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Kaarous 536 points ago

Entire subs dedicated to doxxing cops: Just fine.

Supporting a presidential candidate who isn't a dirty Bolshevik: Unacceptable.

el-y0y0s 128 points ago


PinkoPatrol 67 points ago

Number six will surprise you!

deleted 53 points ago
Ax0r 40 points ago

I don’t understand how the fuck we can’t get reddit and twatter labeled as a publisher- they are balls deep in manipulation. I decided to take a look at the shithole r/politics sub as I’ve avoided it since 2016 and holy shit, the amount of gaslighting is insane.

Happygorilla 33 points ago

I don’t understand how the fuck we can’t get reddit and twatter labeled as a publisher

You know that globalist cabal meme? Yeah, it’s not a meme

rossiFan 30 points ago

Remember when The Onion used to be satire and now it's just news?

Amaroq64 27 points ago

The Onion has been showing TDS lately. They aren't funny-but-basically-true anymore unless they stay away from politics.

The Babylon Bee is where it's at now.

Irish_Wolfhound 9 points ago

You're saying there's an international cabal interested in destroying western culture?

You're getting a little problematic there, sir...

Happygorilla 5 points ago

Are you claiming there’s a ethnic-religious group of people that think they’re divinely chosen by God? And these people are overly represented in media and government? That’s just crazy talk.

... continue reading thread?
scottbomb 5 points ago

Fakebook and Google too. Google used to be a great search engine but their search results are so manipulated, I wouldn't be at all surprised if their "secret algorithm" turned out to be nothing more than an army of censors/page-rankers that THEY call "search quality evaluators":

I LOVE sharing this page because all one has to do is read between the lines: https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/guidelines.raterhub.com/en//searchqualityevaluatorguidelines.pdf

physsijim 5 points ago

I was explaining to my office mate that this event may have been the beginning of our eventual ban. Meh, who cares? This site is much better.

gamexa 9 points ago

Yikes! Let's unpack this.

ThisTrainHasNoBrakes 7 points ago

Not a good look!

Irish_Wolfhound 2 points ago

Oy vey!

YuriBezmenov 38 points ago

Not just a presidential candidate, but the president. The feds should be all up in these companies asses, they're committing treason.

Kaarous 24 points ago

It's not treason spez-cifically, but it is an illegal campaign contribution to the DNC, as well as evidence of a political cartel colluding to violate the civil rights of Americans.

Their having coordinated with Twitch and YouTube could get them nailed with another anti trust suit.

YuriBezmenov 14 points ago

Admittedly I'm not well versed in the law, but my hunch was that if you traced reddit back to being Chinese influenced that you could get them for treason.

Kaarous 10 points ago

but my hunch was that if you traced reddit back to being Chinese influenced that you could get them for treason.

Sort of, but unfortunately not really. Thanks to Clinton normalizing economic relations with China, they are considered a legitimate trade partner.

NewUser1758 14 points ago

Antifa is a terrorist organization, however, and Reddit is propping up Antifa while banning conservatives.

It is aiding and abetting terrorists.

YuriBezmenov 6 points ago

Damn, guess I'll cross fingers for anti-trust. Thanks for explaining.

Kaarous 6 points ago

Anti trust, if legitimately pursued by the DOJ, has a chance to give them the corporate death penalty. There's no legitimate way to "break up" their illegal cartel, not like with ATT. The only possible outcomes for punishment are either enormous fines or outright dissolving their companies to free up space for competitors.

victory2024 5 points ago

The problem is, antitrust cases take years to reach their conclusion. Reddit (and the rest of social media) would be free to continue their fuckery for quite a long time, even if the DOJ tried to do something.

Byleex 4 points ago

I hope the day comes when justice will bear it's fangs.

Diogenes92 2 points ago

The feds should be all up in these companies asses, they're committing treason.

After this election, this is absolutely what Trump should/will do.

buttfuckmebigfoot 26 points ago

I'll never forget them brigading a thread that was about the 12 year old boy who mowed the lawn of the white house, and they were talking about how fucking racist we were while also saying they hoped that kid and Barron got killed for their racism. I don't know if any of you guys remember that particular brigade, but it was one that made me realize they're not just stirring shit up with spicy 'pedes who were molded by 4chan insults. They were going after innocent kids too.

