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As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, all black men will be pushed to the front of the line.

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, all black men will be pushed to the front of the line.
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Ono412Take2 36 points ago

Yall, this screams a bait to Trump. No offense to any of yall, but if Trump says something about it being banned you know they are going to pull out the grudgiest shit they can from the site and shove it in his face to say "you support this being allowed to be viewed by minors" or some bs they do.

We need to be ready for Kayleigh, find the worst of the worst of antifa and radical dems postings on reddit, fb? And twitter, so Kayleigh can fire back, well they allow ____, ___, _____. Idk how to get it to her without them taking them down in time. But we can all see their playbook coming.

MelonLabia 23 points ago

They've already accused him of multiple rapes, treason, and mental illness. The media is against us regardless, so no point getting your bow tie in a knot worrying about it.

Can't win if you don't fight.

Buckaroo 8 points ago

Politicians are not responsible for what non-campaign staff do and say. Liking something someone says is not an endorsement of everything they’ve ever said or done.

666evo 0 points ago


Nrdrsr 3 points ago

Eh it's not hard to do.

"The members of the community were using their newfound freedom of speech to satirize non-traditional relationships and lifestyles that they disagreed with, and for comedic effect, associated Mr Huffman with those values, as he clearly does not share the values of everyday Americans, such as a belief in the ideals of our constitution, particularly the first amendment"

hilboggins 5 points ago

They tried to attach david duke to trump... that didn't work lol. i doubt they'll have more success with internet trolls..

They might call us Russian bots tho?

TheUnsuicidables 3 points ago

Congrats, this reply is on Heavy.com now in the article over halfway down.