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shipoutofdanger 38 points ago

I hope this two sue the living fuck out of every little shit on Twitter trying to dox them and attack their businesses and family now.

keithkman 36 points ago

They are very high profile attorneys. They will be fine.

MilesFinch 13 points ago

They know trespassing laws.... cases on google. It will be interesting to see if their connections are more well credentialed than the BLM connections. This will be very telling about BLM and ANTIFA if they gain legal traction over these two.

OhLollyLollyPop 4 points ago

BLM is commies and thugs, and a bunch of white kids who can't get with the program and do anything with their lives.

MilesFinch 7 points ago

Exactly.... they burned 170+ buildings in Minneapolis..... and yet they are protected to still roam freely. Fairly clear to anyone with a brain that they are protected and credentialed.

Aambrick 0 points ago

The courts will be very telling, and how far the commies have gone besides the highest levels.

KAGMAGIC2020 11 points ago

We need to carve out our own Constitutionally governed tracts of land, gather in strength and numbers and cleanse America of commie scum. Let them try to "doxx" us then.

Tonightm01 7 points ago

I mean they are standing outside where they live. They aren't hiding away themselves.

They couldn't have put themselves more out there if they tried and they did the right thing. This is what millions of Americans will have to do in the months ahead now.

Every street is a target now. Every American is a target now.

AngelMark 5 points ago

These thugs must have come up quick because neither of them has shoes or socks on!

LadyWhoLovesTrump 1 point ago

Lol. Yeah I was impressed they were fully dressed. If it were my husband and I we would have been in our "house clothes"....old tshirts, basketball shorts for him and leggings for me.

AnotherPedeInTheWall 1 point ago

OR they knew how boss it would be to put down rioters without even putting shoes on. Light work, no need for shoes.

MicTheIrishRogue 6 points ago

I hope they get some training to go with those weapons.

CatPartyUSA 25 points ago

It's like Mr & Mrs Smith without the commie actors.

Pineline 11 points ago

this meme is timeless

Building7 3 points ago

Terrifying to the marxists. Two armed white people with no training were able to turn away an entire hoard of their multiculturalist army. What could a small well regulated militia do?

rubberkidney 6 points ago

the way she is holding that gun is just ultra cringe.

Thefirstgay 15 points ago

The only thing cringe is a horde of rioters threatening your 30 year lifelong restoration project because they don't want to get a fucking job.

Better hold a gun like this than watch your house burn.

I respect them for doing what most won't and have not done, including myself here in California.

rubberkidney -4 points ago

the horde is straight up evil but her finger is on the trigger and shes not going to protect anything holding it like that.

Building7 2 points ago

She was able to turn away an entire mob with her poor trigger discipline. Better to have a gun and not know how to use it than to not have a gun at all.

rubberkidney 1 point ago

either that or it was her husband.

Tonightm01 8 points ago

Lots of Americans in the months to come will be picking up firearms for the first time in their lives.

Can't really be critical when five minutes earlier she was told socialists are coming for them.

rubberkidney -2 points ago

if you are going to have weapons in your home you should have already taken the barest amount of time to familiarize yourself. shes not going to protect anything holding the gun like that, in addition to her finger being on the trigger.

TheTPL 2 points ago

You may be surprised. Ever seen jackwads kill highly trained soldiers even while they're firing like illiterate troglodytes?

AnotherPedeInTheWall 1 point ago

I think she was ready to kill and didn't give a fuck about trigger discipline. Women are more vicious than men alot of times at defending their own. Seems to me she had that "i wish a nigga would" look to her.

cuckslasher 1 point ago

she wil pop a cap in yo ass

Vashts1985 5 points ago

melon labia

PrecisionStrike 5 points ago

5 stickies at once! The memes must flow!

Nellie_the_Beaut 4 points ago

Somebody ELIAOC! What’s up with this couple? I’ve been offline all day and avoiding the tv except for watching Key Largo.

Telcontar2012 7 points ago

BLM/Antifa terrorists entered a gated community (as far as I can tell that’s what it was), and acted pretty much as you’d expect. Threatening everyone, making lots of noise, the usual.

These two came out of their house ready to rock.

Now assholes on twitter want to doxx them.

Nellie_the_Beaut 7 points ago

Good for that couple. More power to them because people have learned what happens if they stand around and watch - or worse yet welcome - these violent, venal, feral and unemployed “protestors” with nothing else to do into their neighborhoods.

OhLollyLollyPop 5 points ago

They have been restoring the house for 30 years. They donated 2K to Trump.


MilesFinch 3 points ago


308win 2 points ago

My favorite meme of these two.

SwedishChainsaw 2 points ago


GreekFreakFan 2 points ago

I don't know jack about weapon safety but lady keep your finger off the trigger.

TheTPL 8 points ago

Meh, doesn't bother me either way since they were a mob. The end result was fine too, so she didn't really flinch.

AngelMark 4 points ago

You put your finger on the trigger only when you are ready to shoot! She is ready to shoot! 😉

cuckslasher 1 point ago

there is zero chance her gun is loaded

ChiKAGo 1 point ago

Meme magic never left. The train has just been rolling and gaining speed since 2015.

Welcome to the fuckin' Thunderdome.