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Super_Kmart 53 points ago

Bless Tucker for staying strong and not caving to the mob. I know most of these people are pretending to support these BLM riots because they are cowards who are afraid of the mob turning on them.

Benghazi1776 5 points ago

If we are afraid of a mob now, then imagine what happens if we give in to their demands later

Fuckreddit01 38 points ago

Only right wing boycotts work. Because only a relatively tiny amount of people are actually woke.

bayway_liquors 26 points ago

Gillette was a great example

KevO4444 31 points ago

Step One: Design products almost exclusively for men

Step Two: Attack all men as rapists

Step Three: Profit?

KeepingAmericaGreat 13 points ago

I got my Barbasol razor in the mail yesterday.

marvinthehaggler 11 points ago
  1. Grow a beard.
  2. If you cannot grow a beard, do as Mr. KAG is doing. I personally recommend the Merkur razors (preference for Mk34c) and Feather Safety Razor Blades. ~$40 for the razor, ~$20 for a year's supply of razors, and you'll get a better shave, shave like Grandpa in his honor, and can tell Gillette to shove it.
RespectMyNipples5 2 points ago

I got a decent hobo beard, but my mustache is thin, wispy, and ugly. I usually shave the stach and keep the beard, but it's not the same.

marvinthehaggler 4 points ago

Eat more animal fat (from meat raised by real farmers, not the poison in the supermarket).

Comb it regularly.

Lift heavy things (testosterone).

Hit it up with coconut oil or another friendly oil.

Absolutely no soy or HFCS. Or even grains of any kind, if you can manage it.

Let me know how things are in six months.

Make Beards Great Again.

RespectMyNipples5 1 point ago

Even when I was bodybuilding for six years, my mustache sucked.

marvinthehaggler 1 point ago

Yeah for some folks that's the story.

... continue reading thread?
deleted 6 points ago
Fuckreddit01 4 points ago

Relative to the population though I believe it to be mostly tiny.

Juanye 1 point ago

Maybe, but if you remove people over 55 that piece of the pie just got way fatter

Cmchn 17 points ago

You'd think they'd get the point by now. I only started watching him because of all the people trying to get rid of him. I just assumed he was still the obnoxious bowtie guy from years ago.

we_won_the_war_jack 13 points ago

Pooper at 1.59M. Carlson at 4.198. LOL!hahahahaha

RivalPipe 11 points ago

If OAN gets Tucker or Hannity - its all over for FOX. They'll be staring CNN status in the face.

They don't even need to get both.

Now, I will continue to watch FOX Business. All others enjoying FOX ducats better understand, their hold on their audience is tenuous at best.

Fullarr 9 points ago

The people who are mad don't watch him. It's brainless.

You cannot boycott something you don't use.

That's just called continued existence

Ebbie8708 7 points ago

I loved his opening the other night when he brought up how his ratings aren’t a reflection of him, but rather people want confirmation that they aren’t alone in how they feel: I’m not some crazy racist just because I support the police and I do think America is filled with good people.

PosterIsDead 7 points ago

Barbra Streisand says hi.

alanlovestea 5 points ago

Jordan Peterson once said, to fight with this people, you have to stand straight and it will be over in two weeks.

diaperrash 4 points ago

This does lead me to believe normies are happier watching him, someone who quite literally said "you are not alone, they want you to feel that way, but youre not alone". Listening to real news and some positivity in the little light, is driving people into his arms. Good. Maybe there is hope afterall. ;)

Pirate_Lafitte 3 points ago

I knew tucker was bearing his competition, but I didn't know he was absolutely destroying them

RespectMyNipples5 3 points ago

He needs to break away from Fox and become his own voice, like Rush.

SSJ3NAPPA 2 points ago

You cant cuck the Tuck!

michaelbuddy 2 points ago

there are so many companies who want ad space there. Hell spammers could be advertising on there it wouldn't matter.

OnlyAmerica 2 points ago

These animals don't think. That's why they ALWAYS overplay their hands.

Ligersrule1 1 point ago

Ratings didn't save LivePD...so be vigilant

PGM92 1 point ago

He should be on network Fox nightly.

Junkevil 1 point ago

I don't own a television so I don't watch any cable news shows, but my mom loves Tucker. Hopefully he doesn't get cancelled.

Ivleeeg 1 point ago

If only they'd backfire for the average Joe who loses their job because of them.

BobsNoCommie 1 point ago

Yeah...Well...We didn't want all that money anyway!

Recallgavin202p 1 point ago

His commercial spots though ... half of them were just a screen saying commercial break. His ratings might be going through the roof but can he last if this boycott continues? I hope so. I'd pay a subscription fee if I could get an internet channel but I'm not paying for cable just to watch him.