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YUUUUGETURDS 183 points ago

They want what we have.

HaitchElGee 159 points ago

But they don't want to work for it.

BathouseBarry 72 points ago

Hot damn

-Howitzer- 49 points ago

Truth bomb

chelthing 24 points ago

Droppin' tendie plates from yo mom

FergieJR 13 points ago

Top kek!

abstr4ct 19 points ago

work ethic inequality.

Bramble 70 points ago

The trick is, they can have it all. A good job, a nice house, and a loving family.

You know the trick? Don't listen to people who try to sell you shit. 100k college degree? Lol. $400 Jordans? The fuck. Fast car, gold chains, bottle service? I'd prefer to contribute to my down payment, or job training.

People are pissed they were sold snake oil by liberals despite conservative saying "don't do it". Then they complain because conservatives won't bail them out, because liberals listened to liberals and than drove them into the ground?

To have it all, you just need to look for what you want, identify what it takes to get it, and do those things.

There is a reason "traditional" is linked to both wisdom and conservatives.

YUUUUGETURDS 32 points ago

The thing about your second paragraph that really gets to me, is that these things are frivilous and meant to satisfy some idea that they must have or do things to have a certain feel. These are all prescribed subscriptions by the people selling it. Why do people not want to have a unique experience? We are all constantly being sold subscriptions to certain identities. Pre formed and just so convenient to describe that person as they see themselves. I'm an X, Y, or Z and this defines me. These crazed people have been sold that they will both save and seize the world at the same time. All while not realizing the people behind the subscriptions are just playing a card in a game and they will recieve no reward from being a pawn.

jeffreyepstein 7 points ago

if someone is addicted to something, whether good or bad, if they can’t get it, they’ll find/create it.

Enter CHAZ, where everyone simultaneously needs to shut the fuck up and deal with their addiction to drama and to a system that ‘promises’ X, but only delivers T.

Unfortunately you cannot reason with addicts that can’t face the truth, eventually you’ll get sucked in or they’ll cause you damage until you are of no use to them.

Sad reality, but one that still needs to be dealt with, before they take the entire ship down with them.

DunnoManMaybe 13 points ago

only delivers T

I'm pretty sure a lack of T is half their problem.

I'll see myself out.

jeffreyepstein 4 points ago


This is also correct

Bramble 1 point ago

What they seek is validation, because when you compare yourself to the world, it's pretty obvious you're going to feel like you got short changed. You don't realize that you're only looking a the goods parts of the life of the 1%.

We always knew the rich lived different lives, but never has it been plastered 6 inches from our faces for 8 hours per day. So much so only Republicans these days can look around and say "no, we didn't get short changed, they just got lucky".

What they don't realize is that when you average what everyone in the world has, everybody is back in poverty.

CraniometricSunray 1 point ago

They don’t realize that life is what you make it. Put in crap, get out crap. Yes, you may have to work harder than some, most of us do, but it’s so much richer for it. I’m looking at what Africans are going through right now and just want to slap some spoiled American kids.

Ameronaut 5 points ago

But I gots to have dem new shoes!!!

abstr4ct 5 points ago

dem doz new jordanz? oh damn. dey hot.

Dictator_Bob 2 points ago

Um, excuse me? I can't even right now. Everyone must be a web designer and have the latest $1,000 cell phone + unlimited data to suck down images of product. Simple as, Master Card.


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QueenMAGA 82 points ago (edited)

Except we don't segregate people by color. That's a lefty thing


Other shit we dont do:


High murder rates in cities (all run by democrats)

No waving guns around like idiots randomly shooting people

So really the only thing is the wall.

SLUG_PUMP 17 points ago

Yeah wtf I have to pay for all my guns.

Pedeville 13 points ago

Time to join chaz for some free guns

StillplayenSometimes 2 points ago


OlDirtyBarrister 47 points ago

How long did that stay up?

meteorknife 28 points ago

Its still up and my comment is the third from the top.

mintscape 17 points ago

I can't find the post, maybe just me, is it still there?

meteorknife 28 points ago

Nevermind it was removed under the "No Politics" rule

mintscape 35 points ago

Or as it is also known, the "don't criticize leftists" rule.

kissmyasthma100 7 points ago

Unpopularopinion.win should be next, but with real mods.

Everquest4Life 5 points ago

as far as Unpopularopinion goes, wouldn't that just be T_D, since everything we say is found unpopular and repugnant by normies (marxists) on reddit?

Unpopularopinion here would be, "CHOP is the future of civilization!! WOO! Hear me out, wait, let me just do one more rail off this toilet seat first..."

Actually, sounds pretty cool. You son-of-a-bitch i'm in!

agentavocado 9 points ago

yeah i cant find the post either.

OlDirtyBarrister 6 points ago

Color me shocked. Figured this woulda been nuked in about 5 seconds

ArcDoe 6 points ago


meteorknife 5 points ago

Nevermind it was removed under the "No Politics" rule

lmao 22 points ago

reddit also segregates communities based on skin color, so I can't say I'm surprised at all

LetTheCuckWatch247 14 points ago

Duh 🙄

ObongoForPrison2020 12 points ago


kissmyasthma100 5 points ago

Every time we see censor and left bias being displayed in a certain subreddit, we should meme it leaving 'subreddit'.win in the comments.

