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thegeebeebee 124 points ago

Fucking insanity. The civil war went hot with this.

You better be preparing, hardcore, for serious escalations.

DickTick 54 points ago (edited)

Many of us are.

The real problem is going to be that it's impossible for a 1 vs 1 civil war to happen again like it did last time...

This time the country would almost immediately break into an infinite number of smaller groups, a lot of them simply trying to protect their home area/town and not really affiliated with one side or the other...

in other words it would be a goddamn shitshow....

We have to avoid that at all fucking cost....

thegeebeebee 30 points ago

Yes, avoid it by identifying and calling out targets so we don't aim at the same ones. Overlapping fields of fire are necessary sometimes.

But we need to get clear about what folks are going to handle.

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thegeebeebee 4 points ago (edited)

Can y'all handle Scientology, too?

You'll need to coordinate with the Navy and Florida, though.

Wexit-Delecto 1 point ago

Don't forget the freemasons!

Ched 16 points ago

Not to mention the foreign powers that would immediately step in.

DickTick 7 points ago

Fuck yes....

MatthiasBlack 12 points ago

Read this for how it'll likely play out: https://jamesfetzer.org/2020/02/matt-bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/

Keep in mind this was written in February, before Covid or any of this.

RedTeamGo 3 points ago

I had the Chinese Curse back in December. Learnt about it in January

idshukhov 9 points ago

Knock out power to DC, let the states step in and take over the functions of the bloated federal government.

What is not helpful is saying we should stick with peaceful persuasion when that has been blocked by the left. That will just lead to small numbers of people getting frustrated and committing stupid acts of violence.

What is also not helpful is people ragin on the internet, talking about killing the other side. Again we will get a frustrated minority committing stupid acts of violence.

Journey95 7 points ago

The alternative is already a shit show, leftists are ruining our country while we aren't doing anything about it.

Jammerculture 2 points ago

See Syria

Also seems to be a lot of the same forces at work here as there......


ODOnRedPill 2 points ago

It'll be the conservatives versus the communists/leftists. The major unknown is where will the military fall in with this? THAT will be a major deciding factor.

DeadOverRed 2 points ago

You think that didn't happen last time? Of course it did. It's got to be done, though.

iminurbas3 1 point ago

The dividing lines are Democrats versus everyone else. Mainly that means major cities versus suburb/country instead North versus South. I can't even name one major city that isn't overrun by Leftists, can you?

NotoriousCIC 85 points ago

How the eff can an EO not be overturned? WTF has happened to this country?

Dominick 94 points ago

The SCOTUS literally just ruled that the president is allowed to create new laws via memo.

And that future presidents are not allowed to rescind those memos.

It's time for Trump to get out his pen and his phone.

randommemefarmer 41 points ago



Conservatives CANNOT. There are 2 laws - based on who you vote for.

DeadOverRed 19 points ago

Yep, they would (and have) block Trump's EO's in a heartbeat. They'll approve the rescinding of anything he does as soon as a Demonrat takes power. This only works in one direction. Rule of law is dead.

randommemefarmer 6 points ago

Rule of law is dead. We are a banana republic now.

This has to be accepted by the right before any change can occur. Putting faith in a non-existent system is a tactic the left tricks the right into.

DeadOverRed 3 points ago


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Wexit-Delecto 2 points ago

King Obama

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Festival1234 [S] 9 points ago

This was by far the laziest and narrowest ruling the court has ever done in the recent past. The court literally did “not decide whether DACA or its rescission are sound policies” (29 "Opinion Of The Court") but rather the way Trump rescinded DACA "violated the Administrative Procedure Act (APA)" (p.2 "Opinion Of The Court") while clearly ignoring the means in which DACA was created and all of its merits. They stuck to some stupid policy violation BS and allowed for lawsuits against Trump about the intent of removing DACA w/ "racial animus" to continue: "lastly, we turn to respondents’ claim that the rescission violates the equal protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment... We need not resolve this debate because, even if the claim is cognizable, the allegations here are insufficient (27 "Opinion of Roberts, C. J.").


Festival1234 [S] 3 points ago

"To the extent DACA represented a lawful exercise of prosecutorial discretion, its recission represented an exercise of that same discretion" (p. 2 "Alito, J. Opinion.")

DickTick 3 points ago

Damn straight

StaryHickory 37 points ago

Because it's an Obama EO, and the court has decided that Obama's EO is more powerful than anyone else's EO.

hectorspector 13 points ago

Because Trump did not attempt to replace Obama's executive action, he attempted to, rightfully in my mind, have Obama's executive action declared illegal. Trump could, right now, issue an E.O. ending DACA, but he has not because he is using it, or will attempt to use it, as a bargaining chip in "comprehensive" immigration reform.

DeadOverRed 17 points ago

Comprehensive = everyone gtfo. We're done compromising.