Kaarous 19 points ago

I'll never forget when reddit buried the story of the dude who tossed that little boy off the third story balcony at the Mall of America. Guess what two historically violent demographics the perpetrator belonged to?

RyanT282 13 points ago

Lemme guess! White Evangelical Christians? Asian Buddists? Indian Hindus? Maybe the Amish? Gotta be one of those.

Good_Behavior_Day 7 points ago

Or the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Amaroq64 11 points ago

I had to face that fact when Tommy Robinson got arrested for livestreaming himself confronting those muslim child-rapists.

Suddenly all the "vigilantism against people I don't like, castrate pedos even if they just consume fictional cp" sjw's went "I'm glad Tommy Robinson was arrested for trying to interfere with due process".

IE they'll even stab raped children in the back to bring down the West.

Good_Behavior_Day 2 points ago

Frank is still the man!

james43552352345 8 points ago

Which subs are those?

bangbus 16 points ago

Y’all can’t behave! Locked!!!!!!!

hint 9 points ago

badcopnodonut is one

james43552352345 12 points ago

Interesting, thanks.

We really need more laws on the books to go after DOXXING since DOXXING can have huge impacts on someone's life. We don't want vigilante justice to be occurring and that's basically what DOXXING is doing.

Femprep 4 points ago

You mean like with the guy who was wrongfully accused of being one of the Boston bombers but ended up being dead thanks to Reddit’s vigilantism??

Disclaimer: I can’t verify his death was linked to the accusation.


hit_backspace 7 points ago

Subreddit that allows terrorists of the illegal CHAZ or CHOP to communicate and coordinate: Totally fine!

TrumpIsTheGOAT2020 3 points ago

“Rules for thee but not for me!” is the battle cry of the modern left. Of course they don’t have to follow their own rules, those only apply to the people with those pesky unapproved thoughts!

sgtmattkind 146 points ago

What's reddit

Sixty2ndAssassin 85 points ago

Some dumpster fire liberal site I think. Who knows!

2ifByPee 41 points ago

Chinese propaganda.

I_Love_45-70_Gov 10 points ago

rEdit is a less interesting form of the communist msm.....

deleted 31 points ago (edited)
soyface_deluxe 8 points ago

Good luck. We're all counting on you.

Trollificus 4 points ago

Good luck. We're all counting on you.

RyanT282 3 points ago

Surely you can't mean that!

Dragofireheart 14 points ago

A place for cucks, racists, thots, and useful idiots.

TearofLys 6 points ago

What Xi Jinping plugs into his fronthole during that time of the month

featherwinglove 4 points ago

Something you can browse via https://reveddit.com apparently

MAGA-Man 3 points ago

Just some porn site.

OhGonzo 116 points ago

Porn has destroyed the nuclear family as much as anything

MegaMagaManX 56 points ago

Reddit is basically all porn haha

notenoughbutts 42 points ago

Fear porn, porn porn, gif porn, etc.

Porn at this point is just a word for some form of addictive consumption.

MegaMagaManX 20 points ago

Feel good porn, awww porn. It's all just mental masterbation

WhitePowerRanger 9 points ago (edited)

Remember when you were just lucky to see a tiddy on prime time TV? Or a nip slip at Olympic ice skating?

Pepperidge Porn remembers

Trollificus 9 points ago

Whippersnapper. Remember eagerly awaiting the new National Geographic on the off chance of seeing some native/aborigine/indigenous tiddies?

WhitePowerRanger 9 points ago

The saggiest of tits lol. Nipples protruding. Very disrespectful

Gunsareforfun 8 points ago

Foodporn, justiceporn, revengeporn, cuckporn...

Ameronaut 3 points ago


Corp_titan 11 points ago

They treat it like porn is the pinnacle of something. Like "earth porn" etc etc. Like porn is as good as it gets. Disgusting mentality.

American-Patriot 9 points ago

I completely agree. Especially associating pure, good, or beautiful things with something as vile and sinful as pornography.