Smurfection 11 points ago

Well, there are two things conservatives would do that they aren't doing.

  1. Conservatives would make sure the businesses are still operational.

  2. Conservatives would set up an actually "government" structure that would be clearly defined instead of a bunch of people claiming to speak for the community. In one way that's more authoritative but in another, it keeps junior fascists from enacting whatever rule or policy they want on a whim.

OrganicVandal 11 points ago

It is always that way. That is why you get so many dead Russians and Chinese from communism.

johnsmithshitpost 8 points ago

.win, where you can see things Reddit doesn't think you should be permitted to view

Libertas1776 7 points ago

Saw the post

Fauxcahantos 7 points ago

Let your local rep know how you feel about BLM/ANTIFA and mobs running the streets! This is not a drill! All patriots must act now. Else don't ever complain about being silenced. Here is your chance to make your voice heard!


PinkoTheClown 4 points ago

Lol at the assblasted shill trying to downvote this.

weltbild 6 points ago
  1. they persecute people for their faith
not_a_shill 6 points ago

Thats going to get banned. It belongs in r/unpopularfacts

MuadDon 6 points ago

Welcome to reality, Reddit user.

Aisle-is-closed 4 points ago

Well that got nuked. No where to be found.

a_chill_bro 4 points ago

The left doesn’t care about morality or being seen as hypocritical.

At the end of the day they can get you fired from your job for making the comments we do on the internet. It’s the reason we are anonymous and we don’t give out our full names even on this site.

We’re dependent on the same system that they control through brute force and social media shaming.

This is why they’re effective.

Rubberbunnies 4 points ago

This is heavily tied to Mao’s Sixth Plenary Session in 1938:

“Every Communist must grasp the truth, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”

These commie shit bags love guns when they’re theirs and you have none. They love segregation and using minorities as pawns - minorities getting killed is an opportunity to them. They love being in eternal power behind a wall you can never get past.

Vote. Vote. Vote. Hopefully that will be enough.

the-new-style 1 point ago

No doubt that before arriving at complete internationalism, there will be a stage which will be racism; but it must be hoped that the layover will not be too long, that it will be rapidly surpassed. Communism, which appears that it must inevitably be regulated at the beginning of its functioning, especially in regard to international trade, will bring about the establishment of racist federations (Latin, Slavic, Germanic, etc.). Anarchy — which we can glimpse at the end of two or three generations when, as a result of the development of production, any regulations will have become superfluous — will bring the end of racism and the advent of a humanity without borders.

Charles Malato - Philosophie de l’Anarchie (1897)

Stoya9186 4 points ago

It's almost like the ultimate red pill is a leftist realizing the freedoms they want curtailed are the ones they themselves are unable to avoid abusing.

They know what's in their hearts, so they assume everyone else is the same way.

FuckRioters 3 points ago

Their "security" force killed an unarmed black guy.

Sun_Tzu 3 points ago

Got a link, I cant find it on there? Want to laugh at comments.

Shockrocks 2 points ago

Sounds like classic penis envy.

TrumpsGlassOfWater 2 points ago

uToPia sTiLl haSnT bEen tRiEd yEt!!!

basket_of_patriots 2 points ago

They aren't trying to prove anything. Its a test. What else can they accomplish with these useful idiots?

KakarikoKing 2 points ago

I'll bet the red pill was tough to swallow!

KingMaynez 2 points ago

sad cucks... censor anything that shows the truth about them

magabigleague2 2 points ago

Comments are pretty based.

Maga_Factory 2 points ago

Let’s make an autonomous zone, we can start with some founding documents.

TheUnsuicidables 2 points ago

The post is now removed. lol

tdwinner2020 1 point ago

Just to make clear: conservatives are not for segregation or anyone getting murdered.

ShitOfPeace 1 point ago

"Most flagrant display of hypocrisy" award could be given to the media too. Their hypocrisy on the riots v other gatherings is absolutely ridiculous.

deleted 1 point ago
HazelHen 1 point ago

It’s very simple:

“Reason makes scientists. Sentiments and creed create history”

-Gustave Le Bon

TheBehavingBeaver 1 point ago

No surprises there

flagoffaith 1 point ago

If that's the most blatant display of hypocrisy you've seen in a long time, you're not paying attention.

diaperrash 1 point ago

Its almost like, they were the problem all along! gasp

VetforTrump 1 point ago

Well, in the end they got what their master wanted them to have. Slavery and oppression.

FuckuSpez 1 point ago

Tis the communist fallacy...

‘But if only I were in charge, I would do it so much better.’

coinneach007 1 point ago

That is why they are talking revolution now instead of changing the system.

Their ideas have been proven to by a failure and they have lost the American people as a whole, their only play is to intimidate to get what they want.

McShameful 0 points ago

Why are you on Reddit?

rickscarf 0 points ago

Handing out guns to residents is not a bad solution for the long-term (as if CHOP will even exist in a couple weeks). I can get behind that idea. An armed society is a polite society.

deleted 8 points ago
rickscarf 0 points ago

Well yeah obviously :P I'm with ya, pede