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americathegr888 2 points ago

WTF has happened to this country?

Bolsheviks happened. People decided they'd rather let Bolsheviks take over than be called names.

technoraptor 51 points ago

lel, america is entitled to take care of all foreign childeren.

minotaurbeach 23 points ago

We are the Welfare and the Police of the world.... Wait, Wut? I thought you had to join this globalization thing- now it will be forced on us?

thegeebeebee 7 points ago (edited)

Then we get to dictate their lives and take their minerals and capital.

They get fucked the way we get fucked.

I want Turks and Caicos. You can have Belarus or something. Edit: not trying to dictate which country any other American gets. I just want those. You're free to choose your own country to absorb.

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weltbild 48 points ago

"controversial" that means it is political

idonthaveahobby 18 points ago

Right, and it is a tenent of judging that they are not to make political decisions because it is legislating from the bench. They are supposed to read the text and see if it is constitutional. That is it.

minotaurbeach 36 points ago

"OVERTURN!" "OVERTURN!" "OVERTURN!" Defend the constitution.

idonthaveahobby 10 points ago

It is time to demand Constitutional Ammendments. It has been too long since we did.

NvJohansson 2 points ago

I wouldn't go there with our SCOTUS at this time... when you change one thing, then you open the door to change anything. 1A, 2A...

d_bokk 2 points ago

Convention of States.

MakeLeftistsCryAgain 33 points ago

"To state it plainly, the Trump administration rescinded DACA the same way that the Obama administration created it: unilaterally, and through a mere memorandum. " -- Clarence Thomas in dissent

Art-Vandelay41 28 points ago

History will not be kind to these swamp monsters

Cesare_Borgia 15 points ago

Hopefully. History is largely written by college professors though. However you'll find many more veterans and other right wing types in history departments than you will in sociology departments.

weltbild 8 points ago

even if they win they will always lose by proving their worst enemies right in their success

Journey95 7 points ago

It will be if leftists stay in power. As it stands we and Trump will be villified by "history" while they will be portrayed as heroes

DeadOverRed 7 points ago

"America finally reached utopia, just before it collapsed." The truth is always apparent in the end.

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Light_HIV_Effect 27 points ago

Complete bullshit that the President cannot repeal an unconstitutional executive order, even though the Constitution specifically grants the President to set immigration policy.

StaryHickory 25 points ago

Just ignore the court. They have no legislative power. I am tired of this. This is wrong and it needs to stop. Why have a supreme court if they are incapable of following the law?

ChuckedBeef 16 points ago

THIS ^^^ To hell with SCOTUS if they won't even follow the law, and they are even admitting as much.

DeadOverRed 11 points ago

This is a good point. "Though the Supreme Court doesn't like the decision, it admits we have the power to end DACA. So we ended it."

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DeadOverRed 1 point ago

I'm with you.

Glacier6ful 1 point ago

Same here.

spicyfries 0 points ago

Reporting for duty.

Spirit_of_Resistance 10 points ago

The entrenched systems have nullified our attempt to go through the ballot box.

The entrenched propaganda media and tech overlords have nullified our attempts to go through the soap box.

I will personally cheer on and donate to the legal defense of anybody who decides those in power need to eat lead. I only say that because I can't outright express my own desires or plans.

CorrectTheReeeecord 9 points ago

yes, the DACA was an executive order that didn't have any popularity which OBama admitted was not legal

CMDRConanAAnderson 9 points ago

So let me get this straight, the court is ruling that repealing an executive order that came from the executive branch is not permissible because the guys on TV were really upset? Does he not remember how for weeks Dems and Reps shut down the government and held DACA hostage? Worst of all is the lack of consideration for setting a precedent on future executive order programs, making them irrevocable simply because they are met with criticism. Why are they not following the law and allowing people's fee fees to overrule written law?

Omgwtfbbq 8 points ago

Dems should have made a deal, but they won’t.

factsmatter_nj 13 points ago

Agreed, they won't now. Bi-partisanship just died today with another stroke of a pen this time by the Supreme court. If Biden gets in, I am sure his team is already considering a EO for a right to Health Care for all, a right to nationalize individuals in the country without citizenship and the right to say bear arms means locked in a cabinet in your house.

SpiritOf76 6 points ago

I'm sorry, but this doesn't feel like winning lately. Now even the SC is turning blatantly rogue.

randommemefarmer 7 points ago

Q supporters need to be publicly shamed for allowing this mess to go on while not calling out republicans.

deleted 2 points ago
Wexit-Delecto 2 points ago

Q supporter here. Do you want to play a game? (This isn't a game)

If the sitting president's EOs cannot be cancelled by subsequent presidents, why doesn't Trump do an EO:

"End the Fed."