Weremoose 2 points ago

Never put my finger on this before, but you're absolutely right

AmericaFirstMAGA88 25 points ago

It's true, some reddit cuck was on here trying to defend reddit to me, and his entire argument was that "the gonewild subs are pretty amazing". I was like, Ok coomer

MegaMagaManX 12 points ago

It amazed how man people are willing to exploit themselves on the internet for "karma"

Most use reddit to advertise their accounts elsewhere. Sell shitty amateur noods to thirsty cucks on the internet. How any of this is legal is beyond me? Prostitution is illegal, but cyber prostitution is a-okay!

Relying on good looks and being attractive will fade. Which caters to no future skills.

AmericaFirstMAGA88 10 points ago

Exactly, it will fade. There no long term benefits for these girls who post on sites like reddit. It's just attention they want and they want it now

It's the Porn Paradox = prostitution is illegal UNLESS there's a camera present and you post it online

This shitty clown world doesn't make sense anymore

MegaMagaManX 8 points ago

Same for IG, and there's also parent run accounts openly exploiting their kids on there - in hopes to become insta famous and leach off of their success

Stationhollow 1 point ago

Prostitution isn't illegal in most of the world. The US is odd in that regards.

Vegans4Trump 9 points ago

Haha gross. Imagine thinking pics of naked strangers is better than being with an actual woman

Trollificus 4 points ago

heh. And then being so stupid you'd pay people for "sexypics" when there's more free porn available than you could watch in a lifetime. (much less fap to)

Vegans4Trump 3 points ago

"free". You are the product and the consumer.

BadManOrange 14 points ago

Porn and leftist propaganda. It's sad since there is a lot of great information spread throughout Reddit, but the main parts of the site are a complete shit show.

MegaMagaManX 10 points ago

The platform early on was great, but unfortunately they squandered it. For the matter, the whole concept of the internet has been squandered. All for profit power, and censorship

Trollificus 8 points ago

Years ago, at an internal job fair at the tech co. I worked at, a nice young lady noticed I didn't have twitter or FB info and offered to help me set them up. I told her I'd been online for over 25 years and the addition of 200 million normies had NOT improved the internet. Thanks, no thanks.

Weremoose 1 point ago


I'm such an old fag, been on for 24 years, and getting on the internet these days is like running into your high school crush when you're 62 and both have seven kids.

IslamObamaWigwam1 30 points ago

I’ve quit porn. I used to tell myself that it wasn’t a sin, because it’s not like I’m actually doing anything but watching. But then I realized that I’m giving them views, ie I’m encouraging it/ promoting it, which makes it a sin. I also realized that it just made me feel guilty all the time, which made feel me like an awkward creepy weirdo.

Current_Year_Acct 18 points ago

Immoral or not, it's a vice that messes with your reward circuit.

OhGonzo 11 points ago

My now wife helped me realize the sin porn really is.

It's not real life, but you are getting real sexual gratification from a person (albeit through a screen) who is not your spouse. In that sense it is a betrayal of your spouse.

SwampPlumber 9 points ago

If my wife would lose weight I’d quit porn

OhGonzo 7 points ago

All I have to say to that is love your wife first, set an example of what living fit looks like, and if that doesn't work have the conversation.

deleted 0 points ago
OhGonzo 2 points ago

Read the book love and respect by Dr Eggerichs. It's better if you read it together, but she def needs to read it too

SwampPlumber 3 points ago

I can’t sit still long enough to read books. But the summaries of this book I’ve been reading are really helpful. Helped me see the cycle, I like the COUPLES and CHAIRS suggestion.

SwampPlumber 2 points ago

Thanks I’ll check it out

Weremoose 4 points ago

You should quit porn for your own reasons. It's terrible for your brain

Ameronaut 11 points ago

Matthew 5:28 "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Exodus 20:14 "You shall not commit adultery."

Porn is sin

Weremoose 4 points ago

Porn is sin.

Vegans4Trump 9 points ago

That's awesome! I really look up to people who were able to quit. It's a powerful drug.

MegaMagaManX 7 points ago

Will be easier since abandoning Reddit

magaorg 5 points ago

Sin is a heart issue which doesn’t follow technicalities.

