Cokes 8 points ago

Hell yeah! Glad to see neighborhoods fighting back!

thelastlast 7 points ago

all american gangs were just militias that went wrong. kinda like unions that exist for too long.

MartyrX1776 2 points ago

Did they go wrong? The philosophy at its base is not compatible with European Christian beliefs but they have not failed. And the communities they represent have not pushed them out or even rejected them in mass.

thelastlast 4 points ago

the communities have definitely rejected them. they just cant get out of it now. same as it ever was, not just black gangs

_bryan 6 points ago

Remember that 4chan screen grab about how rebels would join forces with gangs to kill communists? Anybody got that handy?

NoSafeSpace 5 points ago

I want more

RunninReb4Life 5 points ago

I will side with these guys...we might come from different sides of town, but we both hate Antifa bro’s. Go back to Hot Topic, and stay behind the register where you belong.

DudeNoOne 5 points ago

Welcome to community policing

sdl5 4 points ago

I warned peeps that Chitown LK's was only a taste of what the hood was gonna do to these white antifa inciters and black Marxist BLM trash.

That is THEIR TURF, and looters and arsonists and rioters best step off before they end up dead.

PeteMoss 3 points ago

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

TehAgent 1 point ago

LOL just posted the same thing

TehAgent 3 points ago

You know what they say...

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.