President Trump, just now, on Twitter:

The DACA decision, while a highly political one, and seemingly not based on the law, gives the President of the United States far more power than EVER anticipated. Nevertheless, I will only act in the best interests of the United States of America!


We're getting close to checkmate here.

randommemefarmer 2 points ago

the standard only applies to Republicans. We have two laws

Wexit-Delecto 1 point ago

I’ll be interested to see the tapdance the SC comes up with to justify that.

I share your impatience but I trust Trump and, yes, I trust Q. I think Trump will pull it out of a hat.

randommemefarmer 1 point ago

You still don't get it. EOs can still be cancelled if a republican passed them.

There are two laws.

Wexit-Delecto 1 point ago (edited)

Betcha President Trump has the fix.

My guess: supreme court issues a decision conflicting with its earlier decision, which is unprecedented (when was the last time the SC immediately contradicted itself?), leading to the RBG farce unravelling. How DID she survive deadly pancreatic cancer at her age?

I doubt it’ll move all, or even most retarded lefties, but it’ll move some. Declas will move a few more. China breaking the trade deal and coming undone under heightened tariffs and the threat of any criminal CCP member being Meng Wanzhou’d will chase Chicoms away, and their blessed absence (lower housing costs, lower tuition costs, absence of CCP agitation) will move a few more. Finally having to admit the wuhan flu was a hoax will move a few more. Anthony Weiner laptop (recent SDNY shuffle, recent NYPD mass departure) will shift a few more. NY activity could also herald Epstein news, which flips a few Clinton voters to Trump. Haiti and the Clinton Foundation (Durham) will pick up a good chunk of black votes. Assange is coming to the US at some point, which leads to Seth Rich, which will flip a few more votes. And there’s more coming, I’m sure! Enough to have legit Trump votes win a supermajority, despite all the radical left’s vote fuckery. Now that’s a fuckin’ mandate! See the D5 avalanche? See the storm brewin’?

But I could stand to be surprised by the master showman. This leaf is enjoying the show!

Have faith, anon. President Trump is winning, big time!

Wheredidiputit 6 points ago

Okay so sue and retry over and over until we get our way. It's how the gays keep winning

DeadOverRed 5 points ago

We don't have that kind of time.

BitcoinTrump 5 points ago

Get the fuck out of the large cities if you're still unfortunate enough to be in one.

spicyfries 3 points ago

Working on it. Hell, at this point I can't risk living in a state with a democratic governor.

aussie_maga 4 points ago

Deep state strategy:

  1. Get rid of Trump.
  2. If step 1 fails, delay his agenda as much as possible until his time runs out, disillusion his voters and break the MAGA movement.

For you american pedes, this really is the fight of your lives. There won't be another chance (at least not in this generation).

Festival1234 [S] 4 points ago

The claim of racial animus isn't even resolved by the court. Pretty much opens the door for excessive litigation as Alito talks about.

Lastly, we turn to respondents’ claim that the rescission violates the equal protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment... We need not resolve this debate because, even if the claim is cognizable, the allegations here are insufficient. p.27 "Opinion of Roberts, C. J."

SimplePede 3 points ago

Ginsburg your clock is ticking

randommemefarmer 5 points ago

who cares. Republicans kill this. Another swamp neo con would just take her place and vote against conservatives - like this or the lgbt ruling.

DeadOverRed 2 points ago

Yep. The Court is controlled, and it isn't by us. A dissent is allowed only to mask that fact, or every ruling would be 9-0.

spicyfries 3 points ago

We are going to be numb with shock after we find out how many of these high-ranking never-trumpers are controlled by foreign interests.

DeadOverRed 2 points ago

I won't be at all surprised. We'd better do it soon, though.

Festival1234 [S] 3 points ago

Sources: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/19pdf/18-587_5ifl.pdf

"In November 2018..." p.2 of "Alito, J. Opinion."

thunder_wasp 2 points ago

Today, only a tiny fraction of handguns are legal to purchase in the California. Sheriffs deny law abiding citizens their license to carry concealed unless they are big Democratic donors; prior CA sheriffs sold CCW permits in exchange for $5000 donations.

When CA citizens sue the state to stop these unconstitutional infringements, they have to wait at least ten years for the dispute to reach any sort of judicial conclusion. In the meantime, their rights are denied.

surfdad64 2 points ago

time for an uprising. scorch earth and all

AllTheWayTrump 0 points ago (edited)

Fuck Alito. Controversial to fucktard leftists, not universally controversial. Of course Allito didn't refer to DACA itself as controversial. Way to expose yourself Alito. I'm sure you can be counted as a vote when the left really needs it.

donjuanluis07 -2 points ago

What the hell with the talk about violence?? Where are the mods? Were are the down votes?

donjuanluis07 4 points ago

That is NOT MAGA! We got shills in here boys.

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