27 "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall not commit adultery.' 28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. - Matthew 5:27-28

Biden2032 2 points ago

I'm more productive in my personal and professional life since quiting porn. Plus, I have more self confidence and I feel like my soul is cleaner. Never stop improving yourself.

Vegans4Trump 12 points ago

It destroyed my first marriage when it escalated and he started torrenting giant zips of kiddie porn. Can't count how many times I was called a prude and was told over and over that it's "normal" and it's "just what men do". I have zero problem with a s/o looking at other girls or thinking they are hot. Porn isn't that, it's a monster. And it grooms people from a very young age to be ok with horrible stuff including pedophilia.

Stationhollow 3 points ago

WTF. Did you have any idea what was going on or was it suddenly one day you were confronted with that shit?

Vegans4Trump 1 point ago

Yeah I knew for a couple years he had a porn addiction. Was never interested in sex and would sneak off to do it whenever possible. One day I decided to look at his torrents and told myself I'd leave him if I found something bad and sure enough, a folder of hundreds of nude selfies of teenagers. Some as young as probably 12. I immediately left, and to this day I regret not reporting him now that I know how bad that was. I was really young and stupid. I didn't realize how bad it was because the photos looked consentual and the girls were closer to my age at the time. But now I know how sex trafficking works and how those were probably coerced and sold. It's a much easier thing to get wrapped up in than you think after your morals degrade and you start becoming ok with everything.

Kharn 10 points ago

Porn and the idea of "kinkshaming". Everything is permitted, nothing is bad, give in to primal urges, nothing matters anyway, tear down the system, fuck tradition

justforthissubred 9 points ago

First the dopamine receptors.

deleted -17 points ago
OhGonzo 21 points ago (edited)

Yeah you just gave an example of porn destroying a family. How am I wrong again? The post was also not about Trump (rent free).

I didn't vote for him because he is perfect, I vote for him because he has the right American values. Obama had ridiculously worse scandals, and so did Clinton.

Thank you for giving us clicks and signing up for an account.

Edit: I was going to add this before you were deleted.

If you think a vote for Trump means I am voting for more porn or promoting porn in any way, you have a morons understanding of how voting works.

123breadman 3 points ago

Lol what did the leftist day before he got deported?

OhGonzo 4 points ago

He said something along the lines of this

Ok I've been here five minutes and I can't hold myself back. You elected someone who cheated on his third wife with a porn star. [Then something I don't remember because it wasn't really an argument]

Trump43v3r 9 points ago

Yeah but you support children having their genitalia removed, being abused by people who aren’t pedos but are just “born different” and you support trannies reading for little kids and then dancing for them erotically and explicitly for “inclusion”. You also support killing African American babies in mass. Trump is against all of those things, so yeah. You and your side are vile. Depart from us in peace, may your chains rest lightly upon you, and may history forget that you were our countryman.

the_mcgee 8 points ago

Kinda like how a recovered alcoholic isn't allowed to say that alcohol ruins lives right? wait what?

Also can you provide citations? That'd be sweet.

BasedYooper 7 points ago


vro2 7 points ago


drachennwolf 75 points ago


I was on /r/EMS and some female EMT was dropping nude and sexual selfies, and the people there were eating it the fuck up. Crazy levels of degeneracy.

btw, /r/ems and /r/firefighting? totally cucked as well.

the_sky_is_falling 40 points ago

This is why I dont want that HottiesforTrump b.s. over here either

They can have their own .win

The only hottie here is The Donald

ADAM_SCHITT 9 points ago

Melania tho

Ameronaut 4 points ago

We don't want sinful coomers over here

HilarityComplex 32 points ago

dude why are women in the medical field so fucking nuts

Dragofireheart 34 points ago

The average western woman is nuts. /Redpill

Journey95 15 points ago

Especially since feminist bs became popular

Dragofireheart 11 points ago

Men are waking up to the poison that is re-branded Communism.


I_Love_45-70_Gov 7 points ago

r/TheRedPill. Very soon...R.I.P.

tufftoffee 5 points ago

Medical field = money and power tripping galore. Especially now. What more could a crazed feminist want?

deleted 17 points ago
fuckYourCouch 4 points ago

No fap bro

RoboG 2 points ago

Unreal. I left that sub years ago and was a mod of /r/RealEMS before I deleted my account, and I thought it was bad THEN

therepublica 43 points ago

I deleted reddit after all of their commie bullshit. Every damn gaming sub, along with just hobby communities, got infected by this crap. I’m out!

hit_backspace 7 points ago

r/Games is still decent for gaming news and are staunchly anti-CCP. A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one.

thuggishruggishtrump 40 points ago

I'm not a fan of banning anything but porn is a poison I wish was completely eradicated from the face of this Earth. I hate myself for even getting into the habit of watching that trash and letting it ruin my life for so long.

In my honest opinion porn (the professional shit, not some clowns in a dorm room) is legalized sex trafficking.

Anyway, Reddit can lick monkey balls. At least I never got into sick shit like rape porn though.

SomePedeOnline 11 points ago

How'd you get off of it?

ChippingToe 15 points ago

With his hand

thuggishruggishtrump 6 points ago

I haven't (yet), sorry if I worded my post that way, I've been trying to kick this shit for 8 years. It's slowly happening though.

What's helping is going to the gym (that we have to wear masks in..), reading and meditating. Temptations are the devil's playground.

SomePedeOnline 6 points ago

Well good luck to you. I find prayer works against temptation. Daily prayer.

JebSurge 5 points ago

I was able to kick it after a almost 20 years of my life. It is a severe addiction and you have to treat it like that.

You need to realize first you have no self control, so you have to stop going on certain sites completely. For me it was reddit, I would pretend that I was going to reddit for the memes or gaming, but it would always divulge into porn at some point. Completely remove the temptation, like an alcoholic not going into a bar to hang out with friends.

Go to sleep earlier. I noticed my willpower always diminished the later it got at night so I had to start going to bed earlier to avoid that trap.

Find God. This may sound cheesy, but you cannot do this alone. Ask for help from whoever your higher power is and ask often. This is the most important step.

People don't realize how much energy they waste when releasing. The body expends a significant amount of energy to release and once you stop indulging every time you feel the urge you will be amazed at how much energy you start to have.

It took me over a year of really trying to finally kick the habit but I feel like I have become a better husband and father since and I am so happy I finally made the decision to.

I wish you luck my friend.

AmannamedRJ 3 points ago

its a drug that takes you deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole of sexual deviance then you wake up one day, dick in hand wondering why you just fapped to 3 midgets gang-banging on a motorcycle in a on a fire hoop with elephants and electrified nipple clamps.

It really is like gambling. Dopamine hits from porn are really drug-like.

tufftoffee 2 points ago

What are your thoughts on drawn or animated porn (not RL stuff)?

thuggishruggishtrump 4 points ago

It all affects the brain the same if you go overboard with it whether it's RL, animated, beastiality or Michelle Obama's jacked shoulders.

tombombadil 30 points ago

If you still have an account, /r/AgainstDegenerateSubs was a community that always had our back. /r/AgainstHateSubreddits has tried to get them banned multiple times just like they did with t_d. They actually do good work in calling out reddit for allowing pedophilia and real racial supremacy.

tufftoffee 3 points ago

They need a .win too. They're gonna die just like T_D (rip).

DrumCorpsAlum 21 points ago

Honestly it’s depressing. Reddit used to be the site where you could discuss you’re niche hobbies. It’s nothing but politics now, and it’s a left wing echo chamber. All the subreddits for the cities and states where I live and used to live are all a left wing circlejerk where all they do is talk politics. Hell, even subreddits completely unrelated to politics are now nothing but virtue signaling. You can’t escape it anywhere, and the subs that want nothing to do with that are labeled hate speech and banned.

I used to be super addicted. It was what my phone and ipad opened up to when I opened Safari. I did nothing but browse, not realizing how addicted I was. I would browse automatically and wouldn’t even realize I was doing it. Now it’s not even in my list of reccommended sites. Honestly I don’t even miss it. Here I feel welcome. Even my wife was like “you’re really done with Reddit I see.”

Reddit is done and I’m okay with that. They did it to themselves.

bck- 20 points ago

Reddit is filled with soyboys who like to watch their imaginary girlfriends get fucked by other men

Shill_Deportatron1 18 points ago

Sorry Degenerate Leftism/Marxism only

dontbanus 18 points ago

Many of the folks on reddit are Godless people. They don’t have rules or morals—they just make them up as they go. Sad and lazy.

tombombadil 9 points ago

/r/AgainstHateSubreddits will try to destroy you if you call these sick fetishes out. Apparently it’s “hateful” to say that people shouldn’t be engaging in sexual abuse.

User11212019 13 points ago

porn serves their interests. It leads to weak and demoralized society which will be docile in the face of threat. The same plan was followed in Germany before the rise of the National Socialist party. Hitler saw the jewish population as promoting degenerate behavior which he tried to resolve in historically devastating fashion.

Luvmyhub75 3 points ago


Ma5e 13 points ago

Incest porn appeals to betas because they've been told by women too many times that they are like their brother

OrganicVandal 4 points ago

Yet they call people in fly over country inbreds.

Trollificus 1 point ago

Be fair. It's not like any of that ilk are interested in breeding.

Konsaki 12 points ago (edited)

Seems that we're not even allowed to link or talk about TD.win on reddit as well...

Can't find a rule on that but a mod on r/KotakuInAction notified me that he'd have to delete my post when I said we made a BETTER reddit sub with Blackjack and Hookers over here at theDonald.win...

Here's the Link to the conversation: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/hho04o/meta_ban_wave_rumors_and_our_current_status/fwdvins/

Edit: The first automodded post was me hyperlinking thedonald.win and the next automodded post was me just typing thedonald.win. Note how the mod's 'T_D's win' didn't get automodded though... So Spez is doing backend fuckery on Reddit.

ninja10130 4 points ago

KIA2 is the better one, KIA1 is cucked

tufftoffee 3 points ago

This needs its own post.

MikeDudical 12 points ago

Take away the porn and there is no Reddit.

tufftoffee 9 points ago

Remember Tumblr? It's dead now because they banned porn years ago lol

PotentialWizard 10 points ago

To the Left, porn is OK and MAGA is evil. Satan agrees with them.

OrganicVandal 5 points ago

All they want is porn, drugs, and a government check.

Pelosis_xanax 8 points ago

I’m going to miss hatecrimehoaxes. I guess pointing out that the worst hate crimes seem to frequently turn out to be made up doesn’t consider the human.

Silver333 3 points ago

I hope they create a new community. Hate Crime hoaxes need to have a spotlight on them.

DrHase 1 point ago


SalSevenSix 6 points ago

This meme isn't even scratching the surface. There are so many sick and degenerate subs on Reddit,

SordidPontification 6 points ago


Trollificus 2 points ago

"DON' TRUST REDDIT!! REDDIT IS ASSHOOOOLE!!" ~Hong Kong rebel (paraphrased)

Pedeberrycrunch 6 points ago

TIL frequenters of r/strugglefucking might also enjoy r/GayNaziRapeFantasy.

There are no words. God help us against these heathens.

tufftoffee 5 points ago

There's also /blacktears, /PutInHerPlace

Oh, but we are the sexists/racists huh. Fuck reddit.

Terrortot 6 points ago

Reddit encourages minors to view pornography. Reddit encourages minors to be photographed pornographically. Shut it down like Backpage.

MAGALauncher 5 points ago


zujar_man 5 points ago

Woah, I didn't know that.

John789 5 points ago

New sub idea. Watchredditdie.Win where we post censorship and other things that show what a joke reddit is.

DoubleBased 5 points ago

Needs to be more general to include all of social media. WRD.win, but give R a double meaning to not just be Reddit.

kesquare2 1 point ago


Logos_Rising 4 points ago

They are literally banning their only wholesome, non-evil content, while letting the sickest degeneracy spread & grow. These people are truly sick

freespeech4all 4 points ago

There use to be some nasty ass subreddits....

I remember the bestiality one, and basically shock images

now its for degenerates who are cucks and like communism

gookbeast 4 points ago

reddit is for the gays and trannies

fuckRedditMAGA2020 4 points ago

Real talk: watch Heck Off, Commie! Hosted by John Doyle, cut porn out of your life

Kauzy_K 2 points ago

Ah I love John Doyle.

KAGallthetime 4 points ago

Just posted this over there. Few comments saying “if you don’t understand why...” so I replied that rape was bad when Kavanaugh was wrongfully accused so why is it ok now? Crickets... Then post got locked

trumps_left_nut 4 points ago

Struggle fucking? Is that like a struggle session but with sex? Don't tell me... I just want to comment on it and never find out.

Whitemaledrinksbeer1 1 point ago

Stop Resisting!

308freedom 4 points ago

Just wiped all posts and comments from Reddit. Nine years worth of information around computers, Jeeps, and loads of other stuff that was factual and relevant to the conversations.

Reddit, you're FIRED.

lefty295 4 points ago

Reddit just admitted you can hate against a majority. Women are a majority, so I guess it's open season over them for misogyny.

OlLadyPede 1 point ago

They banned gendercritical, which was women pointing out that men in dresses are now and always men. Just a dude larping. Saying that promoted violence but r/strugglefucking is still up and running. So rape is ok, calling out a dude in a dress is bad.

Cough 4 points ago

White people are a global minority, But its dumb to separate by race. Every culture is different, not all whites are the same like not all blacks are the same. Scottish, French, German, Slavic are all different. Ghanaians, Nigerians, Tutsi are all different. The left are going backwards

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

Child porn site in 3,...2,...

American-Patriot 3 points ago

Fuck that degenerate, evil website.

Trump2052 3 points ago

The fact that they changed our ban reason from hate speech against cops to other shit after allowing months of ACAB is such fucking bullshit.

123breadman 1 point ago

What is acab?

SALTY_JEDI 2 points ago

"All cops are bad" Or bastards, not really 100% on that.

Trump2052 1 point ago

Go-to urban dictionary. It's a dergatiory term towards police officers.

SigAR 3 points ago

It says one other reasons for the Donald's ban was threatening violence on cops.....thought that would earn you points with reddit/the left

karl_marxs_buttplug 1 point ago

they banned chapotraphouse too

Ct187 3 points ago

Don't forget the pedo shit. But then again it goes without saying. Reddit = site for pedos.

unable_afternoon 2 points ago

we need subdonalds. none for porn though

Konigpower 2 points ago

I do not like to curse on the net but, F—ing A man, they are lost and nasty!

CousinEddie 2 points ago

Have you ever logged out and viewed /all after 5pm? Or worse, on a Sunday afternoon? It’s endless asshole pictures, cartoons fucking, and sexual LARP fantasies.

It is not friendly to new people at all. If anyone that hasn’t been there gets curious from the news and visits now, it’s going to be a major “wtf” moment.

Konigpower 4 points ago

Na I left reddit to come here, went back and forth like three or so times and never went back for like 3mos. Love it here too much, reddit is a cesspool.

TuckersMate 2 points ago

The commies approve of this kind of deviant content as it demoralizes the target population.

Silver333 2 points ago

2020 is the moment, the deciding factor. Every single social media platform is changing their rules, banning, shadow-banning and doing whatever they can to tilt the scales.

Voting isn't enough. Reach out to the apolitical people you know. Show them the reality of what is going on. Get their buy in to VOTE.

SyNiKaLiTy 2 points ago

Are all these subs still active post ban?

BigMikesBlackCock 2 points ago

Yall better be careful ! Spez gonna hear about this and come over here and have us all banned !!!!!

magatrainer 2 points ago

How can we get porn banned on Reddit so we can watch site traffic nose dive 85% overnight. They couldn't exist without the porno.

Steelpenguin_87 2 points ago

Yo whats up?

cgiles98 1 point ago


Also, nice name! ;)

help 1 point ago


AbrahamLincoln 2 points ago

The CCP was a little slow on the trigger there.

probsolv89 1 point ago

REDDIT is officially for asshole losers. Wannabes feeling good about their efforts to fit in even though the "cool kids" will never notice or care. WINNERS are on .win!!! That much is obvious. You pedes set the trends. The side with great memes (let alone any memes, are there even any legit left memes?) will always win. God bequeaths his brilliance and majesty through the capturing of these beautiful digital truths referred to as memes.

TheDude78x 1 point ago

I laughed so hard.

Joycap 1 point ago

Yeah Reddit was that one site I never joined because I wasn't interested.

Add one to the list of 'things I was never for to begin with, only to hear about all the fucking dirty laundary'

IWI9000 1 point ago

Reddit is a private publisher masquerading as a public forum for the benefits therein. Reddit should check it's privilege...

Toughsky_Shitsky 1 point ago

China's investment in plebbit immediately turned it into a propaganda site .. no longer interested in making money.

It won't fail, by normal free market measures, because the chicom $$$ will support it until it is no longer useful, and then it will just disappear.

Twatter will run the same course.

But the damage will be done, possibly for good. Propaganda is used by the left because it works.

We are in a war, and the left is treating it as such .. while the political right is doing what it does best: cower in the corner waiting for the left to finish fucking its wife so they can lick the jizz off the left's tinkle.

Trollificus 1 point ago

Bit of a harsh characterization, but not wholly inaccurate. The Repubs are useless. Once in a great while, one of them will come out and say something sensible, like "Kill these fucking libs!", but then they disappear.

Albertastrong 1 point ago

Bring over r/fatpeoplehate

LongboardPro 1 point ago


SaltMeAllOver 1 point ago

Never heard of them but they probably have ton of pedo (under 18) crap in them.

undecidedmask 1 point ago


JohnWickParabellum 1 point ago

That site is absolutely disgusting.

Hey parents and grandparents... ask your kids and grandkids for their phone and look in their history for reddit activity. See some?

Drop the phone in the toilet... under your car tire... out the window of a moving car.

"Oh noooo! I'm just an old person... I don't know about technology? Was that thing expensive? I'm sure your buddies will let you borrow theirs, when they aren't using it. It's like something they only use once in a while right?"

Grandpa! What did you do! Oh my God!!!

Grandpa : "I thought you were a dirty Commie atheist, why are you invoking MY God? He doesn't help your kind."

SpezLovesHisBull 1 point ago

Bullshit. If that were really reddit the guy in the red shirt would have a BLM tranny antifa member drilling him in the ass.

Seenev 1 point ago

I deleted my reddit account of more than 7 years today. No regrets.

mrfag 1 point ago

to bad le reddit is le libtard now WIN

Bad_nuggets69 1 point ago

Finally deleted my reddit account and app today. Kept it for the red pill, but they also got their own site at trp.red

Hope they enjoy their leftist shithole until they get 230’d.

Greg-2012 1 point ago

r/Memes banned NPC Memes.

The_Prince 1 point ago

Plenty of antifa subreddits and the FBI needs our help identifying....


Zenweaponry 1 point ago

They also created a rule allowing for the targeted harassment of majority groups. I guess globally that means that they want people to be misogynist and hate Asians? I jest, we all really know what's going on. By making "the majority" a target that they can post "hate content" on, they've really just smuggled in a vague term that they can abuse to have a legal loophole which allows them to do anything. They didn't specify US majority, global majority, or anything else. Now they can constantly change the purview of that rule so that they can ban anything they want, and keep anything that they want. It's incredibly transparent. Otherwise the people agreeing with feminism would have gotten rid of the "MisogynyPorn" subreddit.

ShempAllah 1 point ago

Reddit is totally unacceptable in a free open society.CCP cocksuckers at the very best.

RocketSurgeon22 1 point ago

Or pro-Chinese content? How about a sub that is focused on radicalization?

deleted 1 point ago
Good_Behavior_Day 1 point ago

"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man - as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously." ~ Bernie Sanders, 1972

deleted 1 point ago
Jotoku 1 point ago


KimDraculaOG 1 point ago

Total dumpster fire

deleted 0 points ago
chieflemons 0 points ago

I'm dying these memes are fucking hilarious

Troll -11 points ago

I was a moderator of /r/StruggleFucking. Good stuff.